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Press Release by Andy Martin, ©2010

Andy Martin has worked in radio and the media for four decades and wrote the best-selling book "Obama: The Man Behind the Mask"

(Dec. 26, 2010) — New York — Internet Powerhouse and conservative Republican Party corruption fighter Andy Martin has scheduled a Chicago news conference for Wednesday, December 29th at which he is expected to announce his candidacy for the Republican Party’s 2012 presidential nomination. Martin is currently in New York.

Martin says the “last straw” in inducing him to run was Hawai’i Governor Neil Abercrombie’s latest attacks on the “Birther” movement. Martin is the de facto founder of the anti-Obama Birther movement that reflects doubts about Obama’s family origins.

Abercrombie has said he is going to attack Birthers by opening Hawaii’s records.

Martin triggered a firestorm of left-wing attacks and a front-page smear by The New York Times when he appeared on a Fox News program and exposed Obama’s socialist agenda during the 2008 campaign.

“Since Barack Obama is ‘vacationing‘ in Hawai’i,” Martin stated Sunday in New York where he is meeting with potential supporters for his campaign, “Maybe he could call over to the Hawai’i Health Department and authorize them to release the typewritten copy of his 1961 birth certificate, the so-called ‘long form’ that Obama has steadfastly refused to disclose. What is Obama hiding?

“Has Governor Neil Abercrombie seen the long form?

“There is nothing in Hawai’i law that prevents the release of the typewritten long-form birth certificate for the President of the United States. Hawai’i law was intended to prevent the release of personal information involving private citizens, not to conceal a conspiracy by Barack Obama to hold office when he is constitutionally ineligible to do so.

“Ironically, Mr. Abercrombie is implicitly joining the Birther movement if he really wants to release Obama’s secret Hawai’i records; I say ‘Welcome to the party, Neal. How about starting with the typewritten 1961 long form? Why is it being hidden?'”

“I have made so many trips to Hawai’i to investigate Obama that a local newspaper once called me a resident of Honolulu. I feel at home in Hawai’i. I am the only one of Obama’s critics that has done extensive research in Hawai’i. Obama fears me precisely because I am devoted to finding the facts and searching for the truth, unlike some Birthers who are money-grubbing hucksters and incompetent attorneys.

“What is interesting is that Obama appears to be behind Abercrombie’s latest gambit. Obama arrived in Honolulu and within hours the Birther attacks started, using Obama bird-dog Abercrombie.

“I believe Republican Party presidential primary voters should have the option of expressing their concerns about Obama’s origins, and voting for a candidate who is unafraid to tackle the issue of Obama’s qualifications to serve as president. As a legal scholar and someone who has studied this issue extensively, I am convinced Obama is ineligible to be president. He is an illegitimate president.

“Likewise, Obama is the product not of a Hawai’i ‘marriage’ but rather of an illicit affair if you believe Obama’s own fairy tale. His ‘father’ was legally married to a woman in Kenya. There is no way under Hawai’i law Barack Obama Senior could have contracted for a legal Hawai’i marriage. The fact that Obama’s own story leaves him as an illegitimate child motivated me to search for an alternative explanation, which I found in my theory (underscore theory) that Frank Marshall Davis was Obama’s biological father. Obama has never attacked my ‘Davis Theory.’

“Six years ago I created the anti-Obama movement when my research disclosed that Obama was concealing his Muslim origins. I have produced a film on Obama’s origins (see below) as well as a bestselling book. In all of this work I have tried to separate my partisan views, i.e. opposition to Obama’s political agenda, from my duties as a scholar and researcher to seek and write the truth. I have consistently and conscientiously stuck to a search for the facts about the Mysterious Mr. Obama. That is why Obama and his thugs fear me, and do not fear other Birther characters.

“My writing and research triggered a movement that now has 100 million Americans questioning Obama’s origins. I call myself a ‘doubter,’ but I accept the media’s use of the term ‘Birther.’ What matters is not what they call us; what matters are the facts and truth about Barack Obama’s origins. That’s all I want. That’s what the American people want, and that’s what they are entitled to from their presidential candidates,” Martin said in announcing his news conference.

“John McCain would be sitting in the White house today if he had tackled the Birther issue,” Martin says. “Conventional Republicans are afraid to raise the question of Obama’s origins. That’s why Republican presidential primary voters deserve the option of voting for me as a Republican Birther.

“I will not be a one issue candidate. There are a lot of conservative issues that ‘Wall Street Republicans’ would like to sweep under the presidential campaign carpet. I will be there to speak on behalf of Main Street, not Wall Street.

“And, P.S., while Abercrombie is at it, why doesn’t he ask his pal Obama to release his Punahou School [Honolulu] records, and his Occidental College, Columbia University and Harvard Law School records? How did Saudi stooge Khalid al-Mansour end up on Obama’s list of law school supporters?”

Martin’s Chicago news conferences are known as “Bunker Busters” because of the firestorms they create and the myths they explode.


TENTATIVE SCHEDULE for December 29th news conference details:

WHO: Internet Powerhouse and Obama truth warrior Andy Martin

WHERE: Sidewalk news conference, SE corner of Huron and Wabash, Chicago (weather permitting; otherwise indoors)

WHEN: Wednesday, December 29th 10:00 A.M.

WHAT: Andy Martin is expected to announce that he will run for the Republican Party’s 2012 presidential nomination as a “Birther” candidate. Martin will also offer a full platform of conservative, “pro-American” issues to support his candidacy

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ABOUT ANDY: Chicago Public Radio calls Andy Martin a “boisterous Internet activist.” Andy is the legendary New York and Chicago-based muckraker, author, Internet columnist, radio talk show host, broadcaster and media critic. He has over forty years of background in radio and television and is the dean of Illinois media and communications. He promotes his best-selling book, “Obama: The Man Behind The Mask” and his Internet movie “Obama: The Hawai’i years.” Martin has been a leading corruption fighter in Illinois for over forty years. He is currently sponsoring www.AmericaisReadyforReform.com

Andy is the Executive Editor and publisher of the “Internet Powerhouse,” www.ContrarianCommentary.com. He comments on regional, national and world events with more than four decades of investigative and analytical experience. He holds a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Illinois College of Law and is a former adjunct professor of law at the City University of New York (LaGuardia CC, Bronx CC).


Andy’s columns are also posted at ContrarianCommentary.blogspot.com; ContrarianCommentary.wordpress.com.

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  1. Sharon why are you supporting this controlled opposition traitor Andy Martin?
    I don’t get it.
    He’s neither a natural born Citizen.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: People still do not understand the difference between reporting the news and supporting the person about whom the article is written. Just because a news article appears announcing Mr. Martin’s or anyone else’s candidacy, it is not an endorsement. A free press is supposed to be “free” to report anything deemed newsworthy by its editorial team, which in this case, is me. The Post & Email will never endorse any candidate for political office as long as I am running it.

  2. The Obama Zombies are marching out Andy Martin a little early as a grave distraction for the growing national interest that the U.S. has an illegal alien sitting in our White House.

    The comments across the web about his father not being a NBC is just what Obama needs as a smokescreen to move the attention away from his illegal status, and onto
    Martin. This is all planned out by all of these frauds.

    Obama and Martin are buddies. None of this bunch will win an Oscar.

    Abercrombie the Communist/Marxist Gov. of Hawaii shuts up all of a sudden about O’s B.C., within 24 hours up pops Andy Martin announcing he will run for B.C., pretending to be a birther. Martin is not a birther, he has tried to undermine the work of all of us trying to unseat Obama. Make no mistake about it. He also interfered with Lakin in his fight to stand up for America and free us from this tyranny.

    Martin is a fraud patriots. Spread the word. This is a planned set up to get the attention off of Obama so he can steal the 2012 election. The wheels are already
    in motion.

    Martin is Obama’s buddy. They are laughing their heads off behind the scenes.

    However he who laughs last laughs hardest.

    1. typo correction Andy Martin announcing he will run for President, pretending to be a birther.

      Sorry just so fedup with all of this propaganda. Enough is enough.

    2. Andy Martin is a continuation of the Obama campaign strategy of picking Obama’s preferred opponent. Obama selected John McCain as his preferred opponent in 2008. George Soros had long funded McCain’s Reform Institute so it was easy to funnel money to McCain’s primary election campaign to insure that he got the nomination. McCain having been born in the Panama Canal Zone was a bonus destraction. Obama co-sponsored the resolution declaring McCain to be a natural born citizen.
      In 2012 Obama will try to split the opposition vote among several major party and independent candidates to insure his reelection.

  3. Obama’s lawyers and schemers have come up with something to try and give the world and the government some proof of eligibility, because his lawyers have probably told him that sooner or later the truth will be exposed and he will face the law. So now hes using the governor of Hawaii to help in his scheme. I guess they figure it is better to attack the birthers before the birthers attack and get a chance in the courts to show their proof.I think that the CIA will become involved and the obama administration and some members of the SCOTUS will pay for the crime.That is the way I see this outcome, happening. But who the heck am I but an old man who will be dead before the truth comes out.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: I pray not, sir.

  4. Researcher,

    How do we know “151-1961-010641 belongs to someone and it ain’t Obama.” is true?

    Nothing can ultimately play into Obama’s hand. I KNOW he wasn’t born at Kapio’lani. There are details that are more damning than questionable affidavits or amended BCs of the currently reported/narrative father. Why? He would have released these long ago and said, “Hawaii allows this, you can’t prove otherwise, SORRY, chumps.”

    But he hasn’t, because there is something MORE. It could be a slew of things, seriously.


    These people don’t get it. They even go so far as to say “Jindal and McCain aren’t NBCs”.

    PEOPLE, get this through your thick skulls — UNTIL the SCOTUS defines NBC otherwise, THEY ARE.

    Should they be? Probably not. I agree. But let’s get at the Birth Certificate because in SOME WAY, it IS relevant. If it weren’t Obama would have opened it up long ago.

    Start thinking. Please. Stop regurgitating. We’re well past the nausea of the Donofrio train of “It doesn’t matter what his BC says.” It didn’t work then and it isn’t working now.

    If we embarrass him and expose him for the fraud he is, undeniably, we have won. Recognize this. PLEEEEEASE.

    1. The HDoH assigns a sequential file/certificate numbers to birth certificates as they are filed and only in the main office in Honolulu. I had an email exchange with Ms. Okubo last February where she stated the aforementioned.

      O’s on-line COLB indicates the b/c was allegedly filed/accepted on August 8, 1961 and assigned 010641. The Nordyke twins b/cs were filed/accepted on August 11, 1961 and were assigned 010637 and 010638, respectively.

      If what Okubo stated is true, then the soonest 010641 was likely assigned is August 11, 1961 (Fri), the same day the Nordyke twins b/c’s were processed and filed. Assuming the HDoH processed and filed certificates on a daily basis, the latest date 010641 could have been assigned is August 14, 1961 (Mon). The Nordyke twins were born at Kapiolani and I think this is why O’s narrative changed from being born at Queen’s to being born at Kapiolani. Certificate # 010641 most likely came from Kapiolani as well.

      My point: 010641 was NOT assigned on August 8, 1961. I will not elaborate anymore than that; to do so would not be prudent or wise.

      And yes, I still believe it does play right into O’s hand. He thought the issue would go away with ridicule and he has not demanded a copy of the long form because until recently, the Governor and the Director of Health (both who are Republicans) perhaps would only go so far in perpetuating the lie but stopped short of creating a fraudulent long form b/c.

      Now O has an old family friend in Ambercrombie who is completely in the tank for him. Ambercrombie directs his new Director of Health to manufacture a long form b/c based on O’s account of his nativity. Whether or not the HDoH has a legitimate original or amended long form bc on file, is irrelevant. All it really requires is a blank 1960s era form, a number stamp and a typewriter that matches what was used by the HDoH in 1961. The security features in 1961 were probably non-existent making replicating the form relatively easy.

      A b/c that is amended due to paternity determination, legitimization, or an adoption, initiates the production of a new b/c that is not positively identified as amended. The previous b/c (original or amended) is forever sealed and cannot be accessed without a court order. O could have his b/c amended and a new b/c produced without the signature of the parent or attending physician/midwife. Nowhere in the admin rules is it required for either to sign the new b/c.

      There is all this discussion in blogosphere that it will have to be aged, examined by forensic experts, blah, blah, blah. Not true. The HDoH will issue a certified copy of the forgery; it will never allow anyone to inspect or examine the “original”. How can a document forensic expert authenticate a copy? This forgery will be much more sophisticated than the on-line COLB.

      Finally, the raised seal on the Nordyke twin looks eerily like the pencil stenciling Miss Tickly recently received from the HDoH, which is a departure from the raised seal used on O’s on-line COLB and other COLBs images that are also available.

      While everything I have stated is quite speculative at this point, I think it is very interesting that Ambercrombie releases this little tidbit right around the time O is vacationing in HI and O has now extended his trip to January 3rd.

      A joint news conference perhaps?

      1. One other point: It is always possible 010641 was originally assigned to O. If it was, it was assigned on August 11 or August 14, not on August 8 as suggested by the on-line COLB photos posted at FactCheck.

    2. > But let’s get at the Birth Certificate because in SOME WAY, it IS relevant. If it weren’t Obama would have opened it up long ago.

      Unless he’s playing the decoy game, sending his critics on a 2-year hunt for the ever-elusive birth certificate, keeping them shouting “release it!” for years on end, finally it pops up and – oops! – he was in fact born in Hawaii.

      Of course then you could argue he can’t be an NBC because of his British father, but we knew that already for years.

      Don’t you see it? Obama’s first term will be over until you guys realize that asking for the BC for a full 4 years hasn’t gotten you anywhere. And then it might be too late to stop him from being elected a second term.

      Here’s how it could go down:
      Obama, Abercrombie & Co. will keep the BC sealed, some states will pass a law requiring Obama to show his BC if he’s running for a 2nd term, he will release the original long-form BC confirming he was born in Hawaii and
      (1) you guys will be the laughing-stock of the US
      (2) it will be too late to jump ship towards the “he’s not an NBC” issue (maybe he will only release the BC on a court order a few days before Election Day?), besides
      (3) no-one will ever listen to you again because of (1)

      Seems like a perfect strategy straight from “The Art of War” to me.

      As others have said, you’re so fixed on the BC you don’t realize what the more important points are (NBC issue, Muslim faith issue, who financed him etc.).

      1. If he had a shot and if it weren’t difficult to do, HE WOULD HAVE DONE IT. The fact is that it is VERY COMPLICATED, however much you mistrust the government. It’s not like he could have known Neil Arsecrombie would be elected. The US might be a government and have shady people here and there, BUT you are forgetting other important details:

        Linda Lingle and Chiyome Fukino, let alone Okubo, Onaka and maybe even AG Bennett are involved, if not MANY MANY more. As much as it seems the judiciary is stacked, this is still America. If you do things to certain people, treat them in a way, especially when political winds change, they can turn and out you in a second. This has happened time and again in our history.

        As it stands, either we get the birth details from inquiry (somehow) that is beyond the control of Obama, or we never see them. He won’t run even if a Sec. of State requires them. I’ve said this for over a year now. He’ll never show.

        He will NOT win the election anyway. He’s got no choice. At this point, given the judicial system, all we can do is embarrass him. After the fact, once he isn’t president anymore, someone might come out of the woodworks, vindicating us.

        We will not be a laughing stock. You are the laughing stock currently for thinking you’ve got a shot at re-defining NBC. Sorry, but right or wrong, how many times do they have to tell you NO before you stop shouting on deaf ears?

        It’s almost delusional at this point.

      2. Francis Henry,
        We must start with the Birth Certificate and proceed from there based on what it shows.
        Otherwise we have no way of proving he is NOT an NBC.
        Barack senior may NOT be the father of record on the Birth Certificate (if there is one).
        Stanley Ann Dunham may NOT be the Mother of record on the Birth Certificate (if there is one). I don’t think anyone has been found who can recall seeing Ann Dunham pregnant (or at least I haven’t seen it reported).
        You have to start with Basic facts: First : Who are his PROVEN Birth Parents (they may not be who he says they are in his “Nativity Narrative”. Where you go from there depends upon what you may find.

  5. @ Researcher

    RE: “This actually plays right into O’s hand. If a second certificate was or is prepared, it would not likely have the signatures of either parent or the doctor. The original is untouchable unless the court rules it must be unsealed. “

    Thanks for the answer. I recall that before Leo closed his website there was a lot of discussion about the existence of an amendment and it was concluded that there had to be one. Is that your understanding as well? This is very interesting in light of the HI Governor’s statement. So my guess is that they are going to produce the amended bc probably with O Sr name on it as father and no hospital and no doctor. The original will remain a secret. So the original could have been issued based on Kenyan birth to HI-resident mother and father,

    I can not imagine that Davis’ name appears on the amended bc even if he is the father. The original could show O Sr or Davis as father. Maybe that is the secret. So if they show the amended bc it will really not prove anything but it will be a great PR event.

    Of course this is only speculation. What do you think?

    1. While it has been reported, I do not believe that it has been conclusively proven that O’s b/c was amended. There has been some parsing of words, where one researcher latched onto plurality of “records” in Dr. Fukino’s July 2009 statement, believing that this, and some email exchanges with the HDoH is evidence that O’s records were amended.

      Given what I previously posted, this is how I see this thing unfolding:

      A new certificate will be prepared listing a) SAD and BHO Sr. as the parents, b) a legitimate attending doctor who is now deceased, c) Kapiolani Maternity and Gynecological Hospital as the place of birth, d) the same cert number as on the on-line COLB, e) will include the signatures of the Registrar General and Director of Health era 1960s, and f) a raised seal.

      The signature/date blocks for the attendant, a parent, and local registrar will have the names/dates typed in instead of handwritten signatures/dates.

      The new b/c will not be identified as an amendment.

      The original and any other possible b/c that were generated as result of an amendment will be forever sealed. No court will order the unsealing of previous versions. Heck, we cannot even compel the court to order the release of any documentation which makes the unsealing of previous records all the more unlikely.

  6. Under the U.S. Constitution Obama is ineligible to be President. The legal facts can be read in the new book: “Obama-Ineligible To Serve – Lies, Crimes and Deadly Ambition”, at Amazon. Americans need to arm themselves with the facts on this – no matter what party they are affiliated with!

    1. We still have many Obama Zombies walking around in their brain dead state. They always reveal themselves.

      Yes it has been proven Obama is a fraud and and illegal communist muslim usurping fraud.

      His own grandmother stated she saw the birth at Mumbasi Hospital in Kenya, and the actual birth certificate is there for the deniers eyes to see.

      However being a liberal is a mental disease for which there is no cure.

  7. @Jomo
    Never mind the baggage, probably originated by O-supporters. The only important issue: Is he nbc? If not nbc he should not run . If nbc, by running he can expose Mr. Transparency. The media will not be able to ignore him. Go Andy.


    Adam…you can do the search yourself on the Illinois bar website…Barry and Michelle are no longer licensed attorneys in Illinois.

    ARDC Lawyer Search Results from the ARDC database last updated as of December 28, 2010 at 1:16:32 PM: for the following terms: Last Name: Obama, First Name: Barack, status: All, City: Chicago, State: IL, Country: usa

    Your search terms do not match the record of any lawyer licensed in Illinois. Please check your terms for accuracy and try your search again.

  9. John McCain would be sitting in the White house today if he had tackled the Birther issue,” Martin says.
    Why Republicans keep shooting themselves in the foot with claims like this, is beyond me. Why would John McCain want a Sen Res. 511 if he was a “natural born citizen”?
    Why did Congress have to “naturalize” McCain a year after his birth?
    Cody Judy

    1. A natural born citizen does not need any human law to establish his citizenship at birth. His citizenship is established by the laws of nature. McCain needed a federal statute to establish his citizenship at birth. McCain is not a natural born citizen.

  10. Anthony Robert Martin-Trigona was crazy way back when the Illinois rejected his application for law license, on the grounds that he was crazy, and the basis for that rejection still stands.

  11. “Has Governor Neil Abercrombie seen the long form?

    Yes he has. In fact he is manufacturing it right now. It will be ready to go soon and he and Obama will show it to the world and it will show that Obama was born at Kapiolani. Now that Abercrombie is the chief executive of Hawaii, he and his new Director of Health now have the means to perfect and install a forgery. Merry Christmas.

    I think it is now time to forget about the long form original Certificate of Live Birth. We cannot trust the Abercrombie government. The natural born Citizen requirement of parents who are citizens at the time of birth is now the only issue as far as I’m concerned.

    1. to birdy —- he better manufacture one with two american citizen parents and not a kenyan father on it. the forenics experts can be called to examine closely anything he comes up with so dont forget that. obama would still be guilty of fraud if he changes the names of his parents. also the birth certificate would have to be verified and validated with the hospitalfor doctors name and signature and witnesses. it is not that easy to forge a b. c. at this point or obama would have did it long ago. he probably wishes he had forged a long form in the beginning instead of that fake colb. i dont think they will try that. obama could get charged with federal felony fraud and he knows it.

      1. The most powerful man on the planet, backed up by billionaires, should be able to “produce” a piece of paper showing a Hawaiian birth. But the document that Obama cannot produce is the one that shows Obama Senior to have been a US citizen.

      2. If the SoH manufactures a forged long form, won’t it be difficult to prove? The DoH never releases the “original”, only a copy. Seems to me that the doctor who allegedly delivered him has likely long since passed and we know that SAD and BHO Sr. are deceased. There is no provision on the long form that I am aware of for a witness to sign. The only thing that can be examined is signatures but it should not be too terribly difficult to photoshop by copying signatures from different records (divorce, perhaps?) and pasting them into the forgery. My point is, it may very difficult to confirm the veracity of the long form from a copy.

        What we can go after is the number. 151-1961-010641 belongs to someone and it ain’t Obama. It likely belongs to a deceased infant or small child long since forgotten, at least legally.

    2. Birdy, that is exactly what I think is happening now. In fact, I think putting AberCRUMBie in the HI governorship may have been in the plan as far back as 2007-2008 or, perhaps, since it was discovered that Lingle would only stick her neck out so far in this. Soros and Obummer never planned or expected to put off producing this document for a full four-year term, maybe not even for the two+ years that it’s turned out to be. Very soon, now, their stalling and legal evasions will come to an end.

      Expect a Hawaiin long-form BC to be released very, very soon. Do not be surprised if someone other than B Obama is named as the father – someone who was an American citizen at the time of Barky’s birth. This “surprise” revelation of the real baby-daddy will explain/confirm the “embarassment” of which Lind spoke. This “revelation” will be new to or only recently discovered by Barky himself, probably in 2008 when he was first asked to produce a long form BC, and that he put off sharing this revelation with the country until he believed it would be accepted by the masses (something that AberCRUMBie, being a long-time friend of the family will help assure him). And the “birth certificate” mentioned in his “autobiography,” unless it was specifically mentioned in the book as being a “long-form birth certificate” in the book, will be explained away as being (one of) the COLB that we’ve all seen online.

      1. I think you could be right about an American citizen being the father.

        However, it would not matter. The intent of the Founding Fathers was to have Presidents who had exclusive allegiance to the US from the time of their birth. Obama grew up believing that Obama Senior was his biological father, and he knew that Obama Senior was a British/Kenyan citizen. Natural born citizen status is the “strong check” against foreign influence. This foreign influence was present from the time of Obama’s birth and in the years that followed, which included 3 trips to Kenya, the most recent one in 2006. These are all facts which will not go away should Obama’s father turn out to have been an American.

  12. I don’t have “baggage” as some have suggested. I have experience fighting corruption. You don’t make friends fighting corruption in Illinois or Washington, DC. You make enemies. I have fought a lot of corruption in nearly half a century and I have made a lot of enemies. All of them are bad people, starting with Barack Obama.

    Andy Martin
    coming: http://www.AndyMartinforPresident.com

    1. Is/was your father a US Citizen ever, or at least prior to your birth? If not, you are not qualified to be president yourself (both parents must be US citizens, child born on US soil).
      Do you believe in the constitutional approach to the ineligibility issue, as in Obama’s failing article ii and 20th amendment?

    2. If you father was not a US citizen at the time of your birth, can you file a legal question (there is a legal term for this) to the US Supreme Court asking for clarification on whether your non-citizen father makes you not a natural born citizen?

    1. @Steuner

      Yes, it would. However, it would also make Mr.Transparency a con-man. Would it not? leaving him with no credibility. How could he maintain respect. Or you think the Dems can explain it away? Or he would say he did not know?

      Could a man not married to his mother named as father in HI? Anyone knows the answer?

      1. At the time of O’s birth, only the mother is listed on birth certificate in the event the infant was illegitimate unless the father formally acknowledges paternity prior to issuance of the certificate and the mother agrees.

        There is an amendment provision to add the father at a later date but I do not believe it results as being identified as an amendment and it requires a signed acknowledgement/declaration from both the mother and the father. The original would be red-lined, a new certificate prepared, and the original is sealed.The DoH admin rules state that the basis of the amendment “may” be entered on the back of the new certificate. The father’s declaration is also sealed. The original bc and declaration can only be unsealed if so ordered by the court.

      2. This actually plays right into O’s hand. If a second certificate was or is prepared, it would not likely have the signatures of either parent or the doctor. The original is untouchable unless the court rules it must be unsealed.

  13. Anybody catch that moron Medved today? Typical closed mind. If he’d read the Obama Time Line by Don Fredrick he might just get it but he’s too concerned with keeping his job. I wonder why he has no idea how angry we are? It’s right there in black and white. No racism intended.

  14. With a new Presidential election now getting under way, we have a golden opportunity to help ourselves. Most ‘serious’ people think we are crackpots, conspiracy theorists, racists, sore losers, redneck rubes – or that simply put, we suffer from Obama Derangement Syndrome.

    The opportunity we have is to disprove most of these things and thereby give ourselves a tremendous boost in credibility.

    We need to start crying out – with equal enthusiasm – about the ineligibility of the likes of Jindal, Rubio, and Schwarzenegger (and maybe even McCain).

    We need to make it bloody clear and beyond doubt that we are, foremost, constitutionalists and patriots.

    I don’t know who pays for them or how to arrange it, but we all need to contribute to an ad in the Washington Times – like what they have been running about Obama Eligibility. How ’bout an ad with the same sort of message, same sort of overall design and artwork, but does not mention Obama at all. Just maybe the three indicated above?

    I strongly believe that one of the biggest reasons that The Left thinks they can get away with this is because they think The Right will want to take advantage of the precedent – therefore being ill disposed to complain too much now.

    So, again, the task falls squarely on us to complain!

    1. We know that Schwarzenegger (naturalized citizen) and Jindal (non-citizen parents) are ineligible. Do you have information about Rubio’s parents not being citizens at the time of his birth? His parents fled Cuba in 1959. Rubio was born in Florida in 1971.

      1. > Do you have information about Rubio’s parents not being citizens at the time of his birth?

        Unless we know otherwise, we must assume they were not. Same standards as applied to Obummer.

    2. I strongly believe that one of the biggest reasons that The Left thinks they can get away with this is because they think The Right will want to take advantage of the precedent – therefore being ill disposed to complain too much now.

      I believe the RNC was in on this for the reason you state. So, the DNC was right in knowing they could get away with it because it would set a precedent that the RNC has actually wanted and worked harder at. (Look up Orrin Hatch’s proposal to amend NBC clause out of the Constitution).

  15. Yeah, Andy’s got “baggage” and his own background apparently is not spotless or even 100% Constitutionally sound (I really don’t know), but if he has the courage and the love of his country to “call out” Obama, then I say- GO FOR IT! The crux of the matter is not that we’re trying to elect Andy! We’re trying to- “VETT” OBAMA!

    1. You people are going way off the rails here!!!!!! Putting up and backing a guy with possible psychiatric issues and who ain’t an NBC just plays into the enemy’s hands. How is putting someone who can be easily dismissed as a nutjob advancing our cause? It DOESN’T. I am sick and tired of watching Patriots shooting each other in the foot. Clear your heads and THINK people!!!!!!!!
      Mrs. Rondeau replies: Are these recent allegations backed up by facts? People must be very careful to back up such statements with factual evidence or consider it to be unproven rumor or malicious gossip.

  16. I think Dr Keyes plans to run. We should support him. Sometimes this Andy Martin guy does’nt make any sense and I get him confused with the other Maertin.

  17. McCain is equally disqualified to be POTUS. Contrary to popular belief,US Military Bases in foreign countries are NOT considered US Soil (See Jus Soli).

    1. However both of McCain’s parents were natural born citizens while BHOs’ father was a British citizen making BHO a dual citizen which the founders explicitly wanted to prevent so as to not have a loyalty to any other country other than the U.S. That’s the problem in a nutshell. Birth certificate is actually irrelevant.

      1. The “Birth Certificate” is ONLY IRRELEVANT if Obama is telling the truth about who his parents were. Do you trust Obama to tell you the truth about who his parents were ?? Or would you like to see proof of who his parents were ??- Along with the other life long documentation that is hidden away for some reason. Stanley Ann and Barack senior may NOT have been Obama’s birth parents – He MAY BE an NBC – you don’t know because you haven’t seen the long form BC (and neither have I). Why do people distrust Obama on almost everything EXCEPT for who he says his parents are? If he’s an NBC then he’s also a certified FRAUD and should be thrown out for that. THen again maybe the long form BC just does NOT exist. Abercrombie’s going to end all speculation (he says).

    2. Not only are US military bases in foreign countries not considered part of the US, Panama, not the US, was the soveign of all the land that was the Canal Zone. We paid Panama rent each year, which would not be the case if we were the sovereign. McCain was not born under the sovereign territory of the US, and hence he cannot be a natural born citizen.

  18. Yeppers- He’d be great to drive a big wedge on this issue. Here’s the game plan folks: expose Obama and the conflictatory citizen issue, get him out of the running, and then adopt the proposal for that Sen. Lyman put forth about naturalized citizens with 20 years residency being eligible. THAT would put Schwarzenegger in the running where he could teem up with Martin. Is Martin of Germanic descent because I know he has historically been strong on exposing the ZOG and all of their “minions”. Him and Arnie could definitely “Ex-terminate” all the vermin in Washington- ya get it??


  19. Yo…this guy is not the birther dream come true, give him up… support Keyes or Sharon Rondeau or Manning , anyone you KNOW Is real, this guy will set you up for a fall every time!

  20. Citizenship? Baggage? media relation issues, the BAR blocking him with a stab in the back…. yeah, that isn’t one bit different than the bozo squatting in DC right now. The ONLY difference is the congress, courts and media have been aiding the secreting of everything Obama aka Soetoro and Martin has been front page for decades. I hope he does run just to show the duplicity of the system.

    1. God Bless You A Pen You are correct. Andy Martin is not who he pretends to be.

      He tried to say LTC Lakin was just a distraction, and is a Democrat Operative.

      He has often tried to undermine those of us trying to unseat Obama, but pretends
      he is on our side. Duplicitous is a kind word, but fits, however I will not use the
      stronger language that fits him. Wake up America, we do not have time to put up with
      the Martin’s of the world. More of the same.

  21. Except;

    “[1]… [C]urrently, as of the date and time of this Notice, there is no ‘legally’ acknowledged definition of the Constitutional idiom of ‘natural born Citizen’ as found in the Executive qualification Clause at Article II Section I Clause V of the Constitution of the United States, not in any specific words within the Constitution, not in any promulgated Legislation Codified to Statutes, not in any of the Amendments to the Constitution, not in any Declaratory Statement and/or Judgement emanating from any level of the Constitutionally authorized Judiciary, notwithstanding the ‘Act to make uniform the laws of naturalization’ of the 1st Congress of 1790, repealed by the 3rd Congress of 1795 and various dicta found in Federal Court Opinions/Judgements…”

    1. I beg to differ. Mario Apuzzo has laid the chart of citizenship out so you can see what it is. A simple process of elimination leaves but only one term statutorily undefined thus it is what has been stated, the child born of two citizen parents on territory controlled by US law. I fail to appreciate the view that a court must rule the obvious. The constitution belongs to the people not the government and as such it is their to alter and give power to no other entity.

      1. slcraig is right. It is not obvious.

        Only SCOTUS can define nbc. If Mario’s case were heard on merit, SCOTUS could not avoid defining nbc. As you know SCOTUS used the usual, what Alen Keyes calls “deriliction of duty” behavior.

    2. in fact, if you are a 14ther you are not a NBC
      therefore it’s INCORRECT to call most Americans “US Citizens” as they are not, they are “natural born Citizens”

  22. Zeb Blanchard says:
    Sunday, December 26, 2010 at 4:55 PM
    beyond baggage:
    “He is a law school graduate, but his admission to the Illinois bar was blocked in the 1970s after a psychiatric finding of “moderately severe character defect manifested by well-documented ideation with a paranoid flavor and a grandiose character.””

    Obama had his law license revoked. This is because he lied about using other names. The person you describe above is Barack Hussein Obama.
    They try to smear anyone who they fear getting at the truth, when they could simply show his long form birth certificate with doctor’s signature. I had to get a replacement social security card this past summer. I had to show mine. No problem I have it.

    Please read Saul Alinsky rule #5
    Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon. It is almost impossible to counterattack ridicule. Also it infuriates the opposition, who then react to your advantage.

    Anyone with any amount of God given common sense know he was not born here. He doesn’t think American, he doesn’t act American, because he is a third world Kenyan despot.

    1. Obama once said that he was a “Citizen of the World”. A natural born citizen, born of the soil and full blood of the nation, would never say something like that.

    2. > Obama had his law license revoked. This is because he lied about using other names.

      Do you have anything to back up that claim? This is the first time I’ve read this.

      Fact is, we don’t know anything about this since he keeps his records sealed. So where did you get that information?

  23. If Andy is not a NBC and this fact were discovered during the campaign, then it would definitely bring the issue to the fore. I myself am counting on the states issues to insure eligibility of candidates on thier ballots. The federal government seemingly has no interest in defending the constitution.

    1. No, I think Andy Martin needs to address this NOW. Everyone knows that without two citizen parents he can’t be an nbc, so Martin should divulge whether his daddy was a citizen when he was born. Why should we support a guy who might not be eligible, that would make us just as bad as the Dems!

      1. Andy ought to ask the US Supreme Court for clarification regarding his Constitutional qualifications: is he a natural born citizen, given that his father was not a citizen at the time of his (Andy’s) birth? There is a legal term for such an inquiry, but I forget what it is.

      2. Andy is controlled opposition. He’s here to mess things up.
        Sharon why don’t you run for potus? A.M. is no celebrity, you are the real mccoy!

      3. Andy Martin has little chance of making it through the primaries, but think of the damage he can do to Obama for the next year or so. GO, ANDY, GO!

      4. tfb says: Andy is controlled opposition. He’s here to mess things up.

        I don’t know the validity of this statement but, for what it’s worth, I can say that it’s not the first time I’ve heard it, nor is tfb the first source from which I’ve heard it, nor is P&E News the first place that I’ve read it.

    1. @Robert

      Agree. You may call Andy names (probably originated by the Alinsky motivated O-supporters), but you can not call him a coward. Consider this: Sarah Palin is OK, but is she taking the eligibility seriusly? Running will give Andy a forum.

  24. Apparently “Andy Martin’s” real name is Anthony Robert Martin-Trigona. Andy is usally the nickname for Anthony and I don’t know kind of name Trigona is or what the hyphen means. Did he legally change his name or what?

      1. Andy is ther nickname for Andrew. Tony is the nickname for Anthony. I know. I am Italian and have lots of Anthony in the family. They are all called Tony. My brother, father and uncle and cousins.

        I have never heard that Andy Martin was not a citizen NBC. He has been around a long time. Anyone have a link to his heritage. I think there are alot of obots here today!

      2. > I have never heard that Andy Martin was not a citizen NBC. He has been around a long time.

        Neither of these statements is any proof he is an NBC. We should hold any possible candidate for Presidency to the same standards as Obummer, shouldn’t we? “Prove you’re an NBC or you’re out of the race!”

        That Martin appears to be on our side proves nothing about his eligibility. Many people voted for Obummer because he’s black and didn’t care for his eligibility. Do we want to make the same mistake?

  25. While I think Andy Martin is great, I read somewhere that his father was not an American citizen when Andy was born. IF this is true, Andy CANNOT be an natural born citizen! Andy needs to clear this up NOW.

    Again, I think Andy Martin is one of the finest lawyers in the cause, and I hope he can use his legal smarts to help Col. Lakin on his appeal too.

    1. If this is true, Andy ought to ask the US Supreme Court for clarification regarding his Constitutional qualifications: is he a natural born citizen, given that his father was not a citizen at the time of his (Andy’s) birth? There is a legal term for such an inquiry, but I forget what it is.

      1. No court will rule on the nbc definition. The Judiciary Branch is as corrupt as the two other branches. They are hell-bent to protect Mr. Transparency’s secret.

        If Andy is not nbc (2 US parents at birth) he should not run, Please provide a credible link that he is not nbc.

    2. @Outraged

      If Andy runs he will get the forum and Mr.Transparency will be embaressed badly, to say the least. It will help Lakin, whose case will probably be at the appeal level at that time. Go Andy.