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by Sher Zieve, ©2010

What is left of the once-proud, independent Republic which our Founders gave us, "if we can keep it?"

(Dec. 21, 2010) — In the last few days of the lame duck Congress–sadly the duck isn’t even the slightest bit lame–with the assistance of a few RINOs the US Marxist/Leninist Democrats is destroying as much left of the once great United States of America as it can.

The repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”–so that Gays can serve as openly-gay in the US military–was passed with the help of 8 RINOs, including consistent Marxist/Democrat plants Sen. Olympia Snowe (RINO-ME) and Sen. Richard Lugar (RINO-IN). The other RINO Senators voting with the Marxist-Leninist Party were Scott Brown, Massachusetts, Susan Collins, Maine, Olympia Snowe, Maine, Mark Kirk, Illinois, Lisa Murkowski, Alaska (that write-in campaign worked out “real well” for OUR country, didn’t it?), John Ensign, Nevada, Richard Burr, North Carolina and George Voinovich, Ohio. These are the names to remember and vote out of office. That is, if by the time they’re up for reelection we even have viable voting left in the country.

Although the DREAM Act (Amnesty) was defeated, it is now popping up as hidden in one proposed bill after another. The most recent “find” is that it’s hidden in H.R. 5281–the bizarre “Removal Clarification Act of 2010.” Marxists never stop, folks, and We-the-People can’t afford to, either.

The US Government’s complete takeover of the country’s food supply and the lands upon which it is grown (S. 510, named the “FDA Food Safety Modernization Act”) was thought to have died with the defeat of the Omnibus bill. But, Marxists never let little things like the law or the US Constitution get in their way. The “Draculian” Harry Reid decided to pass it anyway with only a voice vote from the Senate floor. We have no idea who voted for the thing and no idea whether or not the “Nays” were louder than the “Yeas.” However, we do know it was NOT unanimous as the ObamaMedia have reported. We also know that Reid was bound and determined to ensure his NWO legacy by stealing more land and freedoms from the now inarguable We-the-Slaves. One person could have shouted “yea” and Reid would have passed it. This bill disallows–without Orwellian government approvals–the growing of food and the keeping of seeds, even in one’s own garden. Therefore, this bill also takes control of food distribution. Remember Stalin’s killing of at least 7,000,000 deaths (in one year!) in the Ukraine after his regime took over Russia’s food supply? Some suggest that the real figures are between 18,000,000 and 20,000,000.

The START Treaty is also up for grabs and the same RINOs and more are said to be set to vote “yes” on giving the power to defend the USA to Russia. Are there any sane people left in Washington D.C. or have these traitors to the country been offered baubles and additional powers that they simply couldn’t refuse?

Obama’s Internet Takeover is slated to begin today, 21 December 2010. This is another Day that will live in infamy–assuming there’s any life still left in our country. If so, it and we are now firmly on life-support–despite the November elections. Marxists pay no attention to elections unless they win. Soon, many if not most conservative Internet sites telling the truth may be shut down.

LTC Terry Lakin, M.D. was convicted in a courts martial (for challenging Obama’s credentials as a qualified-under-the-Constitution POTUS) after being refused discovery by the Obama military court. And for those of you who incorrectly believe that the US Military Code replaces the US Constitution–it doesn’t. Lakin is now an Obama political prisoner in Leavenworth Prison. A former Naval Officer (LCDR Walter Fitzpatrick III) is also a political prisoner and currently incarcerated in Monroe County, TN. His “crimes” originally began when he, also, dared question the usurper’s authority–Quo Warranto.

Rush Limbaugh continues to say “I’ll tell you when it’s time to panic.” Well folks, I think the time has arrived and we may soon hear that El Rushbo has moved to his estate in New Zealand. Even after the defeat of the Marxist/Leninist Party in the November elections, the Ruling Class is still screaming to us “You’re the Slave Class and can’t do anything to stop us!” Again, to the Marxist/Leninist Party elections mean nothing.

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  1. I don’t know which is worse: the Demonrats hiding defeated bills in different, non-related bills or the Republicans signing those different, non-related bills withouth reading them first. If they learned anything from the mid-terms, it obviously wasn’t enough. Further, tacking things onto bills at the last minute before voting on them, after they’ve been distributed to be read and decided upon, shouldn’t be allowed. I don’t care who started, when, or which party did it first, it needs to be outlawed and stopped immediately.

    Further, bills should be limited to a set number of words or pages. On second thought, make that word limits, otherwise the crooked rats would have mostrous-sized bills typed in size 2 font. Larger bills seem to get signed into law simply because their length makes them impossible for most reps to read, and larger bills, it seems, mean more govt control and intrusion being presented for legislation than smaller bills. Comparing the size of today’s bills with the size of the US Constitution, it’s apparent to me that the Founding Fouthers never intended for congress to produce monster bills to sign into monster laws. For the same reason, there should be a set limits to the number of bills presented and to the number of bills signed into legislation by each congress. Frankly, I don’t believe it was the intention of the Founding Fathers for representing one’s state at the Federal level to be a full time job, much less a lifelong career.

    Finally, does anyone else find it odd that the New England states tend to be the most Progressive (aka Marxist or socialist)? I’d think those states where it all started would be the ones to hold most tightly to the Constitution and the liberties it was written to protect…and I’d be wrong.

  2. Methinks we need more investigators in Hawaii and Chicago, digging up stuff on Obama. He would do, and has done exactly that to his oponents.

    The same should done to Nancy Pelosi. If enough dirt, criminal activity etc can be gathered to put enough heat on her, she might blab. After all she was the one responsible for not certifying O’s credentials. And now I hear she initiated the loud
    applause at the Electoral College Certification at the joint Congressional session
    that interupted Dick Cheney before he could ask for objections.

  3. The true American spirit is rising in the midst of being surround by Communists/Marxists in our corrupt media, financial institutions, corporations, & yes our so corrupt government embracing USSR tactics like thugs.

    It is time for all of us to get to DC and perch in the offices of these thugs and put the pressure on their sorry asses to cease this madness, or we will call for impeachment of each and every traitor who votes against the U.S. Constitution.

    Just think of it, by enforcing “We The People” court, we would all most totally purge DC of all of these Communist/Marxist thugs in DC. There would be very few left, very few.

  4. good article… after the last couple weeks, I’m thoroughly freaked out about all you have mentioned… Can the new, incoming congress & house Rs do what their voters want them to do? Repeal. Defund. Press charges. Stop the spending. Stop the insanity.

    I dunno… I’m hopeful D.Issa will get his investigations going… but he is from California. Will he pursue the righteous fight we need him to?

    I suppose it didn’t help I was studying the communist manifesto and find the last 40-50 years eerily similar to what those planks state.

    Can America be saved or is she already Amerikka?

    … ok I’m still freaked out

  5. Sometimes I just laugh at what is going on knowing that the stupids that voted for the bozos in DC will soon have their heads cut-off by the religion of peace people.

    I will not go down with a fight but the lovers of peace will find that they will be very PIECEful.