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by Edward C. Noonan

Maureen Dowd has been a "columnist" at the New York Times since 1995. Does she write truth or fiction? Does she know the difference?

(Dec. 20, 2010) — They did it to us again… They called us BONEHEAD CONSTITUTIONALISTS.

Just because we believe that the Constitution should be the SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND, they call people like me “BONEHEADS.”

Maureen Dowd, a liberal Marxist New York Times spin-doctor-of-propaganda penned this BONEHEAD piece. I don’t know which she should be tarred-and-feathered for…this current bonehead garbage OR her former garbage called, “Are Men Necessary?”

Of course, since her materials are usually filled with made-up lies and untruths, I cannot discern what is a lie, or what is a lie, or what is a lie, or what is a lie.

Read her alleged lie here.

She clearly reports of LTC Lakin the statement, “I understand that it was my decision, and I made the wrong choice,” he told the judge.”

I took that single sentence and GOOGLED it. Apparently it has gone viral and every pro-Soetoro URL has picked up on it. All attributed the statement to the New York Times (Maureen Dowd) piece. Not another second witness can be found.

Even the Military Times quotes the Maureen Dowd hit-piece.

I am waiting for a SECOND WITNESS on the matter, or at least a transcript of his actual words. Does anyone know for a fact he said the words that Dowd claims?

Does anyone know if Dowd was actually in the courtroom? Or is this merely hearsay from her?

The militarytimes.com piece said they attribute their source of the quote, “I made the wrong choice” to FORBES. However, the Forbes article attributes their news to the AP and then the AP articles shows no such statement. (See: http://www.forbes.com/feeds/ap/2010/12/14/general-us-army-birther_8…). (Editor’s Note: This link appears to be dead.)

To date, Dowd seems to stand alone in her interpretation of what Lakin actually said.

Could someone please tell me what the TRUTH really is? And DON’T tell me that the truth is, “YOU’RE A BONEHEAD IF YOU BELIEVE IN THE CONSTITUTION.”


Edward C. Noonan is a former 2010 US Senate Candidate from California

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  1. Meet Poppa Birther, the original Boneheaded Constitutionalist if that is what there latest perjorative is for those standing up to support and defend the Constitution. It seem it is OK for those on the left to fight for the Constitution when it suits them and then to attack those who point to it when it does not suit the far left and the main stream media. Meet Jonathan Turley the original boneheaded constitutionalist and poppa birther.