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by Robert Laity

The Bill of Rights contains the first ten amendments to the U.S. Constitution and was written by the original framers

(Dec. 15, 2010) — What is a Right? It is something that God has endowed  and bestowed upon all men and women and on their posterity, the offspring of men and women. They are indeed Blessings from God, in whom we Trust. It is God alone who has given us these blessings and he alone can take them away. No man, no woman, no one but God can take our rights away. They were endowed by the Creator, the Supreme Being responsible for our very lives, our every breath, a Creator that Barack Obama has denied at least seven times, leaving out mention of the “Creator” in the Declaration of Independence.

Obama, a devout Islamic Supremacist, has embraced Islamic teachings. Islam does not recognize “Freedom” or, for that matter, individual Rights to worship as one pleases. Obama has mocked the Bible and has called the Q’uran “Holy.” He has accused America of infringing upon the rights of Muslims yet abrogated his duty to protect others who are non-Muslim.

Islam is  a theocracy which believes in a false god named “Allah.”  This moon god (thus the crescent moon symbol used in Islam) is NOT “the Creator.”  God is the Creator. For Obama to admit this would make him a Muslim apostate, so he avoids doing so.

What are the “Blessings of Liberty?” They are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. These precepts are absent in Islam which I believe is the most oppressive, evil and anti-humanitarian system on Earth. Islam does not recognize Freedom of Religion yet defends its own purported “right” to install itself forcibly upon mankind.

We were warned by the Founding brothers regarding Islam. We fought Islam on the “Shores of Tripoli.” Today, we are still at war with Islam, contrary to what “Caliph” Obama wants us to believe.  Islam is diametrically opposed to Judeo-Christianity, the two Major Religions of Earth. Islam is not a “religion,” and contrary to Muslim belief, Muslims are not the Children of the “Promise.”  They are descended from the illegitimate son of Abraham, Ishmael, and not from his son with Sarah, who was Isaac.  Islam and Sharia, the Islamic Law, are contrary to freedom and has oppressed its own people. Celebrate Bill of Rights Day and Human Rights Day not by tolerating such evil systems such as Dar-el-Saalam, the Islamic plan to “revert” everyone to Islam but by fighting such unjust systems. Banning Islam would be an act of Societal self-defense.

The Right to Life must be protected. The children and our posterity must be shielded from Abortion, and the Culture of Death must be resisted with our entire beings. The right to Liberty must never be taken for granted. As Ben Franklin once said, “Anyone who trades liberty for security deserves neither liberty or security.”  He also warned that “We have a Republic, if we can keep it.” Let us try to “keep it.” Liberty is a divine treasure shared with us by God. The final Blessing of  Liberty is the Pursuit of Happiness. What government, other than the United States of America, has that as one of its laws, that one is free to pursue being Happy?

But are we happy these days?  How can one be happy in light of the fact that Human rights are being infringed upon daily and with impunity, that there are domestic and foreign enemies scratching at our door, indeed, in the country’s “house” as I write?

We MUST make sure that we make a concerted effort to defend our homeland. Defenders of Freedom must join forces for the common good. Obama is a fraud and a traitor. He disrespects the Bill of Rights and he disrespects “We the people.”  His constant and frequent denigration of America illustrates to me that his loyalties lie elsewhere. The longer he is allowed to go unscathed in his fraud and treason, the closer America comes to ruin. America MUST be defended and freedom is not free.

Remember those who have gone before us who have pledged their “Lives…Fortunes and Sacred Trust” for America. Strive to be like the founding brothers, for they are proper role models. If it means loss of your liberty, your fortune and even your very life, the United States of America is worth every bit of the efforts we make to preserve it. The Blessings of Liberty as enshrined in the Bill of Rights are Jewels that one sells everything he has to possess. Long Live America and long live its precepts, and may the Blessings of Liberty be preserved for posterity.


Robert C. Laity is Founder and President of the Society for the Preservation of Democracy and Human Rights.

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  1. The more people that know the better… pass it on…

    2 VIDEOS that every America loving person needs to see & more importantly
    needs to have their rep’s answer & media answer… especially the eligibilty issue.
    ALL the forms for the canidates & states MUST be looked over & approved by
    citizens… NOT just politicans… as they can NOT be trust or avoid the subject!!
    Those that do starting in 2011… then MUST BE REPLACED by those who will.

    eligibility issue: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m4WsG9H8eh0

    erasing borders: http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=240045

  2. You explain it so well Robert Laity – thank you. I am almost speechless at all the outrageous bills that the democrats are trying to pass right now, prior to the new guard coming in. “What a mockery”. Anyone with half a brain should see that this is felonious, and outright thievery, and arrests should happen immediately on every one of these dirt-bag thieves, and in particular on ji’hadist-usurper obama, subversive-loser reid, perfidious-pelosi, plus all other traitor to the USA, It’s People, the Constitution, and God. Such traitorous behavior, is such a preposterous sacrilege to America’s decent God Revering Citizens, and our basic common sense; or possibly we don’t have any common sense, is that our problem???. Whoever supports this crap, (either democrat or republican) needs to be voted out of office, and/or impeached NOW. The system needs purging NOW. How brain-dead is America?, when we allow the press to not report anything meaningful, we allow the constitution to be ignored by those sworn to uphold it, we allow our politicians to lie to us, and steal everything we have, we allow these same elected jackals to bankrupt us and the country, while setting themselves up like kings and queens over a dumb, subservient society, we allow our Christian Religion to be hi-jacked, we allow our voting system to be overrun with fraud, we don’t secure our borders, we don’t protect our Hero Patriots, we have no security, we obviously don’t even believe in the sanctity of life, we don’t punish any of the crimes herein described; damn-it, I guess we are pretty stupid!!! Let the revolution begin – it’s conceivably all the good folks have now?.

    1. A very easy step to take,which I have already taken and which a US Magistrate from the US District Court for the Western District of NY told me I must do, was to approach Law enforcement with my concerns. I filed a criminal complaint against Obama with my local Police Chief in the City of Tonawanda,NY in March,2010. The Chief of Police referred my complaint forwarding it to INS and the FBI. If enough Americans do the same,file a complaint,in good faith, with their local police or Sheriff,against Obama,in the long run Obama WILL be arrested an tried for treason and election fraud along with his accomplices and misprisioners such as Nancy Pelosi,Joe Biden and others.
      See: City of Tonawanda Police Complaint#10-002-896,Complaint of Robert C. Laity against Barack Obama for immigration violations,treason and election fraud.