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submitted by Jeff Schwilk, Founder, SoCal Patriot Coalition

(Nov. 22, 2010) — Los Angeles, CA – Former California gubernatorial candidate and long-time political activist Chelene Nightingale has accepted the position of Coordinator and Spokeswoman for the SoCal Patriot Coalition by group leaders last week. The non-partisan coalition currently has 29 member groups representing grass roots tea party, Constitutional, civil rights, and secure borders groups.

Our coalition is honored to have Ms. Nightingale leading this growing coalition after her strong run for governor where she came in 3rd out of six candidates and gained hundreds of thousands of new supporters statewide for the new American Patriot movement”, said Barbara Coe, a longtime American activist leader in Orange County and founder of the California Coalition for Immigration Reform. “Her proven leadership and experience will grow and strengthen our coalition at this crucial time in American history”.

The coalition plans to bring together dozens more independent activist groups into a larger and more unified force to counter liberal and progressive groups and wayward politicians who continue to ignore our Constitution and America’s conservative values and principles.

I am honored to rejoin the amazing SoCal Patriot team in a new leadership and spokesperson role”, said Chelene Nightingale. “The nearly 30 individual grass roots activist groups in the coalition are some of the finest in the country, fighting for the freedom, liberty, and security of our great nation”.


Chelene Nightingale, Spokeswoman, SoCal Patriot Coalition, 310-237-5590

Jeff Schwilk, Founder, SoCal Patriot Coalition, 760-525-1655



Editor’s Note: The Post & Email interviewed Ms. Nightingale here.

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  1. I cannot think of a state that needs a grassroots constitutional activist movement more. We got a beating here in the last election. There definitely was massive fraud, but also many here vote for anyone with a “D” next to their name. It’s the very reason this administration wants our borders open since illegals vote “D.”

    Thumbs up to Chelene and Jeff.