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by Kelly Gneiting

Samuel Adams, 1722-1803, established the "Committees of Correspondence" throughout the colonies prior to the outbreak of the American Revolution

(Nov. 18, 2010) — Two words. Samuel Adams. What comes to mind? Put “a beer” on one end of the yardstick and “a patriot” on the other end.

In 1765 an oppressive British Parliament imposed the Stamp Act on the 13 colonies of British America. The act required that most printed material in the colonies be produced on paper from London carrying an embossed revenue stamp. Material requiring the stamp included legal documents, newspapers, bills of lading, and purchase receipts. The British felt that the 13-page act, which carried a sentence of death for violating, was just, and would pay a portion of their expenses for having a British military presence in America. Samuel Adams in Boston believed the tax was “a violation of the rights of Englishmen, being taxed without their representative consent.”

Undeterred, Samuel Adams, who donated long hours as an opinion columnist for the Boston Gazette, didn’t hesitate to call the tax “another tactic of British oppression meant to lead the people to the habit of contemplating themselves to be the slaves of men.” These sentiments rang throughout Massachusetts and the rest of the colonies. In Boston it took mere days for harassed Stamp Act distributors to resign. The tax was never collected.

In like manner, the 1773 Boston Tea Party was a direct action by colonists in Boston, led by Samuel Adams, to dump three shiploads of unfairly taxed tea into the watery Boston Harbor after Parliamentary officials refused to return it back to Britain. The tenaciousness of Samuel Adams helped to define a free America. Are there like-minded folks today, uncompromising in their spirit and relentless in a pursuit for reclaiming freedom?

“Stamp Acts” today fall upon us like rain and “unfairly taxed tea” shows up at America’s harbor continually– mostly mandated by a dominant Federal Government in which politicians reverence. America needs patriots like Samuel Adams, who, when offered “great personal advantages for making peace with your king…” reacted by saying “Sir, I trust I have long since made my peace with the King of Kings…”

“It is the glory of the Constitution that it hath its foundation in the law of God and nature, never made for politicians to alter.” said Sam Adams in a 1769 letter to London. “It is the duty of the people to assert their freedom and to take all rational and necessary methods when Constitutional boundaries are broken and rights are invaded.”

Thomas Jefferson said of Mr. Adams “In depth of purpose, zeal, and sagacity no man in congress exceeded, if any equaled, Sam Adams. In 2010, will you throw your hat in the ring to save America?”


Kelly Gneiting is the Western Regional Coordinator for the National Independent American Party (IAP).  His email address is FreedomForIdaho@gmail.com.

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  1. Dear Mrs. Rondeau,
    Will you please for the benefit of your readers disclose just what I said that was considered “nasty” because I do believe my reply was very civil and therefore not nasty! I did not use any foul language. I just expressed my civil opinion and I got censored! I would like an explanation!
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Yes, please contact me at editor@thepostemail.com.

  2. I submitted a reply to this guy and for some reason it did not post. I don’t like to be publicly singled out and not be allowed to have a rebuttal.

  3. It really appears that the two only things that most Americans stand for these days is “complacency” and “ignorance” to Constitutional Rule of Law! Everything thing about America should revolve around the U.S. Constitution but doesn’t. It’s more like …evade the Constitution as much as possible! But what would one expect when you have professional traitors to the U.S. Constitution who are in our government running the great work of our Founding Fathers into the ground! They literally spit on the Constitution immediately after they swear oath to serve and protect the Constitution. They blatantly show disrespect to America’s Rule of Constitutional Law right before everyone’s eyes to see and no one genuinely nor truly cares to do the “right” thing and stand up in defense for America! All there is, is a lot of chit chat and ranting going on with people complaining but no one will initiate that proper Constitutional course of action needed to turn this sad situation around! In today’s news there are stories about state legislators writing bills that will require future presidential candidates to “prove” they are eligible to run for president. A rational person would take that as a clue and possibly evidence that law makers know Barack Obama is illegal and not a valid president! But it also shows that they are willing to give an illegal president who is making illegal laws …..a free pass! Now if that is true isn’t that interesting? You know what, I too would like to get a free pass on some things! How is it possible that our federal government is willing to give one person out of a population of over 300 million people …something that is clearly unConstitutional and yet something no one else can have! Who in the hell is Barack Obama and why does our government think he is worthy of such consideration? I’ve said it before and will say it again. Barack Obama was a game changer. A dangerous game changer! People need to wake up and to start smelling the foul stench that has been introduced to American society by this guy and the lawmakers who til this day are still insulting the intelligence of us few who know that they are trying to sweep this Constitutional Crime under a rug! If the American People can never bring Obama to justice for this crime then (as once said before) America will never be the same. America will just get worse. And it will never be the America you once thought it were to be! Until Obama is brought to justice….AMERICA IS NO MORE!

    1. No truer words can be spoken. Unfortunately the Sam Adams of today would be jailed just as quick as Walter Fitzpatrick. These are dangerous times and far beyond the use of simple protest and discourse to reverse. This power is deeply entrenched and getting deeper every moment. What is needed now is a high court ruling to set in motion an orderly dispossession of power from the tyrants. That is only going to be available to us a short time longer and there will be every reason to believe we must take another tac when that is removed from the table. By January we will know what their intentions really are.

  4. Our founders stood for something; we should too. I’m grateful for good people everywhere who are awake and in the fight. Let’s keep focused and together – our posterity depends on us!

  5. What Sam Adams actually wrote was ““It is the glory of the British Constitution that it hath its foundation in the law of God and nature, never made for politicians to alter.”

    If the author is going to quote Mr. Adams, he should do so correctly.

    1. I too wondered about this quote. How could Sam Adams write this in a 1769 letter if the U.S. Constitution was written in 1787?

      The quote is still apropos. When you look back at history, the American colonists had a choice – remain under British rule or fight for independence. Today, we have our independence but are about to lose it. We are fighting for the survival of the Republic Ben Franklin spoke of, “if we can keep it.” The Founding Fathers predicted today’s predicament in their writings. We have lost our moral compass, which must remain focused on God and our Natural Law.