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by Sharon Rondeau

What kind of human misery has the Monroe County judiciary created and perpetuated over several decades of free rein?

(Nov. 15, 2010) — An eyewitness of a hearing in the Monroe County, TN courthouse today stated that between 50 and 60 male and female inmates from the Monroe County jail were brought forward in turn to face a judge without an attorney to represent them.

The eyewitness reported that the courtroom was very crowded and that she was “brushing shoulders with the inmates” during the proceedings.  The prisoners were shackled in pairs, and in one case, one was practically carrying  the other to whom he was shackled because of a physical impairment.

She reported that the inmates wore ripped jumpsuits, one with  “a huge hole in it,” and that they “looked dirty.”  When one inmate spoke to another, a jailer snapped, “Shut up and sit up straight” or “Keep your mouth shut!”

Two inmates asked for an attorney when their names were called, but the public defenders who were reportedly in the room said and did nothing.

The judge began by asking each inmate if he or she owned any assets, including a checking account, savings account, or land.  The observer stated that it seemed that any such assets were being used as leverage for bond.  She stated that after each inmate was called up, the judge “got them to say they were guilty” and that one man was indicted twice on the same charge.

At one point, an elderly man of about 70 years of age was brought forward in a wheelchair whom the observer described as “paralyzed” and was charged with statutory rape.

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  1. If SCOTUS decides against us (US), then what?

    Do you get the feeling that they (you decide who ‘they’ are) are either trying to make us either give up and go silently into the night, or, they are trying to get the American People so Angry that violence breaks out all over the country. Since I was born at the end of the baby-boom years, I’ve never seen anything like this and I’m quite taken aback by all that is going on today. I’m scared for my kids.

  2. To anyone who may have interest in understanding exactly what has
    happened to our system of justice and law,it is easily explained by
    “American Grand Jury-A Citizens Grand Jury”.The following link is
    available for your perusal and education if you should so desire.


  3. Anyone wishing to assist us in getting the word out to the citizens of Monroe County can contribute to this cause by making contact with Sharon. We have a group that can distribute flyers and pamphlets to a large cross-section of that community. Those citizens who don’t know what’s going on will. These people need to be made aware of this absurd corruption and be given the tools to fight it. If they need help, once informed, we will be more than happy to assist, but the request must come from the citizenry first.
    Help us help them.
    BTW Kristin, thank you for that very relevant link.

  4. What might the judge be needing asset accounts for? Were there bargains made for pleas and releases in exchange for property or other considerations? That is extortion not jurisprudence.

    Here in NY judicial corruption is peaking as well. About fifteen years ago there was a sting to end local justices from extorting vehicle and traffic monies from drivers. I recall there were over 60 justices caught and jailed for their pocketing cash but what was never done was the removal of their accomplices, the police who wrote those tickets. Because there is a lot of money in this simple scam and it was then discovered that tracking tickets missing from the officers books was how they were caught the criminal extortion returned with the issuing of fake tickets. No more paper trail. It only takes one officer and a greedy judge to start the racket and things in this state are so bad now that even corporate cash is traded for judicial favor. You see, judges simply get better at what they do over time and when promoted they have access to even larger chunks of money. They are secure in that no one can step into their association and blow the lid off. Once a complete chain of corruption is established from BAR assn. to DA to Judge there is virtually no stopping it. There is no citizens grand jury here either but that is another story.

  5. Wow.

    Oh, btw, it’s official. The United States Constitution is considered contraband by the boyz in Monroe County. I got my package back today. I’ll scan a copy of their ‘report’ and send it to you. They told me those items need to be purchased in the commissary. (do you really think they are selling Constitutions in their little jail store?)

    I’m seeing red again, so I’m going to close this comment now…
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: I can see why Walter Fitzpatrick says that the commissary is a scam. Every single thing the inmates need must be purchased through that store in the jail; nothing can be brought in from the outside as it is at other detention facilities, namely the Loudon County detention facility.