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by Sharon Rondeau

Mr. Jim Miller went missing on July 17, 2010 and was positively identified several days later as a murder victim. He was Chairman of the Monroe County Election Commission and First District Chair for the Monroe County Republican Party

(Nov. 8, 2010) —At approximately 7:45 p.m., The Post & Email received a call from Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III at the Monroe County detention facility where he has been held since October 27 without bond for allegedly failing to appear at a hearing in Monroe County court.  This call was different from any other phone call we have received from Fitzpatrick to date.


LCDR FITZPATRICK: Hi, Sharon.  Do you have your recorder going?

MRS. RONDEAU: I do. I just put it on.

LCDR FITZPATRICK: This is supremely important.  This is big, big, big, BIG.

MRS. RONDEAU: Make sure you speak really loudly.

LCDR FITZPATRICK: OK, I’m going to do my best. In July of this year, the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department arrested a suspect in the murder of Jim Miller.  Mr. Miller was murdered between 1:00 and 8:00 on the 17th of July of this year, 2010.  This man was brought into the Monroe County jail.  While he was in the Monroe County jail in July of 2010, he bragged to the other inmates that he was the shooter, one of two shooters, in the death, the murder of Jim Miller.  This is a break in the case, this is a lead in the case, and you need to get this to the FBI.  You need to type this up tonight and print it.


LCDR FITZPATRICK: The man’s identity is known.  I know an identity, and a description is available.  More information can be made available to the FBI, but it can’t be made available over the phone, OK?  This person was released.  Sheriff Bivens released this individual, this person of interest, for who knows why, but they let him go.  I do not know at the time of his release who had the investigation at the sheriff’s department, but they let this man go.  He’s on the loose tonight.  He seems to be in Loudon County.  As I say, there is a physical description, but this man has bragged to inmates that he was one of two men who shot Jim Miller dead on the 17th of July of 2010.

I don’t want to go into any more detail than that over the phone.  The FBI needs to be alerted to this as soon as you can.  You can print this up and put it out tonight as a lead.  There’s a lead, there’s a man who has identified himself as one of two shooters, and the sheriff let him go in July.  The information is rock-solid.  More information is available to potential law enforcement if they could get on the scene.

MRS. RONDEAU: Now when you say “federal law enforcement agents are on the scene,” is that as you’re speaking to me right now?

LCDR FITZPATRICK: No, they’re not here.  When they arrive, when we have an FBI agent arrive, or agents, I can be more detailed about what happens next as far as finding this person and pursuing an investigation.

MRS. RONDEAU: So an FBI agent needs to go out and interview you.

LCDR FITZPATRICK: Yes.  This person was incarcerated in the Monroe County jail and he was released; the sheriff released him.  And while he was incarcerated, he made quite a stir here; he was telling others around him, bragging about the fact that he was one of two shooters.

MRS. RONDEAU: I see.  And you don’t have any reason to believe that the guy was drunk and just saying it or anything like that?

LCDR FITZPATRICK: Oh, no, oh, no, oh, no, no.   I’m very clear about this, and it’s a really big deal, and as I say, I can’t say more on the phone without, you know…  There needs to be a scheduled response to this, and when they arrive, I’ll look up another federal agent who needs to be involved, and we’ll go from there.

MRS. RONDEAU: OK.  I have the number of somebody I can call tonight, and I also have his email.  So I’ll get this to him right away.

LCDR FITZPATRICK: OK, and you can put this up as a breaking story at The Post & Email.  There is a suspect; he was bragging back in July; the sheriff released him…So I’ll leave it at that.

MRS. RONDEAU: You probably can’t say why the sheriff released him.  You probably wouldn’t even know…?

LCDR FITZPATRICK: The report that I’ve received said “for lack of evidence.”  I don’t believe that myself, but that’s what I’ve been told.

MRS. RONDEAU: Nevertheless, this is something you have to report.


MRS. RONDEAU: It has to do with a homicide.

LCDR FITZPATRICK: Yes, Jim Miller.  So I’ll go from there. When those guys show up, we have that aspect that this is huge.  It’s a very big deal, and it’s your catch.

MRS. RONDEAU: OK.  I’m going to get the story out, and I’m going to call this guy at the FBI right away.


Editor’s Note: Local news coverage last July stated that a Monroe County Sheriff’s Department captain had been suspended briefly and then cleared in the death of Mr. Miller.

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    That is incorrect. If that were correct, there would be a deadlock since the courts would point to Congress (since the Constitution says it’s up to Congress to remove the president from office) and Congress would say “we can’t impeach if Obama/Soetoro was not legally elected).

    But there is no deadlock for a simple reason:
    Impeachment is the proper procedure to remove someone from the office of president. For that it does not matter whether he attained that office legitimately or not (e.g. by fraud or not being eligible in the first place).
    Impeachment would not “imply”, let alone “acknowledge” that Obama/Soetoro is lawfully president since Congress simply does not have the power to “acknowledge” someone against the clear wording of Article II of the Constitution.
    So impeachment would neither legally nor logically imply an “ex post” legitimation of an usurpation of office.

    Also, impeachment is not a “slap on the wrist”. I kindly point you to the Wikipedia article of people who were impeached in the sense of “removed from office” in the last century. It’s a long list.

  2. Bob Corker is having a town hall meeting on Nov 10 in Bristol TN.

    We would like to invite you to Senator Corker’s town hall meeting on Wednesday, November 10 at 12:45 p.m. ET. The event will take place at Bristol Regional Medical Center’s Monarch Auditorium, located at 1 Medical Park Blvd., Bristol, TN 37620. Doors will open at 11:30 a.m. ET. Hope to see you there!

  3. I think someone needs to investigate everyone connected to Monroe County Courthouse including the jail, police force etc… I also think it would be wise idea to go back & look at all the people who have been in or spent time in the jails to see who was mistreated or who had suffered at the hands of those responsible… I’d check all record including medical records… whoever does the investigation should also talk to those that were held there… this is ridiculous & needs to be addressed ASAP… where is the justice?

    Also, where is the media or news stations? Sounds like a national story to me!! Lastly, why isn’t any agency already involved in all these allegations of corruption?


  4. Is there any proof that the Republican Elections Commissioner was working with Walt to expose the corruption in Monroe County? If the murder of the Elections Commissioner was connected to Monroe County Corruption that would be something that should interest the National Press.

    I disagree with the suggestion that Walt should have his case removed to Federal Court unless it is the Federal Court in Nashville. Walt has been demonized in the local press from Chattanooga to Knoxville. It is doubtful that he can get a fair trial in any court in that area of the State. What Walt needs is a Motion for Change of Venue far away from Monroe County.

    I urge all to contact Republican Senators Alexander and Corker and the National Press regarding the murder of the Republican Elections Commissioner.

    Contact info: http://citizenwells.wordpress.com/category/nashville

  5. Sharon,
    Just talked to Pat Wilson At MCSD after a couple of calls and being on hold for quite a while. He stated that they did receive the envelope and put the $50 on Walter’s commissary. He acknowledged it was $50 before I said the amount. He did not say when this happened, though. When you talk to Walter ask him if it’s on his books. AND if he has received the Writ and my letter. Gotta go to work, so I’ll check in with you this evening.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: OK, thank you.

      1. I was told by Desiree @MCSD at 1:20 am EST that Walter is still there, did attend court today, is not eligible for bond and will remain there until his next court date which is 1/18/11. Bloody hell.
        Mrs. Rondeau replies: So the December 1 hearing was put off for some reason. Walter and I were not able to speak yesterday, but I do expect to hear from him today.

  6. If the goal is to get this into a Federal Court, then one only need to present a Consitutional Question, which it seems the LCDR could easily do. Anyway, Petition for Warrant of Removal to the Federal Court. I did this and not only did the state Court quickly setup a hearing for it, which I didn’t request, the prosecutor fell over himself trying to get this dismissed.

    Now I’m struggling to get felony charges filed for Criminal Confinement, Perjury, Unlawful Arrest, etc…, but the case against me went away fast. No area of corruption wants to lose control of the case and right now, I hold a federal civil case for Neglect of Duty against the State. We’ll see how that goes.

    1. Darren Huff is being prosecuted in Federal Court in Knoxville on False Charges isn’t he? From what I have read, there is no legal basis for Mr. Huff to be prosecuted in Federal Court in Knoxville, so how would it benefit Walt to have his case removed to Federal Court in Knoxville where his co-defendant is being wrongfully prosecuted?

  7. Patience is a virtue for a reason. It is tempting to speculate what the connections are but that would spoil the facts as they shape this entire event into a picture. If only there were a fly on the wall of Biven’s office that could talk.

  8. Hello Mrs. Rondeau,

    I just contributed an additional $200 to The Post & Email general fund to help defray the outrageous costs of phone call racket being perpetrated by the betrayers of justice in Monroe County. I strongly encourage others to donate whatever their budgets may allow.

    Here is an interesting website populated largely by very knowledgeable military law types who are nevertheless mostly dedicated Obama supporters: http://court-martial-ucmj.com/weird-news/oddity/

    These American Marxists unwittingly provide a foil that proves very useful for honing the correct and detailed logic of one’s beliefs in the rule of law, the Constitution and the traditional American way. As fine as The Post & Email is, one can become mentally soft hanging out only with ones fellow believers and many of the regulars on this leftist website are quite willing to engage in legitimate debate with very little of the usual ad hominems and other grade school tactics typical of places like the Daily Kos.

    Being an engineer type, I can’t help but being fascinated by trying to understand what could ever make some of these otherwise reasonable seeming people hold such opposing views to my own (although if I never find out, I would be more than satisfied to see that they completely lose out to the beliefs and basic goodness of mainstream, fly-over America).
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Thank you so much, thinkwell. I know a donation of any amount is a tremendous sacrifice in these tough times. The NCIC, the long-distance service used by the jails, whacked me for $50 yesterday because of the two calls. But they have to be made, especially if Walt has found evidence regarding a murder. And of course, we have to report on the conditions inside the jail and the outrageous Monroe County outlawry which put Walt there in the first place.