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by Sharon Rondeau

Walter Fitzpatrick has named Sheriff Bill Bivens "the most corrupt sheriff in the United States" based on evidence he has seen both before and during his incarceration in the Monroe County detention facility

(Nov. 7, 2010) — A phone call from LCDR Walter Fitzpatrick today at 9:15 a.m. yielded the following:

I’m going to give you the names of the people who were on the grand jury in September of 2010.  There are 14 people, and the names were a little scrawled.  We’ll go through this one by one.

The first name is Gary Pettway; you know about him.

The second name is Jeremy Hames.

Next name:  Sabrina English.

Then Julia Pearson.

Next name, and we’re not sure about this one:  Missy Jeaievr or Javier.  We want to check this one for legal residence.

The next name is Shirley Trentham.

The next name is Al Headman.

The next name is Frank McKenzie.

The next name was a very difficult one to make out.  It’s either Danny or Larry, and the last name starts with an “A.”  It looks like Anlla, but we’re not sure of the last name.

The next one is Mark Vias.

The next name is either Joe, and we think it’s Josh, Long.

The next name is Bruce Lewis.

The next name is Drin S. Rutledge.

And then #14 is Angela Davis.  You know about her.

Now I’ve got another one here, and this is the last name:  Roddy or Rotty, and I’m trying to remember where that’s spelled out in the list of names.  Roddy or Rotty could be part of the names that I’ve just given you here.  There are 14 people on the grand jury that sat on the 2nd of September of this year.

Now there is also a buzz around here about Judge Amy Reedy.  I’m not sure what to make of it, but there’s a buzz that what she has done here…if you Google her name and go to the Advocate & Democrat in Athens, TN, she’s been involved in judicial misconduct.  And Amy Reedy, of course, is the woman who assigned Angela Davis to my grand jury back in June.  So you might see something coming up or if you’re interacting with people in the community, ask them what they’ve heard about what’s going on with Judge Amy Reedy.  From what we hear, the bondsmen were buzzing about this woman last night, so we’re not sure what’s going on there.

Editor’s Note: In response to Fitzpatrick’s request, The Post & Email found this article dated January 21, 2010 regarding a compromised grand jury and Judge Amy Reedy.

Now again, pressure needs to be continuing to be brought upon the sheriff here.  Sheriff Bill Bivens needs to be held up as the most corrupt sheriff in the country.  You just hear more and more and more about him, and that will all come out.

Steve Pidgeon has a list of names of some other juries from last year that he picked up that we can use to compare these names.  He made the comment about this being the most corrupt grand jury he’s ever seen, so I think that he wants to be part of correcting what’s wrong here.

So we’ll compare these names and take a look at their background and see if they’re eligible to be on the grand jury at all.

The Post & Email said, “If Steve Pidgeon’s list from last year has some of these same names or all of the same names, then it’s obvious that…”

If we find one more beyond Angela Davis, then the game’s up.  That’s all we need.  Not that we need any more; we’ve got enough, but that would just make the point.  That would be huge.

The Post & Email responded, “People want you to know that they’re very concerned about you, the other inmates and everything that’s going on.  They’re outraged that a retired Naval commander would be arrested and treated this way when all you did, almost by accident, was expose corruption, and now the corruption has been turned on you.”

This all began with a citizen’s arrest which is legal in the state of Tennessee.  And I want to make this point again:  Judge Blackwood wants the 1 December court date, and I know why he wants that date.  He wants this to be over in the first week of December so that they can go ahead and pick their grand jury for 2011 and do it without any worry about the issue of the grand jury foreman being Gary Pettway for another two years.

The evidence locker thing is huge because that taints cases that go back for a long time.  That’s big.  And then the investigation of Amy Reedy and her criminal conduct will ultimately be huge.  The house of cards is falling from underneath it; the foundation is failing.  So I feel this is all good news.

This is like a POW camp here.  They had a guard in here this morning who took down a list of grievances because they’ve been throwing the grievances away, just trashing them.  They kept this place like a meat-locker.  One of the guards who asked not to be named, a really good guy, sat down here for an hour alone, by himself, with a group from Cell #1 and took a lot of notes and the complaints out of here.  We’ll see how this goes. So I believe that the pressure is having some effect.

I also heard that Mr. David Jacobs, who was rushed to the hospital last week, is in tough shape.  He’s in the ICU.  He was urinating blood for three weeks and they wouldn’t let him get medical treatment at all.

The Post & Email said, “That has been reported to the FBI already.”

Also, Mr. Mark Bradley is insisting that I tell you that they refused to give Mr. Jacobs his medicine while he was here.

The Post & Email said, “The man who called here yesterday said that they don’t give you enough to eat.”

Well, we’re making do.  It’s like a POW camp for these guys.  It just is.  We just have to deal with it.  But you can profile Bill Bivens as “the most corrupt sheriff in the United States.”  You never see him; he’s never in here.  He never comes back.  This whole sheriff’s department is nothing but corruption.  It’s nothing but a goon squad.  They do the judges’ dirty work.  And Bivens…he’s got nothing but dirt.  You start looking at him and he goes away quick.  There’s nothing but corruption here, the “good old boys'” network, but Bivens is the most corrupt sheriff in the United States or pretty gosh-darn close to it.  We know enough about him to be able to hang that label around his neck.


Editor’s Note: Corruption within the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department was reported earlier this year by the Knoxville News Sentinel.

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  1. This is outrageous! Anyone who would steal from a common fund, dedicated to make the lives of people living in confined quarters better should be strung up! Enough is enough!

    1. Sharon,
      Next time you talk with Walter let him know I sent $50 along with the writ of habeas corpus form and a letter from me. I know it arrived there last Wednesday.
      I just sent these newest articles to Joe Miller,( he’s dealing with the Murkowski write in mess up here in Alaska ) and lives right here in Fairbanks. I told him after he reads about this to get a hold of Sarah Palin. I’ll keep up the pressure on this end.
      Mrs. Rondeau replies: OK, thank you, I will tell him. I didn’t realize it had already arrived.