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by Miki Booth

The Obamas must have only the best by staying in the five-star Taj Mahal Hotel in Mumbai, India

(Nov. 5, 2010) — Unless the Joint Chiefs of Staff step in and halt this trip, Obama and the shadow government have won the battle for America’s soul. The silent majority through the TEA Party movement let their voice be heard on election day but they did not raise their voices loudly enough to protest the voter fraud that ran rampant in 2008 and again on Tuesday. And they didn’t raise their voices publicly that the referendum was not just on Obama’s policies but on Obama himself. Does anyone really think Obama still doesn’t “get it?”

While everyone is so focused on the question of whether or not he “gets it,” his entourage is packing their bags to leave on a trip to show the world that Obama won the 2010 election and he is now king of America and soon to be the leader of the nation of Islam. Louis Farrakhan was right; their messiah has arrived and Bill Ayers’s plan to destroy America from within has played out.

If, indeed, the warships are the 7th fleet, then pulling them out of the waters off Japan and North Korea to guard Obama’s traveling White House will leave our country vulnerable in more ways than ten. For all of us who know that Obama has perfected the coup d’etat, we know this is a logical step in his plan: $600 billion in worthless paper dumped on our ravaged economy is the coup d’etat to our personal finances. The planned ten-day trip at $200 million per day adds another billion to our debt. We have nowhere to go but down. Prices will go up, not incrementally but exorbitantly. Those who can will empty the food stores and those who can’t will break out in anarchy because they never understood that socialism is great until you run out of other people’s money.

Obama has never been secretive about his intentions, and now I say, “Shame on all of you who continued drinking the Kool-Aid,” because now you’re left on a sinking island as your leader sails away with America’s riches, guarded by military sell-outs forever faithful to their faux Commander-in-Chief. Obama takes with him the “football” that goes everywhere the  president goes – the briefcase with the nuclear codes.

So what’s the good news? There’s still ammo at Wal-Mart.

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  1. http://blogs.abcnews.com/politicalpunch/2010/11/odd-little-moment-at-the-ceo-meeting.html

    Odd Little Moment at the CEO Meeting
    November 07, 2010 9:10 AM

    There was an odd little moment with Spice Jet founder Bhupendra Kansagra when …Obama spoke to CEOs Saturday in Mumbai.

    MR. KANSAGRA: Thank you. Welcome, Mr. President, to India. As a fellow Kenyan, I’m very proud to see that you have made —

    THE PRESIDENT: Made something of myself. (Laughter.)

    MR. KANSAGRA: — India as the focus of your drive for exports out of the U.S.

    Obviously the president is not a Kenyan. One supposes Mr. Kansagra meant “of Kenyan ancestry” or something.

    – Jake Tapper

  2. OT: Have y’all seen this over at Mario Apuzzo’s blog site? This is huge. (I miss the days when discoveries like this made the front page of newspapers and leading nightly news stories on tv, or at least I believed that they did.)

    “We have obtained a copy of the talking points memorandum put out by a lawyer for the Congressional Research Service to the Members of Congress back in April 2009 as to what to tell their constituents when they write to the Members of Congress and ask questions about Obama’s eligibility. Now we know why all the answers coming back to constituents sounded like they were written by the same person and were full of the same obfuscations, omitted facts from history, and half truths & non-truths. ”

    The rest is here: http://puzo1.blogspot.com/2010/11/members-of-congress-memo-what-to-tell.html

  3. Miki is awesome… great article..loved it! Why I’m just here to clap and remind every Republican they should be outraged over not being able to vote for a qualified candidate in McCain either. If we had a few more outraged elephants in the House and U.S. Senate, Obama wouldn’t be sailing any more.
    Link on McCain’s Birth Certificates.., long and short, and let’s hope it brings down the U.S. House on Obama’s Eligibility.

    Sometimes I just dont understand why R’s haven’t ‘got it’, if they would simply ‘fire’ their own candidate in McCain, Obama is history!

  4. Charley T,

    “…appears almost identical…” debunks your entire post. But there’s more.

    Assuming Obama’s “Certification of Live Birth” is not a fake and the information on it is true, it is in fact prima-facie evidence that Obama is ineligible to serve as POTUS because the person listed thereon as Obama’s father was never a U.S. Citizen of any type. But there’s more.

    The Department of Hawaii Home Lands (“DHHL”) would not accept a Hawaii “Certification of Live Birth” (“COLB”) as prima-facie evidence of being born in Hawaii — at least not until mid-July 2009 when DHHL changed it’s criteria such that it would accept a Hawaii COLB along with additional family documentation. Convienient eh? But there’s more.

    Unlike it had for Gore in 2000 and Kerry in 2004, Hawaii did not include the phrase “according to the U.S. Constitution” on the “Certificate of Eligibility” it sent to the DNC. In not doing so, Hawaii effectively certified that Obama was not eligilble to serve as President according to the U.S. Constitution.

    But that’s OK.

    You just keep drinking that Obama-Aid.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Charley T won’t be voicing his opinions here any more.

  5. Hussein 1st., Caliph of America, not king of America –
    And may Allah give him more power to break the neck of those infidels!

  6. Charlie,
    What do you want from me? I don’t have to do what I do. Why do you want to make me feel bad saying I lie. Pollard a fraud? Why tear us down? Obama is the fraud and liar. Take your rotten tomatoes and go home.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Don’t worry, Miki; Charley T proved himself an Obot and won’t be posting here anymore. If he tries to get through, I’m going to post all of his IP addresses in full.

  7. Hi Bob 1943!
    Alan filled out a form on-line for a “replacement”copy and got the short form. On the right lower side it has Fred and my place of birth – I guess that establishes nationality. BO/BO’s doesn’t have that info. Other than that the title is different and hospital, birth info is not shown. I know, it’s very convoluted. By design, I’m sure.

    1. Thanks Miki,

      If Alan reapplied for a copy, and sent them a note saying he wanted a copy of the long-form birth certificate……would they sent it to him?. If necessary he could say he had been asked for the long form…though he should only have to ask to get a copy of his long form birth certificate. Are they going to tell him he cannot have a copy of his own original birth certificate?

      I would like to know what Hawaii’s response to that request would be.

  8. i’m having a problem with this, tim adams, the hawaii election chief says no bc exists for soetero and he could not have been born there, signed an affadavit. why is he not mentioned anywhere anymore? look, my research in 06′ clearly points out he’s an illegal alien, grandma was responsible for ALL his documentation. i dont want to write a book here, so how bout you miki, and sharon, love you sharon, keep the pressure on the retired generals here so they can keep the pressure on active duty officers to heed their oaths. though obviously he’s supported by the cia and others, the retired need to keep calling out the active.

  9. Who’s Who at Obama’s Mumbai Profitpalooza
    By Eric Bellman
    The Wall Street Journal

    “Representatives from around 250 U.S. companies are part of Mr. Obama’s extended entourage during his visit to India which starts Saturday. Much of his first day here will be focused on America’s business bonds with India.

    The corporate chiefs will attend the U.S.-India Business Council’s Business and Entrepreneurship Summit at the Oberoi Hotel in South Mumbai that Mr. Obama will also attend.”

    FACTBOX – Corporate America’s wish-list for Obama’s India trip

    REUTERS – Corporate America will turn up in force for U.S. President Barack Obama’s first visit to India, with more than 200 companies expected to attend a conference in Mumbai that will be headlined by the president.

    The U.S.-India Business Council will be the host for the Nov. 6 event and says the U.S. corporate presence will mark “the largest business delegation to leave U.S. shores in history.”

    It has high hopes Obama’s visit and his speech to business leaders will spur trade between the United States and this potentially lucrative Indian market of 1.2 billion people.

    1. Notice that Immelt is in India, representing GE, who stands to profit greatly from deals with India. Then, go back and read this expose at examiner.com.

      Obamagate – The tangled web of Obama, GE, Immelt, Cap & Trade, GE Healthcare and Daschle part I

      Obamagate – The tangled web of Obama, GE, Immelt, Cap & Trade, GE Healthcare and Daschle part II

      1. Here are parts III and IV.

        Obamagate – The tangled web of Obama, GE, Immelt, Cap & Trade, GE Healthcare and Daschle part III

        Obamagate part IV -The ’3 Congressional stooges’ of Healthymagination – Daschle, Gingrich and Frist

  10. Hawaiian Revised Statute 338-13 states that there are three forms of issue.
    An image copy of the original record held on file, a copy of all the contents of the record or a copy of part of the contents.
    It seems that if one were to make it clear what form of issue they require, then HDoH should comply with the statute and produce any of the three the applicant specifies.
    You will notice that a COLB is a ‘part thereof’ and excluded from being ‘considered for all purposes the same as the original’.
    Only a ‘copy of the contents’ (which must mean ALL the contents, because of the mention of ‘part thereof’) is considered the ‘same as the original’.

    §338-13 Certified copies. (a) Subject to the requirements of sections 338-16, 338-17, and 338-18, the department of health shall, upon request, furnish to any applicant a certified copy of any certificate, or the contents of any certificate, or any part thereof.

    (b) Copies of the contents of any certificate on file in the department, certified by the department shall be considered for all purposes the same as the original, subject to the requirements of sections 338-16, 338-17, and 338-18.

    (c) Copies may be made by photography, dry copy reproduction, typing, computer printout or other process approved by the director of health. [L 1949, c 327, §17; RL 1955, §57-16; am L Sp 1959 2d, c 1, §19; HRS §338-13; am L 1978, c 49, §1]

  11. I don’t know exactly how it will fit into the political equation but I don’t think it can be in any way good that Obama’s closest political ally in Hawai’i, Neil Abercrombie becomes the Governor of Hawai’i on December 6th and there will be new, Democrat officials in charge of the Department of Health and the state Attorney General’s office.
    I think extreme pressure needs to be put on the lame duck Republican administration of Governor Linda Lingle.

  12. Could the following be true? Could The Wonce be doing his UN work on our time and saddling US taxpayers with travel, security and military presence expenses?

    The Interpol Red Warrent Game
    Posted on October 8, 2010 by The Editors

    The BBC report the Interpol Red Corner Notice were issued against Illyas Kashmiri, Major Sameer Ali, Major Iqbal, Abdur Rehman Hashim alias “Pasha” and Sajid Majid alias Sajid Mir.

    All this is drama being prepared for Obama’s visit in “Early November”. that trip has been billed the “Kashmir trip” where Obama will pull out all the stops and try to resolve Kashmir. He is expected to offer Delhi the permanent seat on the UNSC if Bharat solves Kashmir.

    The rest here: http://rupeenews.com/2010/10/08/the-interpol-red-warrent-game/


    How bad do you want to see Hawaii twist in the wind over the alleged birth certificate issue that Sharon spent a huge amount of time working on? Hawaii has repeatedly violated their own rules and laws regarding access to records, and apparently believes that no one has enough money and nerve to take them to the mat. They cannot defend their actions in court. Now is the time to put the heat on them. If any of you really cares, agree to match my commitment to send Sharon $200 to file a suit over this issue. Remember even the legal oversight department attorney sent the Elections Office a letter regarding their time limits to produce documents. Are we going to just read about someone else’s efforts, or get involved and contribute to the filing of a suit? Our freedoms are at stake!
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Yes, and then Linden Joesting, the OIP attorney, never answered my pointed letter about the corruption going on in covering up Obama’s lack of a long-form birth certificate. I guess my letter rendered her speechless! I am willing to file a lawsuit to get the Nomination Certificates if I can find a Hawaii attorney to do it.

  14. Sorry to be nit-picking, but:


    “The planned ten-day trip at $200 million per day adds another billion to our debt.”

    Isn’t the answer to that TWO billion?

    1. Both my husband and my son’s long form birth certificates have been posted all over the place. I ordered and received a replacement in April. What they sent is a short form CERTIFICATE OF LIVE BIRTH – Obama’s short form on the internet is a CERTIFICATION of LIVE BIRTH and this publication reported the results of a scientific comparison confirming, yet again, BO/BS’s piece of junk is a fraud.

      1. Hawaii slightly revised their form in 2008 to look like this http://img697.imageshack.us/img697/4783/newhawaiicolb.jpg Other than changing “Certification” to “Certificate” it appears almost identical to the one Obama posted. Is that why you didn’t want to post a copy? I assume that you are relying the exposed fraud Ron Polland, aka Polarik, as your source for a scientific analysis of the COLB? He has no credentials as a document expert and his analysis has been thoroughly debunked by a real document expert. But that is OK. Why not keep telling a good lie when it is a really good one? Right, Miki? Just like the $200 million day day lie you are telling in this very article.

      2. Miki,

        When you ordered in April did you ask for a “long-form” birth certificate, or maybe “a copy of the original on-file birth certificate”? Do we know for sure whether or not they will send out a copy of the original? The short form, whether it’s a certificate or a certification, is not satisfactory if there exist a long form birth certificate, and Hawaii is on record as having said they have not destroyed any birth certificates. What information is on the short form you received? Does it contain, like Barry’s, no hospital name, no doctors name, and virtually no traceable or verifiable information of any kind….and no signatures?

        Thank you…….

      3. Hi Miki,
        Are you saying that the short form CERTIFICATE OF LIVE BIRTH that HIDoH sent to you in April does NOT use the same format as Obama’s “internet” CERTIFICATION OF LIVE BIRTH ? There is some question about whether in about 2003 HIDoH might have switched Standard format from printing, “DATE ACCEPTED BY STATE REGISTRAR”, to a less definite “DATE FILED WITH REGISTRAR”. ????

        There is considerable confusion about why some COLBs show “Date Filed”, and others show “Date Accepted”.

        Mr. John Charlton did an excellent Article on this topic, at the following P&E hyperlink:


        Yes, he used my exchange of emails with HIDoH as the basis for his conclusions.

        I would very much appreciate your response; as to the format which you may have received ? Also, would appreciate a “link” to the Article “confirming Obama’s COLB is a Fraud”?


    2. Actually Charley T., this what we were saying all along “where is the long form birth certificate?”
      Funny to hear that from an Obot.