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by Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III

There is no smoking in the Monroe County detention facility, "a decision that is very important to the health and safety of those incarcerated," but there is also no heat.

(Nov. 5, 2010) —There’s quite a report about the conditions here, but I’m going to wait until I leave to release it.  It’s really bad.  The jailers in here are moving people around, they’re doing things as if they expect some kind of an inspection, so the reports that are going out to The Post & Email are taking an effect.  But this place is a mess.  It’s not a fit place to survive…it’s just outrageous.

There’s a Mr. Daniel Bragg who has been waiting on a habeas corpus petition for two weeks.  It’s been buried; nothing has been done, and it’s just being ignored.  Two other gentlemen, Mr. Chris Hooper and Mr. Jeff Shewsbury, went to the day room two weeks ago and they were brought some law books to use to try to prepare for their own defense.   They asked for copies from the books, and they were told two weeks ago that the copies were made and that they would be delivered to them.  But it’s been more than two weeks.  These documents go to their court cases, and the men can’t get them.  So that’s going on.

I have numbness in both of my hands which I’m sure is from nerve damage from the handcuffs.  It’s most severe in my left hand and thumb.  It’s hard to figure out where it starts.  Sometimes numbness like that wears off, but it hasn’t after ten days.  It started right after they took the handcuffs off, which were on for about an hour to an hour and a half.  I’ll see a doctor when I get out of here; that needs to happen for sure.  It’s not going to happen here.

Mr. David Jacobs was moved from the facility last night because he wasn’t being properly medicated here.  Another man came in, so we’re back to 35.  We still have 11 men on the floor.  The conditions are the same.  It’s cold as all get-out because there’s no heat, and we keep telling the jailers, “It’s too damn cold,” and they just don’t listen.  You tell them about the documents in regard to Chris Hooper and Jeff Shewsbury and Daniel Bragg, waiting for documents to come back, and they don’t care.

Again, the pressure has to be unrelenting.  This place is the example of corruption in small government.  This is where it begins.  Everyplace you look, there’s a problem.  Everywhere you look, there’s corruption, and it’s all on the part of the government.  It’s just absolutely breathtaking.

The judges here are dictators.  When I get out, I’ll be able to speak more freely about what’s going here, but they do this openly, as if there’s nothing that’s going to stop them.  They’ve been doing it for years and years, and in their minds, they’re immune; they’re bullet-proof.  They think they’ll never be stopped by the FBI or any outside interference.

Keep the pressure on this community and this facility in particular, because this is nothing but an outrage.  The corruption is off the scale.  A dictatorship is happening right here in our own country, and no one can touch the judges.  They can do anything they want to you, and Blackwood can keep me in here while he thinks I’m preparing my own case.   They know exactly what they’re doing.

This all began with an attempt to conduct an actual citizen’s arrest.  This is how a citizen is treated when he tries to effect a citizen’s arrest.   What do you think the next person is going to do when he thinks about exposing corruption?  This is dictatorship written in large, large, large letters.

This place needs to be demolished and built from the ground up, a brand-new facility.  This place has been here since Moby Dick was a minnow.  It’s just an outrage.  The corruption in this county is just massive.

This is a national and international story.  This place is the model of corruption in this country.  People need to look at Monroe County to see how a government just takes over and what happens in a community when the government runs everything.  Everything here is government, government, government.  This is the government run wild at the local level.  We now have the opportunity to expose this kind of corruption at this level and as it exists throughout the nation.

Because the people here don’t have a grand jury, they’re afraid of bringing these things up on their own because you know what happens when you do that?  It’s what’s happened to me.

If we got an attorney here, pro bono, a team of attorneys who could come here and listen to the stories…this county needs to be leveled.  It needs to be wire-brushed.

On top of everything else, we need to get somebody to think about covering this on the radio or in a newspaper.  It needs to get national attention.  This place needs to be talked about, if we can do that.

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  1. Seeing as how Walt’s first charge was against Obama I do nor look for FBI to do anything other than help Monroe County officials railroad him.
    Until we get the citizens in Monroe county to stand up to these thugs I see no way out.
    Citizens outside Monroe county cannot do much.

    1. I’ve been thinking the same thing, Kenneth. I’ve been ‘trolling’ some of the local FB pages, and you can tell those people are scared. They either don’t say anything at all, or they try to argue with me- calling me a ‘kook like Walt’, etc.

      I’m guessing a lot of them are brain-washed by what their local media is telling them. I have tried to encourage the ones I have engaged to do additional research on their own (even attaching links to write-ups here on the P&E), but they still argue with me.

      While I wish they would get involved and stand up to the crooks who call themselves ‘Sheriff’, I feel like us ‘outsiders’ are gonna have to handle this one.

  2. There are many that can verify what Walter has said. It’s coming to the point where some people are not wanting to talk about this matter. People’s lives are being threatened just for trying to pursue this issue in Monroe County. Ironically….Walter had to be brought to court in a bullet-proof vest after a threat. The same men who arrested him and possibly injured him are the ones handling him in court. Doesn’t make no sense to me. There are many things I can say about all this……..but Walter has pretty much covered it all. I just hope the corruption is kicked up and someone is brought to justice. I think Monroe County needs to quit fining poor people on fixed incomes outrageous fines for minor charges. Some of these people are on fixed incomes and cannot afford. They also claim that you can’t even do community service to get some of your fines reduced. I’ve never seen a court system like this!
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Anyone with any first-hand knowledge is urged to contact me at editor@thepostemail.com. Your identity will not be asked nor revealed if provided. Even better would be to call the FBI in Knoxville, TN and state that you are a witness. That will help the corruption to be blown wide open.

  3. Sharon, feel free to post and/or share all the media contact lists I sent you too. Also, if you found all the contact info helpful which is posted on the bottom of my page at http://www.stamppeeve.com under the link “Presidential Eligibility”, please feel free to copy anything you want at that site to use however you wish.

  4. Sharon,

    Walt’s reports are very familiar to me. The nerves were damaged in my hands also from being cuffed painfully tight. Below are links to my reports from the Nashville Jail during my false imprisonment. I urge Walt not to hold back any information about the conditions in the Monroe County Jail. I didn’t hold anything back and I got released and my charges were dropped. If Walt holds back, he may not be as fortunate as I was. This information must be reported to the National Press immediately. I trust you got the comprehensive email lists that I sent to you today.

    Regardless of guilt or innocence all these men deserve due process and fair trials and that is obviously being denied by Monroe County officials.

    Excerpted Notes From Leo’s Jail Letters

    Sept 28-29, 2009

    Admittedly I am in a minimum security cell block, but I only see a handful of the 50+ who deserve to be in Prison. Far too many are falsely accused and many other simply have mental problems that make it impossible for them to navigate the Helter-Skelter… “judicial” system. (Report Continued at links below:)




      1. Brenda,

        Not on Facebook but my Daughter is I will see if she can post the email lists or perhaps Sharon could forward the lists to you.
        Mrs. Rondeau replies: Yes, please send an email to editor@thepostemail.com, and I will forward them to you.