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by Sharon Rondeau

The Monroe County Sheriff is Bill Bivens

(Oct. 30, 2010) — The Post & Email spoke with Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III shortly after 8:00 p.m. last evening from the Monroe County jail, at which time he reported the following:

I have spoken with some of the deputy sheriffs here, and they know what’s going on and can’t say anything.  The situation is terrible, out of control.  There are innocent men who have been locked up.  They’re rigging the juries, and the people here know it.  It’s the model of a dictatorship, an extortion racket.

We asked Mr. Fitzpatrick if he had seen a physician for his injuries sustained on Wednesday during his arrest.  His answer was, “No, that’s not going to happen until I get out of here.”

However, Fitzpatrick reported that two “special” FBI agents visited him at the jail on Friday.

Fitzpatrick’s closing comments were, “This is a gulag.  It’s outrageous.  Tell everyone to keep up the pressure.  What’s happening in Monroe County is an example of everything that’s wrong in our local communities.”

On the Monroe County Sheriff’s website, Sheriff Bill Bivens is pictured and quoted:

Welcome to the Monroe County Sheriff Department website.  Monroe County is home to some of the most beautiful views in the country and some of the finest people in the world.

The men and women employed with the Sheriffs Department are committed to serve and protect through cooperative efforts between the city police departments, the Sheriff Department, and the citizens to make Monroe County the perfect place to live.

My door will always be open to you and the people of Monroe County for suggestions, questions, concerns, or ideas.

Again thank you for visiting our site and please feel free to contact us if we can be of service.

Sincerely yours,
Sheriff Bill Bivens

The phone number for the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department is 1-423-442-3911.

Other contacts:

TN Governor Phil Bredeson: Phone: 615.741.2001  Fax: 615.532.9711

TN FBI Phone: (865) 544-0751 – Fax: (865) 544-3590

TN Supreme court (615) 741-2687 – (800) 448-7970

Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI)  (615) 744-4000

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  1. The FBI generally calls its agents “Special Agents”. The FBI descended from a dozen Secret Service agents on special assignment to the Department of Justice.

    FBI agents are *not* on Fitzpatrick’s side. They report up to the Director of the FBI, who reports to the Deputy Attorney General, who reports to the Attorney General, who reports to the President. They may not all be o-bots, but they’re big on chain-of-command.

    Fitzpatrick cannot help himself by talking to the FBI, nor the police, nor the P&E. They might be listening in to his calls; they might have a warrant allowing them to do so and to lie and say they are not. He can safely talk to his wife about family matters, his doctor about medical matters, his clergy about spiritual matters, and his defense counsel about these legal matters. If he steps outside that, anything he says can and will be used against him in a court of law.

    Lt. CmDr. Fitzpatrick needs legal counsel. Even if his arguments are entirely right, he can lose — and be denied appeal — for not knowing the precise form in which to present them. Stephen Pidgeon was, for a time, Walt’s attorney. Pidgeon moved to dismiss the case on the basis that the grand jury was tainted; the Court denied that motion, but at least the Court recognized it. The motion and ruling are part of the record and thus subject to review on appeal.

    1. They don’t need a warrant to listen into phone calls at the jail.

      Mrs. Rondeau stated elsewhere that no attorney in Monroe County will take the case! I really think Leo Haffrey needs to step in here. If he needs gas money, maybe we can start a fund through Mrs. Rondeau’s Paypal?

  2. Man accused in grand jury case says no to lawyer

    Associated Press – November 1, 2010 3:05 PM ET

    MADISONVILLE, Tenn. (AP) – A military retiree charged with taking part in a riot at an East Tennessee courthouse and trying to make a citizen’s arrest has told a judge he does not need a defense attorney.

    Walter Fitzpatrick III said at a Monday hearing that he is qualified to represent himself at his Dec. 1 trial in Madisonville and does not need a public defender.

    Fitzpatrick remains in custody.

    He told special Circuit Judge Jon Blackwood of Knoxville that he has a master’s degree.

    Fitzpatrick was arrested after failing to attend an Oct. 22 hearing.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: This is completely false, as will soon be published.

  3. Did you all read the story at the Advocate and Democrat today? They said Walter ran away from the police like a sniveling coward. They said he struggled but didn’t put up much of a fight. They said they caught Walter like a common coward outside his home. This cannot be true. Sharon can you please call this reporter at the Advocate and Democrat and make him admit he is a paid Obot? This story cannot be true. I am very disheartened and confused to find that this is the official story now from Monroe County.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: I have tried contacting him. Members of the public should do so as well, the more, the better.

    1. There was an previous article that directly contradicts this in which his landlady was interviewed and she said that the police broke open his apartment door and arrested him inside his home.

  4. Did Pidgeon return the retainer fee that he got from Walt before Walt was arrested? Walt is entitled to a return of the fee.

    Another problem for Walt is that since he is in jail, he no longer has access to his bank accounts. He will need to give a power of attorney to someone he trusts to manage his finances.

    1. I sent Walter a Writ of Habeas Corpus form along with a $50 money order in his name. He should have received this today. I was told by MCSD that this would go to him. The petition fee is $5. I am wondering if he has acsess to a law library there. If so, there may be someone who can aid him with this procedure there.

  5. The calls are helping. My call to the TN Sheriff’s Association this morning resulted in my previous email being forwarded to their Board of Directors.
    Let’s all try to keep this up.

  6. Sharon,

    Thank you for staying on top on this story. P&E is the only site that I have found that is giving it the coverage that it deserves.

    Regardless of guilt or innocence, Fitzpatrick is being denied his constitutional rights to due process and a fair trial. That is the issue.

    He needs a local attorney representing him. Attorneys are allowed to visit clients at any time during business hours. He is at a terrible disadvantage with his attorney being in Washington. He needs to file a Writ of Habeas Corpus ASAP.

    As a practical note, Fitzpatrick will need to list all visitors before he is allowed visitation. Someone needs to advise him of the jail visitation list. Jail is a miserable place to be especially without contact with people on the outside who care about you.

    1. You are a Tennessee attorney. Why don’t you represent him? Have you tried to visit him yet? I bet they’d let you into the jail. Why don’t you just file the Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus for Walt and spring him? Seems like you are the obvious choice!

      1. I offered to represent Walt, but he chose Pidgeon.

        At this point, Walt needs a local attorney who can visit with him daily. I am 150 miles from Madisonville and I could not be in Madisonville to represent him on a daily basis. Of course, I would be willing to advise his local attorney.
        Mrs. Rondeau replies: Thank you, Mr. Haffey.

      2. I offered to represent Walt, but he chose Pidgeon.

        At this point Walt needs a local attorney who can visit with him on a daily basis. I am 150 miles from Madisonville and could not be there for Walt on a daily basis. Of course, I am willing to advise his local attorney. P&E has my email address.

    2. Mr. Haffey,

      Thanks for your Response! I know 150 miles is a 2 hour drive, but it seems that we can’t trust the locals in Sweetwater to help Walt. Walt obviously should have chosen you over Pidgeon in the first place! Does Walt really need a daily lawyer at this point? Looks like he just needs someone who is accomplished and brave, with a TN law license! You can step in and file a Writ of Habeas Corpus and at least get Walt out of the Gulag, right? He’s in daily danger there. Can a Patriot really let 150 miles get in the way of getting Walt to safety? We simply cannot trust the local folks! That Randy Rogers dude, Pidgeon’s local counsel, cut and run faster than Pidgeon did! We need you Leo! Walt needs you! Who better to understand what he’s going through than someone else who has been incarcerated! Please, please help!

      1. Thank you for your kind praise of my abilities. However, what Walt needs most is a local lawyer who can get affidavits from witnesses for Walt and discover all exculpatory evidence, i.e., he needs a local lawyer in Madisonville every day til Dec. 1.

        Regarding the Writ of Habeas Corpus, any of Walt’s friends in Madisonville can file the Writ for him and that needs to be done ASAP.

        For info on the Writ of Habeas Corpus and other strategies for getting Walt released:


  7. Apparently Stephen Pidgeon, who is based in Washington state, was not in Tennessee when the Commander was violently arrested. This turn of events, which was a surprise to the Commander, was likely even more unexpected and unknown by his attorney on the other side of the country. At best, he could be in Monroe county in one day. One day has passed and then some. Is he there with his client? It seems not, but no one seems to know for sure or whether he has been working the legal system behind the scenes. We simply do not know the facts on the ground at this point, but the complete silence from attorney Pidgeon makes something not seem right.

    Looking for more facts, I have searched Tennessee law for anything relevant to grand juries and the limitations to the term a citizen may serve on one. In the following sections from the law, I have left out subsections that did not seem relevant, but note that I am not an attorney. You may search the law yourself here: http://www.michie.com/tennessee

    16-2-510. Holding of court — Terms abolished — Grand juries. —

    (c) New grand juries shall be impaneled at least twice a year at times selected by the presiding judge of the district. The presiding judge within each district shall be responsible for designating the foreperson and for impaneling, charging and receiving the report of the grand jury, but may designate another judge to perform these responsibilities. In those districts in which there is a criminal court judge or judges, the criminal court judge or judges shall perform the duties pertaining to the grand jury assigned to the presiding judge by this subsection (c). [Acts 1984, ch. 931, § 10; 1993,
    ch. 66, § 16.]

    22-2-301. Automated selection of names for jury list. — [Effective in Certain Counties. See the Compiler’s Notes.]

    (a) The jury coordinator in each county shall select names of prospective jurors to serve in the courts of that county by random automated means, without opportunity for the intervention of any human agency to select a particular name and in a manner that causes no prejudice to any person. […]

    (b) The jury coordinator shall repeat this procedure as often as reasonably necessary, but in no event may a list be retained for more than two (2) years. Prior to repeating this procedure and compiling a new jury list, no person may add to or take from the existing list, except as provided in this part. [Acts 2008, ch. 1159, § 1.]

    22-2-314. Limitation on jury service. — [Effective in Certain Counties. See the Compiler’s Notes.]

    A juror who has completed a jury service term shall not be summoned to serve another jury service term in any court of this state for a period of twenty-four (24) months following the last day of such service; however, the county legislative body of any county, may, by majority vote, extend the twenty-four-month period. [Acts 2008, ch. 1159, § 1.]

    22-5-308. Impaneling juries — Additional jurors. — [Effective in Certain Counties. See the Compiler’s Notes.]

    (3) Neither the judge nor the sheriff shall place on such list the name of any person who seeks either directly or indirectly, personally or through another, to be summoned as a juror, and such solicitations shall operate to disqualify such person for jury service. [Acts 1959, ch. 8, § 8; T.C.A., § 22-233; T.C.A. § 22-2-308.]

    So, Tennessee law requires new grand juries to be impaneled twice a year, requires that jurors be selected at random from the general citizenry, bars jurors from serving consecutive terms (requires a two year break) and specifically disqualifies anyone who seeks to circumvent the random selection process.

    Yet in spite of these laws it seemed to this non-lawyer that the Tennessee Supreme Court had ruled against its own State law. But this comment is getting too close to the size limit so I will cite one such very clear case in my next post…
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Thank you, thinkwell, for this valuable research. I have been told by someone who spoke to Atty. Pidgeon directly that Pidgeon did know about the hearing. Why things turned out as they did is still a mystery. We are working on it.

    1. My prior message shows that Tennessee law definitely sets term limits on grand jurors, yet in spite of these laws there is precedent where the Tennessee Supreme Court has seemed to rule against its own State law.

      Nelson v. State, 499 SW 2d 956 – Tenn: Court of Criminal Appeals 1972

      Certiorari Denied by Supreme Court August 6, 1973.

      JOHN D. TEMPLETON, Special Judge.


      Thomas P. Nelson complained in his petition for post conviction relief that he was denied due process of law when convicted of two felonies in Sullivan County and sent to the penitentiary because the foreman of the grand jury that indicted him had been in office six or eight years. The petition argues that this makes the foreman a professional juryman and his actions in connection with the indictments void. The Judge dismissed the petition without an evidentiary hearing and petitioner appealed.

      We find no authority holding and can think of no valid reason why a grand jury foreman appointed for two years under T.C.A. 40-1506 is disqualified to serve longer either by reappointment or holding over.

      We affirm the judgment.

      RUSSELL and OLIVER, JJ., concur.


      How can this be? Apparently older Tennessee law had a special provision for a grand jury foreman as opposed to an ordinary juror. Rest to follow…

      1. It seems that older Tennessee law had a special provision for a grand jury foreman. This law is cited in the SCOTUS case of Rose v. Mitchell, 443 U.S. 545, 574 (1979) in the footnotes.

        A grand jury foreman is selected front the general population and appointed for a two-year term by the trial judge. Tennessee Code Annotated § 40-1506 (Supp. 1978). There is no limitation on reappointment. Id. The foreman serves as the “thirteenth” member of the grand jury. Id. at § 40-1501.

        A quote of the text of TCA § 40-1506 can be found here:


        § 40-1506 (Supp. 1978). The foreman or forewoman is appointed for a term of two years by the judge of the court having criminal jurisdiction in the county. Ibid. There is no limitation on reappointment. The foreman or forewoman must be at least 25 years of age, “shall be a good and lawful man or woman,” and possess all the other qualifications required of Tennessee jurors. § 40-1507 (Supp. 1978). See § 22-101 (Supp. 1978).

        Because the foreman may be reappointed indefinitely, he or she is subject to corruption and cronyism, but they are only one person in the entire grand jury, so the effect is dilute. However, if I read the law right, the foreman is always one out of three jurors who initially review a complaint brought to them by a citizen (the other two jurors are to be selected by the citizen bringing the complaint). Corruption at this point may be very difficult to breach.

        What does all this mean? My guess is that Stephen Pidgeon was initially not familiar with Tennessee law, which is unusual with regard to their grand jury foreman process. No doubt, he soon came up to speed and advised Lt. Cmdr. Fitzpatrick that his own understanding of the law was flawed because he was incorrectly thinking that the law for simple jurors applied to the foreman as well. Yet according to the 1978 law it does not. But maybe the old law no longer applies – I was unable to find anything like it the 2010 code data base. So the jury is still out, so to speak.

        Even if the Commander is technically in the wrong (which he may be, at least partially), the violent force by which he was apprehended certainly seems excessive, thuggish and uncalled for.
        Mrs. Rondeau replies: This is interesting, because several people in Tennessee who have researched the laws on grand juries (Walt Fitzpatrick and Rocky Joe Houston, among them) have stated that the foreman is supposed to be just another member of the grand jury, selected by the jurors themselves. It is possible that that is wrong given this research. I wonder if a newer law changed something. However, in Monroe County, it has been found that a regular juror is definitely serving in violation of the 24-month restriction because she served last year and is serving again this year. The clerk and judge’s only defense is “Mr. Pidgeon failed to prove that it was the same person.” That is a clear violation of the statute if indeed it is the same person, and there is every reason to believe that it is.

  8. I agree that Stephen Pidgeon has some ‘splainin’ to do. He should have spoken by now. It seems he has washed his hands of Walter just as did Pontius Pilate wash his hands of our Lord and Savior. Walter’s torn and bloody ear is reminiscent of what would have been inflicted by a crown of thorns.

    I think we should all write and call Sarah Palin and ask her to go to Monroe County and hold a rally in front of the court house. She should have lots of free time after the election is over to help with this cause.

    1. That’s a great idea. JB Williams suggested bringing Glenn Beck to Madisonville on the Fan the Fire show Saturday night, and now Chestnut suggests Sarah Palin. What about asking BOTH? There aren’t even 5,000 people living in Madisonville. This could SWAMP the town and force them to treat LCDR Fitzpatrick properly.

      I know that Glenn and Sarah haven’t actively supported the ineligibility movement so far, but now there’s a real VICTIM of the Obama thugs (Orly Taitz had to pay $20,000 in sanctions so she’s also a victim, but her appeal in the Supreme Court will get her money back).

      LCDR Fitzpatrick has been rotting behind bars now for six days. There’s another 30 days to go until his trial starts, and HE DOESN’T EVEN HAVE A LAWYER.

      Surely Glenn and Sarah must stand up for a military veteran when he is being mistreated like this! Let’s make sure they BOTH get involved in this!

  9. I have gone onto the Monroe County Jail website and have sent a direct Email requesting an immediate update as to Walter Fitzpatrick’s medical and legal status. I will be contacting TN Governor Phil Bredeson continually until I receive a reply. Constant pressure is essential to keep these people accountable.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: I have never received a reply from the MCSD via email, though I’ve tried. Call the jail at 423-442-3911 to let them know how much publicity the case has received. Also call the Knoxville, TN FBI office at 865-544-0751.

    1. I just called the jail. They said he was “fine”. He can receive mail as long as there is a return address on it and money can be put on his books if sent by money order. I have a Writ of Habeas Corpus form printed out that I’m going to mail to him along with the $5 fee for petition. I’ll send a bit more to make sure he has commissary. Next stop, the TN FBI! Anything else I can do, let me know.

    2. Hello Alicia,

      Are you, perchance, related to Lt. Cmdr. Fitzpatrick (or just coincidence of name)?

      If you are, would you be so kind as to relate what you know about his alleged (by a military attorney Obama supporter) legal interactions with the port commission in Kitsap County of Washington State? (Is this bogus? The Obama supporter claims that among an arm’s-length of on-record legal interactions with the system, “Fitzpatrick [was] escorted from a Port of Tracyton meeting by sheriff’s deputies, to applause from the 20 residents attending.”) Is this true?

      What I am wondering is that perhaps because of the way he was ambushed by the Navy, the Lt. Commander has somewhat of a chip on his shoulder and, although with every good intention of following the what’s right and “staying within the lines” ends up being somewhat provocative to the establishment. (Not that this is at all an excuse for the establishment to break the rule of law, but wondering if this dynamic may be at play here.)

      If you are related and know that this is hogwash, then I apologize profusely, but in lieu of hard facts, I am trying to read between the lines, because the story as we know it does not add up.
      Mrs. Rondeau replies: I am no relation of LCDR Fitzpatrick, but I do know that a lot of misinformation has been spread about him in Kitsap County, WA. Those involved in his court-martial seem to be the perpetrators from the evidence which Fitzpatrick has presented to me. Those he accuses of spreading the misinformation are not willing to say anything on the record or provide any documentation to The Post & Email.

  10. The Dark Skill – Portrait of a Prosecutor
    “The Accuser”*

    The prosecutor’s, by obligation, is a special mind, coiled snake quick, bullying, devious, unrelenting, forever baited to ensnare. It is devoted to misleading, and by instinct dotes on confusion and flourishes on weakness. Its search is for ordinary blemishes it can present as festering boils, its obligation is to raise doubts or sour with suspicion. It asks questions not to learn the truth but to convict, and can read guilt into the most innocent of answers. Its hope, its aim, its triumph, is to addle a witness by tricking, exhausting, or irritating him into a verbal indiscretion which sounds like a damaging admission. To natural lapses of memory it gives the appearance either of stratagems for hiding misdeeds, or worse still, of lies dark and deliberate. Feigned and wheedling politeness, sarcasm that scalds, intimidation, surprise and besmirchment by innuendo, association or suggestion, at the same time that any intention to besmirch is denied. . . all these as methods and devices are such staples in the prosecutor’s repertoire that his depraved mind returns to them again and again as a dog returns to his vomit. Eventually, by imperceptible degrees, he loses all decency and renders himself unfit for any human community, his professional skills having robbed him of his soul.

    *The word Satan was not originally the proper name of an evil supernatural being. Satan was the title of a court official. In ancient courts the person who had the official function of “blaming” a citizen bore the title “Satan”. The person we call “prosecutor” was called “Satan” by the ancients. That is why the Bible refers to Satan as “The Accuser”.

    The source of the above portrait of a prosecutor is uncertain. I first discovered it in the book “Anatomy of a Murder”. However, I have seen several versions that predate “Anatomy of a Murder”. Of course, I have done my own editing and added a word here and there.


  11. Senator Bob Corker (R-TN) is having several town hall meetings across the state of Tennessee from November 4 through12. It would be a great place to get the word out about Lt. Cmdr. Fitzpatrick. Put Senator Corker on the spot about investigating the utter corruption of the grand jury process and Monroe County in particular. The schedule is posted at this blog: http://ace.mu.nu/archives/307612.php#307612
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Tim Harrington has told me that Sen. Corker was handed copies of articles from The Post & Email and JB Williams when he arrived at a meeting in Tennessee several days ago. Photos were taken of him with the articles tucked under his arm, so he cannot say that he wasn’t informed. However, keep the pressure on everywhere you can.

  12. As many of you know, I was falsely imprisoned as a Political Prisoner for 60 days in Nashville, TN jails. The BHO cohorts did their best to try and kill me by witholding my Blood Pressure medication and putting me in 50 man cells with violent inmates. I was lucky to survive.

    It sounds like Walt is also in danger from both the inmates and the jailers.

    As in my case, there is no legal justification for Walt’s bond being revoked. I urge his supporters to file a Writ of Habeas Corpus. If Walt’s Writ is denied, then his case should be quickly appealed to Federal Court in Knoxville. He has no chance of preparing his defense while in jail with attorney Pidgeon in Washington withdrawing from his case.

    While in jail I hand drafted a Writ of Habeas Corpus for myself, you can find a copy of my Writ of Habeas Corpus here:


    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Thank you for that information, Mr. Haffey.

    1. Mr. Haffey, I have just finished reading about you and your family’s horrific ordeal in Tennessee. I am appalled although I cannot say I am amazed considering the widespread corruption that has engulfed our nation. I applaud your courage and perseverance and hope you are all safe at this time. I am also deeply concerned for Walter Fitzpatrick’s safety and feel these next few days, hours and minutes are crucial for him. The fact that he has no legal counsel is frightening. How can we get him represented?
      Mrs. Rondeau replies: The representation angle is being worked on.

      1. Alicia,

        Thank you for your kind words.

        My wife brought me copies of the posts here on P&E, Citizen Wells and the Steady Drip. That was very comforting to me. It was horrifying to discover after 20 years of practicing law that the legal system was corrupt beyond your imagination.

        It is good to hear that new representation is being sought for Walt. Without representation, he has no chance. It is clear that the DA and judges want to send him to prison for years. If he accepts a plea bargain for probation, they will just charge him with violation of probation and send him to prison at a later date. His only chance is to get lawyers who will fight for him and get an acquittal.

  13. Here’s more contact information. My immediate concern is for the safety of Mr. Fitz. His mission is important but if he doesn’t survive jail that part will be academic.
    Tennessee Sheriffs’ Association
    124-A Public Square
    Lebanon, TN 37087
    Phone – 615-547-0277
    Fax – 615-547-0278
    E-mail TSA
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Thank you very much. I just called the Monroe County jail, and Officer Krouter said that Walt is OK. I don’t know whether or not to believe them. Visitation is Sundays and Wednesdays.

  14. It is quite possible Mr Pidgeon resigned his status of representing Walter for legal reasons. If he can not be an effective counsel he should resign. If a qualified atty can not be effective due to the corrupt court proceedings then Walters Sixth Amendment right to effective assistance of counsel is violated by the court itself. This is what is occuring and is the result of having a judge manipulating the jury.

  15. http://atlasshrugs2000.typepad.com/atlas_shrugs/2010/10/-the-lefts-new-strategy-incitement-to-murder.html

    Just read this over at atlasshrugs….this is the excerpt comment that caught my attention:
    Angry man. said:
    Seriously. Look up the name Walter Fitzpatrick. he got beat the F up and is now in Jail. The same thing is about to happen to the rest of you conservatives. What are you going to do about it? Want war? Bring it on. We are waiting,
    Reply | Edit | View | 2 hours ago on The Backward 50
    The Backward 50
    Pam Geller has the IP address for this thug.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Any such comment should be reported to the Knoxville FBI.

  16. Where the heck is Stephen Pidgeon? I sure thought better of him than this but he appears to be a zero or worse. Even if Walt decided to fire him, the judge in the case denied the request for Mr. Pidgeon not to represent him so if he is the attorney of record he NEEDS to get off the dime NOW. A public defender from the same corrupt place isn’t going to stand up and do the job. Does anyone know if Pidgeon is currently in his Everett or Bellevue office in Washington state? I live between those two cities and would be willing to make a visit. Did Walt mention what the the situation was between he and Pidgeon?

    1. Mr Pidgeon isn’t going to help anyone he is looking for publicity for his human rights organization and this is just one person he dropped and ran. God Help all of us and who we trust to defend our Freedom. Mr Pidgeon is one of THEM.

  17. What i’ve been hearing is that the Commander has partially lost hearing in his ear and possibly was beaten by another inmate and a guard. This is tyranny! They are gonna kill him and blame it on another inmate, just watch.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: I have not heard that, but I will check into it.

  18. Contact info for legislators whose district covers Monroe county:
    Bell, Mike R District 23 645-741-1946 rep.mike.bell@capitol.tn.gov
    McNally, Randy R District 5 615-741-6806 sen.randy.mcnally@capitol.tn.gov
    http://alexander.senate.gov/public/index.cfm?p=Email Phone: (865) 545-4253 Knoxville
    http://corker.senate.gov/public/index.cfm?p=ContactMe#form_66609684-2bb1-42d0-89fc-70507f0d43ec Phone: 865-637-4180 Knoxville

    U. S. Congressman John J. Duncan, Jr.does not accept non-Dist 2 email Phone: (865) 523-3772 Knoxville

    I’ll call them Monday. Here is what I have emailed:
    Mr. Fitz sustained serious injuries when he was arrested Thursday by four deputy sheriff’s.
    He is detained in the Monroe County jail and I am concerned that they will finish killing him there.
    Please make some inquires to assure his safety.
    Zeb Blanchard
    Blairsville, GA

  19. Sharon, thank you for your diligence in reporting the facts. I pray that God continues to use you to help Lt. Cmdr. Fitzpatrick spread the truth. I understand the mindset. Its not about Walt, or my involvment for that matter. Its about those who understand what the oath is all about. It is a shame to see so many of those who have also taken the same oath, only to stand idly by. I fully intend to cause any present at the trial who have served, to give Lt. Cmdr. Fitzpatrick a full, by-the-book, salute. I intend to give him one face to face at the defense table.

    God bless!

  20. I was told visitors were allowed Wednesday and Saturday and told I could not speak to him when I called on Friday morning. Hopefully, you can contact a prison chaplain in that area to see what his condition is and what is going on.

  21. This man needs legal representation. His attorney of record should be banging on the courthouse door with a habeas corpus right now.

    You might agree or disagree with Walt’s beliefs. You might love Walt or hate Walt. But surely every person would agree that he is entitled to legal representation.

  22. Republican Party has set up a Hotline for election day, 1-888-775-8117, which will be staffed by attorneys, to handle polling issues and possible voter fraud or intimidation. If folks even guess that it might be taking place, they should call for free advice.
    thanks! :-)

  23. The county is the Sheriff’s domain, he is the boss of what goes on in his county, where is the interference?

    Thank you, Sharon, for keeping us informed.

  24. Walt is absolutely right. Monroe County is the epitome of what’s wrong in State, Counties, and Fed. gvmts. God Bless Lt. Cmdr.. Walter Fitzpatrick III. Hope he gets some medical treatment soon. I fear infection or worse. Did Walt turn down treatment or is he being denied medical? How long is he being held? The whole treatment of this innocent man is just downright disgusting & maddening. Sharon, did he mention anything about not eating this time? I know he denied food the last time he was being held there.