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by Sharon Rondeau

The motto of the Monroe County Sheriff's Department is "Proudly serving the Residents and Visitors of our Great County"

(Oct. 26, 2010) — A report from the Advocate & Democrat of October 25, 2010 states that “A man who is so bound and determined to take President Obama to court that he once made his way into a closed grand jury session failed to appear in Monroe County Criminal Court Friday morning.”

The writer is apparently referring to the April 1, 2010 citizen’s arrest attempted by Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III at the Monroe County Courthouse after he discovered that the grand jury foreman, Gary Pettway, had been occupying his position for at least 20 years in violation of Tennessee state law.

The Advocate & Democrat article omitted the fact that there was no evidence of a scheduled court hearing.  According to court records and Fitzpatrick, the next scheduled hearing was set for December 1, 2010.

This writer contacted the author of the Advocate & Democrat piece yesterday:

From: Sharon Rondeau
To: <michael.thomason@advocateanddemocrat.com>
Sent: Monday, October 25, 2010 4:17 PM

I am the editor of The Post & Email, an online newspaper.  Do you have a copy of the arrest warrant for the above in your possession?  There is nothing in the court record regarding a scheduled hearing for last Friday, and we have been following this case closely.  Do you have such documentation?

Have you reported on the illegally-seated grand jury in Monroe County?  Are you aware that both Angela Davis and Gary Pettway are prohibited by state law from serving on the grand jury at this time?  Have you reported that Judge Jon Kerry Blackwood knows this and has allowed it to continue?

For more information, please see http://www.thepostemail.com/2010/10/15/the-dictatorship-of-the-judiciary/ and http://www.thepostemail.com/2010/07/07/the-face-of-treason/

I have all of the documents which show that the judges are acting criminally and need to be prosecuted for their crimes.  Are you reporting that to the people in Monroe County?

Sharon Rondeau
The Post & Email, Inc.

As of 9:55 a.m. EDT, no reply was received from Mr. Thomason.

The Post & Email spoke with LCDR Fitzpatrick by telephone yesterday to ask if he knew about a hearing scheduled for last Friday, and he said he was not informed of any scheduled hearing prior to 1 December 2010.  We also contacted him by email:

Was there a hearing scheduled for last Friday?

Fitzpatrick responded:

Apparently so.

We then asked:

Why did they not tell you about the hearing?

and he said:

Good question.  I don’t know the answer.

Earlier yesterday, Fitzpatrick sent the following email to The Post & Email, among others:

The attached .pdf file #1 is Notice of Challenge to Amy Armstrong Reedy (and others) that a  new group of people was needed gathered together to hear charges naming myself as defendant. Again, every person on the existing 2010 Monroe Grand Jury knows Gary Pettway and is consequently disqualified from hearing any case involving Gary Pettway.

The Notice dated 24 May was filed two days later on 26 May.

On 2 June 2010 Amy Armstrong Reedy ignored the Notice of Challenge and appointed Angela Davis as foreman to the group of mobsters that met the next day on 3 June 2010 (see .pdf record #2).

Angela Davis is secondarily disqualified from serving on any jury hearing my case this year because Angela Davis served on a Tennessee jury last year (see .pdf record #3). Again the questions begs: How did Angela Davis get picked to sit in this year’s Monroe County Grand Jury. Davis has been seated as a regular juror for every other month this year setting aside Davis’ 3 June “promotion.”

It’s Angela Davis’ signature that appears on the Presentment handed down by the mobsters dated 3 June 2010 being sent separately in a moment (and sent to you before).

They May 24 document is here.  Fitzpatrick has stated that “on June 3, everyone in the room was tainted.”

Fitzpatrick has also been unable to obtain transcripts of court proceedings from June 28, 2010, although they were promised to him by voice mail and in writing. However, the transcript in question was posted on the internet shortly after the hearing date.  Moreover, Fitzpatrick maintains that the court record was altered and that information which would have implicated government personnel was omitted.

A hearing on October 5 produced an order from the Judge Jon Kerry Blackwood the next day with the wrong date and Fitzpatrick’s name appearing where another defendant’s name should have been.  Blackwood also wrote that there was no “proof” that the same “Angela Davis” had served in both 2009 and 2010.  His order also contained factual mistakes which Fitzpatrick claims are “intentional.”

An eyewitness at the October 5 hearing said that in his opinion, the judge “had predetermined what his answer was going to be before he got there.”

An article regarding the alleged arrest warrant quotes Fitzpatrick’s former defense attorney, Stephen Pidgeon, as having said that the Monroe County grand jury is “hopelessly corrupted.”  The report also states that Judge Jon Kerry Blackwood “refused a request by defense attorney Stephen Pidgeon to withdraw from the case” on Friday.  Pidgeon was quoted as having stated that the foreman is not the only ineligible member of the 2010 Monroe County grand jury, which supports Fitzpatrick’s previous statements about Angela Davis.

If the AP report is accurate, then there is a question as to whether or not Mr. Pidgeon still represents Walter Fitzpatrick.

This morning The Post & Email was able to confirm with the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department that LCDR Fitzpatrick has not been arrested.  We also sent the following email in regard to the alleged arrest warrant:

Enter your name:

Sharon Rondeau

E-mail address:


Message subject:


My newspaper has been covering the above case extensively, as we focus on government corruption.  Would you please send me a copy of the “arrest warrant” mentioned in the Advocate & Democrat newspaper article of October 25, 2010?

You may fax it to me at (Redacted) or email it to the email address provided above.

I would also like to know on what grounds this “warrant” was issued, as the court record shows no hearing scheduled for last Friday, October 22, 2010.

Thank you.

Sharon Rondeau
The Post & Email, Inc.

However, twice we received a message to complete all parts of the contact form, which we had, and we do not know if the message was sent.  Telephone calls to the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department yielded a busy signal several times and then a hang-up with no one answering the phone.

Yesterday a citizen of Tennessee contacted The Post & Email, stating:

The Fitzpatrick case may reverberate throughout Tennessee since the grand jury corruption in Monroe County exists in other counties, too. I was notified today, by a reporter in Monroe County, that a trial date of December 1st has been scheduled.

The Tennessee Legislature needs to be kept informed of this issue.  Hopefully, they will take action in the next session to correct the situation.

Our elections on November 2nd will elect the entire Tennessee House and half the Tennessee Senate. Do you know how Fitzpatrick and/or his attorney plan to argue the case?

What, exactly, are the charges against him? Disrupting a public meeting, inciting a riot, resisting arrest?


Will the Tennessee legislature gain enough defenders of citizens’ constitutional rights to investigate the corruption in Monroe and surrounding counties in their state?  Why haven’t members of the legislature done their due diligence in overseeing the courts?

Are there enough veterans and defenders of freedom in Tennessee who will stand up with LCDR Fitzpatrick against government tyranny?  If so, where are they?  Are they on their way to Monroe County now?  Since when is an arrest warrant prepared without due cause?  Since when are grand juries stacked by the judges so that they obtain the results they want, in defiance of state law?

Where are the citizens of Monroe County?  LCDR Fitzpatrick reported to The Post & Email that at a townhall meeting  with Senator Robert Corker on the evening of October 5, 2010, there were “not even 100 people” in attendance when he raised the issue of corruption in the courts and grand juries.  No one else reportedly stood up to support Fitzpatrick as he described the case put forth against him by judges in Monroe County, whom he describes as “criminals.”

Can the citizens overcome their fear, as LCDR Fitzpatrick has, and step forward?  Will they?  Or is Monroe County doomed to the dictatorship which currently exists and which incarcerates innocent people?

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  1. This is an old habit of Blackwood’s, and I expect that means this is a widespread practice thorughout the state. He rules by fiat, thinks he’s an old-timey hangin’ judge, and neither the state judicial review board, the state’s appellate and supreme courts, nor the federal 6th Circuit Court of Appeals see fit to curb him. Once an indictment has been returned against you and an arrest warrant issued and executed, he believes (contrary to settled state law from the early 1800s) your a** is his upon his whim, and has been allowed to order a court clerk to doctor the date on your original (valid) arrest warrant and rearrest you without following the statutory procedure for bail revocation, multiple times. Sets bail at bizarre amounts — $1 million and even $3 million — to punish defendants he has seen fit to release on much more reasonable bonds, keeps them jailed for months on no offense, has broken state law by failing to act on a petition of habeas corpus (refusing to dispose a habeas petition being the ONLY offense for which a TN judge is subject to lawsuit and civil penalties). He’s a martinet and needs to be stripped of his robes and sent home. He is a disgrace.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: You sound as if you are very familiar with the situation there.

  2. I just spoke with Wally Lessig of the Knoxville FBI office. He said he would take my concerns to the appropriate people. He asked for my name, dob and SSN which I gladdly gave him. I explained that I had been monitoring this sitution for seven months or more and that I was an Oath Keeper. He asked if this was done solely on the net and I explained that it was both on the net and with talking to some of the people involved. I also explained that the Oath Keepers are a completely non-violent organization and that I would hope that all military and police officers would abide by the oath they took. I explained that the Oath Keepers action previously taken in Monroe County were appropriate and peaceful.

    His tel number is 1-865-544-0751. Dial “0” for the operator and ask for Mr. Lessig.

    Further, I told him I was concerrned that an American citizen could be illegally jailed and held with such violence as LCDR Fitzpatrick was.

  3. It is my understanding that defendant’s counsel can appear on behalf of the defendant with regard to administrative matters before the court. It’s quite a stretch to jail Cmdr Fitzpatrick because he didn’t appear on short notice for this. The bullying and bull stuff continues…

    By the way, the original admission by the Monroe County Clerk of Court that Gary Pettway has illegally served as a permanent grand jury foreman for 27 consecutive years is contained in Exhibit B of the Appendices in the original investigative report that was completed on Feb 11, 2010. You can download and read it here: http://usgrandjury.org/reports/MonroeCountyTN_021110.pdf
    I know the lead investigator personally and can vouch for it’s authenticity..

  4. Sharon in answer to your question…”Since when are grand juries stacked by the judges so that they obtain the results they want, in defiance of state law?

    My answer…Sharon, since offshore bankers, corporate welfare and crony capitalism have taken over things in this country, all fueled by an illegal central bank called the Federal Reserve! And it’s those same banksters who want the NWO, one world government and currency.

  5. I’m sorry, Sharon. I should have included these two posts together. In reading the article, it seems like Pidgeon was the reason the hearing was called. An attorney just can’t quit on a client. He/she has to ask to be removed and the judge has to grant it.

    “Walt Fitzpatrick of Sweetwater was scheduled to appear before Judge Jon Blackwood after his attorney gave notice he was withdrawing from his representation of Fitzpatrick.

    Steve Pidgeon of Washington has sent notice he wanted to withdraw from the case, but Judge Blackwood did not remove him as Tennessee law states a motion must be made for withdrawal, then granted by the judge.”

    Pidgeon also has the responsibility of getting his client to court. And – despite his best efforts – Fitzpatrick is still his client, right?

  6. But Pidgeon was at the hearing, wasn’t he? And he is still on the case as the judge refused his motion to withdraw as counsel.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: I just now received a report stating such. This is news to us.

  7. Walt’s attorney was at the hearing. Is Pidgeon in on the conspiracy too? Have you spoken to Pidgeon? What’s his take on all this?
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Unless the court corrects us, The Post & Email knows of no hearing scheduled for October 22. We have requested documentation from two sources but have heard nothing so far. Atty. Stephen Pidgeon is no longer on the case.