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by Ron Ewart

Rochard M. Nixon resigned from the presidency in 1973 after being implicated in the Watergate Hotel scandal

“It is said that power corrupts, but actually it’s more true that power attracts the corruptible. The sane are usually attracted by other things than power.” – David Brin

The Founding Fathers went to great lengths to limit the buildup of centralized power.  First, they limited the powers of the federal government to 17 enumerated powers, as delineated in Article I, Section 8 of the U. S. Constitution.  They went even further to limit centralized power by establishing the “Separation of Powers” doctrine, such that the executive, legislative and judicial branches of the federal government were designed to hold each of the other branches in check.  But the final check on centralized power came in the form of the 9th and 10th Amendments, granting ALL OTHER rights and powers to the states and the people.

But alas, one by one, each of the checks on centralized power have fallen and now we have a federal government that has perverted their enumerated powers so far beyond the intent of the Founders that current law bears no resemblance to that intent.  Clause 1, to lay and collect taxes and Clause 3, to regulate commerce among the several states, of the 17 enumerated powers, have been twisted and contorted by executive orders, legislative fiat, Supreme Court decisions and Amendments to the Constitution (16th Amendment) to allow almost ANY ACTION by the Federal Government, to fall under Clauses 1 and 3.

President Abraham Lincoln, elevated to almost deity status by history books, took Federal power one step further  He all but repealed the 9th and 10th Amendments by going to war to prevent the secession of southern states.  Over 600,000 soldiers and untold civilians paid the ultimate price for President Lincoln’s ambition to hold the Union together.  That price resulted in holding the Union together, but it also resulted in a massive increase in federal power.

Now, today, the three branches of the Federal government operate in concert with each other, aiding and abetting the whims of powerful, wealthy men (and women) with large egos, in each branch of government.  There is no constitutional limit that can’t be perverted and there is no issue that can’t be imputed by the high court to have constitutional intent (abortion, etc).

The fourth branch of government, the ever-growing and powerful bureaucracies, answer directly to the executive branch, thereby increasing executive power.  Unfortunately, the Congress or the high court haven’t the courage to hold the executive branch in check.

Case in point:  The Environmental Protection Agency, under the executive branch (Obama), has threatened to pass into law the dreaded Cap and Trade legislation, by bureaucratic rule making, if the Congress refuses to act.  Since Cap and Trade is a highly-charged political football and the Congress is not pre-supposed to pass it, we are likely to get Cap and Trade whether we like it or not.  So much for the Separation of Powers doctrine!

All around the American people are examples of corruption in our institutions of power.  Just recently a judge resigned his position because he couldn’t stand the corruption in the entity over which he was in charge.  From the “Daily Bell” on October 20, 2010 we learn that:

NEW DEVELOPMENTS IN THE CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission) SCANDAL: On September 17, 2010, CFTC Administrative Law Judge, George H Painter, issued a “Notice and Order” announcing his retirement from his position. In this notice Judge Painter wrote of a conspiracy at the highest levels of the CFTC (within the ENFORCEMENT DIVISION) where a long-time judge of 20 years has been conspiring with past CFTC Chairs to RIG THE ENFORCEMENT OF THE LAW by NOT finding ANYONE guilty of market manipulation. Here are Judge Painter’s own words:

“There are two administrative law judges at the Commodity Futures Trading Commission: myself and the Honorable Bruce Levine. On Judge Levine’s first week on the job, nearly twenty years ago, he came into my office and stated that he had promised Wendy Gramm, then Chairwoman of the Commission, that we would never rule in a complainant’s favor. A review of his rulings will confirm that he has fulfilled his vow. Judge Levine, in the cynical guise of enforcing the rules, forces pro se complaints to run a hostile procedural gauntlet until they lose hope, and either withdraw their complaint or settle for a pittance, regardless of the merits of the case.”

The Daily Bell Continues with an analysis: We are well aware of the corruption that inevitably arises when regulatory democracies persist and like tumors, begin to swell. The United States is perhaps the world’s most powerful regulatory democracy, and likely its most icily corrupt. Nevertheless, it is absolutely startling to find a senior judge at one of America’s most important financial regulatory agencies – the Commodities Futures Trading Commission – bluntly accusing a former CFTC Chairwoman (Wendy Gramm, wife of former Senator Phil Gramm) and a fellow judge of deliberate malfeasance, apparently over decades. Sub dominant social theme: “This kind of thing doesn’t happen in America!”  OR DOES IT?

Throughout our 5,000 years of civilized history, the greatest threat to freedom and the largest deliverer of brutality, is centralized power in the hands of a king, a dictator, or a despot, or a Republic that morphs into a Democracy that then morphs into mob rule.  But the mob is cajoled, manipulated and coerced by powerful, wealthy men with large egos and a lust for more power.

Everything that comes out of government and more particularly the American government, are acts, laws, rules, restriction and regulations to increase the control over the masses by those in power by buying off the naive with promises from the public treasury.  Each new piece of legislation, each court decree and each executive order has but one goal, an ever-tightening vice on individual freedom and liberty.

There is legislation in the works right now, or has already been passed, to bring under federal control all land, water, food, energy, our guns, the news media, the Internet and health care.  There is no attempt in any of these laws to comply with constitutional limitations.  Instead, we get comments from the likes of Speaker Nancy Pelosi when asked if the Health Care bill was constitutional, “are you serious, are you serious?”  She didn’t answer the question, she just glazed over it with another arrogant question, as if the person asking the question was an idiot.  That folks is out and out corruption.

In every level of government corruption reigns.  Backroom deals are made with big business, big unions and big special interest groups.  Waste, fraud, abuse and corruption are the rule, rather than the exception.  Medicare, Medicaid, welfare, food stamps, agricultural programs and probably even Social Security, are scammed by the billions of taxpayer dollars every year.  Billions in foreign aid are squandered on un-deserving despots and dictators, where little if any aid gets to the people.  The government installs virtual fences on our borders that don’t work.   Contracts are awarded to contractors without bids.  Pay offs are common.  The news media, whose job it is to expose corruption, turns a blind eye to it, or is a willing partner in it.

Social and draconian environmental laws are passed that fly in the face of constitutional limits or protections. Property rights have all but been dissolved.  Congress is debating laws that will give the president the power to hit the “Kill Switch” on the Internet, shutting down the communication lines of the people and blinding them to government actions, except that which the government wants the people to hear or see. (source: http://www.lewrockwell.com/orig11/rosenberg-p1.1.1.html)

Radical social and environmental United Nations initiatives, (created by sociialist despots and dictator members) are adopted into American law by a mere executive order, without a treaty being debated or ratified by the Congress.  American sovereignty is on the doorstep of being dissolved altogether, in the pursuit of a one-world-order, by the powerful, the wealthy and the ego-driven elite, who want total control over the entire population of the planet.  Again, this is corruption at the highest level.

And corruption is not limited to government.  Big business, big unions and big special interest groups engage in the same type of corruption that has swept through government, as equal partners with the government.  The TARP fund bailout, passed by the Bush Administration and the Congress, awarded big winners (Goldman Sachs, etc) and government stomped all over the losers with malice afore thought.  You can be sure the big winners lobbied government to be on the winning side.  Or perhaps it was the fact that Treasury Secretaries Henry Paulson (Bush) and that Tim Geithner fellow, who didn’t pay his income taxes, (Obama) worked for Goldman Sachs.   Hmmmm!  Can’t be any corruption there.  Or can there?

Many have proffered excellent solutions to a corrupt and out of control government and in the end, it may take many solutions to free us from the yoke of the powerful, wealthy, ego-driven and corrupt leaders that have us in their grip.  The first solution is to wake up the American people to what has transpired over the last 100 years.  The second is to regain our honor, honesty, integrity and morality.  The third is to settle on the principles of freedom and liberty that were handed to us in our U. S. Constitution, at great cost.   The fourth is to demand honor, integrity, honesty and morality and the principles of liberty from those that lead us, or feed them to the wolves at the next election.

An opportunity to put a dent in the corruption is before us on November 2nd.  If enough Americans have learned what has transpired over the last 100 years from the designs and implementation of the progressive movement and are now cognizant of what the Obama regime and the current U. S. Congress are planning for us in their “transformation of America”, maybe, just maybe, there will be a grand sweep of the corrupt offenders in Congress, replaced by those who got the message from those of us who are “mad as hell and we aren’t going to take it any more.”  It will be a start, but hardly the end game.

In the final analysis, only the people can prevent “corruption being the predictable outcome of size, wealth, power and ego.”
Ron Ewart is President of the National Association of Rural Landowners (NARLO).

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  1. “WE the People” need to have the “Impossible Dream” happen Nov. 02~Both the Dumb-O-Crats and RE-Dub-Licans need to be the “Minority Parties” in Congress!!
    The solution would be a “NEW BLOOD” Congress comprised of “Citizen Legislators” that are True Constitutionalists, be willing to stand by their Swearing and Affirming the “Constitutional Oath” by “Saying what they mean, and DOING what they SAY!!”
    Unfortunately, this is the “IMPOSSIBLE DREAM”, but Citizens~Imagine the possible outcome if Washington got “FLUSHED” of all of the “Greedy-for-Me, Back-Door, I Love Lobbyists” Crooks that Permeate D.C.