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by Sharon Rondeau

Philip J. Berg is a former assistant attorney general from Pennsylvania

(Oct. 21, 2010) — Philadelphia attorney Philip J. Berg will be holding a “Birth Certificate/Eligibility/Obamacare” rally on the West Front of the U.S. Capitol in Washington, DC this Saturday, October 23, 2010 from noon to 4:00 p.m. with the purpose of heightening public awareness of Obama’s questionable eligibility to hold the office of President of the United States.

On August 21, 2008, Attorney Berg filed a lawsuit against Barack Hussein Obama and Howard Dean, Chairman of the Democrat National Committee, claiming that Obama did not meet the definition of “natural born Citizen” as outlined in Article II, Section 1, clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution.  According to his website, Berg was “the first Attorney who filed suit against Barack H. Obama challenging Obama’s lack of ‘qualifications’ to serve as President of the United States.”

The Post & Email was able to speak with Mr. Berg this morning by telephone regarding the rally and what he hopes to accomplish from it.

MRS. RONDEAU: Thank you for speaking with me on short notice, Attorney Berg.  When did you first conceive of the idea of a “birth certificate rally” in Washington?

ATTY. BERG: Earlier this year.  The reason for a rally is to hopefully have enough people there to push the issue forward, as the courts have denied us the right to get to the truth of the matter.  The courts in our country have no guts, just as the national media has no guts.  So we have to proceed around them.

MRS. RONDEAU: How many people do you expect will attend?

ATTY. BERG: I have no idea; it could be anywhere from ten people to 1,000,000.

MRS. RONDEAU: So there wasn’t anything such as a registration which would give you an idea of how many people planned to be there?


MRS. RONDEAU: I know you obtained a permit for the U.S. Capitol, West Front.  Do you know if Obama will be in Washington that day?  Does he know about your plans?

ATTY. BERG: I’m sure they know about everything.  I’m sure they monitor us as well as other groups.  I understand he’s going to be on the National Mall that day because there’s a national science fair or something like that going on that day.

MRS. RONDEAU: Did you have any problem obtaining a permit?

ATTY. BERG: None whatsoever.

MRS. RONDEAU: Do you happen to know if media will be there?

ATTY. BERG: I know the foreign media is going to be there because they have contacted me.  The national media?  Probably not.  But I’m hoping the secondary media will be, and one of the foreign media is coming to broadcast it to about 20 countries.  If we don’t get it from the front door, we’ll get it from the back door.

MRS. RONDEAU: What does that say when foreign journalists are coming here, or sending their people who are already in the United States, but our own media will not be there to cover it?

ATTY. BERG: I think it’s a disgrace.  I was interviewed about a year ago by The New York Times, and I raised the issue that I wish I could sue the national media, including The New York Times (they even printed that part), because I think it’s a disgrace what they haven’t done.  If the national media did 10% to Obama what they did to Sarah Palin, Obama never would have been nominated, let alone elected.

MRS. RONDEAU: Do you think the national media was involved in a  conspiracy to keep Obama’s history from the American people?  Did they know he wasn’t eligible?

ATTY. BERG: I think so.  I think it’s pressure from the top.  The national media in our country is really owned by about three or four corporations which are controlled by individuals, and I believe that these individuals have put pressure on them.  There was an investigation done that there is actually an office in the White House which is keeping pressure on the national media not to cover the story.

MRS. RONDEAU: Do you think Fox News is included in that?

ATTY. BERG: I think they’re included to a degree.  Glenn Beck is a prime example.  He makes no sense.  Ninety percent of his effort is against Obama.  Everything’s bad about Obama.  However, he won’t touch the birth certificate issue, which makes no sense whatsoever.  So I think it’s pressure from on top; discuss anything about Obama, but not his birth certificate.  I think (Rupert) Murdoch is exerting the pressure.  It’s a disgrace.

MRS. RONDEAU: A lot of our readers are really angry with Glenn Beck for that reason.  If he is so ardent an admirer of the U.S. Constitution, one would wonder why he leaves out any discussion of Article II, Section 1, clause 5 when there’s this tremendous issue out in front of the American people?

ATTY. BERG: I was even honored by Beck, I guess you would say, because he had my picture up on his blackboard for three days one week.  I “made” his blackboard, so I think I’m an “instigator.”

MRS. RONDEAU: Did he refer to you as a “birther,” or just an “instigator”?

ATTY. BERG: Oh, no, I’m a birther.  I don’t know if he said it.  I’m the father of this thing!

MRS. RONDEAU: Yours was the first case that was filed back in August 2008, correct?

ATTY. BERG: Yes.  August 21, 2008 was when I filed the first lawsuit, which was significant because it was before the Democratic National Convention, and we served Obama and Howard Dean.  At that point, I said that Howard Dean violated his duty and responsibility as head of the Democratic National Committee by not pulling Obama in and saying, “The allegations here are that you’re not “natural born; show me you are, or you’re not getting nominated no matter what you’ve planned here in Denver.”  It’s a disgrace, because Howard Dean should have called him in at that point, and obviously, it shows that Dean was in cahoots with Obama.

When all is said and done, I think that Obama, Michelle Obama, Howard Dean, senior officials of the Obama campaign and senior officials of the Obama administration who are all aware of this should be subjected to our criminal justice system in this country, tried, and those convicted should go to jail.  As far as I’m concerned, Obama should be tried, convicted, and go to jail until he’s deported.  People are saying, “Oh, if the truth came out and Obama’s out of office, there would be riots in the street.”  I’m saying, “When the truth comes out – it’s not ifWhen the truth comes out, and hopefully while Obama is still in office and we force him out of office, I’m going to hold a massive news conference with all the political and religious leaders in this country and say, “Stop.  You’re going to go riot in the streets?  You’re going to injure and kill people?  You’re going to destroy property?  For what? For this phony, this fraud, this impostor who knew from the beginning what he was doing?”  I think it’s the biggest hoax against the United States of America in our history in 234 years, and all those people should be held accountable.

MRS. RONDEAU: Will you hold a press conference during the rally?

ATTY. BERG: It depends on which press is there.  The foreign press has requested interview time, and I had said I will grant the press complete access.

I am urging people to attend, because as I said in my press release, I believe that we are the umbrella for everyone.  That’s significant because no matter what your issue is with Obama, whether it’s taxation, health care, social security, anti-war, you’re not going to move forward, but you can move forward under our issue.  My issue is the umbrella; my issue is that he’s not constitutionally eligible to be president; therefore, he can’t be impeached.  We can force him out of office, and once he’s out of office, everything he’s done becomes void.  Everything is voidable because he’s a phony.

MRS. RONDEAU: I think a lot of people have wondered about that:  if some things would be voided or if it would be everything.  Is it true that you have proof that Obama was born in Kenya or another foreign country?

ATTY. BERG: The best proof we have is a tape on our website of Sarah Obama, who is Obama’s step-grandmother, in which she states that she was in the hospital when he was born in Kenya on August 4, 1961.  It’s pretty hard to refute that.  We’re trying to get one of the ministers there this weekend – I’m not sure if he’s coming – who was one of the translators of her remarks in Swahili.  These ministers have known her for several years before all of this broke.  That’s the best evidence.  The other thing is, what has Obama shown?  He has shown only that Certification of Live Birth which does not have the weight of the baby, length of the baby, the hospital name, the doctor’s name, and the doctor’s signature (Editor’s Note: Comment #1181).  That’s what’s on a long-form birth certificate.  In one of his two autobiographies, Obama states that he found his birth certificate.  So where is it?  He was interviewed by Brian Williams a month or so ago, and he said, “I can’t walk around with my birth certificate plastered to my forehead.”  Well, we don’t want it plastered to his forehead; we want to see it.

MRS. RONDEAU: No one has asked that he walk around with it plastered to his forehead.

ATTY. BERG: And he has already spent over $1.6 million – it’s probably over $2,000,000 now – fighting my three lawsuits and the 50-100 other lawsuits out there.  You don’t spend that kind of money unless you’re hiding something.

The other thing is that Congressman Posey from Florida introduced legislation that as of 2012, anyone running for president must prove he or she is constitutionally eligible.  Several Republicans cosponsored the proposal, but not one Democrat.  Now why didn’t the Democrats join in?  Because the Democrats who have committed or are, in my opinion, on the verge of treason, have not signed on because they know that Obama is a fraud and a phony.

MRS. RONDEAU: It makes one wonder, if he is not removed from office before 2011 when the campaign will begin, how he thinks he’s going to get his name on the ballots of all 50 states.

ATTY. BERG: I think he’s committed fraud by doing that.  I believe that even more important than where he was born, and I keep trying to stress this to people, is the fact that he was adopted or acknowledged in Indonesia, because otherwise, he couldn’t have gone to school.  We have his school record there which says that his name is “Barry Soetoro,” his nationality is “Indonesian,” and his religion is “Muslim.”  Now if he hasn’t legally changed his name since that time, you can use an alias, but not for fraudulent purposes.  And he’s doing it for fraudulent purposes.  So if he hasn’t legally changed his name in court, and there’s no evidence that he has, he committed fraud every time he signed his name in each of the 50 states to run for office, and he continues the fraud by using that name at this point.

MRS. RONDEAU: The Post & Email had run a story in which a person fluent in Indonesian had translated the school registration form completely, so we’re quite sure that that is what it says.  That begs the question of how could he have been eligible to run for President of the United States as a “natural born Citizen”?

ATTY. BERG: I had an argument with an immigration attorney in Washington, DC at the CPAC Convention back in February.  He wasn’t buying the Obama argument, and I said, “OK, you don’t buy the Obama argument.  Let’s switch it;  let’s talk about the children from Haiti.”  He said, “OK.”  I said, “Well, the children from Haiti are cutting off their relationship with their families in Haiti and they’re being adopted here and taking on the nationality of the United States and the family name of the adoptive family.”  He said, “Absolutely.”  Then I said, “Well, why doesn’t that apply in the reverse to Obama?”  “It doesn’t.”  Well, it does.  In Obama’s other autobiography, he wrote of the fact that his parents divorced, his mother remarried; he mentioned “My stepfather returned to Indonesia before my mother and me.”  So he acknowledges him as his stepfather; then he said, “When I went to Indonesia, I immediately went to school.”

In the 1960s, Indonesia was at war, so the only ones who could go to school were those considered “natural born.”  He wasn’t born there, but you were considered “natural born” if you were adopted or acknowledged by your stepfather, which is on the school record.  So at that point, his name was “Barry Soetoro.”

I have one lawsuit pending in the U.S. Court of Appeals in DC, which just ruled against me, so we’re appealing it to the U.S. Supreme Court.  Well, I think that case is the key to the whole thing, because I’m alleging there that he not only is not natural born, but he’s not naturalized, either.  Therefore, he’s an illegal alien and he not only cannot be president, but his term as a U.S. Senator from Illinois was fraudulent.  That, to me, is significant.  The interesting thing on that case, if you’ve followed it, is that under the “Qui Tam” or “False Claims Act,” “standing” has already been granted by the U.S. Supreme Court to the person bringing that action.   That person is called a “relator,” and I am the relator in that case.  So the standing issue is there, and the court didn’t buy the fact of conflict of interest.  If there’s no conflict of interest in that case, there’s no such thing as conflict of interest for this reason:  Eric Holder is the attorney general.  When you file a False Claims Act case, the attorney general’s office makes a decision along with the U.S. attorney’s office and the Justice Department, both of which come under the attorney general’s office.

Eric Holder was a senior member of Obama’s campaign staff, and he was one of three individuals selected to sit on the committee to choose the vice president, and he was nominated and confirmed as attorney general, which is the highest law enforcement officer in the country and reports to the president.  So if that’s not a conflict of interest…I asked that I be allowed to pursue the case and a special prosecutor be appointed, and they ruled against us, and that’s where we’re going to be able to appeal to the Supreme Court.

MRS. RONDEAU: It doesn’t make sense that the court ruled against you when you’re citing many reasons why the case should be heard.  Is there something horribly wrong with every court in this country?  What has gone wrong with the judiciary that they will not hear these cases?

ATTY. BERG: There are not guts. No guts, and hopefully the Supreme Court will act on the last case.  But that’s why we’re proceeding as we are.  As the Constitution starts:  “We the People.”  So I need as many of “We the People” coming this weekend as possible.

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  1. Spaulding is grossly mistaken when he says below that “There is no evidence that Obama was born in another country.” He needs to get up to speed on numerous stories in African newspapers claiming Obama II was born in Kenya, supported by his paternal grandmother’s statement that she was present when he was born in Kenya, and Obama II’s Kenyan birth certificate obtained by Lucas Smith, which contains multiple signatures of doctors/administrators and even baby Obama’s footprint. There is also a signed secondary registration of the Kenyan birth that is far more credible than the forged secondary document posted online by the Obama campaign.

  2. Berg got exactly what he wanted, virtually no turnout. His job is to paint questions about Obama’s illigitimacy into irrelevancy. When discussions about Obama’s status do not quote our framers, supreme court cases, provisions or amendments, the questions were either submitted by Obama supporters, or by the ill-informed. The Obama issue is Constitutional. His handlers are using the ignorance of the public and complicity of the press to keep the public away from learning the truth. Just look at the questions on this excellent conservative site. Why would any public figure – Limbaugh, Berg, Beck, Hedgecock, Palin, Rubio, Tancredo,… risk his or her political figure when it appears that the public is unable or unwilling to read the Constitution or the common-law dicta which confirm the definition of a natural born citizen?

    How many have not read the remarkable document exposed by Post & Email Editor Sharon Rondeau “Is Charles Evans Hughes a ‘Natural Born Citizen’ within the meaning of The Constitution?” It was published in then the nation’s most widely read legal journal, Chicago Legal News, in 1916, and is a thorough explaination of the meaning by a Missouri Attorney who held a number of offices under FDR. It refers, as would any legitimate discussion of natural born citizenship, to Chief Justice Waite’s definintion in Minor v. Happersett, the same definition referred to by Gray in Wong Kim Ark and Chief Justice Hughes in Perkins v. Elg.

    Having just read that Vattel was by far the important legal source for Alexander Hamilton, whom he read and quoted extensively while at King’s College (Columbia), and in The Federalist Papers, here is the most concise statement by our most concise chief justice, John Marshall, in The Venus, 12 U.S. 253: “The natives or indigenes are those born in the country of parents who are citizens.” “Natives and indigenes” was translated into ‘natural born citizens’ in the English editions of “Law of Nations.”

    The left are clever manipulators of public perception. Read original sources. Suspect anyone who doesn’t refer to those sources. Berg wanted to demonstrate how little the public cares about the eligibility issue. He has done an excellent job. His allegations belong in the National Enquirer, or Globe, though that may disparaging the tabloids, which have incovered real stories. There is no evidence that Obama was born in another country. There is firm evidence from Obama himself that he was born of a non-citizen father. That violates our Constitutional eligibility requirements. But the public appears to prefer chasing rumors, and Berg has conferred an apparent legitimacy to the distraction.

    1. I guess this is a big difference from today and yesteryear! During the American Revolution many citizen patriots forfeited their lives to give us the freedoms we enjoy today. But today we have talkers who talk a good game and get people’s attention…and make lots of money doing it! We have made the descending leap from patriot soldier to the paid talker who is afraid to lose their source of high income if they make that change from talker to patriot hero…they choose the money over saving The United States of America from the clutches of the people who dare bring about this Constitutional Crime of the Century to the American People and subject us, WE THE PEOPLE, to this contemptuous nonsense!

  3. Thanks, Bob 1943, for the link to WorldNetDaily, which ran a good story on Berg’s rally. A million could march for the Tea Party, hundreds of thousands for Glenn Beck’s gathering, but only a couple hundred showed when the issue was clearly focused on the root problem: Obama’s ineligibility. No doubt the White House is relieved.

    But WND also reported that NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” program did a skit in which the actor playing Obama is advised to show his birth cert: “Is that too much to ask?” Maybe now it will not be considered racist or extremist to ask to have a constitutionally eligible prez. That requires an American father, which Obama did not have.

    1. I doubt if the MSM, including Fox of course, will use the small turnout to bash the birthers. I don’t think they want to mention anything that brings the issue up. If they do mention it they won’t cover anything that was said. To have people listen to what Phil Berg says in not something Fox or the others want.

    1. If you looked at the video released which showed a panoramic shot all around Berg, it was hard to even count to one hundred. Pathetic. And all Berg’s fault. The “rally” should have never been held as it hurt the cause immensely. We drew more people to Surprise, Az.(125) ,a small suburb of Phoenix, to hear Orly Taitz speak on Oct. 9th than Berg drew to this.


  4. If you jump over to Drudge right now you will see one of my pet peeve analogies! Swimmer gets bitten by a shark! Yes, the MSM feels it is obligated to inform the world of another shark bite victim but somehow can’t bring itself about to inform people that here in the United States there are many citizens who believe that there has been a violation of Constitutional Law and that America has a USURPER living in the White House! Their story can’t be told for some reason. What do you think?

    1. I leave a little note about Drudges refusal to link anything about Obama’s eligibility, and various other comments related to the media protection of Barry in the “tip box” at the bottom right of The Drudge Report almost every time I visit there.

      I’m sure it has no effect, but it’s easy to do and can’t hurt.

      I do the same in the tip line box at Beck’s “The Blaze” website. I have also left some pretty strong anti-Beck comments at various articles on The Blaze, and they have yet to censor anything I have written.

    2. The CIA will step in and cite, “It’s a matter of national security.” In other words, Americans can’t handle the truth and a race war and civil war will break out and etc…etc…etc. BO/BS’s BS has to be protected at all cost. So says, Brzezinsky, Kissinger, Clintons, Carter, etc. the very people providing his cover for the past 29 years.

  5. Has someone actually, UNEQUIVOCALLY, procured a long form birth certificate from the State of Hawai’i? Why can’t this be done, demonstrably proven.

    Miki? This has been a “question” for some time, and I’ve seen various claims by both sides, but even though the “Researcher” has said he saw a woman ask for one (there is a video out there too supposedly proving it), it makes no sense that this hasn’t been shown without a doubt. If it has, produce the document. If it hasn’t, why has this taken so long. The whole argument of the Obots is all about how there is nothing else besides the COLB he is showing.

    Mrs. Rondeau replies: The video of the person requesting a long-form birth certificate at the Hawaii Department of Health is linked in my latest article published today regarding the Elections Office and DOH’s withholding of public documents. Also, please see what is reported to be a Hawaii long-form birth certificate in my interview with Phil Berg here: http://www.thepostemail.com/2010/10/21/obama-eligibility-attorney-to-hold-rally-in-dc-this-saturday/ It was not part of our conversation, but rather, added as an editor’s parenthetical note with a link.

  6. Berg is the controlled opposition, there to plant the Native born = Natural Born fallacy.
    I don’t trust him. He will be speaking to the press and spreading that untruth.

  7. I hope he will have a good crowd tomorrow. For me it is impossible to come, unfortunately.

    When I filed my “adjustment of status” with the INS I first gave them am international birth certificate. That is also a computer print out of the basic data, similar to the COLB. (only that the description is in various languages)
    It was refused and I had to bring my certified copy of the original, plus certified translation.
    Double standards.

    There is enough power in the simple question “where is the birth certificate?”
    Go Phil Berg!

  8. Mr. Berg HAS been promoting this event for quite some time. He doesn’t have the monetary resources to publicize it like everyone wants him to do. He personally handed out over 3,000 flyers at Beck’s rally. There are many of us that don’t agree with his take on the eligibility issue but all of us are asking, “WHERE’S THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE?” and therefore should be supporting Phil Berg. I pray the rally is successful and someone from the lamestream press (under pressure from foreign media) asks the question, “where IS the birth certificate?”
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Well-said, madam!

  9. I don’t understand all the suspicious of an ulterior motive and/or other negative remarks about Berg and/or his rally in DC tomorrow. Someone is FINALLY going to publicly demand at the steps of the U.S. Capitol that Obama actually prove he is eligible to serve as POTUS (and resign if he doesn’t).

    Actions always speak louder than words. I’ll be there. Will you?

      1. Sunday moring following the event I wrote and posted a somewhat lengthy account, including a link to the same videos that ObamaReleaseYourRecords linked to (except that when I posted my account only four of the six were available at ImpeahObamaCampaign), as well as a link to the WND report on the event. I have no idea why my post hasn’t appeared. In the video entitled “Phil Berg – Obama Birth Certificate 1 of 6”, as the camera is panning the crowd to the right, at 2:56 in the middle of the video I’m the guy in the bright orange jacket standing behind the girl in all white.
        Mrs. Rondeau replies: I don’t, either. It somehow did not come through. However, if a post is very long or contains a link in the first paragraph, it is often flagged as spam.

    1. Because standing outside the Capital for a couple hours isn’t going to do it, no matter if it is 1 million people or 10 million people. If it is a small turnout the media will use that against us!

      It needs to be a sustained event such as was written by Mr. Charlton at this very site last year…

      It will take an ORANGE REVOLUTION! http://www.thepostemail.com/2009/11/15/editorial-nov-16-2009-%E2%80%94-an-orange-revolution-can-oust-obama/

      That said, I commend Berg for his outspokenness on this issue but what good is it if no one is there to hear him? How many elected officials do you think will be at the Capital on a Saturday? .

      1. One would think anyone with just a tiny bit of common sense would reject any definition of “natural born” that allows an anchor baby to be eligible to be president.

  10. “WE the People” are suffering from a Totally Corrupt Judiciary, Legislative and Military, they need to be Impeached or Removed for their DEMENTIA that they are suffering in regards to the Swearing and Affirmation to “The Constitutional Oath” at their accepting their positions!!

  11. As with the legal team for Dr. Lakin, Philip Berg was one of the first to perform yoeman’s duty obscuring the simple legal truth being ignored by both parties, that neither Obama nor McCain were natural born citizens. That any pay attention to him, after he successfuly provided federal courts with precedent for not hearing legitimate cases questioning Obama’s eligibility is a sad testiment to the public’s gullibility. (Courts have dismissed a number of eligibility challenges based upon the presumption that Berg was precedential. He provided them with cover, probably by design.) Like Obama, who never said he was a natural born citizen, Berg has always told us he is a lifetime Democratic official. Since he was honest about that, many presumed he was being honest about the real motives for his lawsuit. Berg knew there would be interest in exotic stories about our exotic white house resident, all well coordinated with the well planned concealment of most all official documents about Barry, or whoever he is.

    The truth not provided by pundits, or by Republican Party officials too busy trying to wrest power from the Tea Party candidates, was always there in the popular “proof” cited by Ruling Class pundits, Wong Kim Ark, which, to those who hadn’t read it, was claimed to make the “Native born citizen of the U.S.,” as Obama described his own status, equal to a natural born citizen. WKA said the opposite. Wong Kim, born in San Francisco, was declared a citizen, and not a natural born citizen. On page 19 of WKA Chief Justice Morrison Waite was cited and quoted “it was never doubted that all
    children, born in a country of [p680] parents who were its citizens, became
    themselves, upon their birth, citizens also. These were natives, or natural-born
    citizens, as distinguished from aliens or foreigners.” Berg is not a fraud, he is, and has spent a long career as, a political operative. His job is to capitalize on the ignorance of the public.

    Our representatives don’t dare confront the Alinsky-armed press, both because they have remained silent for two years always knowing of McCain’s ineligibility. Now they are caught, and we are seeing how they are much like Democrats, supporting Murkowski, Crist, and Mike Castle, all beholden to union interests, and cap-and-trade, like McCain. We need eventually to purge government of these employees of lobbies. They, like the Democrats, would rather we not bring up the issues raised by conflicts with The Constitution. Most of them have spent their lives justifying the rape of the private sector.

    Don’t be distracted by rumors of documents or supposed discussions with far away relatives. Obama holds office in violation of the Constitution. Most every Democrat knew why McCain was ineligible. There are dozens of Washington Post, LA Times, NY Times, …, articles about McCain’s “problem.” It was only a problem until some bright progressive decided that McCain could be useful. The Senate Judiciary pretended to try to pass a law, SB2678, to make McCain, not born on our soil, eligible. After SB2678 didn’t pass (it was unconstitutional), they wrote SenRes 511, which was artifice with no legal weight. After law suits, dozens of legal briefs and white papers, like the thorough paper by Prof. Gabriel Chin, Dems got quiet when they understood the ploy which would allow Obama to run unchallanged. They have snookered many, and silenced others. Berg is just a tool, like McCain, who had been receiving funding from Soros for years. Just a guess is that if and when Hillary runs, Berg will have a better job than snookering the naive, who nevertheless know that Obama’s allegiance, what the natural born citizen requirement was recommended by John Jay to try to insure, is not with the U.S. Constitution and its guarantees of individual freedom.

  12. I’m afraid without proper promotion… Berg’s rally will be a flop. Beck has a viewership of over 2 million and also has a radio broadcast, and mustered 500k for the 8/28 rally. What has Berg done to really get the word out for the rally?

    Lets say he’s somewhat successful and gets around 100k. What media outlet is going to cover it when all of them have been so tight lipped thus far? Hope I’m wrong, but based on the media blackout… I just don’t see the numbers required showing up to get a political reaction required to make any headway in DC.

  13. Harry, you are absolutely correct in all of your comments.

    However, I fear that Berg’s rally will actually hurt our movement because he did not adequately promote it and I would be surprised if his crowd exceeds even 1000 people. I hope I am wrong.

    And as you said his assault on Orly Taitz is a mystery and not justified as well as his failure to mention Lucas Smith, probably because Orly found him first. Sad.

    1. It will hurt it, imho.

      I told Berg over 6 months ago that he needed way more time to promote this type of event if he wanted a good turnout. It took Glenn Beck over a year of promoting the 9/12 march to get the turnout they did, and that was with the help of FOX News airtime.

      Going on a few radio shows to mention the rally, putting up one billboard and sending out emails is not going to do it. Millions would show up if they knew about. I hope he gets a good turnout but I don’t see it happening with the very little promoting he did.

      And, you can bet that the leftist media will be there to get clips of the crowd to use it against us…

  14. Why doesn’t Berg say that Obama’s father was Kenyan and under their law at the time the father conferred citizenship. Obama’s father was here on visa to study and never was or ever intended to become a US Citizen. Don’t understand why he doesn’t go with that. Doesn’t matter where Obama was born even if it was in the White House, he is not eligible for POTUS.

    We want him out along with his cronies.

    1. Apparently, it is because he believes that “natural born citizen” means only that you are born in the US, regardless of the citizenship of the parents. But the appropriate term for this is “native-born citizen” and not “natural born citizen”. A natural born citizen is someone who is born with exclusive allegiance to the US, and this can only be guaranteed by being born in the US and born to citizen parents (plural).

    2. I posted to Mr. Berg’s web site the other day and pointed out that his promotional video stated (and I am paraphrasing him at this time): obama ‘lost’ his natural born status upon his adoption by his Indonesian step-father acquiring Indonesian citizenship and adopting the religion of Islam at that time.

      I asserted that obama could not lose something he never had, because he was a dual citizen at birth — by his own admission of his Kenyan/British Father. I suggested he re-film his video to correct his premise and state the obama could never, under any circumstances, be a ‘natural born citizen’ and eligible to sit in the White House.

      He is ignoring the basic crux of obama’s ineligibility!!!

      I received no response and he did not post my submission.

  15. It seems as though now the US – or at least their court systems – are now called “the land of the craven”!!!

    Here’s hoping Phil gets a large turnout.

  16. I sure hope that all things work out and he has a huge crowd. Something needs to happen to give relief to true Americans that love our constitution. If the first law of eligibility is broken, all else will be broken after it, which is evident from what is happening. They will try to tear down our constitution, the supreme law of our land.

    1. This proposed legislation known as HB 2441 in the Ariz. House of Representatives DID pass that legislative body by a final vote of 31-29. It was within two votes of passing the Ariz. State Senate (don’t know whether they would or would not have been attained) when Senate President Robert Burns (R) refused to bring it to a vote stating that Arizona was already under too much heat for the SB 1070 Illegal Immigration Bill which Governor Brewer had just signed.

      Efforts are already underway to pursue this legislation all over again in the coming session this January.

  17. Isn’t the balance of power between judiciary, executive and legislative destroyed if the attorney general reports to the executive. This seems to be the problem behind this issue being settled, and what is the history of this corruption of the balance of power? Eric Holder is betraying his office and the public. He is basically a watchdog for the illegal president and seems to control the court system and many attorneys. How and when did this position be created and given so much power. He seems to have a rein over federal judges and even the Supreme Court, and the public accessibility to the courts. If there is anybody legally knowledgeable and constitutionally knowledgeable, could they explain what is going on, and is the balance of power destroyed, and needs to be restored?

  18. Philip Berg deserves great credit for exposing Obama’s fraud, though he may also bear some blame for dealing harshly with another eligibility attorney. I hope there is a crowd of supporters on Saturday.

    In regard to Obama’s birth in Kenya, I don’t understand why Berg says “The best proof we have is a tape on our website of Sarah Obama . . . .” but says zilch about the birth certificate obtained by Lucas Smith with multiple signatures, a hospital, a seal, and even the baby’s footprint. It seems negligent to the point of recklessness not to utilize the Kenyan birth cert and to feature it prominently. It has not been disproven, and it is completely consistent with Sarah Obama’s testimony. Why not hold it high, Phil, and wave it on the Capitol steps?

    The behavior of the courts toward eligibility questions has been thoroughly despicable, no doubt about it. Truth and justice have been routinely trashed for the sake of political expediency. Truth is inadmissible in United States courts. Justice is out of order. Everybody lacks standing. What a disgrace for Amerika, land of the UNfree.

    1. Good idea Harry. Obama attorney’s could then have something real to contest and maybe be the key to force him into releasing his legitimate bc if Lucas’ in fact turns out to be fake.
      I believe tho that Lucas’ is the real deal.