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by Marcie Burbank

Is Obama's ascension to power found within the pages of the Holy Bible?

(Oct. 21, 2010) — It is obvious to many Americans that Barry Soetoro (Soebarkah) alias Barack Obama’s life has been systematically manipulated and orchestrated by enemies of the Free Constitutional Republic United States of America, so that Soetoro could be used as a foreign, weak, incompetent, sociopathic, daily serial criminal, and an insane narcissist who is a pliable, drug-addicted puppet with no legal or philosophical ties of loyalty to the United States of America.

Because Barry Soetoro is a Sociopath, Daily Serial Criminal, Psychopath, Foreign Born Domestic Enemy Terrorist, and a criminally insane narcissist Madman, he is willing to sell his soul to Satan the Devil as a weak Insane Narcissist to get all of the power and wealth he can bribe and steal on earth together with the Financial Foreign New World Order/One World Government Federal Reserve Banksters, and the other Radical Islamic Muslim and Communist/Marxist/Fascist totalitarian dictators who are the other Foreign Born Domestic Enemies Terrorists working together with Soetoro to overthrow the U.S. government.

Alex Jones and others have uncovered years of these groups working with past presidents of the USA to get their financial New World Order and One World Government totalitarian dictatorship spread over all nations of the earth through forcing the financial collapse of the current worldwide financial banking systems, which will then, in their goals force a New World Order, one-world financial banking financial system. And Foreign Terrorist Usurper Soetoro and his tyrant co-workers’ goals are to force a worldwide overthrow of all nations’ governments financially, and to force the conquering of worldwide Islam and Communism/Marxism/Fascism to overthrow and conquer the world in a New World Order – One World Government. Watch for the coming outlawing of the Judeo-Christian worship of God globally which will be attempted on earth soon by the insane tyrant directors of the Foreign Terrorist Usurper, Barry Soetoro Soebarkah, who direct and order Soetoro’s words and every move he makes in his choreographed force-fed public teleprompter speeches.

In the future many people will be martyred who will refuse to renounce their trust and faith in the Living God, The Most Holy Trinity, and in Christ Jesus, the Lord and Savior, and who will refuse to be forced to convert to Antichrist Islam. Many Antichrists are on earth today. Many heresies, false religious, and terrorist political doctrines abound on earth. Islam is not a religion. Islam is at perpetual war with humanity as a war-making terrorist political government that contains Sharia Law as its terrorist government foundation.

Islam is at war against all nations and all governments to make perpetual war against them and to overthrow all governments and nations. Islam and Communist/Marxist/Fascist/Socialist goals are to conquer the entire world  and establish a global caliphate.  Islam has terrorist fanatical religious features. However, Islam is not a religion.

Question: What “religion” on earth uses its own court of law in its own government?

The Answer: Islam only. Islam is at war with humanity, and with God the Most Holy Trinity, Christianity, Jews, America, Israel, and with Jesus Christ the Lord God Almighty Savior, The One and Only True Jewish Messiah. The Second Coming of Christ will be to end Islam’s attempt to seat the reign of the Islamic Antichrist in Jerusalem, and to stop the Islamic destruction of Armegeddon in Israel. God’s Forever Word in the Holy Bible says that God will never allow Israel to be destroyed. The book of Revelations in the Holy Bible is being fulfilled in our lifetimes in this generation.

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  1. Hasn’t it occurred to many of you folks that when it comes to muslims, the liberal concept of “separation of church and state” has been thrown out the window? It really does seem like if you read between the lines, that our government is not only endorsing the muslim religion but cramming it down the throats of Americans!

    1. “Caliph” Obama and his cabal have usurped “our Government”. That is EXACTLY what Obama is doing. Islam does NOT recognize “freedom of religion”. It is Islam or death.

  2. Morality in America Today !

    Is there anyone who doesn’t think that 60,000,000 killed in World War II was a bad thing, or that it was quite a terrible time that possibly could have been avoided if only good and responsible people had just read the warning signs and done something to prevent this from ever happening?

    What do you think about 60,000,000 babies being killed by way of abortion since Roe v. Wade was passed? Or does it become alright if we just call it by a neat, clean little word like “choice” or by a harmless little phrase like “a woman’s right to choose”? What amazes me is that the strongest proponents of abortion are the very people whom their mothers obviously chose not to abort! Interesting. The fattest hog at the trough gets more food than all the others, I suppose. Is that what we are dealing with here? At any rate, this just is not God’s way. America has many other very serious problems too, based on bad Government in general, but mainly because of the Democrats. I could list them, but I think everyone knows by now.

    Can anyone tell me why we put so much trust in politicians’ lies? How can we even tolerate listening to their lies? Here’s just one example; Obama has given over forty (40) public speeches about the benefits of his health care plan, about how everyone’s cost would go down, that it would save big money, even save the economy, everyone’s health care would be much better, you could keep your own doctor, and group plan, etc, etc, none of which is even close to being true. In fact, the exact opposite of everything he said is true. Why do we keep listening when we know that every word out of his mouth is a lie? Are we just hoping for it to be true, can we not use our brains and realize that “it has never been about health care, at all, ever, it’s only about POWER and CONTROL”? Why does the Lame-Stream-Media keep pushing these lies at us 24/7 instead of doing a little research of their own, about the facts? Some fool themselves into thinking that obama knows more about health care than doctors do, when all he ever was is a community organizer- thug, and money-grubbing, lying, cheating, con-artist, usurping criminal who should be arrested immediately for TREASON. There is going to be lots of FRAUD in this election – it is already happening, and that is precisely why GOOD PEOPLE must get out and vote Republican. This is our last chance, folks, short of another civil war. Read the warning signs and VOTE. You have the power, so use it and vote!


    1. Der Spiegel recently wrote an article concerning the comparing of Obama with Hitler. The article said that Hitler was responsible for the Holocausr and that Obama has no such holocaust to warrant the comparison. However,as you mentioned,Obama has the blood of 50 million plus victims of the “holocaust” of abortion,,which he adamantly supports,on his
      hands. Obama IS Hitleresque:

  3. This didn’t occur overnight. Is anyone aware of this little known gem…the B. Hussein tyranny was already installing future “czars” and judges as far back as 1981? The Communist/Socialist Party in America has been working behind the scenes for this antichrist dictatorship for years. The only true way out of it, and please don’t roll your eyes, is to get on our knees and ask The Creator to forgive the sins of this country and to afford us another chance. I’m very uneasy that we are living in a time that our actions are mirrored in propehcy throughout the Bible. Read Jeremiah; read Daniel; read the New Testament, and many additional Books of the Old Testament. May God have mercy on us, and please, do not throw away your vote on November 2, 2010.

    1. Candy…
      Those of us that have accepted Christ as our personal savior will find everlasting life in heaven with Jesus… What happens here on earth to the non-believers… well… they had their chances

  4. With the fraudulent installation of Obama, the elite have already overthrown this former republic. The question now is whether constitutional governance can be restored before it is irretrievably lost. If Obama’s con sticks, we have truly had it.

  5. Be aware of election fraud. Watch the write in ballots closely as they will be how illegals will vote.

    The outpouring of patriotic citizens who have never or rarely voted is real. I know many people who said this will be the first time they ever voted and it is because they feel the TEA party has given them hope. With that sample alone voting there is no way possible the Marxists can come out in control of anything but the courts that will watch the recounts and prosecute election fraud, or not.

    1. In an ideal situation,the “courts…will watch the recounts and prosecute election fraud”. The federal elections of 2008 was fixed and the courts did nothing. Obama’s cabal has control of the courts. Did you know that Venezuela (Presidede ove by Obama cohort Chavez)manufactures electronic voting machines?

  6. Bilderberg, Rothchild, Soros, Gates, the Tri-Lateral and the rest of the Mega-Money Idiots of the World plotted well in advance of “O”‘s Coronation to insure his Rise to Power and Destruction of America!!
    Now, not only America, but the Europeans are suffering first-hand the results of the Cloward/Pivin and Alinsky Doctrines!! For 100 years they plotted in Darkness like Vampires, now we see the Darkness upon the Planet!!

    1. Obama was warned about Sharia Financing in 2008. Did you know that “Zakat” or Muslim “Charity” is part and parcel of Sharia Financing and that ONE EIGHTH of all “Zakat” MUST go to the military? This is the SAME Islamic “Military” (the Taliban) that KILL our service men in Iraq and Afghanistan. So,in effect, Obama is contributing to the death of Americas OWN people:

      “I support Zakat”-Barack Obama

  7. I don’t think the elite think of it as “overthrowing” the USA so much as “transforming” the USA. They (the global elite) have a different mind-set than most people. They’ve become lost in their own webs of deceit.

    If it comes down to it, I believe the US military (the majority of them) will do the right thing and side with the Constitution and those in the public who are like minded. This is the elite’s major problem in “transforming” the USA.

    1. The US has already been overthrown. There is a traitor in the Oval office. Downplaying the issue serves no purpose,rationalizing it no avail.

  8. Something has to get started NOW, because when it all hits the fan it will be too LATE…and i bet his gangs are standing and waiting to control AMERICAN STREETS. the funny part is its going to be sooner, they are already working i read it today with the I. R. S. to put your # of guns on this list, I R S, of course its going to be a small tax, but then they know who. they will have your house #, etc..so now this is why its got to STOP him now, not latter, so far he’s taking small steps, next is the BIG STEPS?

    1. The concept of starting something “now” has been going on for about two years now! There is something peculiar about all the different web sites of “concerned” people who express outrage over our government installing an illegal usurping president. I also include tea party people as well. I find it peculiar that they just can’t come together on the single most important American issue of the day which is the illegal Obama! This is a time when WE THE PEOPLE must come together with a sharp focus on this violation of Article 2 Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution! All other MSM issues of the day…taxes, election fraud, all the scandals, the war (which I think has turned into some sort of scam) etc. must be set aside for a few moments! There is only one thing to talk about in America right now…..Obama and the people who are behind the national silence on this illegal usurper occupying America’s White House! Why is it that these people can’t come together and get better and more stronger organized?

    2. I have to disagree with you also. Obama has taken major steps already. He has created “Czars” unaccountable to the people,taken over a position in the UN illegally,has ruled by executive order,has disparaged america befoire the world,has taken steps to criminalize dissent,threatens to take over the internet,has publicly denounced the constitution,publicly denounced christianity,is highly anti-semetic and is a Islamic supremacist intent on instituting the totalitarian system of Sharia. Those are not “small steps”.It was imperative many months ago that Obama be contained,arrested and tried for treason. It is much more so now!