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by Bill R.

Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon at Bohemian Grove, before either was elected President

(Oct. 20, 2010) — In the fall of 1979, Barack Hussein Obama left Hawaii and moved to California to begin his freshman year at small Occidental College. His life to that point had been largely mundane and unremarkable, and that trend continued in his undergraduate years in California.

Obama remained at Occidental for two years. And then at the start of his junior year, suddenly, he transferred out of that small liberal arts school and into the Ivy League. Obama then finished his college tenure at Columbia University, majoring in, no surprise, Political Science with a concentration in International Relations.

Following college, he went to work for Business International Corporation, a firm heavily involved in the workings of global business, and then for a New York interest group with its hand in politics. In 1988 he entered Harvard Law School, the most prestigious law school in the country, where he was made the first black president of the Harvard Law Review.

From there he went back to doing political work, before ending up in the Illinois State Senate. And then the U.S. Senate. And then the White House. Taking each office on his first attempt in running for it.

Considerable attention has been paid to Obama’s time at Columbia and Harvard, but the key to his success may be at neither of those schools. Perhaps, instead, the key to Obama’s rise to the top is found at Occidental.

Occidental, California is just a few miles away from Bohemian Grove, an encampment where the global elite gather every summer to meet and make decisions that affect the whole world. Alex Jones once infiltrated one of their meetings, and documented what he found in the video “Dark Secrets: Inside Bohemian Grove and the Order of Death.” The Bohemian Grove Action Network, which protests the secrecy of the camp, is itself based out of Occidental.

Did Bohemian Grove attendees discover a young and ambitious Barack Obama in July 1981? Could they have seen in him a man who they could manipulate and mold to be their agent in the future? Getting him out of little Occidental, sending him up to the Ivy League, and setting him on the path to Harvard, and the Senate, and the Presidency? Everything about his resume reads like a blueprint for getting him into the White House as soon as possible.

Can it be just a coincidence that Obama started college so near to where the world’s elite gather on an annual basis, and then overnight found himself hobnobbing with the Ivy League elite on a daily basis? How he went from a small liberal arts school to global business affairs in only a couple of years? Not only does it explain his last-minute cross-country transfer, but it also explains why he was invited to the Bohemian Grove again in 2008, right in the middle of the campaign.

Maybe even more importantly, if Obama’s rise to power has been orchestrated since his undergraduate days almost thirty years ago, what else are his puppetmasters capable of making happen? Or making not happen?

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  1. http://www.oxy.edu/x9048.xml

    That’s a link to a photo gallery by Lisa Jack, the woman who supposedly found Barry’s photos in her basement and published them only after the election. You know the ones–where he’s tokin’ on a joint, wearing his Superfly hat. Page through them all, but pay attention to the first that comes up–Lisa Jack’s roommate, Susan Keselenko Coll. She’s a radical, socialist feminist. Married to President and CEO of the New America Foundation: Steve Coll, connected with George Soros.

    Only a coincidence that Lisa found these photos?

  2. Author Bill R. may be right that Obama was long ago selected for his usefulness to the power elite, but he misspoke on the location of Occidental College. It is also highly doubtful that Obama actually earned a degree from Columbia, so Bill R. apparently erred again when he said “Obama then finished his college tenure at Columbia University.”

    When dealing with a con artist at Obama’s level of chicanery, nothing he says should be accepted at face value. The man is a pretense, a fraud, a phony, a pseudo-magician in Ozbamaland, the land of make-believe.

  3. his grades in HS were mediocre………


    Didn’t know any grades or diplomas were discovered , please enlighten the rest of us….

    1. Great to see that billboard! I’ll be at the rally…hopefully with lots of others demanding that Obama actually prove he is in fact a “natural born Citizen”.

  4. What may seem earth shaking and evil to us is rather status quo to those who attend such events, belong to such organizations. I have personally had conversations with these people (in and out of the family) and on the outside they seem perfectly normal. When they divulge things they know concerning how the world is managed by them, well that is when it gets weird, really weird in some instances. I am reminded of the the verse in Ephesians 6:12.

  5. Bob 1943: you are right and as far as Obama at Bohemian Grove. He had an easy time but i do not believe he was invited to Bohemian Grove just because he lived nearby and was “discovered by BG attendees”. The writer of this article has not gone into enough detail but he is right in that Obama never attended Columbia as far as what Dr. Manning has uncovered whom I believe 100%.

  6. They are all in it together.

    ~ a tight knit sticky web of creepy crawlers

    California, needs to go all together. bad-bye. boring…

    Boycott Hollywood, they are all over the top. They need to go belly-up.
    Pay the taxman, scrounge like the rest of us. Stop feeding them your hard earned USDs.
    Athletes, up next. Shut them up.

  7. Bill R, An interesting concept but I found one flaw that I thought I would like to bring to your attention. Occidental College is in Los Angeles, while The Bohemian Grove is located near Santa Rosa CA., which is north of San Francisco. So the two areas are much further away than a few miles, more like 400 miles,an 7-8 hour drive approximately. That does not make your idea totally impossible but I thought you ought to know.
    One thing that no one ever brings up is how did BHO get into Occidental in the first place? They are not an easy school to get into grade wise for full scholarships, and his grades in HS were mediocre. To get any scholarship in a private college your grades need to be top draw and it has been said he attended Occidental on a full shcolarship, how did that happen? Affirmative action??

    1. MeJane,

      The common sense answer to your question and to the similar question of attendance to the very exlusive and expansive prep school in Hawaii, is attendance with full scholarship given to a foreign student. Obama was probably not registered as an American student and at least for Occidental College that meant being on a federal tax payer funded scholarship, hence fraud.

  8. I remember seeing Obama on TV on election night in November 2004. They showed him giving a speech and then briefly interviewed him. I thought, “this guy is going to be trouble in the future.” For once I was right, I just had no idea of the magnitude of the trouble he was going to be.

    1. I don’t believe we do……Occidental and Harvard he probably attended for at least part of the time he was supposed to have been there…..Columbia? He likely did not do any more than briefly set foot there, if that.

      I think Dr. Manning is right-on about Obama never attending Columbia, and it’s backed up with evidence that he never attended that school.

    2. Annie asked:”Do we know that The Wonce went to Occidental, Columbia and Harvard?”

      No records available!!?!? It is all “hearsay” until placed up for public scrutiny!?!?

      1. Bob1943 and 12thGen, that’s what I thought. So, this is a theory based on unverified information presented by sources that have proven themselves not credible.