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by Don Hank
The Marriner S. Eccles Federal Reserve Board Building was built in 1937. Last year, the property was valued at $109,029,200. How large a part did the Federal Reserve System play in the ongoing worldwide economic meltdown?

(Oct. 19, 2010) — Folks, time to refocus the tea party. We now have the GOP establishment running the entire show and we are not one inch closer to defending against the wholesale out-in-the-open fraud that is about to destroy our economy.

What happened to you and me? Are we chopped liver?

I don’t think so. I am not ready to relinquish my kids’ future. Let’s refocus.

Here is the issue:

Americans have been the victims of the biggest crime in the history of the world. The bank robbers were the banks and their politician friends. It didn’t stop at our shores. The bank robbers sold phony derivatives loaded with toxic mortgages to other countries as well and triggered a world financial and economic crisis that shows no signs of abating. This is not to say that it was all American banks that did it. The EU let the Greeks and other countries rack up debts that under EU law were illegal and then said, “Ah, that’s OK; we’ll bail you out.”

Bailouts on both sides of the Atlantic and ordinary people are boiling mad there too. The pattern is unmistakable everywhere. It smacks of wealth redistribution but with a twist: rich bankers got the bailout money and the poor and middle class paid. Wasn’t that nice? No, that wasn’t standard Marxism, so the conservatives couldn’t quite identify it and were too confused to protest much. The useful idiots on the Left thought it was Bush’s fault, so they figure all they need to do is stop the conservatives.

Will one of the major parties stop this? Do you recall the Bush-Obama bailout?

Of COURSE the DEMS won’t stop this. They represent the government half of the Public-Private Partnership that stole your nest egg and your job.

Of COURSE the GOP doesn’t want to stop this. They represent the “private” half of the Public-Private Partnership that stole your nest egg and your job.

But wait a minute. Who represents you?

NO ONE. The GOP (remember: that’s the “private” half of the crime syndicate) has co-opted your movement and left you high and dry. They may have dealt Obama and the Dems a serious blow, but the criminals who engineered the bank crisis and got the billions in bailouts are still in place and will steal again and again and again until there is absolutely nothing left in your pocket, because these people have friends in both parties and they don’t care who gets elected — unless, of course, it is a Washington outsider.

That is all they are worried about. And heck, they can afford to buy a lot of the newcomers.

This means that unless you do some quick homework (start by subscribing to the website FedupUSA. Don’t put it off) and regrouping, your country will keep headed toward the same cliff as before.

To put it politely, if you are a Democrat, you have been had. If you are a Republican, you have been had.

The good news: there MAY be time to regroup and rout the enemy.

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  1. The GOP isn’t running the TEA Party. If that were true, in DE, incumbent Republican Mike Castle, instead of newbie Christine O’Donnell, would be running against Coons, and in AK, it would be incumbent Republican Lisa Murkowski and not Joe Miller running against Scott McAdams. O’Donnell and Miller were put in the GOP primaries by the TEA Parties and won the candidacies against the wishes of and in spite of the GOP. Should they win, can O’Donnell and Miller be bought? Maybe they can but the GOP establishment isn’t very sure of that or they wouldn’t be trying to help give the other party the wins in those races.

    The reactions from the GOP political establishment (aka the career politicians and pundits identified as Republicans) to O’Donnell and Miller winning the Republican candidacies in their states prove that Don Hank is correct about outsiders and newbies not being welcomed. In fact, Rove and Krauthammer went so far as to help Coons by way of bashing O’Donnell and Murkowski is willing to give the win to McAdams by continuing to run as an Indepedent and so risk splitting the conservative ticket!

    Maybe the TEA Parties in some of the other states and districts have been swallowed up by the GOP, but in most districts and states, it’s the GOP who has been influenced by the TEA Parties and not the other way around. In fact, the TEA Parties are proving to seriously affect, possibly even drive, the outcomes of the 2010 mid term races. Some RINO incumbents were flushed out and then beat out of the candidacy by TEA Party picks and favorites and it’s looking like a significant number of incumbent Demonrats will be leaving Capitol Hill in January. (Good riddance! Same goes for the RINOs who lost the primaries in their districts.)

    To vote for third party candidates or write-ins is not the right message for today or any of the days until Nov 3, 2010. Until then, the candidates have been selected and in some districts, although admittedly not all of them, the choices are TEA Party picks followed by “R” or Marxists next to “D.” Others have to choose between conservatives next to the Rs or Marxists next to the D, while still others have a choice of a RINO (R) or Marxist (D). (If the choice isn’t any one of these in a district that you know of, please let me know about it, too.) I, for one, urge the voters NOT to vote for a third party or write-in nor to stay home and not vote to “prove a point.” Voters who “proved a point” to the GOP about being dissatisfied with the McCain/Palin ticket in 2008 helped put The Wonce in the White House. Don’t help Dingy Harry Reid, Barbara “Don’t call me ma’am” Boxer, and Chris “Bearded Marxist” Coons keep their cushy, six-figure salaried jobs. Let’s get rid of them and as many as we can of the others who are working against our best interests while on our payroll.

    Then, at the first of the year, when the mid-terms and the holidays are over, and the TEA Parties will be due for reenergizing, anyway, it’ll be time to talk about freezing out the GOP, running third party candidates and flushing out the rest of the Marxists and Progressives on Capitol Hill in 2012.

    1. Great analysis, AuntieMadder. In practical terms, we have to make a choice on Election Day, and my choice is to defeat every Democrat I can. I will never forget that the Communist Party USA, the Democratic Socialists, ACORN, and the government workers’ union all fought hard to get Obama elected. Those groups and their “progressive” dupes/sympathizers are fundamentally anti-American, and they dominate the Democratic Party.

  2. Don Hanks is right about the malevolent influence of the banking cartel, but it is a mistake to posit moral equivalence between the Dems and Repubs. Neither party is free from error, but responsible analysis would distinguish between them. Our government still functions in a two-party system, and it is a cop-out to just condemn all politicians by saying both parties are equally liable for the present crisis.

    The coup d’etat of 2008 was carried out by the Democratic Party, which should be held accountable for the grievous blow it has dealt this former republic. Indeed, the Democratic Party should be outlawed for the sedition it has committed against America. The Federal Reserve should also be abolished, and our Treasury Department should be taken back from Goldman Sachs. The economic crisis that began in September 2008 was deliberately caused by international banking interests to ensure the election of Barack Obama. Obama and the Democratic Party are willing agents of the banking cartel’s one-world agenda.

    Moreover, any fair comparison of the agendas and voting patterns of the two parties shows great and fundamental differences between them. It is intellectually dishonest and slothful to just lump them together and say, in effect, “a plague on both your houses.” Informed conservatives should not have any trouble deciding whom to support if they want to restore constitutional governance.

  3. The subtle political realities of the current world power structure can be reduced to an easily comprehended model when viewed in terms of biblical prophecy. All you have to do is see that all these machinations lead to one basic state of global affairs and that is global governance. I doubt that most of those responsible for bringing this new world order into being have even considered the biblical implications (rise of the anti-christ). They like to fancy themselves as pioneers of humanity. In our technologically advanced world (at least in our minds), it is far too easy to dismiss an anachronistic “theory” of christian origin.

  4. Sharon-I’m just going to type what I know or what I was told not really understanding it myself or any ramifications-I live outside of a University-about 20 years ago we all took in Chinese students in my neighborhood. My guy-they were all wonderful-was going for an MBA in International Marketing-at work (I don’t know where he worked) some of the guys were trying to get him into some “deal” that he told me about. It had to do with deflating the value of a Chinese company in China-brought to them by someone at the World Bank (that is the part that shocked me-that someone at the World Bank could go dirty). I told him-the little I understood of this dopey deal is run away from it as fast as you can, you are in America under a student visa-you could get into huge trouble-and you would never be trusted again by anyone-a dirty deal is not worth it.
    When the Chinese students first came they had a functioning knowledge of English but it was mangled, after all of us neighbors it improved fast. The Chinese students in a lot of ways were unsophisticated in the mores of America and very naive in many respects.
    I don’t know if someone was trying to use him as a patsy, found someone else, all I know for sure was someone at the World Bank was devaluing Chinese companies in China, for reasons unknown to me and possibly him also.

  5. That “regroup” must be in the form of clearing the supreme court blockage of the right to petition for redress of grievances and the addition of however many new justices it will take to overturn the past interpretations of the constitution which have enabled the government to invade the private sector.

    Just as the Pelosi congress was handed legislation packaged to reshape government the conservatives must be prepared to revamp government in such a way as to not cause great pain yet alter governments methods for taxing and spending in a socialist style down spiral. It took a hundred years to get us here but it shouldn’t only take a few to remove the ability of progressives to undermine liberty. I have ideas and see the ability to return to constitutional governance by making a few small changes to how the laws are implemented if the people will support their own desire to be free from tyranny.

  6. Well! It is about time someone besides me is pointing this out, I have been saying all along our problem is not just the democrats and have been calling for a third party.
    At present the two major parties control the elective offices and do as they please. The tea parties upset the apple cart to some extent but then everyone said lets take over the Republican party to fix this.
    Instead the republican party has influenced the tea party folks by acting like they are on our side, HA HA guess again folks.
    The only way to fix this is throw out both parties and start over.

  7. Excuse Me Please! Can we please establish a list of priorities! With all due respect Mr. Donald Hank. The elitist concern regarding global economics has been respectively displaced because of a HIGHER THREAT! Why weren’t you informed of this threat? There is a higher threat now that supersedes all past priorities …A THREAT THAT INCLUDES YOU TO! THERE MUST BE AN OPEN AND PUBLIC NATIONAL AND MAYBE INTERNATIONAL DISCUSSION ABOUT ARTICLE 2 SECTION 1 OF OUR CONSTITUTION!