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by Miki Booth

Columbia University was founded in 1754 and is a member of the Ivy League of universities located in the Northeastern section of the country

(Oct. 17, 2010) — On Tuesday, 18 May 2010 in The ATLAH Court room under the sanction of the US Constitution, “We The People” spoke. Mr. Obama, Michael Sovern, and the trustees of Columbia University were found guilty on 17 of the original 19 counts of Sedition, Conspiracy, Fraud, and Obstruction of Justice.

Verdicts were delivered to The Judiciary of the US Senate, The US Congress, The Joint Chiefs Of Staff, and The US Attorney General. Specifically for Michael Sovern and Columbia University, verdicts and a demand that Columbia’s license to operate an educational institution be revoked were sent to The New York State Attorney General, New York State Board of Regents, and the Mid-Atlantic Schools Accreditation Board.

To date, not one response has reached its way back to the prosecutor, Rev. Dr. James David Manning, with the exception of a visit from the FBI, Homeland Security, NYPD and a “heads-up” warning from an alleged CIA operative that a “hit” was placed on his life.

Dr. Manning, a black preacher from a Harlem church, has been a vocal critic of Obama ever since he appeared on the political landscape. I can relate. I, too, became a national figure speaking out against a man who struck fear in my heart that pure evil was masquerading as a presidential candidate.

Four months and $5,000.00 after the trial, the transcripts are ready for release. In fact, on Tuesday of last week, Oct. 5, after a committee meeting in Harlem, copies were released to key contacts by members attending the meeting. Is it sheer coincidence that Obama’s National Intelligence Chief, James Clapper, was called to the White House the very next day? Or that James Jones, National Security Advisor, announced his resignation two days after that? Coincidence or an attempt at ‘damage control?’

Clapper spoke to the press and cited Obama’s deep anger over “Wikileaks.” But was it Wikileaks or guilty verdicts coming from a humble church in Harlem, just seven blocks from Columbia University?

The wheels seem to be coming off the Obama bus and I feel it is my patriotic duty to report what I know and hope I can help fill in the blanks about why things are happening the way they are. I’ll begin with excerpts from the trial transcripts and comment from my unique perspective as a Community Organizer from Hawai’i.


Eighteen. Columbia University violation of New York State Education Law Section 224. The Columbia University did violate Chapter 224, Section 2 of the Education Law of the State of New York in that it did unlawfully sell and did fraudulently make, give, and issue a diploma to Barack Hussein Obama certifying that he had completed a prescribed course of study and that he earned a Bachelor’s Degree from Columbia University. Furthermore, and in violation of Section 4 of the Education Law of the Sate of New York, Chapter 224, Columbia University did falsely make a degree which was conferred on Barack Hussein Obama and did by concealing said information aid and abet in his misrepresentations that he completed the prescribed course of study and earned a Bachelor’s degree.

There is no proof that Obama attended Columbia, but there is overwhelming evidence that he did not. Among evidence submitted at the trial is a video of Bill Hemmer, FOX News special where 400 people who attended Columbia during the years 1981-83 were interviewed and not one person knew him or had ever heard of him. Then there are the statements of Wayne Allyn Root and testimony by citizen investigators, who, after countless hours researching archives in the Butler Library, reported they were unable to find a shred of evidence that Obama ever set foot on campus. Moreover, Obama’s statements regarding his experience at Columbia, his housing and surrounding community are totally off-base according to lifelong residents of the area.

Day 4, Page 25, excerpted

Rev. Manning:

To have lived on 96th Street is a bit unseemly when you could have simply applied to the Registrar’s Office or the Community Affairs and probably gotten housing somewhere within the environs of Columbia, rather than way down on 96th Street. But I won’t charge that he didn’t live there. What I do want to state is this, is that when he talked about his experience, as you just heard him, he said, oh, yeah, I remember being in New York, Greenwich Village. Well, this is Harlem. He said nothing about 125th Street. He said nothing about the Apollo Theater. Nothing about Frank’s Restaurant or La Famile’s [ph] before Sylvia became so popular during the early ’80s. Nothing about the environs of this community, but Greenwich Village is what he talked about and Central Park.

So, it seems a bit strange to me as he pointed up that his mother­­ and we want to also point up that he, on the campaign, stated on several occasions his mother would wake him up at 4:00 in the morning and say, buster, this is no fun for me either and feed him his breakfast and teach him. But she also wanted to expose him to Mahalia Jackson, to Dr. King and to a few others, as you saw in that piece just a few moments ago. In other words, she was pushing him towards what she believed was his roots. But when he came to an area that personifies his roots, he had no interaction with anybody within this community, such as Mahalia Jackson or Alan Clayton Powell or with Professor James Cone or Dr. Cornel West. We want to point out those distinctions about what he says and what seems to be the truth.

Obama’s interest in the Black American experience has been an exercise in lip service. He eats, breathes and lives the life of an elitist while he straddles the line between Islamic and black liberation theologies. I believe a growing number of Americans have come to understand pure evil in the form of taqiyya which Obama uses frequently to hide his Islamic faith by lying time and again calling himself a Christian. If it quacks like a duck….

One of the few people to come forward from Obama’s past and actually say anything about him is Professor John Drew, a 1979 graduate of Occidental. Drew established the Marxist student organization in 1976. While attending Cornell University as a graduate student, Drew flew to California to visit a friend and had a chance encounter with Obama and his friend Mohammad Hasan Chandu (Chandoo).

Day 3, Page 6

Professor John Drew (testimony via pre-recorded interview, excerpted)

Drew: Well, that’s one of the surprising things about my observation, is that  ­­ the young Obama I met seemed more like a Western European Marxist, without a lot of racial hatred or baggage attached to it. I think he was a fan of ­­ what is it, Fanon, and he was aware of revolution being a worldwide… ­­

Manning: You’re talking Franz Fanon?

Drew: That’s it. Franz Fanon.

Manning: Right.

Drew: He was aware of a worldwide revolution taking place, but the funny thing is, I saw no hatred of white people. I saw no animosity towards white people in the young Barack Obama. And yet, if you read his book, Dreams of My Father, I mean, he’s talking about how he was seething with hatred for white people, and sharing the story about the black guy that tore off his own skin.

But I have to say truthfully that young Barack Obama struck me as a ­­ as kind of like a wealthy white guy, because [multiple speakers] ­­

Manning: Now, that’s an interesting statement. Wealthy? From where?  ­­

Drew: From Hawaii. He sort of struck me as like this Hawaiian prince, is the best way to describe him. And I ­­ it never, for once ­­ it never occurred to me that he was African­-American, or that he had an emotional or cultural attachment to African-­American culture. And I know that’s very controversial, but that’s my true report.

I saw Obama at a party in June the next year, and I didn’t see many African­-American students there. Most of his friends were white, and foreign students.

So my theory is that Barack Obama has exaggerated his connections to the African­-American community, and African-­American culture, as part of an effort to win election.

Manning: When he appeared ­­ or, that a friend of his, Mohammed Hasan Chandu, who obviously was an Islamic person with Islamic breeding ­­ how did those two come ­­ how would a Marxist and an Islamic believing person ­­ what common ground did they have?

Drew: Well, I think one of the things that people have forgotten is that back in the 1980s, Islam and Communism could walk hand in hand comfortably. It was seen as a good fit, to be a Communist or a Socialist, and support an Islamic religious perspective.

And that was ­­ it’s ­­ for example, if you were in Afghanistan, and the Soviet Union was there protecting you, it was possible to have Islamic religious beliefs and be a supporter of the Soviet Union within Afghanistan.

That’s my perspective on the young Barack Obama. I think he was [multiple speakers] ­­

Manning: Did he have a girlfriend?

Drew: No. Not that I saw. I never saw him affectionate around a woman, at least at that party I went to. And I understand that’s becoming an issue now, is, people are wondering about his sexual identity. And I ­­ again, I can’t really go too far into that, except to say that I never saw him physically around a woman, or affectionate to a woman, the whole time I met him.

Manning: Yeah, well, you know, that is becoming a part of ­­ I mean, people are beginning to look now at his sexuality quite ­­ very closely. There ­­ going back to the Jeremiah Wright church, there’s been some information about his having bisexual and homosexual relations. And then there’s some accusations against him.

But I’ve not heard any woman from any school identify him, and even ­­ and some of the things that we are seeing recently about his trek at Columbia. The only persons that step forward to speak about him are all males. I mean, I’m doing a complete analysis of ­­ and there’s several people. I think Michael Wolf of Columbia, who was once the Chairman of MTV, and a few others. But they’re all men. No woman has spoken a positive or a negative word about this person. So the fact that you said he had no girlfriends ­­

Drew: Well, it’s funny. When I met him for the very first time, I saw him get out of this sports car that was basically driven by Hasan Chandu ­­

Manning: You’re talking about the BMW?

Drew: Yes, the BMW. And Obama got out of the car, and I met him and Chandu for the first time. And all I can say is, they were dressed extremely nice, and they were ­­ they ­­ you know how you can see where ­­ like two people are very in tune with each other? And there was an emotional connectness between them that was, I think, unusual. And I remember ­­ again, Caroline kind of whispered in my ear that ­­ you know, she could see what I was thinking. She basically said, they’re not gay.

Manning: (laughter)

Drew: So ­­ but it’s obvious that ­­ well, they looked gay.

Manning: (laughter)

Drew: But according to Caroline ­­ and apparently Chandu, those reports that he had a girlfriend at the time while he was at Occidental College. ­­

Manning: Where is Chandu now? Do we have any idea?

Drew: Yes. He’s in New York State, and he’s ­­ apparently still active in Obama’s life. He was at that Ramadan dinner a couple of months ago, shook hands with Obama, and he’s also been like a $100,000 plus bundler [ph] for Obama’s campaign contributions. Now, Chandu was actually at Obama’s wedding, when Obama married Michelle. So he’s been a ­­ you know, he’s been a strong part of Obama’s life [multiple speakers] ­­

Manning: What did you think about ­­ what do you think about Obama when he won the Iowa caucus, and then tricked his way through the primaries? What was going on in your mind during those times, and did anyone interview you about your association with him?

Drew: Well, and that’s, to me, has been the frustrating thing about the story, and part of it is that it took me a while. ­­

Manning: Dr. Drew? Dr. Drew? Dr. Drew? Let me just interrupt you for one second. What I’m going to do here, because you’re such an important guest, I want to let everybody know we’re going to forego the news here at the top of the hour, and we’ll pick up the news after we’ve concluded talking with Dr. John Drew, who had the opportunity to meet with Obama while he was a student at Occidental College. Dr. Drew, who graduated from Cornell, and who is now a consultant living in Laguna Niguel, California, is speaking to us today here on the Manning Report, regarding his relationship ­­ his observations of Obama, the young Obama, who was a sophomore at the Occidental College experience in California.

We’re going to forego our news break at this time, and hang onto these very meaningful words that ­­ and insight into the life of Obama when he was just a youth.

So, Dr. Drew, you now have the microphone again. Tell us more about what you thought about him, now that he’s now running ­­ he’s graduated from Harvard, he transferred to Columbia. I’d like to know what you think about those two things. And now he’s president of the Harvard Law Review, and allegedly the President of the United States. How do you figure all that? What does that mean to you?

Drew: Well, this is actually very significant, politically and theoretically. And the larger issue is, why did my story about my connection to Barack Obama and my observations on his ideology ­­ you know, why wasn’t ­­ why didn’t that leak out in 2008, when it might have had an impact on the Presidential campaign, and why has it hit the news now, in, what, February of 2010?

And my part, what I can say is, I ­­ it didn’t ­­ I didn’t realize that Barack Obama as a senator was the same young man that I had met at Occidental College for a long time, because I thought of Senator Obama as a graduate of Harvard and Columbia. And it was only late in the season that I heard that he ­­ he didn’t spend all four years at Columbia. In fact, he had had two years, freshman year and sophomore year, at Occidental, and then he was at Columbia.

So then I had this flash of insight, that the young man I had met was the same guy. And [multiple speakers] ­­

Manning: Did he appear to be a diligent student? One that is quite conscientious about superior grades, and channeling those grades into a mega­career? Is that how he appeared to you? Drew:

[?­], you know, I get this question a lot. And again, I have to say, not at all. I ­­ the young Obama I met was primarily interested in parties, in having a good time. And he did not strike me as a above average student.

Manning: Now, let me just ask to stop you right there now, and I ­­ please hold your thoughts. I don’t want to interrupt your flow of thoughts.

Drew: No, that’s all right.

Manning: A young man interested in parties, but you saw him with no female associations. I mean, you’re young, you party, you party with young girls. I mean, you don’t ­­ you don’t think to pop over by yourself.

Drew: (laughter) Well, they liked him. He and Hasan had a big house in Eagle Rock, California, and I ­­ my understanding is, Hasan spent a lot of money on the booze and the marijuana, and it was a very attractive living arrangement at the time.

And I ­­ as I said, I went to a party there. I went to one of the parties, but apparently there were multiple parties. And the party I went to, I didn’t see Obama with a girl at all the whole time. So that’s all I can report. Buthe­­

Manning: What was his ­­ what was his clothing ­­ what was his attire like? Was it regular student kind of ­­bumming around as a student? Or was he sort of well heeled?

Drew: No, no, no. He looked kind of like a fashion model at the time. It seemed like he had very quality leather jacket, high quality shirt, high quality slacks ­­ I mean, he just ­­ he looked like a young millionaire, both times I saw him.

Dr. John C. Drew lives in California and is described as an "award-winning author, trainer, and consultant"

It never occurred to Prof. Drew that Obama was African-American and actually struck him as “kind of like a wealthy white guy…”

Having grown up in Hawai’i and attended public schools there, my education experience is very dissimilar to that of Obama. The average kid in Hawai’i, when asked, will tell you Punahou “is the school for rich haoles” (Caucasians). Graduates of Punahou are groomed for higher education but attendance alone signifies elitism. Michelle Wi, also from Punahou, enjoyed golf activities and lessons at exclusive clubs and courses, something the muni set would not have access to. I imagine it was at Punahou that Obama fell in love with golfing. His grandmother was vice-president of Bank of Hawaii and no doubt could afford to send her live-in grandson to the most expensive “prep” school on Oahu.

His attendance at Punahou raised the first red flags for me. But one red flag after the next filled me with fear as I learned of his associations with radicals like Bill Ayers and Rashid Khalidi. I wondered, “Doesn’t anyone else see this?” It’s Columbia that invited Ahmadinejad to speak; it’s Columbia that has radical professors like Khalidi, former spokesperson for the PLO. It’s Columbia where Obama claims to have been during the years 1981-83 but no records are released and no proof. I mean, no proof that he was ever there.

Dr. Manning saw this, too, and through divine guidance was told the answers would lie within the walls of Columbia. On the final day of the trial he marched with an assorted group of people seven times around the University, and like the walls of Jericho falling, so did Columbia and the truth spilled out revealing secrets that stayed hidden for more than forty years.

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