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by Bob1939

The U.S. Election Assistance Commission was founded in 2002 and has an annual budget close to $18,000,000

(Oct. 14, 2010) — There are two ways we can cast our vote:  honestly, where the will of the people is realized and the outcome is true to the voters’ wishes; or honest people taking the time to go and vote, but the results are heavily tilted, marred, slanted or even totally upset by the corruption of one of the parties running.

Voter corruption comes in many forms:

  • voting numerous times
  • voting under assumed names
  • using dead people’s names to cast a vote
  • convicted felons voting
  • illegal aliens voting
  • people registered to vote in more than one state, doing a mail-in-vote, and then showing up in person to vote again
  • denying our overseas troops their vote by failing to get the ballots to them in time, (and if anyone is deserving of their vote, it should certainly be the folks who fight and die for our very protection, and freedom)

By the way, when someone steals your vote, he or she is also stealing your freedom.  Another form of voter fraud is funding their party, using union fees, while demanding that the union members vote exclusively for, say, Democrats, or by having corrupt agitator organizations such as ACORN (called community organizers) who are working exclusively for the Democrat party while being 100% funded by the Democrat Party with hundreds of millions of our taxpayer dollars via a series of dummy corporations, made to look like goodwill community support organizations or work programs.

How about millions of overseas funds from mainly Arab countries (who hate us), dressed up and made to look like small, innocent, domestic donations?  How about a so-called stimulus program, most of which was reserved, or stashed away into multiple shell corporations and/or phony programs, only to resurface at election time helping Democrats get re-elected?

Cumulatively, all corruption can seriously alter the outcome of the election and thereby deny honest voters the choices they actually made.  Adding to the corruption are dishonest politicians guilty of false advertising, making false accusations against their opponents, and sullying their opponents’ characters in the most egregious manner. This kind of unrelenting, corrupt political activity is what turns voters away and tends to almost make them give up entirely, which of course, is what the bad guys want.  How about voter intimidation, like the Black Panther group showing up at a polling station with batons, and clubs, etc. and which the Department of Justice has chosen not to prosecute?

There is good news, and that is that we can truly “all but eliminate voter fraud” if we just follow a few simple rules.  Before I outline what I think we can do to correct this dire situation, let me say that preventing voter fraud is the single most important thing that we can do to restore integrity, and yes, security, to our Country.  While our troops are fighting around the world for our very well-being, we can do equally as well defending the Homeland without putting on a uniform and without firing a shot. After all, freedom and solvency as well as living a good, simple, honest life is what we really want, is it not?  So here’s what I believe we should do:

  • Study the issues and our political candidates, look at their voting record, and find out what they are going to do with the trust we are going to give them. Notice I didn’t say the “power we give them” because we have the power, not them.
  • Don’t be afraid to investigate their morals.  Directly ask them the following:
    • Do they believe in abortion?
    • Do they believe that gays should marry as a man and a woman do or have any right to a civil contract of some sort?
    • Do they believe in socialism, communism, or Marxism?
    • Do they think that government should try and run everything?
    • Do they want to give amnesty to illegal aliens?
    • Do they want government-run health care, and if they do, ask them why they are giving premium exemptions to Moslems (dhimmitude), varying rates to others, and exempting all government workers from a lot of things for which “We the People” have to pay?
  • Ask your representative if he could see fit to vote for government employees having to pay for all income taxes, fees, medical expenses, pension deductions and benefits that the regular citizens have to pay for and receive.
  • Voting should and must be done only by legal, law-abiding Citizens who receive notification in the mail as to where their specific polling stations are. Upon production of a picture ID with a matching address listed thereon, the returning officer would look up your name, hand you a ballot, explain where you are to place your ballot after voting, and then put a line through your name as “having voted.”  That is how it works very successfully in many civilized countries, including Canada.
  • Ask your representative why God is not allowed in the schools, courthouses, and why Prayer Day was eliminated, when we are, after all, a Judeo-Christian nation, not a Muslim nation. We are a nation which allows freedom of religion; however, when any religion decides to use its church as a terrorist training camp, then that no longer falls under the protection of religious freedom and should be shut down and arrests made.
  • It is very important to see if your candidate believes in having a balanced budget, and if he or she thinks that free enterprise is a good or a bad thing.

Last but not least is to vote, because once you have done your homework and studied your candidates, you should clearly see how their thinking and their integrity, or lack thereof, will directly affect your life.

So having done all this research, and assuming that you are a good person, you owe it to yourself, to the integrity of the electoral system, your Country, and to your descendants, to make the relatively small effort and VOTE. I shouldn’t have to spell this out, but I’m going to anyway:  “The more good, honest people” who get out and vote, the harder it is for corruption to win. “GOOD PEOPLE VOTING = FREEDOM.”

After all, we are indeed living in a world where extreme evil exists among us and where there will always be a political party that is run by greedy, self-centered individuals who want America reduced to a warlord system as in Somalia, where the most successful of “community organizers” takes all…

Look familiar?…VOTE…You have the power.

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