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by Sharon Rondeau

(Oct. 13, 2010) —I would like to issue a brief reminder about our submission and comment policy.  The Post & Email is committed to the highest level of integrity in the news arena and will pursue and publish the truth, wherever it leads.  We will always be respectful of the work of others. We refuse to become pawns subject to the manipulation of outside forces, and we will not be threatened or intimidated by others who claim that we are not upholding the high standards set forth by Mr. Charlton over one year ago.

For those submitting Letters to the Editor, Blogs-of-the-Day, Editorials and other materials, we request that they be submitted in finished form.  That means that the editor should not have to rewrite the piece  or add the appropriate links to make it acceptable for publication.  Please write your article on a word processor rather than submit it as an email, as that will assist us in preparing it for publication quickly.

Any material taken from other blogs and news articles must be included in the form of links back to the original source, including a concept, theory, or idea. All articles submitted must be the original work of the author, with no “borrowing” from the work of others, even in an indirect way.  The way to avoid this pitfall is to place anything taken directly from a source in quotes with a link back to the article from which it was quoted but to otherwise write the story in your own words.  Copying even one sentence or phrase verbatim without assigning proper credit is considered plagiarism.  It is neither acceptable nor legal to copy another’s work and submit it as one’s own. As a corporation, The Post & Email can be held liable for any plagiarism published on its pages, whether intended or unintended.

The Post & Email reserves the right to accept or reject any submission based on need, subject matter, or previous publication status.  Each submission will be proofread for content, grammar, spelling, punctuation and appropriateness for our newspaper.  If you are not in agreement with this policy, please withhold your submission.  Each new writer will be asked to agree in writing to this policy. 

With very rare exceptions, we do not accept articles which have been published on other blogs or news sites.  We seek original material from citizen writers.  We do not publish internet chain mails or copyrighted material from other websites.

Please note this exception: If you are submitting an article of any kind, please do not quote from, cite,  link back to or write an article similar to anything published on the jbjd website. The way to avoid doing this is to make sure that your subject matter was not read about on her blog.  The Post & Email would prefer to concentrate its resources on disseminating the news rather than fighting unnecessary legal battles.

Any charges of plagiarism will be investigated fully and fairly upon presentation of evidence  and then acted upon accordingly as quickly as possible.  However, it is not necessary for anyone to threaten us in order for us to initiate action on any complaint that might arise.

Additional Note: Because there is a mountain of evidence indicating that Barack H. Obama is not a natural born Citizen as required by Article II, Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution to serve as President, The Post & Email does not refer to him as the “President.”  Therefore, any submissions should not refer to him as “President Obama” or “Mr. President.” Anyone not in agreement with this policy should withhold his or her submission.

Many blogs have reposted our work to one extent or another.  Our work is copyrighted; however, up to 200 words may be reposted along with the original title, photo, and byline of the author.  Just as others do not want their work “borrowed” or posted verbatim without assigning proper credit, we ask that readers of our site observe these rules when reposting our material.  If you are in doubt about reposting, please contact me at editor@thepostemail.com.

Those wishing to repost our articles in full on their own blog may purchase a blogger’s license for $10.00/year through our “Donate” Paypal button and indicating the purpose as “Blogger’s License.”

Regarding our comment policy, please be courteous to your fellow readers and stay on topic.  Off-topic comments will not be published, nor will comments which denigrate another reader or readers.  While we ardently wish to preserve our First Amendment right to free speech, by this time, most or all of you are aware that we do not publish profanity or any other material which is not suitable for children ages 12 and up.  I would personally ask that anyone sending chain emails which include profanity to the editor’s mailbox please discontinue them.

Those submitting comments with the sole purpose of promoting their own blogs will not be published.  The purpose of The Post & Email is to report the news which the mainstream media will not and to thereby promote healthy discussion regarding actions that can be taken in order for our country and states to return to constitutional governance.  Our theme is corruption in government, and we will continue to report on that heavily, focusing on the Obama eligibility issue.

Thank you all for your cooperation with these guidelines as well as your contributions and readership.

© 2009 – 2010, The Post & Email. All rights reserved internationally, unless otherwise specified. To read more on our copyright restrictions, see our Copyright notice on the subheader of every page, along the left margin.

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  1. Thanks P&E for pointing out some very important rules. I am always careful to obey rules and never plagiarize. My biggest problem is keeping an emotionally charged response bottled up. I suspect that is quite common given the news of late.

    I wish to thank all who keep an open thread unlike Redstate.com which bans people from even viewing the website just for espousing an opinion. They even have the gall to maintain a banned reader on their email list! If that isn’t spam, I don’t know what is.

    The real hero’s in this country and abroad are those who stay true to freedom of the press and inspire critical thinking among all the people. Enough praise cannot be put on them in one lifetime just like some others we recall for their valiant and selfless work.

    “The only security of all is in a free press. The force of public opinion cannot be resisted when permitted freely to be expressed. The agitation it produces must be submitted to. It is necessary, to keep the waters pure.” — Thomas Jefferson 1823.

  2. Thank you Sharon, I have always appreciated the integrity of this site and articles.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Thank you, Dr. Kate, we try hard to do things right.

  3. Eh…until we get The Ego That Would Eat The USA out of the White House, any and all who can help destroy the beast should keep our egos in check, forget about credit and web site traffic and gitter’ done. For the last couple of years, I’ve shared what I’ve found online at the blogs where I post comments. Some of the gems I’ve shared I found on my own, through extensive, time-consuming online searches and/or hours of link hopping. After sharing the links, those discoveries turned in blog posts and articles by citizen journalists and I continue to see them referenced to this day. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the writers found those gems through the comments I posted. But if they did find them through my comments, I’m glad that they’re mass-distributing them by using them in their posts and articles. With the exceptions of a hat tip my way once in a while and a mention on the “with appreciation to” page should my finds ever be used by a writer in researching for a book, I expect nothing. To me, it’s like sharing with other soldiers in this foxhole grenades to throw at the beast.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: That’s the spirit, Auntie. No one is in this fight to get credit. It’s about reclaiming life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

    1. That video gave me chills. Thanks for proferring it. Wow! People should send that to their respective representatives and senators. I just sent it to all 100 US Senators by E-mail.
      They should ask “Please,just give me five minutes of your time,Senator [or other],that’s all I ask.

  4. Personally, I like the term “squatter” when describing the illegal occupants of our White House.

    squat·ter –noun
    1. a person or thing that squats.
    2. a person who settles on land or occupies property without title, right, or payment of rent.
    3. a person who settles on land under government regulation, in order to acquire title.

      1. Of course Robert… I’m just trying to shed a little humor on a serious situation. Squatter is so tribal, don’t you think? Is the Kenyan a citizen of the world? I don’t think so. i just wish he’d take a tumble when he does that unprecedented unpresidential jog that he does down the steps of AF1. I bet he runs with scissors in his hands in the oval office too!

  5. Very well said and very wise, Sharon. I am particularly impressed with your admonishment against describing BHO as “President”. Makes perfect sense. Love this site! You’re providing an important public service, and for that you should be proud.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Well, thank you, sir!