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by Sher Zieve, ©2010

Now who is the "coward," Eric Holder?

(Oct. 7, 2010) — As the lawlessness of the Obama regime becomes evident to all who can think overseas, here at home it has metastasized throughout the body of our nation.  Obama and his US Marxist Party (formerly known as the US Democrat Party) are working with increased speed and vigor to destroy all that once was the United States of America, to the point of Obama’s DOJ now openly flaunting both the upholding of equal-access voting laws and engaging in blatant election fraud.

Continuing their arrogant attitude of “we have our jack boots on yours and your country’s neck and you can’t stop us!” Obama and his minions have already bled We-the-People dry of most of our resources and are currently embroiled in their now-overt plans to negate our votes against our own enslavement to the tyrant.  One of Obama’s protected emissaries, Malik Shabazz–the same New Black Panther leader Malik Shabazz who said black people need to “kill white people and their babies”–has, apparently, been a regular guest at the Obama White House.  Corrupt and violent minds think alike?

Further, this is the same Malik Shabazz who was convicted in one of the most blatant and egregious cases of voter intimidation in US history.  This is also the same Malik Shabazz whom DOJ chief and Obama lackey Eric Holder protected by throwing out the conviction against him and officially acknowledging that if the victim is “white,” no one will be prosecuted under the fraudulent Obama regime.  The illegitimate Obama regime has been kicking the sands of racism into our eyes since it usurped our country in 2008 and has become the foreign occupier of OUR US White House.

Former DOJ employee J. Christian Adams and his, under subpoena, supervisor Christopher Coates testified before the US Commission on Civil Rights that the Obama DOJ is hostile towards enforcing crimes against whites. Coates further stated:  “That anger was the result of their deep-seated opposition to the equal enforcement of the Voting Rights Act against racial minorities and for the protection of white voters who have been discriminated against.”

Even though all viable polls point to the fact that the November ousting of the US Marxist Congress will–most likely–be of epic proportions, the Dictator-in-Chief Obama’s dark and dangerous plans for the cancellation of his opposition will be fierce.  Expect New Black Panthers and Union thugs intimidation at US polling places.  From Obama’s DOJ policies that have now been brought into the light of day, it seems blatantly obvious that Obama will pull out all the stops in keeping “white folks” from voting.  Note:  This is the worst, most openly racist–not to mention most illegal–government in US history.

If the historic actions and words of this regime are to be taken into consideration, dead people, family pets, illegal aliens and all other ineligible Marxist Democrats will be allowed to vote, while legitimate and eligible US voters will be denied.  Note:  This is the same regime that supports known terrorists, threatens US States and continues to suppress the US military vote.

Again, folks, if We-the-People are to have any chance of taking back our country we must vote in such overwhelming numbers that we cannot and must not be denied.  We must scare the current totalitarian rulers into submission to us–not the other way around.  It’s time to begin cleaning out the House and Senate of all Marxists and RINOs.  But, be prepared for a fight as corruption and evil never leave willingly…or quietly.

“When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.” –Thomas Jefferson.

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  1. Our federal government has become to rich a prize. It attracts all sorts of criminals to it. Criminals use it to make themselves, their families, and their associates wealthy. We can only cure this by shrinking the government way down so that it has far less power and far less control over wealth. Then we must install term limits so that political careers and political dynasties cannot be created. Wealth must come from free markets and capitalist competition on a level playing field. The job of the federal government is to maintain and protect the level playing. A centrally controlled economy like the Progressives want to create leads to widespread poverty, mediocrity, and apathy and only the very powerful have wealth. Obama is only the tip of the iceberg.

  2. you still think there is a two party system… EXPLAIN THIS”’ how was it mc cain was vetted as a natural born citizen and obama was NOT…. PS.. WHY DID all 535 members of congress say ” YEA’ TO THE USURPER electoral college day.. and to add…one more point… why has the CONGRESS. been silent…..on obama’s elligilibility to this very day………?

    1. McCain may not BE an NBC either. A non-binding resolution does not make him one if he does not meet the same requirements that Obama has to meet. McCain is said to have taken a dive in the 2008 elections:

    2. When Cheney was required,by law,to ask for Objections of the tally,Pelosi interjected with rompous applaud at the PRECISE point at which he was to do so. It is apparent from watching the Audio-Visual record of the proceedings that several people raised their hands but were NOT recognized:

    3. Both Bushes,Both Clintons AND Obama advocate a “New World Order”…world governance. Indeed,several days ago the National Intelligence Director flagrantly distributed an official brochure on the subject. A pie the size of Earth is might sumptious.New World Orderists care NOTHING about the preservation of the USA. Obama is a wannabe world dictator who doesn’t need a BC to do so. Those in Congress,in BOTH parties are contemplating grander expectations and power. If we FIGHT BACK we can squash their plans and not unlike Muslim terrorists with their “72 Virgins/Paradise” expectations,the grander sinister expectations of those who colluded with Obama will NOT come to fruition:

    4. Peggy, the answer to “WHY” is multifaceted but first and foremost lies in Black Privilege coupled with White Guilt. The idea fostered by the media and widely accepted by the populace was to make up for past injustices to blacks by electing a half-black to the No. 1 post. Most blacks don’t even admit that Obama is mulatto and most Americans do not comprehend the difference between an African-American, with a family heritage of slavery in America, and a Kenyan-American, who shares nothing of the cultural heritage of African-Americans. Once Obama had been elected, anyone who questioned Obama’s credentials was subject to the most-feared taboo of all: RACIST.

      Let us remember that it was the Democratic Party that subversively conspired to violate our Constitution by foisting a foreign-fathered president upon us. It is Democrats who must be held primarily responsible for the fraudulent election of 2008. Sure, McCain was in on it, too, and his own ineligibility and complicity left the Republicans bamboozled and impotent. But the two major parties are not equally culpable and should not be painted with the same brush. There is a difference between the perpetrator of a crime and an accomplice.

  3. The Democratic Party must pay the price for foisting an internationalist-minded, foreign-fathered, Marxist-reared, fraudulently elected faux president upon America. Not one of its members should survive politically, and the party itself should be outlawed for subversion.

  4. With each passing day it becomes increasing obvious that the 2008 election was indeed a historic election…the most fraudulent election in history.

    1. The misprisioners of treason who helped him are likewise criminals and traitors who must be brought to Justice. We should have Neuremberg type trials. Many will hang.

  5. Trust me the Black Panthers won’t come down South and try that crap. The good ‘ole boys are locked and loaded and just looking for an excuse. lol

  6. The rise of Obama was enabled by the corrupt and power hungry Democratic party. They will get what’s theirs in November.

    I am not a voter, but You should all have Your cameras ready and if needed help elderly etc.
    The camera is the gun of the infowar.

    The East-German tyranny ended through the pressure of weekly demonstrations, peaceful but steady growing.

    They cannot stop You, if You connect and fight the good fight.
    They were chanting “wir sind das Volk”, that means “we are the people”!