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by CDR Charles F. Kerchner, Jr. (Ret)

CDR Charles F. Kerchner (Ret) is the lead plaintiff in a case which has recently reached the U.S. Supreme Court via a Writ of Certiorari regarding the constitutional eligibility of Barack Hussein Obama to serve as U.S. President and Commander-in-Chief

(Oct. 3, 2010) — In response to the statement by a staffer to Missouri Sen. Kit Bond, who stated that ““The Constitution is fluid and changing, and that requirement of natural birth IS NO LONGER VIABLE,” I submit the following:

Senator Bond has trained his staff in such a way that he betrays the Oath that he took to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic…Senator Bond should issue an immediate retraction, fire that staffer…or Senator Bond should resign…or never be re-elected.   The staffers merely parrot what they know their boss’s position is on some subject.  Senator Bond should be ashamed of the answers he has told his staffers to tell his constituents when they call or write about the “natural born Citizen” clause in Article II of the United States Constitution.  That clause is in there for national security reasons. If you wish to why, read this.

We are supposed to be a nation of laws, not men.  And the Constitution is the fundamental, foundational law of our Constitutional Republic upon which all other laws stand. We are a Constitutional Republic governed by a written Constitution (social contract and law), not a simple democracy governing at the whims of the momentary simple majority vote ignoring that law or any law.

The Constitution cannot be amended by fiat by one Senator such as Senator Bond.  Not even by a 100% vote the whole Senate, or even the simple majority vote of the People at any one moment in time.  There is a clearly written process for amending it given in Article V of the Constitution.   It requires a proposed amendment be passed by a 2/3 majority of both houses of Congress and then it must be ratified via a 3/4 vote of the sovereign states of the United States of America.  The several states must approve it.  Not the Congress or any one Senator or all the Senators.  The People speak in the amendment proposal through their elected officials in Congress during the proposal process and then through their legislatures in their sovereign states vote in that amendment ratification process via their elected legislatures in the several states.  And no one has done that or even started that process to amend Article II.

Senator Bond needs to read the Constitution for the first time if he never has, since it does not sound like he ever read it, before if he teaches his staffers to say things like above quoted material in The Post & Email online newspaper … or he should re-read the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution a couple times so it sinks in.  It’s a small compact booklet even in book form. For his job a copy should be in his pocket or office at all times. But if not, he can read it at the Library of Congress.  I’ll even help him find a copy that he can listen to while driving his car or jogging. He or anyone can buy a copy in audio CD or kindle book format or printed format here.

If Senator Bond knows what the Constitution says and its purpose, and is still at this point in time having his staff put out such erroneous statements to his constituents about Article II of the United States Constitution, then Bond is deliberately trying to subvert and undermine the authority of the U.S. Constitution the fundamental law of our nation and the sovereignty of We the People and the several states who created that Constitution. That would be a despicable thing for a sitting U.S. Senator to do.  In that case, Senator Bond is committing treason to the Constitution and the oath he took.  He is aiding and abetting the domestic enemies of the United States Constitution.  He should resign or be tried and legally removed from office and expelled from the Senate and never be re-elected.

CDR Charles Kerchner (Ret)
Pennsylvania  USA

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  1. Or, how about drawn and quartered? Let the punishment fit the crime. I read somewhere that elected officials who support unconstitutional views no longer represent the US government. It didn’t say anything about a trial, lawyers, appeals, or court. Too bad we’re no longer a nation of laws.

  2. It’s absulutely unbelievable that a sitting United States Senator would be so ignorant of the very document he swore to uphold and defend!! But, considering the source, I’m not the least bit surprised. Those bruthas have to stick together.
    I agree with Cmdr. Kerchner… this treasonous co-conspirator should be removed from the Senate immediately.

    1. sorry to say this, no i’m not sorry, the house and senate (both) TREASON for all, they all know what’s going on, and neither side will step up…what a sad country, and it will be very sad for our kids & grandkids, never to be bought up in a free country, never have justic, and as far as liberty, that in the trash..so AMERICA do we wait till 2010, or do we do something now? i am 65 might live longer, might die soon, but i want my kids & my grandkids to live in the country like i did, FREE AS A BIRD………….GOD BLESS ALL

  3. I can tell by his article here that CDR Kerchner was as disgusted, offended and outraged as I was by Bond’s assistant’s statement about the Constitution in general and Article II, specifically. Just the BS about the Constitution being fluid and changing is enough reason for Bond and/or his assistant to resign voluntary or be forced out of work in politics and government. Perhaps they’d be better suited for work in the lamestream media, where lying isn’t just an asset, it’s a requirement.

  4. Kit Bond has never responded to my pleas for represnetation on this matter — before the 2008 election and again after Lucas Smith sent each congressman a copy of the birth certificate he obtained in Kenya.

    Bond is not running for re-election, but will be replaced by Blunt vs Carnahan, and what with McCaskill in the Senate, it’s just good old family fun here in Missouri.