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Dear Editor:  The following letter was sent to the President of the NRA, Mr. Wayne LaPierre, today:

The NRA was founded in 1871, and its presidents have included a former Union army general and President Ulysses S. Grant

October 2, 2010

Reference NRA Membership 00142925369

Subject: Resignation
To: Wayne LaPierre NRA


After much thought and deliberation, I have decided to resign from the NRA. I realize you are a one issue organization, the support of the 2d Amendment. And you have a general policy of supporting incumbents who support the NRA. I applaud your efforts in not supporting and endorsing Harry Reid.

However, times have changed and the NRA and the people of America must place the best interests of the country first and be good citizens first above all else. And, yes, we must be Constitutionalists and Patriots first and above all. The Democratic Party today is a party that has gone astray from our Constitution and is one of the biggest threats to the stability of the United States. The NRA is continuing to endorse members of the Democratic Party. I cannot stand by and support the NRA because of this position.

You must rise above just supporting the 2d Amendment and articulate that you are an organization that supports America first and do not support organizations like the Democratic Party or its members that have become Progressive Socialists. A Democrat who vows to the NRA that they are a Constitutionalist first and not a Progressive Socialist that supports the Democratic platform certainly may be acceptable. The Democrats for the most part will pay lip service to the NRA but then vote a Democratic Socialist agenda that has been proven out in the past eighteen months. Just look at the voting records.

I have had concern of your endorsement policy for years but now understand fully understand the error of your policy.


Maj. Gen. Paul E. Vallely (Ret.)
Chairman – Stand Up America

E-Mail: standupamericaceo@gmail.com


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  1. I believe there is a fairly new gun organization that is the conservative answer to the NRA. I will join it, and not the NRA. My membership with AARP expires soon, and I am joining AMAC. (PayPal is another business I boycott, but for reasons related to Islam.) Letters will be sent to both organizations explaining why. We ALL need to be taking such actions. It will not be until these organizations are hurt financially by their political stances that they will change course. The pendalum has begun moving back to the right. It needs lots of momentum to keep it going.

  2. The NRA’s endorsements in this critical election year is an embarrassment to its membership. I’m surprised every member isn’t burning his/her card and mailing the ashes to LaPierre. I received a membership invite a week ago with an offer of a free duffle bag. I was about to join when that very day I read about the NRA’s endorsements of so many democrats, many of them non-Veterans whose Congressional voting supports the Obama Administration’s direction of restricting our 2nd Amendment rights and was truly shocked at the choices.

    So, the NRA lost a new member.

    General Vallely is exactly correct in his assessment and he gets my support on this one for sure.

  3. Just today in my mail I received another invitation to become a member of the NRA. I am happy to say to them NO THANKS NRA! You won’t get a penny from Me! This is Treason…You think you can endorse the enemy of these
    United States Of America and think I would become a member? Thanks to The Post & Mail your act of Treason has found you out and is most disheartening…I thought you were one of the Patriots but your act of Treason proves me wrong. I pray that all who read about this act of Treason
    will never be involved with you again. Those Leaders of the NRA that endorsed the Democrat should Resign step down now…Think about this
    I am not a member and see how I feel…How do you think the members feel that gave you there Money and support?

  4. Given the Democrats propensity to lie, commit fraud and sell out in the 11th hour for the right price irregardless of the citizens the represent, I say… Oh wait, the Republicans do that too don’t they? And George Washington warned us about that, didn’t he? Oh well, I let my NRA membership lapse last spring. Unless you are an American that “supports and defends the Constitution” and take that obligation seriously than I have no use for you. Yes I know, this is not my most articulate post but I think you get my drift.

  5. I am a Democrat,been one since Nixon and his illegality caused me to switch parties. I have been an NRA member for well over 20 yrs. and in fact I have told my family that the day any American govt. comes for my guns is my last day on earth. This general who has just resigned from the NRA has painted me and my entire family as something we are not. Obama is a fraud and our constitution is in great danger. I as an American, believe in a literal reading of this greatest document ever written by men(Bible was divinely inspired) and I believe true patriots do to. Political parties mean nothing when I vote.The NRA slogan says it best” Vote Freedom First”. Democrats like any other political groups that truly love this nation will always protect and defend our constitutional form of govt. The current national leaders of this party are a shameful lot that will be replaced very soon. Will leaders from other political parties do the right thing. Time will tell,but for now general you’ve made a mistake!

    1. @darkcloud:

      Do we need the NRA to exercise our 2nd Amendment right? For that matter do we need the Democrat Party, Republican Party, Libertarian Party, Glenn Beck or the Bishop of Canterbury to exercise any of our God given Constitutional rights? The answer is no to all sir. A Republic only works when the government fears its people and the rule of law is and remains inviolate. Voting for those who promise to “support and defend the Constitution” is only part of a citizen’s job. Making sure that they do is what really matters. Ronald Reagan said it best: “Trust, but verify.”

      “A republic if you can keep it.” –Benjamin Franklin

  6. We do have to distinguish between the two major parties. Our government still functions in a two-party system, and it is a cop-out to just condemn all politicians by saying both parties are equally liable for the present crisis. The coup d’etat of 2008 was carried out by the Democratic Party, which should be held accountable for the grievous blow it has dealt this former republic. Indeed, the Dem Party should be outlawed for the treason it has committed against America.

    Moreover, any fair comparison of the agendas and voting patterns of the two parties shows great and fundamental differences between them. It is intellectually dishonest and slothful to just lump them together and say, in effect, “a plague on both your houses.” Informed conservatives should not have any trouble deciding whom to support if they want to restore constitutional governance.

    I admire General Vallely for taking the right stand and stating his choice.

    1. Harry,

      Your heart is in the right place, but do you really believe there are two parties? Obama has very cleverly blurred the line between politics and subversion.

      In my view there are two factions, not two parties. It is no longer about politics; it is about subjecting America to tyranny or liberty. Neither conventional political party will stand up for American values. They have had their opportunity and demonstrated very clearly their loyalties; they are committed to self-interest!

      As I see it, the battle is now defined between Communists and Constitutionalist.

      1. Arnie, I must admit that Mrs. Rondeau’s article posted Saturday re “PUBLIC SERVANTS CONTINUE TO STONEWALL . . .” has me wondering whether even the Repub Party will survive this crisis–or should survive at all. I have no doubt that the Dem Party deserves the scrap heap.

        But the agendas and voting patterns of the R’s and D’s are in fact very different, so until I see a more reasonable option I still support the R’s in general, tho some R’s I would avoid. The turncoat Sen. Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania was an example of the kind of RINO the media loves, and when pushed to the wall he just switched parties. He might as well have a D all along.

        The Tea Party has to be reckoned with here. It may soon replace the current Repubs while the Dems are replaced by an openly socialist/communist party like the Socialist Democratic Party. In essence the D-Party has already been taken over by the reds, so why shouldn’t the T-Party take over the Repubs? I’m not wedded to the R-Party, but for the purposes of reform via November 2, it ranks way higher than the D-Party.

        By some miracle of revelation, the Dems could conceivably rightly perceive that Obama represents their doom and get rid of him in a self-cleansing exercise of rare good judgment (highly unlikely). Or the Repubs could somehow muster the courage to speak truth to power and start congressional hearings on eligibility (unlikely but possible after Nov. 2). If neither party moves to excise the Obama cancer from our body politic after Nov. 2, it will probably take a mass movement to do so, and in that eventuality a whole new political structure could well result.

        The Tea Party and Glenn Beck rallies in D.C. brought out millions of constitutionalists, but they failed to directly confront Obama. Nixon didn’t resign until thousands of demonstrators repeatedly converged on the White House itself, including marching around Nixon’s bedroom at night with candles and shouting for his resignation. If that is what it takes to oust Obama, I will be content to see both major parties scrapped.

  7. An excellent point Maj. Gen. Vallely. We definitely know that when the time comes for these socialists to confiscate our arms, the Dem/liberal/socialists will all vote the same way. It is, in fact, their ultimate goal to disarm America. The NRA must already know this, so why do they support them? That’s a great letter, thanks.

    1. With Republicans I can trust they aren’t going to be as Conservative as I am, and some may be Socialist Lite, with Democrats I can trust they are going to be, or at least vote, which is what counts, Socialist/Marxist and even Communist..

      So, yes, there are degress of bad, and as much as I would like to believe otherwise, realistically we will have to settle for “less bad”, which I believe eliminates all Democrats and the establishment Republicans, leaving some actual Conservative Republicans and Tea Party candidates. If the only choice is an establishment Republican or a Democrat, I’ll hold my nose and vote for the Republican.

      I agree with the General cancelling his NRA membership, the 2nd Amendment is very important, but so is the rest of the Constitution.