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by David F. LaRocque

Glenn Beck hosts a 5:00 p.m. EDT show on the Fox News Channel

(Sept. 26, 2010) — For almost two years, millions of Americans who have been watching Glenn Beck’s late afternoon TV program every day have been receiving a valuable education on the one hundred-year-old agenda of the progressive movement in America to subvert the United States Constitution and to create a Socialist state in our country.

This has been a most enlightening experience for most of us. We have learned how the facts of our nation’s history in the 20th century have been systematically concealed, distorted, and falsified in order to deny the truth to the American people, and to advance the progressive agenda by stealth. We have also been treated to a detailed and thoroughly-documented explanation of the manner in which the United States government has been taken over by a massive conspiracy of radical leftists, terrorists, and Communists, while brazenly implementing policies which are clearly contrary to the principles of liberty enshrined in America’s founding documents.

Reading just one of the numerous books recommended by Glenn Beck can be an eye-opening experience. If one had already been through one of the early reading recommendations from Mr. Beck, such as Mao: The Unknown Story by Jung Chang and Jon Halliday, one would be prepared to be shocked by the glaring deficiencies in the education of the American people on the horrors of collectivism in all of its forms – Progressivism, Socialism, National Socialism (as manifested in the Nazi Party of Germany), Fascism, and Communism.

We must wonder how many of these deficiencies in our education were orchestrated by the educational establishment itself, as it was steadily infiltrated and dominated by the progressive movement in accordance with the published agenda of the Communist Party of the USA. (Item 17 on the 1963 agenda of the CPUSA states: “Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum. Get control of teachers’ associations. Put the party line in textbooks.”)

Professor Michael Yahuda of the London School of Economics described Jung Chang’s work as a “magnificent book” and “a stupendous work” which cast “new and revealing light on nearly every episode in Mao’s tumultuous life.” In the opening paragraph of his review, Professor Yahuda states that “Mao now stands revealed as one of the greatest monsters of the 20th century, alongside Hitler and Stalin. Indeed, in terms of sheer numbers of deaths for which he responsible, Mao, with some 70 million, exceeded both.”

Yet, as we know from our education by Mr. Beck, Mao is one of two political philosophers “most admired” by former White House Director of Communications Anita Dunn, as she publicly stated in a well-known presentation at a high school graduation.

We also know that the writings of Mao were the inspiration for the horrifying manifesto of the Weather Underground Organization titled “Prairie Fire – The Politics of Revolutionary Anti-Imperialism”, the authors of which were avowed terrorists, self-admitted bombers of the Pentagon and the Capitol Building, (and probable participants in a bombing in San Francisco which caused the death of a police officer) Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn, Jeff Jones, and Celia Sojourn.

Who are these people? Well – they are close friends of none other than Barack Obama. Bill Ayers was perhaps Obama’s closest friend, adviser, and sponsor following Obama’s arrival in Chicago to commence his career as a “community organizer.”  Ayers has also been identified as the probable true author of the “autobiography” “Dreams from My Father” for which Barack Obama claims authorship.

Bill Ayers is married to Bernardine Dohrn, and their home in Chicago served as Obama’s base of operations as he began his career in Illinois politics. Bill Ayers closed his speech before the World Education Forum in Caracas, Venezuela in November 2006 with the rousing cheer “Viva Presidente Chavez!

Jeff Jones is not only a co-founder of the Weathermen, he is also a founder of the infamous and corrupt ACORN election fraud organization, and a member of the Apollo Alliance funded by George Soros to orchestrate the take-over of the U.S. government. Jeff Jones has been identified as being involved in the authorship of Obama’s stimulus, and health care bills, as well as the proposed “cap and tax” bill which Obama-Pelosi-Reid hope to ram down our throats, just as they did with the abominable health care legislation.

The statements to be found in “Prairie Fire” are truly frightening and shocking. Here are a few choice examples from the mind of Bill Ayers and his colleagues in the WUO: “We are a guerrilla organization. We are communist women and men … deeply affected by the historic events of our time in the struggle against U.S. imperialism…Our intention is to disrupt the empire, to incapacitate it, to put pressure on the cracks, to make it hard to carry out its bloody functioning against the people of the world, to join the world struggle, to attack from the inside… Socialism is the total opposite of capitalism/imperialism. It is the rejection of empire and white supremacy. Socialism is the violent overthrow of the bourgeoisie, the establishment of the dictatorship of the proletariat, and the eradication of the social system based on profit.”

The other half of what Newsweek magazine called “Washington’s new power couple” is, of course, Anita Dunn’s husband and White House Counsel Robert Bauer.  And we know Robert Bauer as counsel to the Obama campaign during the 2008 presidential election, and the probable mastermind of the organized campaign of resistance against all efforts to uncover the truth of the origins and background of Barack Obama. In fact, it is strongly suspected that Robert Bauer was directly involved in the surprise decision on October 29, 2009 by Judge David O. Carter of the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California to grant Obama’s motion to dismiss the case Barnett et al v. Obama challenging the constitutional eligibility of Barack Obama to serve in the office of president. This is but one example of the numerous amazing coincidences that occur over and over as one looks into to the machinery of usurpation that put Barack Obama into the White House.

Another reading recommendation from Glenn Beck is a true gem, a fascinating book titled “The Road to Serfdom” (University of Chicago Press, 2007 ), written over sixty years ago in the U.K. by a professor of Austrian origin at the London School of Economics whose name was Friederich A. Hayek. Hayek was co-winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics in 1974, and recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1991. He was a pioneer in monetary theory and the principal proponent of libertarianism in the twentieth century, according to the information on the book jacket.

His book, originally published in 1944, was extremely popular in America as well as in the U.K. and became the subject of great controversy and debate between the major intellectual figures of the left and the right in the Western world. Hayek’s argument is that socialism has a simplistic appeal to many intelligent people who consider themselves “progressives”, but that it inevitably requires more and more government control until, if it is not stopped, personal liberty has been extinguished, economic activity crippled, and democracy replaced by tyranny.

Hayek coined the term “totalitarianism” to describe the various manifestations of collectivism: “The various kinds of collectivism – communism, fascism, etc., differ among themselves in the nature of the goal toward which they want to direct the efforts of society. But they all differ from (classical) liberalism and individualism in wanting to organize the whole of society and all its resources for this unitary end, and in refusing to recognize autonomous spheres in which the ends of the individuals are supreme. In short they are totalitarian in the true sense of this new word which we have adopted to describe the unexpected but nevertheless inseparable manifestations of what in theory we call collectivism.” (Hayek p. 100)

Here are two additional quotes from Hayek’s book which reveal the true nature of socialism in alarming fashion:

“That socialism has displaced liberalism as the doctrine held by the great majority of progressives does not simply mean that people had forgotten the warnings of the great (classical) liberal thinkers of the past about the consequences of collectivism. It has happened because they were persuaded of the very opposite of what these men had predicted. The extraordinary thing is that the same socialism that was not only early recognized as the gravest threat to freedom, but quite openly began as a reaction against the liberalism of the French Revolution, gained general acceptance under the flag of liberty.

It is rarely remembered now that socialism in its beginnings was frankly authoritarian. The French writers who laid the foundations of modern socialism had no doubt that their ideas could be put into practice only by a strong dictatorial government. To them socialism meant an attempt to ‘terminate the revolution’ by a deliberate reorganization of society on hierarchical lines and by the imposition of a coercive ‘spiritual power.’

Where freedom was concerned, the founders of socialism made no bones about their intentions. Freedom of thought they regarded as the root-evil of nineteenth-century society, and the first of modern planners, Saint-Simon, even predicted that those who did not obey his proposed planning boards would be ‘treated as cattle’.” (Hayek p. 76)

“Before we can progress with our main problem, an obstacle has yet to be surmounted. A confusion largely responsible for the way in which we are drifting into things which nobody wants must be cleared up. This confusion concerns nothing less than the concept of socialism itself. It may mean, and is often used to describe, merely the ideals of social justice, greater equality, and security, which are the ultimate aims of socialism. But it means also the particular method by which most socialists hope to attain these ends and which many competent people regard as the only methods by which they can be fully and quickly attained.

In this sense socialism means the abolition of private enterprise, of private ownership of the means of production, and the creation of a system of ‘planned economy’ in which the entrepreneur working for profit is replaced by a central planning body…It must also not be forgotten that socialism is not only by far the most important species of collectivism or ‘planning’, but that it is socialism which has persuaded liberal-minded people to submit once more to that regimentation of economic life which they had overthrown because in the words of Adam Smith, it puts government in a position where ‘to support themselves they are obliged to be oppressive and tyrannical’.” (Hayek, p. 83-84)

Did you learn any of these things in school? Did you even hear of F.A. Hayek in your college economics courses? Were you taught about the dangers and false promises of socialism in your college economics courses? Were you taught in school about the horrible consequences of socialist experiments in every nation in the world in which it has been tried? This writer was certainly not taught these things in the main educational curricula at the universities he attended.

I do not remember even seeing or hearing the name F. A. Hayek in school, although I definitely remember studying the intricacies of Keynesian economics. I attended several of the leading universities in the nation, and took advanced economics courses from well known professors in the course of studying for an MBA degree, but the principles of economic liberty and their inextricable connections to personal liberty were not properly taught.

Where I learned the truth about threats to our liberty was in my senior Naval ROTC classes at Purdue University, in which we undertook an in-depth study of the principles and concepts of socialism and Marxism, a course which continued over two full semesters. I am most grateful to the United States Navy for insuring that I understood the nature of the enemy before I was sent out to defend my country.

While many of us are grateful to Glenn Beck for the fine work he has done in educating his audience in his uniquely engaging way, we have also been waiting patiently for Glenn Beck to acknowledge an issue which many believe is at the core of the problems facing our nation, and which Glenn Beck has carefully avoided.

That issue is, of course, the issue of the apparent ineligibility of Barack Obama to serve in the office of president in accordance with the requirements of Article II of the U.S. Constitution. At one point Glenn even seemed to ridicule those with unanswered questions regarding Obama’s eligibility, referring to them as “birthers.”

The eligibility issue is truly the “elephant in the room” in the national uproar over the shocking direction in which Obama has taken this country, as the American people wake up to what Obama meant when he promised a “fundamental transformation” of our nation if he were elected. What we are now seeing is the rapid installation of a socialist regime in America; and history, together with the writings of F.A. Hayek, teach us that we have only seen the beginning of the destruction of liberty which the progressives have in store for us.

It is now clear that the mainstream media have imposed a comprehensive blackout on all discussion of eligibility-related issues, notwithstanding that the evidence grows daily that an incredible hoax has been perpetrated on the American people, putting an ineligible presidential candidate (and possibly an illegal alien) into the White House by means of a massive election fraud and a broad conspiracy of lies, perjury, false certifications, forged documents, dereliction of duty, and manipulation of the judiciary – necessarily involving individuals occupying some of the highest offices in the land.

While it is not yet clear how this could have been done in a free society existing within a constitutional republic, the undeniable fact is that this is exactly what has happened, and even the improper court-martial of an honorable, highly respected, and decorated Lieutenant Colonel of the United States Army has not been able to break the conspiracy of silence regarding the hidden past of Barack Obama (AKA Barry Soetoro).

Those of us who have been following this American tragedy have become increasingly concerned and frustrated. This writer even submitted an editorial for publication on The Post and Email web site titled “An Open Letter to Glenn Beck” which was published on August 17, 2010, and concluded with the question “Where do you stand, Glenn Beck?”

Right up to the present time, when the constitutional crisis arising from this untenable situation in the White House seems to have reached the breaking point, even the outspoken news anchors and commentators at Fox News, America’s only hope for a free broadcast media, have not breached the eligibility gag order under which they are obviously operating, including Glenn Beck (except accidentally, when they quickly correct themselves or their guest). That is – until this week.

On Wednesday September 22, two members of the Fox News team made comments that seemed to go considerably beyond their previous statements in connection with the eligibility controversy.

First, there was Sarah Palin:

Speaking on Greta Van Susteren’s Fox News show on Wednesday night, the always-fun Sarah Palin referred to President Obama as “Barack Hussein Obama” while expressing concern that the press had failed to uncover key details about Obama’s early life. Some are wondering whether this brief appearance is an appeal to birtherism, a fringe theory suggesting that Obama is not a U.S.-born citizen. Here’s the video, a transcript of Palin’s statement, and the reaction:

I think [Republican Delaware Senatorial candidate Christine O’Donnell] absolutely can win. She needs to stay on message, talking about reining in the federal government, and really connecting with her Delaware voters, and ignoring what the lamestream media is trying to do her with all the distractions. Funny, Greta, though, that we are learning more about Christine O’Donnell and her college years and her teenage years and her financial dealings than anybody ever even bothered to ask about Barack Hussein Obama as a candidate and now as our president.’ (Sarah Palin)

“Birther Talking Points” – Conservative blogger Pajama Pundit sighs, “Look, the way that I see it, she is clearly pandering to the Orly Taitz crowd on this one folks. Palin uses the President’s middle name — as many did during the 2008 campaign — to remind the Fox viewers that he is ‘not one of us’. Then, as I watched with my mouth agape, she continues by pointing out that Christine O’Donnell is going through a much tougher vetting process (i.e. learning about her background, schooling, upbringing, etc.) than the President did. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t this a Birther talking point?”

What Palin Means With Hussein – Outside the Beltway’s James Joyner writes of using Obama’s middle name, “Whether it’s to pander to the birthers or just to suggest ever-so-subtly that the President is not a ‘real American,’ the motivation is just as sinister. And, no, I don’t believe the ‘it’s just his middle name’ defense works here. You didn’t hear people referring to ‘Ronald Wilson Reagan’ on a regular basis, or ‘George Walker Bush,’ or, for that matter ‘Sarah Louise Palin.’ No, there’s a reason that people like Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, and now Sarah Palin, use the President’s middle name, and it isn’t over a concern with correct nomenclature.”

Palin Crosses a New Line – Talking Points Memo’s Christina Bellantoni writes, “It’s certainly not the first time Palin has cracked about Obama’s past, but we couldn’t find any references to her using his middle name. Who can forget that Palin was the candidate to insist that Obama doesn’t see America in the same way as she and Sen. John McCain?”

Then there was Glenn Beck

“Believe it or not America – you’re being manipulated every single day. That is what progressives do. They believe that you are stupid.”

Below is a transcript of Glenn Beck’s remarks at minute: 47 of his one hour program on September 22 in connection with a monologue on the subject of government-sponsored propaganda as first implemented in the United States almost one hundred years ago by the Wilson administration, under the direction of Wilson’s three masters of propaganda – Walter Lippman, Colonel House, and Edward Bernays.

These individuals literally created the modern technology of government propaganda. The book written by Edward Bernays (“the Cass Sunstein of his time”) titled “Propaganda” was his most important book. In it he advanced a concept of manipulation of the people based on “making people do what he wanted them to do by making them think that it is their idea”.

Bernays was dubbed the “Father of Spin” by one writer. His writings, including a second book titled “Crystallizing Public Opinion” were reportedly used by Hitler’s Reich Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels as a basis for his destructive campaign against the Jews of Germany.

Here are Glenn Beck’s remarks:

When America became aware of how they were being manipulated (during the Wilson administration), they regretted it and they got away from it as fast as they could.

Manipulation is what is happening again today, and they are counting on you not seeing it. All they need is time to get the framework into place.

Now – there is an established trick that they use…the trick is – when the progressive agenda is exposed, they immediately call it a ‘conspiracy theory’ and no one believes them (those who exposed the progressive agenda).

Do you know where the Kenyan conspiracy theory came from – do you know that he was born in Kenya? Hillary Clinton’s camp! (long pause) Hmm

So when something comes out – anything – you immediately label it a conspiracy theory…That is a conspiracy theory – he was born in the United States, clear and simple.

Now, Cass Sunstein wrote a paper on conspiracy theories (called) “Causes and Cures” (in connection with a Symposium on Conspiracy Theories)…he wrote:

‘The price of credibility is that the government cannot be seen to control the independent experts. Although the government can supply these independent experts with information, and perhaps prod them into action from behind the scenes, too close a connection will prove self-defeating if it is exposed.

Of course, some conspiracy theories have turned out to be true, and under our definition they do not cease to be conspiracy theories for that reason.’

In other words – even if they are true, they are still conspiracy theories!

What does that mean? Well – you have to discredit people by calling them “conspiracy theorists”, and I think they are growing some (conspiracies)!

Have you noticed how differently ‘birthers’ are treated by this government? I mean – I have never seen a president’s passport before, but why did they release that? Why is it the president and the White House are always bringing up the ‘birther’ thing? I don’t hear that in everyday talk.

They are feeding the conspiracy theory of the crazies by mixing truth with lies, because if they can get that conspiracy theory (accepted), then they can put everything else under that umbrella.

For instance, Robert Gibbs did this just last week, when responding to claims by Newt Gingrich that President Obama is defined by a Kenyan anti-colonial world view…well-documented idea…legitimate political theory…but what did Gibbs do?

Watch (video clip of Gibbs): ‘He’s trying to appeal to the fringe of people who don’t believe the president was born in this country. You would normally expect better from somebody who had held the position of Speaker of the House.’

The anti-colonialism article that Gibbs was talking about had nothing to do with where the president was born – NOTHING! Gingrich never said anything about that!

It had everything to do with what he (Obama) heard and learned growing up in Hawaii, which is America, and Indonesia.

You see – they are masters of this form of misdirection and deception. All they want to do is buy time, and they learned from the very best – the monsters of the American past.

So, according to Cass Sunstein (“most dangerous man in America” according to Glenn Beck)– the Obama regime believes that even if the claim of the “birthers” that Barack Obama is not a natural born citizen pursuant to the requirements of Article II, Section 1, Clause 5 the United States Constitution is true, it is still a conspiracy theory!

All I can say is WOW! That is truly scary.

Does anything in Glenn Beck’s remarks sound familiar?

Do the names “Fight the Smears” and “FactCheck.org” and “Snopes” come to mind?

Do you remember Glenn Beck ever discussing the eligibility issue so directly, and in such explicit language? I sure do not.

Do you believe that this is Glenn Beck’s response to my open letter to him? I believe it is.

If this is as far as Glenn Beck can go right now (including covering himself with appropriate disclaimers) then this may well be a signal that Glenn Beck is with us. And the fact that it came out on the same day that Sarah Palin seemed to go beyond her previous statements on the eligibility issue is certainly intriguing.

What do you think?

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  1. I think Beck just refuses to look at the issue and his staff shields him from all explanations that would make him question is wrong beliefs. His staff has been rudely dismissive to me in emails. Beck has admitted he hasn’t even looked into the issue. He believes that simply because Obama’s birth was announced in the HI papers, therefore he must’ve been born in HI. He doesn’t understand, nor has he researched, that a form (say for a home birth) is filled out and sent into the state saying you were born and the state generates the birth announcements without vetting that you actually were born where you say you were. That falsified? document (certification of live birth) then becomes the basis for the “proof.” Beck lost my respect when I saw his ignorance and his mocking on several occasions. If he’s this ignorant on this issue, what else are we being sold a bill of goods on? I could’ve respected had he said “I don’t agree this is an issue worth pursuing” but he chose to mock instead. Obama IS an American Citizen, he is NOT a natural born citizen because his father was Kenyan based on Vattel, Jay and Hamilton’s writings.

  2. Sean Hannity was very interesting last night – he was quoting from F.A. Hayek on the dangers of progressivism and how it leads inevitably to more and more government control and loss of personal liberty, ending ultimately in tyranny.

  3. To Khalid Al Mansour,

    “How does that explain Beck’s decision to ridicule, mock and compare those asking informed question with “truthers”… and to throw Alan Keyes’ photo up on his blackboard with “radicals”?”

    Those are good questions. It would be great if these questions could be addressed.

    Thank you.

  4. How does that explain Beck’s decision to ridicule, mock and compare those asking informed question with “truthers”… and to throw Alan Keyes’ photo up on his blackboard with “radicals”?

  5. Beck is not an idiot. He is fully aware that if he is labeled a “birther” its game over for him and his cause. Since there has been a complete MSM black-out on the issue, we also have to assume that Beck (like all the talking heads) was specifically instructed NOT to bring the issue up, or else.

    Who has the power to control information in the media? The Federal Communication Commission. From their website… “The FCC was established by the Communications Act of 1934 and is charged with regulating interstate and international communications by radio, television, wire, satellite and cable.” That pretty much covers all the MSM outlets… except of course the Internet.

    Lou Dobbs anyone? His entire career was practically ended just for asking simple questions about a birth certificate on the air. Call it a conspiracy, but how can anyone deny that there is a concerted effort within our government and the media to not only stonewall, but to go out of their way to ridicule those who are seeking an authenticated $12 document.

    Beck is going after him on his policies and radical associations. Anyone who follows his show knows that he has done an excellent and exhaustive job of exposing the true “agenda” of BHO’s administration and his efforts to destroy the Republic through change that no one voted for.

    Give Beck a break… he’s working within the parameters of the game to do his part.

  6. There’s something we don’t know, and that’s the bottom line. It could be that Glenn Beck’s family has been targeted or threatened, or he could sincerely believe the birther issue is all wrong. However, since he is so sincere about the Constitution, I cannot see how he doesn’t accept that Obama is not a natural born citizen, or how the vetting problem exists in Hawaii and the other 49 states. Glenn has not gone after the fact that Obama has not been transparent about his documents. Something is amiss here, but so is the fact that the Republicans haven’t gone after Obama’s eligibility. Keep in mind that even if impeached by the House, the Senate must convict, and who sits in the Senate and casts a tie vote?–the VP. Also, I think the fraud is so broad and so deep that the country would be thrown into utter chaos, and we are at war. So, are they just biding their time? Or, is there a deeper conspiracy we can’t even guess exists? Time will tell. In the meantime, I’m very grateful to Glenn Beck for what he has exposed. On your knees, America, and pray for God’s forgiveness and guidance. Glenn is right that He is the only way out of the mess we’re in.

  7. Don’t delude yourself — Glenn Beck is only ‘looking-out-for-number-one’ and protecting himself/his job/his ratings with his hypocritical support/disavowal of our Constitution over the ineligibility issue. He is as derisively dismissive of the reality of the eligibility issue as the other mainstream media giants that could make a difference if they would — and that includes Rush, Sean and Mark — all of whom should be ashamed!!!!

    Read the World Net Daily article discussing the blow-back Beck received on his web site for his positioning on the eligibility issue. Did he pay attention??? NO!

    I think Clyburn’s double entendre and recent scare-tactic assertion that the GOP will even go so far as to dare to subpoena the obama’s records if the GOP is in control of Congress got more main stream and wide spread publicity and attention than any of the other distraction comments (including the obama saying he couldn’t walk around with his birth certificate taped to his forehead) that have emerged recently.

    Clyburn may have done more for increased public awareness of the issue than anyone else. Of course the GOP will run from it as quickly as they can but it is out in the open which is a good thing!!! I hope Clyburn inadvertently opened the flood gates . . .

  8. “David F LaRocque says:
    Monday, September 27, 2010 at 11:10 PM
    Let me offer a few thoughts about my theory that Glenn Beck’s Sept 22 monologue was in fact a response the earlier open letters to him from me and CDR Kerchner.”

    David, after carefully reading your analysis, I have to retract my earlier statement. Your posting is very insightful and I must admit, that I cannot find a flaw in your train of thought.
    Well stated my dear man.
    I have always liked and enjoyed Glenn Beck, but I was also frustrated with his refusal to tackle the birther issue head-on like all his other subjects.
    Glenn and his research team are no dummies and in retrospect, I have to say, I think your analysis is more than likely pretty spot on.
    To Glenn Beck I say – my apologies for doubting you. Keep em coming.

  9. I believe Glenn Beck knows that the fix was put in on the birth of Obama in the beginning and the only way to beat them at their game is to play like its not the problem. He wants all Americans to hear what he has to say, not turn people away. Remember the private meeting with the Supreme court about the time he took office? What was that about. Just my thinking, he knows that the only way to get into the thick heads of the ones covering for him is to show them what O. is really doing and where he wants to take America. Glenn Beck is doing a great job on that. He must convince them so they will get to the point that they will fear what they have done. Seems its working with so many bailing out and running for cover. Seems its coming apart or not going by plan. If he gets it in those thick skulls, they will get to the point of no more of this and start talking. It takes just a few and then they will all start talking. Some are already talking. Crimes have been committed and the birth place will be easy to prove once all is brought out in the open. Think about this next time you hear Glenn Beck. You won’t be upset when you know why he does what he does. He must beat them by taking apart the support of his people. They will turn on him. As we are seeing right now. This is what I see that Glenn Beck is doing.

  10. Let me offer a few thoughts about my theory that Glenn Beck’s Sept 22 monologue was in fact a response the earlier open letters to him from me and CDR Kerchner.

    1) The monologue was about the propaganda techniques of the Obama administration. He could have talked about the propaganda used for the bailouts, or the jobs issue, or in connection with the health care bill. But he chose to focus on the way propaganda is being used on the birther issue. He didn’t have to bring up the birther issue, but he did.

    2) He used the Cass Sunstein remarks about independent experts and keeping the government role hidden. This is a perfect fit with the way Obama set up those phony truth-seeking web-sites like Fight-the-Smears and FactCheck.org to create the image of crazy conspiracy theorists who refuse to accept the undeniable truth provided by the “independent experts”, and carefully positioned these experts as independent of the Obama administration.

    3) Then he came to the punch line – he introduced Cass Sunstein’s remarks explaining to the true believers that “even if the conspiracy theory is true, is is still a conspiracy theory!” I could almost see him winking and nodding at this point. Why would he use this particular story and emphasize the punch line the way he did unless he was sending a signal?

    4) Now he goes on to present an example of how they do it, with the story about the Robert Gibbs’ response to the question about Newt Gingrich’s claims that Obama has a Kenyan anti-colonial world view. Again he makes a big point of showing how Gibbs turned his response back the the birther issue, when in fact Newt “said nothing about where Obama was born”.

    So Glenn Beck has now consciously (and with considerable preparation) brought up the birther issue in the context of a story he was using to make a point about propaganda; he highlighted the phony “independent experts” who provided the only basis for Obama’s agents to claim that he was born in the U.S. ; Beck showed, with great emphasis, how the Obama agents have been taught by Cass Sunstein that a conspiracy theory is still a conspiracy theory even if it is true; and finally he offers another story showing how the White House press secretary uses an unrelated question to drag the birther conspiracy theory into the dialog once more, and he manages to use the words “Kenyan” and “Indonesia” in the conclusion of the story.

    In addition to all of that, Glenn Beck mentioned the bizarre recent release of of the photos of what was purported to be the “president’s passport” in a voice that was dripping with sarcasm. This was a clever follow-up on his opening sentence that the progressives think we are stupid.

    The more I think about this monologue, the more I see it as a very carefully constructed discussion of the eligibility issue, cleverly designed to get around the restrictions that have clearly been imposed on all of the commentators at Fox News.

    When you consider Sarah Palin’s remarks on the same day, I feel that the odds are very high that Glenn and Sarah have decided to push the envelope a bit on the birther issue. I certainly do not think that either of them are unaware of the firestorm that is coming when this issue finally explodes.

  11. Respect this man for he and he alone has come and gone this far, and has laid his life and the lives of his family on the line for the love of our great nation.

  12. Just sent a pithy comment to Bill O’reily…

    bill, appreciate you giving camera time to the liberal hack lemont hill about his “proof” that the tea party is racist. we (the poeple) have proof that barrack hussien obama was born a brit, therefore not legit. how bout some airtime about real facts oriely, the public not only deserves it but is demanding it!

    thank you,
    thomas morato
    united states navy(ret)

  13. Is Glenn Beck with us? Yes I think he is now — but it took him awhile to understand it. I watch him on TV for that education this article speaks of and for the hope and encouragement that we the people can and we will win. For awhile I was mad at him that he didn’t jump into the eligibility issue. BUT then I saw him wearing a bullet proof vest at the 8/28 rally and thought about it some more.

    He’s been threatened somehow. I asked myself what I thought he would accomplish by exposing it on radio or TV? I believe at least 80% of his listeners already know it. Not only have the P&E but WND, hundreds of websites and blogs, you-tube vids galore and citizen posters in the comment section of other internet venues explained it till they’re blue in the face, how can right minded people NOT know by now? So what does he gain by getting the chalk board out and explaining it? 10% more of his viewers would understand? yeah and that accomplishes what? Do judges or the Supreme Court finally do their job because Glenn Beck says something? Does the military wake up because Glenn Beck addresses it? Does my congressman, who doesn’t even answer my emails bring up impeachment because of Beck?
    And meanwhile he’s off the air and the good he does is gone. I know a lot of folks see this as the only issue that matters. I don’t. I think it’s major and I applaud the P&E and all the others for their tenacity, but I believe the wall around Obama could crack in 50 different places, so thick is the web of lies, and then the idiot MSM would turn overnight from ardent supporters of the “O” to feeding frenzied sharks and Beck would say I knew that but was muzzled. So, I care not whether constitutionally ineligible is what cracks the wall or if it’s brought out later as a result of something else cracking it, ANYTHING cracking it — I just want Obama exposed. And Beck does his part in that.

  14. Unfortunately I do not agree with you that Glenn Beck is on our side.

    I watched that specific program on 09/22/10 and I believe that Glenn Beck was guilty of exactly the same things that he accused Robert Gibbs and other progressives of.
    Misdirection and deception.
    We all know that Glenn Beck has a top level research team and nobody in the media currently does such exhaustive research on a subject like Glenn Beck and his team.
    But, here he comes with the ‘birther’ conspiracy theory and all he talks about is the birth certificate and place of birth. Nothing else! No reference to the core issue of “Natural Born Citizen”
    Glenn Beck claims to be (and comes accross) as a Constitutional expert and thusly you would expect him to be fully familiar with the Natural Born Citizen clause of eligibility.
    However, Beck makes not one reference to the core issue. No talk about who his father is. No comment about dual citizenship. No comment about Indonesian citizenship. NADA!!
    That is what I call misdirection and deception.
    He knows, like we all know, that the birth certificate is the red herring to throw everybody off the scent. As a Constitutional expert, with an expert research team at his disposal, he knows it does not matter where Obama was born or what is on his birth certificate.
    But, his handlers will not allow him to go down that road and mention it on his show.
    He glibly say “Obama was born in the US” and wants us to believe that that is adequate qualification to be POTUS.
    To Glenn Beck I say – stop the deception and misdirection!!
    Get your research team to pay attention to the NBC clause and make the connection to who Obama’s father was. Then, grow a set (like a man) and talk about it on your show. Do you have the . . . . to do it Glenn?

  15. At best, when I first encountered Glenn Beck some years ago, he had come across to me as a mildly amusing entertainer, a harmless sideshow barking out a semi-pleasant drone of Leave-it-to-Beaver America pseudo-nostalgia and of safely super-melodramatic doomsday scenario thrills. I never dialed into his program on purpose and whenever I had occasioned to tune in accidentally, after about a maximum of five minutes I was done.

    I guess Glenn Beck never really made it onto my radar screen until the day I read that he was using his piece of the airwaves to pointedly denigrate as “birthers” those of us who believe in following all parts of the Constitution. This is not the behavior of one who wants to conserve America and its founding principles. Even if his network-issued marching orders explicitly had Obama’s ineligibility as a “no touch” issue, he could have tweaked it favorably around the edges now and then (like Rush does) or simply let it lie.

    The guy is a televangelist huckster faking Conservatism for dollars instead of faking bleats of “Jees-suss” (apparently this is something he has taken to recently as well). I don’t trust anything he says as genuine. I hope he tanks.

  16. Glenn Beck is one part of the large puzzle called People of America who will dismantle this Fraud of Presidency. He is a pragmatic. He knows that the “Birther” issue is a definite NO on the air by order of his superiors, so he does what he can on other issues. Fox was involved in the blackout on the issue when it mattered before the primaries, probably because the RNC demanded it to protect McCain. Fox has no interest into seeing this issue taking strength because it would reveal their cooperation.

    But the issue IS taking strength, most of the Tea Partiers are aware of it. And it is why the issue comes up over and over on Beck and O’Reilly.

    1. Yes, I remember reading the story back then, I even left a comment under the name, “Bob”.

      The problem is the follow-up they promised never happened. Of course that could be taken as validation of the truth of the story. Perhaps the regime got to them?

  17. Beck is past tense to me. Selling Soap and Books for $. He is losing viewers fast over this issue.
    Also, Obama is the “Birther”, not the legal minded Citizens who what rule of law. Birther Obama does not have an American BC. Everyone knows a Dual Citizen CONNOT be POTUS. He is subject to Citizens Arrest. The citizen that arrests him will go into American history along with the names of our Founding Fathers.

    1. Wry chris walters wrote:

      Obama is the ‘Birther,’ not the legal minded Citizens who want rule of law.

      Good point Chris. Who really deserves to be called “birther,” the good citizens simply asking to see that we play by the rules, or “the One” trying to get people to believe in his made up life story fantasies?

      There’s a bumper sticker in here somewhere. Hmmm…

      Obama – the original BIRTHER!

      Deport O “birther” BAMA!

      Or ??

  18. The overarching tragedy here is Beck’s blatant hypocrisy on the seminal eligibility issue. As an educator, he is to be applauded and thanked for his public service. But on the eligibility issue, Mr. Beck, I’m sure a basically decent and honorable man, has time and again demonstrated shamefully willful ignorance and cavalier neglect. The incongruence is spellbinding. He’s too powerful a figure to be intimidated by the powers to be (or so it seems), and he has full access to all the research material and the research team needed to pull it all together to intelligently and objectively question Obama’s eligibility. So, why does he continually and deliberately dodge an open and honest exploration of this issue? I am still honestly mystified by the incongruity, and until I get a satisfactory explanation from him for his silence and even hostility on this issue, my respect for him will continue to erode.

    1. Vic,

      Just sent the emails for today to these addresses:

      oreilly@foxnews.com; hannity@foxnews.com; newsmanager@foxnews.com; ElRushbo@eibnet.com; kelly@foxnews.com; lou@loudobbs.com; me@glennbeck.com; greta@foxnews.com; writemalkin@gmail.com; becktips@foxnews.com

      Everyone feel free to copy and paste my address list into your email address bar.

      I sent them a link to these new YouTube Videos:



      I send them stuff all the time, if they don’t look at it..OK, I send it anyway.

      I also leave comments every day at The Blaze and The Drudge tip lines…and I have already emailed my Senators and Congressman this morning.

      Somehow, “this isn’t working” is not making me stop trying.

  19. Glenn Beck knows that obama is ineligible. His hope (and in his mind the better option for the country) is for this “problem” to be solved politically. I think that when he truly feels the hypocrisy climbing up his spine, he blurts out what his soul is screaming. Glenn’s problem is turning his position around before the truth comes out.

      1. If they all opened their mouths, the mob thugs would be helpless to do anything about it. I mean, c’mon, if they all spoke about it and then they all started dropping like flies, don’t you think people would notice?

  20. If Beck thinks that “birtherism” (aka CONSTITUTIONALISM) is “loony” (a Shep Smith quip also) then WHY is he a “FRIEND” on Orly Taitz’ FACEBOOK page?

    Is he using a Roman rhetorical flourish in that he EMPHASIZES something by appearing to ridicule it?

    I think Beck is going to have an “EPIPHANY” when he decides it is the appropriate time.

    He knows full well that it does not necessarily matter WHERE Obama was born, but rather the CIRCUMSTANCES of his citizenship(s); the PLURAL is the problem, and the plural MAY NOT even INCLUDE AMERICAN CITIZENSHIP at all if immigration law from the year of Barry’s birth is applied.

    When the situation is finally addressed AMERICA and the WORLD will shudder, but it mustn’t be avoided or the Constitution will fall and take the Republic with it.

    This issue is SURELY GETTING EXCITING and will soon be TOPIC NUMBER ONE in AMERICA.

    People ARE WAKING UP and that is why Obama is increasingly obsessed….he CAN’T SHAKE IT!….the Constitution and Patriots will not let him get away with it.

  21. Here is another Open Letter I wrote to Glenn Beck on the 1st of February 2010.


    So it’s not like Beck hasn’t been told the facts as to what “natural born Citizen” means and doesn’t mean, and where to verify these facts. He just can’t get himself to cross over for some reason. Let’s hope he’s starting to budge and speak truth to power in regards to Obama’s usurpation of office since Obama is not constitutionally eligible to be in the Oval Office. You know it, I know it, most readers here know it. Does Beck know it … in his heart he probably does. But does he have the public courage to admit he was wrong and actively support we constitutionalists in the Article II eligibility battle with Obama. Only time will tell.

    CDR Kerchner (Ret)

    1. Hello Commander,

      There is an Obot named Dwight Sullivan who is posting lies about you on this website:


      “I note that at the link below, one CDR Charles F. Kerchner, Jr. (Retired) makes the same mistake as ‘thinkwell,’ above, in characterizing Hamilton’s purported language as ‘the first draft of the Constitution.'”

      You might want to set him straight personally.

  22. I think it is clearly time to have the Kerchner et al v. Obama et al taken up by the United States Supreme Court and – rather than merely granting the Writ of Certiorari and returning it to a lower Federal Court (who has already violated the Constitution and their own Oaths in this matter) that SCOTUS assume jurisdiction – which they can certainly do if they choose – and hear the matter on merit in full.

    Nothing else will suffice.

  23. Hi David,

    Keep up the good work.

    I have been writing to Glenn Beck since about January 2009. Here is a copy of my “Open Letter to Glenn Beck” in January 2010.


    I sure do hope he is changing his thinking about the true meaning of the legal term of art “natural born Citizen of the United States” in Article II, Section 1, Clause of the U.S. Constitution and recognizing that it is not the same as the term “Citizen of the United States”, the latter term which I have heard Beck declare Obama on the air many times and continuing on saying that Obama is thus legally the President. I sure hope Beck wakes up, admits the error of his ways, and starts calling for an investigation of this eligibility issue by the press and the Congress and the Courts.

    CDR Charles Kerchner (Ret)

    1. Thanks Charles – your good work on this issue far surpasses mine, but occasionally I get an inspiration to put down some of my thoughts.

      I know that most of what I have written is not new information to the regular readers here, but I hope that at least a few uninformed people will stumble across these articles in Google searches or on other blogs that have picked up the article and that they will provoke some thought.

      I appreciate the comments by the others as well. I am just as disgusted with Glenn Beck’s hypocrisy as is AuntieMadder. The skeptics here may be right, but I think there is a decent chance that Beck may be squirming under his gag order.

      I may be a sucker, but I feel that Glenn Beck is trying to do something patriotic. I do believe that the dissatisfaction with the Obama regime that we now see would not have become as widespread and as well-informed if Glenn Beck had not provided the information which has been disseminated from his program.

      We can never know for sure what pressures he is under. If we did know, perhaps we would cut him some slack.

      1. they are afraid of loosing their jobs maybe more.No one should buy any books,until they come clean.If anyone has stock in fox sell it,until the american owner of fox gets rid of this saudi.

  24. At one point Glenn even seemed to ridicule those with unanswered questions regarding Obama’s eligibility, referring to them as “birthers.”

    No, Beck didn’t “seem to ridicule” those who question Oilbama’s eligibility. Having been a long time Beck listener before he got his first cable tv gig at CNN, and then a Beck viewer when he moved to Fox, I was watching his program (for what would turn out to be the last time as a regular viewer) in the days after the nutjob in Austin, Texas flew his prop plane into an office building that housed a few IRS employees, among others. On that program, Beck said that that nutjob was like the “truthers” and “birthers.” He said that we’re all “crazy,” that we’re a bunch of “loons,” that we’re from the “fringe,” the “margins,” the <5% at each extreme of the right-to-left political spectrum. He said that we should be avoided and excluded, lest those who include and accept us be lumped in with us and written off as "birthers," too.

    The things he said that day went above and beyond even that of, for example, MSNBC's treatment of "birthers." Glenn Beck took Alinsky's rule #5 to a whole, new level. Ol' Communist Saul would be truly proud.

    I find it difficult to believe that I was the only one who watched Beck that day. Being so viciously insulted by a radio personality who I had admired and even defended on many, many occasions wasn't a pleasant experience, to say the least. Perhaps others found it less uncomfortable to just forget it.

    1. Auntie,

      I was watching Beck that day and I have watched very little of him since then. Prior to that I was a regular Beck fan. He has turned out to be worse than useless in exposing the truth about Obama’s ineligibility.

      1. That you were watching that day must be the reason that you, like me, have little to no sympathy or even empathy for Beck in regards to this.

        By the way, as I recall it, the topic that day wasn’t even “birthers,” anyway. The point he was trying to make, or at least the way he started out, was that the lamestream media was doing everything they could to label the Austin nutjob with the prop plane a TEA Partier even though it was clear to anyone who read from the guy’s online suicide note that he had some strong Marxist leanings. But in the middle of that and seemingly out of nowhere, Beck went off-topic and started tearing “birthers” a new one. It was absolutely unprovoked and uncalled for.

  25. Their are not many people in a position to expose the truth. That is because the liars are in control.Their are many of us without any real influence who have been blacklisted by our local media for trying to speak-out. There are too few, such as Lou Dobbs who would not compromise,or Lt. Col. Lakin who has committed his all for the truth.
    Those who are in a position and have the opportunity do have a duty to the truth. Denial is only cowardice. I always did consider the statement “The Truth Never Hurt No One,” a fallacy. Their are many people wanting to see people like Beck and Limbaugh show a little courage. They do claim to be well informed on world events.

  26. The only major “talker” who has had the courage and understanding to fully discuss Obama’s numerous eligibility issues is Michael Savage. He has occasionally (but not nearly often enough) discussed various aspects of this vital issue at length, at least once (probably several times) for a full segment of his program. Savage gets a solid B grade on this issue (he would have to discuss it more often to move up to an A).

    Rush dances very lightly around the edges of the issue in sympathetic way and very rarely briefly pokes it directly with a stick, probably because he knows that to disparage “birthers” would drive away a significant segment of his listeners. I get the feeling that Rush would be all over the issue the moment it becomes mainstream. That he waits makes him a coward. I give him a C-.

    Beck, “Constitutional scholar” Levin (who should know better) and many others who have openly ridiculed and disparaged “birthers” get an immediate F, fail, and flunk for total hypocrisy and certainly never get another moment of my time.

    If Beck is finally coming around, I suppose I might put him on probation and move him up to a D-, but he would have to demonstrate consistent good behavior (i.e., discuss Obama’s eligibility issues intelligently and fairly) over an extended period of time before I would ever trust his sincerity.

    That’s how I see it. How would you grade them?

  27. Sorry I cannot agree. Mr. Beck is a hypocrite who preaches the Constitution but will not tackle the biggest Constitutional breach in our nations history. He is like all the rest, nothing but an entertainer. When you see his show or hear his radio show he is doing his act nothing more. He like the rest is only interested in his own personal gain, his personal fortune, his personal estate. In my opinion.

  28. Let’s hope that GB has seen the light and is making the move into birther/NBC territory. I have to believe that Republicans in Congress, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, and all the other conservative talkers, at least tend to believe that Obama was born in Kenya and is not a NBC. But imagine if they came together in one voice and demanded President Obama release his 1961 LF BC. Let the Obots and MSM say what they want. The truth would finally be broadcast far and wide. They have the polls behind them and that truth would resonate with most Americans. There is no way any of them can be so cognizantly dissonant so as to think that the evidence, taken in concert, supports a U.S. birth and natural born citizenship. No way!

  29. The web of progressives is very large. In addition to Anita Dunn and Robert Bauer, George Soros, Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorn one also has to be aware of Herbert and Marion Sandler and Peter Lewis. I haven’t read it, but the book “The Vast Left Wing Consipiracy” by Byron York gives some coverage to these people and their activities.

    I found a fun website that graphically shows connections between people and organizations. Here are a few examples.


    You can type in a name of a person or organization and see some of their connections.

  30. Good article…..but,

    I think if that is Beck being “with us” he has really got a long way to go. I need to hear him and O’Reilly, Limbaugh, Hannity, and many others opening up and without fear discussing, in their often mentioned, “fair and balanced” way, a story that is so full of provable evidence that they look like fools for continuing to deny Obama’s, to say the least, “questionable” eligibility. Where is their “question with boldness” attitude?

    Do not be concerned about the consequences of saying Obama’s middle name. The Obots should be told by Fox and the rest of the media to shove their Alinsky tactics. We are way beyond “maybe” in the quest to determine if Obama is Constitutionally eligible to be president…..actually we are at “no friggen way”. Until Beck and the others drop the stonewalling and quit ignoring the only issue that matters, they are going to have to be a lot less subtle for me to think they might be on “my side”.

    BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA!!!…there, I said it again, openly and without fear. When Sharon Rondeau has courage of steel in saying what she believes, it again makes the Beck’s of the world look like hopeless cowards on this issue, whatever the reasons for their silence may be.

    Lastly, as usual Beck defines “birthers” as those who believe Obama was not born in the Unites States, (like me), calls them crazies and he says nothing about Obama not meeting the requirements of Beck’s supposed beloved Constitution, article 2 section 1, the natural born citizen clause.