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by JB Williams, ©2010

Cover of the publication of the Democratic Socialists of America

(Sept. 23, 2010) — The socialization of America came out of the closet back in the mid-1940s when President Franklin Delano Roosevelt passed his Raw Deal making social engineering a primary function of the federal government. Since then, America has been on a steady decline, leaving behind the concepts of individual free will in favor of nouveau-collectivism – labeled progressive by the international left.

Today, as the Communist Party and Socialist Party learn to work inside our two party system via their collaborative effort, the Democratic Socialists of America and its legislative councils, the Progressive and Black caucuses, the Global Socialization of America is out in the open and a foregone conclusion.

I will demonstrate and document that three particular Democrats have done irreversible damage to the United States and the future of individual free-will. Wilson, Roosevelt and Truman… Jimmy Carter has held the title of America’s worst president for decades and Barack Obama has pretty much earned that title in modern history at this point.

However, combined, Wilson, Roosevelt and Truman are responsible for launching the fall of American free-will. Democrats like Carter, Clinton, Obama, Pelosi and Reid are just modern followers of the Marxist ideologies put in place decades earlier.

Wilson introduced global socialism to America, along with the end to states representation and rights in the 17th Amendment and national taxation without representation in the 16th Amendment. Roosevelt established the nanny state and social engineering in America via his Raw Deal and Truman established the national/international intelligence apparatus that would be used to force global socialism on America.

Truman’s intelligence apparatus has since developed into the National Intelligence Council. According to the council’s web-site –

Associates are chosen from the ranks of academia, the corporate world, or think tanks and are experts on a particular region or transnational topic. The program provides an additional resource for analysts and decision makers to draw upon, both in times of crisis and during more routine periods.

Unfortunately, the National Intelligence Council is not focused upon U.S. national sovereignty, prosperity, security, individual freedom, liberty or free-will. Instead, they are focused upon the subject of their most recent unclassified report titled – Prospects for Global Governance.

The preface of this report establishes the following;

“The United States’ National Intelligence Council (NIC) and the European Union’s Institute for Security Studies (EUISS) have joined forces to produce this assessment of the long-term prospects for global governance frameworks. This exercise builds on the experience of the two institutions in identifying the key trends shaping the future international system.”

The reasoning behind this initiative is stated as follows;

The report concludes that three effects of rapid globalization are driving demands for more effective global governance: 1) economic interdependence; 2) the interconnected nature of the challenges on the international agenda; and 3) interwoven domestic and foreign challenges. – According to the report, more effective global governance is critical to addressing “threats such as ethnic conflicts, infectious diseases, and terrorism as well as a new generation of global challenges including climate change, energy security, food and water scarcity, international migration flows and new technologies,” which are increasingly taking center stage.

The report states further;

The authors stress the importance of multilateral institutions, which “can deliver public goods that summits, nonstate actors, and regional frameworks cannot supply,” because “multiple and diverse governance frameworks, however flexible, probably are not going to be sufficient to keep pace with the looming number of transnational and global challenges absent extensive institutional reforms and innovations.

What more do we need to know?

Public fear and outrage over the obvious globalization of the United States of America are well justified by this unclassified report issued by the National Intelligence Council. The end of national sovereignty is a foregone conclusion, according to the NIC and it has been decades in the making.

Citizens who think the communists are coming have overlooked the reality that they are already here, at DSAUSA, the Progressive Caucus and Black Caucus, funded by international labor unions and currently running all three branches of our runaway federal government.

Citizens worried about the globalization of the United States and the end of American sovereignty and security don’t seem to realize that they are now part of a Global Community run by international think tanks that no longer see a benefit in national sovereignty, national borders or national security, hence the feds refusal to enforce standing immigration and naturalization laws.

With Obama’s approval rating at or below 25% and congressional approval at or below 11%, clearly, the country is not with this administration’s leap into unbridled global socialism, more taxes and less individual freedom. We are just slow to catch on…

The mere prospect of a lame-duck presidency after the November elections has congress rushing to push through the balance of the leftist global agenda before January, when one or both houses may be controlled by Republicans.

Smelling November defeat in the air, Obama turned to his Democratic Socialists in the Black Caucus to rally the troops last week, saying – “I need everybody here to go back to your neighborhoods, to go back to your workplaces, to go to churches, and go to the barbershops, and go to the beauty shops, and tell them we’ve got more work to do.”

Labor union PACs have pulled out all the stops in the 2010 mid-term race for control of congress, raising and spending over $43 million in 2010 congressional races, more than 93% of it given to Democratic Socialist candidates, of course.

All of this is intended to keep Global Socialization of America on track in 2010 and beyond. What was once just a socialist concept is now a Democratic Socialist strategy, center stage in the Democrat Party platform.

Citizens no longer have to guess about the intentions of their political leaders – it is out in the open and even in print. If American citizens fail to study and learn, or properly react to this very real threat from within our own government, I’m afraid they will deserve whatever they get at this point.

Global Socialism is supported by less than 20% of American citizens. But if the other 80% don’t unify in a tangible way and fast, the majority of citizens will be run over by a very unified and determined minority and they will have only themselves to blame.

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  1. In biblical terms, the groundwork is being laid for the ascendency of the anti-christ and the false prophet. This view is not borne of a “clinging” mentality but most often the truth is simple because it has nothing to hide.

      1. jane,

        Life experiences and a sober reading of the bible have lead me to this conclusion. I have a lot of people in my family that are well connected and I have seen the difference between what is allowed to be presented to the public and what really goes on.

  2. Good article built on the excellent work of many people. See in particular Jonathan Goldberg, “The Rise of Liberal Fascism” for an excellent detailed discussion of Wilson, FDR, and Truman in context. Good Luck to the Patriot’s Union!

  3. Please tell me this website is not deluded by the left/right paradigm of Republican vs Democrat??? The are both comparable to syphilis vs gonorrhea; choose your toxic poison. Until I hear you comment with equal vigor and enthusiasm regarding the treason and sedition committed by the Reagan/Bush Sr/Bush Jr era, I will not take this website seriously, especially when it comes to topics such as those discussed in this article. Very Respectfully, Mike
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Sir, that is up to you, but we have been reporting on the treason and sedition of everyone in government since our inception last year. Perhaps you need to read a few more of our articles!

    1. Mike:
      With all due respect, unless/until you provide substantive evidence that Reagan, Bush Sr or Bush Jr ever sought out and associated with the most radical Communists, Marxists and Socialists in America (just two of which, William Ayers and his wife Bernadine Dohrn, committed several acts of domestic terrorism) like Obama has done — SHUT UP!

    2. tides foundation,ford foundation,soros,president wilson,fdr,carter,clinton,obama,most of the years run by the socialist dems.It’s time to get back to the founding fathers,constitution,state rights,and never forget we the people.Its time to clean washington dc up,from top to bottom,including the federal reserve,and big banks.

  4. In the interest of at least partial disclosure, the Democratic Party should change its moniker to the more truthful name of Socialist Democratic Party, or simply admit that it is a socialist/communist-driven entity by calling itself the Democratic Socialist Party.

    By whatever pink name they may choose to use, liberals/progressives/socialists are agents of the New World Order who seek to change us into internationalists instead of nationalists. They put global interests ahead of our nation’s interests. They subvert our Constitution in every way, including their misuse of it push their agenda in areas like abortion, same-sex marriage, affirmative action, gays in the military, open borders, and suppression of the Christian religion.