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by James H. Roberson

The position of Judge Advocate General is appointed and provided for by Title 10 of the U.S. Code

(Sept. 23, 2010) — Folks, we may be getting close to Civil War II.

Lt. Col. Lakin (M.D.- Active Army) – first asked the Army to affirm that Obama was constitutionally eligible to serve as President, and when his chain of command refused, he then refused to deploy to Afghanistan until “eligibility” was established (to force the issue to a head).   Lakin’s argument is simple and direct:  a soldier must not be compelled to obey an “unlawful order”; an “ineligible person” cannot serve as President and Commander-in-Chief and, thus, cannot issue “lawful orders.”  He has thereby laid his liberty and whole career on the line  in order to honor his Oath to Support and Defend the Constitution (especially Article II, Section 1, Clause 5), which must not be violated!

In preparation for his court martial, scheduled for October, his defense counsel asked the Judge Advocate General (JAG) court to authorize “discovery” of Obama’s birth records in order to prove Lakin’s innocence. Col. Lind, Presiding JAG Judge, has recently ruled that LTC Lakin can’t depose (question under oath) the Hawaiian Custodian of Birth Records, nor view any of their documents.  The judge claimed that birth records might contain “embarrassing information” about the putative President.  The judge further ruled that it is “irrelevant” for the military to prove that Obama is constitutionally eligible to serve as Commander-in-Chief.  She said that LTC Lakin’s deployment orders came from the Pentagon and, “on its face,” that’s all he needs to know.  In other words, along with her Commanding General, Col. Lind has just decided that the chain of command originates at the Pentagon, and the President is NOT an integral part of  it. Both Lind and her commanding general have now violated the Constitution’s clear specification that the “President is the Commander-in-Chief.

Col. Lind is either a disgrace to the uniform, or a coward who has just covertly handed LTC Lakin’s defense team a “home-run” issue to be decided by the U.S. Supreme Court!  A lengthy but very insightful interview with a legal military justice expert explains the background and history of the Uniform Code of Military Justice and WHY we must never give Obama an opportunity to declare “martial law,” which is brutal and NOT civilized, constitutional law as we normally comprehend it.

So far, three generals, all retired, have offered support for Lt. Col. Lakin.  Retired Air Force Lieutenant General Thomas McInerney, the highest-ranking officer yet to lend public support, has supplied an affidavit “in support of defense request for discovery/motion to compel.”  The affidavit acknowledges widespread concerns over the putative President’s constitutional eligibility and demands that he release his birth records or the court authorize discovery.  Lakin faces trial on October 13-15.

Extracts from the affidavit include:

The President of the United States, as the Commander in Chief, is the source of all military authority. The Constitution requires the President to be a natural born citizen  in order to be eligible to hold office. If he is ineligible under the Constitution to serve in that office that creates a break in the chain of command of such magnitude that its significance can scarcely be imagined.

As a practical example from my background I recall commanding forces that were equipped with nuclear weapons. In my command capacity I was  responsible that the personnel with access to these weapons had an unwavering and absolute confidence in the unified chain of command, because such confidence was absolutely essential — vital– in the event the use of  those weapons was authorized. I cannot overstate how imperative it is to  train such personnel to have confidence in the unified chain of command.  Today, because of the widespread and legitimate concerns that the presumed President is constitutionally ineligible to hold office, I fear what would happen should such a crisis occur today.

In refusing to obey orders because of his doubts as to their legality, LTC Lakin has acted exactly as proper training dictates. That training mandates that he determine in his own conscience that an order is legal  before obeying it…

For the foregoing reasons, it is my opinion that LTC Lakin’s request for discovery relating to the President’s birth records in Hawaii is absolutely essential to determining not merely his guilt or innocence but to reassuring all military personnel once and for all for this President > whether his service as Commander in Chief is Constitutionally proper. He is the one single person in the Chain of Command that the Constitution  demands proof of natural born citizenship. This determination is fundamental to our Republic, where civilian control over the military is the rule. According to our Constitution, the Commander in Chief must now,  in the face of serious– and widely held– concerns that he is ineligible, either voluntarily establish his eligibility by authorizing release of his  birth records or this court must authorize their discovery. The invasion of his privacy in these records is utterly trivial compared to the issues at stake here. Our military MUST have confidence their Commander in Chief  lawfully holds this office and absent which confidence grievous consequences may ensue.

The second general, Maj. Gen. Paul E. Vallely (Ret.) was less subtle when he said:  “We need to demand resignations of Obama, his cabinet, and members of Congress.”  He also stated that Obama is both “incompetent” and “ineligible.”  Further,  “The fix is in” and “The damages have been so great that we can’t afford to wait until the 2012 elections.”

The third General, Army Major General (Ret.) Jerry Curry, a decorated combat veteran, has issued a statement indicating that he agrees with Lakin that the (putative) President should provide proof of eligibility. Curry served as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for the Carter administration, as Press Secretary to the Secretary of Defense for the Reagan administration, and has worked in international relations, public affairs, management, aviation, and research and  development.

Folks, I’m terribly concerned about the future of our Republic.  It is disgraceful that nearly every member of Congress knows Obama  is ineligible.   What are they afraid of?  Are they are all afraid to act for fear that this will cause more racial uprisings — with big cities looting and burning  — as happened before, following the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Rodney King events?  Or is there some other powerful force keeping them — and major media — silent about this matter?  When people like Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, Neal Boortz, and Sean Hannity are all afraid to discuss the matter, there is cause for real alarm.  Even the U.S. Supreme Court is afraid to address the issue.  Justice Clarence Thomas, testifying before Congress, stated, “We (the Supreme Court) are “evading that issue.”  At the 1:00 min. mark of this 1:17 min video, Justice Thomas “spills the beans” — and then tries to act as if it were a joke.

Attorney General Eric Holder (a demonstrated racist) was talking about  our fears of honestly discussing racial issues when he asserted, “We are a nation of cowards!”   He was indeed correct.   Nevertheless, as a Citizen, you do need to understand this important issue of  “eligibility” if you don’t already.  Every patriotic citizen has a positive duty to understand the limitations imposed on our governments by the Constitution so that our liberties can be protected.

A five-minute video clearly explains why Obama is ineligible under the U.S. Constitution to be President (Article II, Section 1, Clause 5).  Please view it.  You will then understand why he is a bold Usurper.

Some Closing Thoughts

Knowledge will forever govern ignorance, and a people who mean to be  their own governors must first arm themselves with the power that knowledge imparts. — James Madison ( “father of the U.S. Constitution”)

Hold on to the Constitution…and the Republic for which it stands — what has happened once in 6,000 years may never happen again.  Hold on to your Constitution. — Daniel Webster

We must not let an audacious, clever, glib Marxist subvert it, nor diminish it.  “Native born” (born in the land), is NOT the same as “natural born” (both parents must be U.S. citizens at the time of birth).  Article II, Section 1, Clause 5 makes clear that the Founders recognized that there were various categories of “Citizens.”  They decided that only  “natural born” met the strict criterion of  undivided allegiance needed for the President.

“Remember in November.” We must settle this with ballots; otherwise, bullets may be the ultimate solution.

Please, pray for our Republic.

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  1. to bob 1943— that is exactly what i keep saying. the senate will not remove obama from office but gen.vallely floyd brown and many others keep beating the drums for impeachment. that will allow obama to stay in and get elected again.

    1. Obama will not even run in 2012, let alone be reelected. For one thing,, his White House is a mess with people jumping off like it’s a sinking ship.

      Second, word is getting out about BO’s lack of ability and will to do the job. (Those vacations all the time? He avoids work by getting out of town.) The only time he is animated, says an insider, is when the subject is sports. He’s no intellectual and doesn’t care.

      Third, when the Repubs sweep in November, investigations will be held — Sestak, stimulus money unneeded and used as a slush fund for “friends,” the Black Panther debacle, voter fraud (especially in caucuses, but also fake registrations)

      And finally, just like Nixon, when people finally hate him enough (and except for one group, they do), impeachment procedings will begin, based on Obstruction of Justice. The NBC matter may or may not come up; if not, in a few years, everyone will agree they knew all the time that he was not eligible. (His many hidden records — the faulty ss#, college grades, law decisions written,etc., will be dribbling out for years to come.) He’ll go down in the history books as the biggest fraud ever perpetuated on the American people.

  2. There is a parallel between Mexico’s media not reporting drug-cartel atrocities and the US major media’s silence on the Lakin case.

    “…..A small army of bloggers and tweeters is filling the gaps left by traditional media in Mexico that are increasingly limiting their coverage of the country’s drug wars because of pressure from the cartels. ….”


    Question: Is the US major media any better than Mexico’s major media?

  3. All the lawsuits re: Obama’s birthplace have been thrown out by the courts. Check the dockets and see who was Obama’s attorney on every one of them? Why none other than Elena Kagan! He owed her big time and now he has got her on the Supreme Court ready to throw out anything regarding his actual birth or even more important, his citizenship.
    He has gone to great lengths NOT to divulge his citizenship which in itself is suspicious. WE NEED TO KNOW when he renounced his Indonesian citizenship? At the time he hated the U.S. which leads any thinking person to believe he would not wish to become an American citizen.
    I came here LEGALLY and resent anyone who did not!


    If we teach our students that our president, righ now it is
    President OBAMA is the COMMANDER IN CHIEF……..
    What does the jag judge mean when she says that orders
    do not come from the COMMANDER IN CHIEF, THEY

    We understood that the Pentagon was somewhat of a
    logistics area that also housed many military men that
    carried out the COMMANDER IN CHIEF'[S ”’…DESIRES…”’!

    Now if President OBAMA does not want nor like the idea
    of being the COMMANDER IN CHEIF, we, the voting public
    should be told about this immediately.

  5. The Post & Email poster, Miriam Mata found an interesting military law website that has a rather well mannered thread about the Lt. Col. Lakin case. She posts a reference and link to the Post & Email here:


    My comments in defense of the true meaning of “natural born Citizen” follow several messages below hers. This site is featuring Lt. Col. Lakin’s case and the 0bots are trying their best to put a negative spin on his patriotism, his chances and the eligibility issue in general. Might be worth a look-see and leaving a positive comment or two.

    1. I guess I should be happy if Obama goes, whatever the reason. However, unless impeachment leads to an uncovering of the massive fraud associated with his ineligibility, such that the many enablers who are assisting in the cover-up go to jail along with Obama, this will have been the biggest travesty of justice in history.

      Also, impeachment ain’t gonna happen. The Senate is not going to have 67 Senators who will vote to actually remove Obama from office, even if he was impeached by the House.

      1. hmmm, details….

        But I still have a good feeling about this.
        I heard that this is the first time since Watergate that an active government employee comes forward.

  6. all these people have committed treason. what are we going to do about it? we cannot rely on a new congress in 2011to take action. i have left messages with gen. valleys phone contact expressing the urgent need to go eligibility/ birth certificate viral immediately and i get a run around conversation and then an excuse to terminate the conversation. congressman ISSAdoes not have obama eligibility on the list to deal with. there will be more stonewalling.

  7. Mr. Roberson says: “Nearly every member of Congress knows Obama is ineligible.” (I think that goes for the Supreme Court, most of our military leaders and all our liberal judges, too.) Roberson then asks: “What are they afraid of?” Probably their lives! Let’s stop kidding ourselves, it’s obvious Obama is in deep with unions and organized crime. He’s no Democrat. Neither are his 40 thieves (“czars.”) They’re not even liberals. They’re way beyond that. And Republicans aren’t far behind. The Republican Party is gradually being taken over by these same far-left loons. Criminals have taken over our government and our nation, folks, but there are still far more of us than of them! KYPD.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Congress and the military may be afraid, but I am not. The Post & Email has been exposing the fraud perpetrated by Dick Cheney, Nancy Pelosi, Obama and his minions as well as corrupt judges and grand juries since its inception last year. I boldly say that if anyone should threaten my family or me, I will call a press conference and several retired military allies as well as report it to the FBI (not that they are good at doing anything anymore). I refuse to live my life in fear because I am reporting on the crime that you correctly say has overtaken our government. If these injustices are not reported, we will all be sentenced to a lifetime of serfdom, and innocents will be thrown in or remain in jail.

    1. Mrs. Rondeau, I am 100% with you, and also quite ready to make a bold stand against all evil, because that is the only logical thing to do, and besides, they don’t have a clue of who they are dealing with because we are solidly supported by a much higher Power!!! Thank you for all that you do. “God Bless”.

  8. I agree with the people who think 2012 is too late. According to officials in Kenya and Egypt and all over he is a Muslim who was paid for by Saudi to get our WH. The Islamic webs say we smile at your face and curse you in our hearts. they are duty bound by allah to take over the world. the top Imam said there is no such thing as moderate Islam. our marines said, you can rent them but not buy them. When obama did not show his birth certificate ,he should not have been voted in. he is a ilegal immigrant. our army needs to go in and clean up wash DC and even in the states. now the old dog Rep, there are some there too who need to be removed. paid for by commie’s to vote or not to vote so the left can win.We need new judges, leaders who realize WE THE PEOPLE are the Gov. they are to serve us. where were all the voices back when on closing the borders for our protection. I never heard or saw it happen, I saw Bush build a Six billion dollar embassy in Iraq, obama is building mosques here and around the world on our unconstitutional taxes. how many have read the constitution ,,taxes is against it. all this crap has been going on for yrs..and FOX. Islam owns cnn and lots of Fox..I have no reason to think there will not be a revolution. and that is what the left especially want. with their over 400,000 Islamic foot soldiers here and more coming in on the border and visa. Obama wants a reason to start shooting. They are like a cancer that has all but killed us all. this is our last chance PERIOD. obama no passports came an became a CIA agent then a senator and then the upsurper in our white house. If he gets a hold on medical like old hillary wanted we are done. like he said we have had it too good to long. he overlooks how we worked hard for it. Robin hood..the new movie coming out, the 501c churches will loose their tax credit if they don’t invite Islam. the prosperity gospel. ONE big tink lock up the FED, throw out the UN. we voted them out. but they are still here and want to rule the world. It is overtime to fight the good fight, and we are training to do just that. don’t be afraid, Islam is not the only ones with weapons and all else. Saudi is afraid Iran will take mecca and they are so right. to bad the aligator always comes back to bite. WE need to do whatever we are doing Now, and votes never did the trick. once the new faces get in. the old dogs on both side will heckle and make them bow. just like always. we need a real clean up. now.G-d bless America

    1. Kim,

      First off, you really need to learn to use paragraphs. :-) That said, except for formatting, I agree wholeheartedly with almost all that you wrote.

      Whatever actually is Obama’s private religious belief is immaterial, really. Personally, I think he is most likely an atheist in his heart of hearts, but the bottom line is that at his core he is undeniably an unrelenting Islamophile. It is an expected natural consequence of his upbringing and just plain common sense that his familiarity and comfort level should be aligned by his formative years with Islam and counter to Judeo-Christian thought. He, himself, tells us this is so again and again in so many small but unabashed ways. Only those in complete denial are unable (or unwilling) to see it. Functionally, he is an anti-American Islamo-Marxist enemy of our way of life as a free people.

      Obama himself makes no bones about it, he clearly sees himself as a citizen of the world /NWO and exemplifies everything the Founders were so wisely trying to exclude from our Commander in Chief. Obama has knowingly and with full malice of forethought illegally usurped the Presidency. In my opinion, this is an unforgivable act of high treason deserving of (if the rule of law so agrees) the commensurate highest level of punishment, i.e., death. Justice, the rule of law and the affirmation of the Constitution demand no less.

      As “little people”, it is easy to slip into a complacent and benumbed sense of impotence, but we must fight such impulses and force ourselves to think and act in whatever small ways we can to unseat this evil fraud and restore the rule of law and the primacy of the Constitution. I sincerely believe the “buzz” we collectively generate matters, that the meme of patriotism launched into the nation’s collective thought by The Post & Email matters, and that the combined power of our unrelenting voices will encourage those few in positions to directly make a difference to act. We are duty bound to make it so.

      1. RE: “Whatever actually his private religious belief is immaterial, … but the bottom line is that at his core he is undeniably an unrelenting Islamophile.” – thinkwell.

        There are two aspects to this:

        RE: What’s in his heart?

        Physiatrists tell us that childhood experience and exposure to religion stays with us. He studied the Koran in Indonesia. In his own book he declares that he would prefer to side with Moslems.

        RE: How is he regarded in the Moslem world?

        According to Sharia law if you father is a Moslem you are one forever – no way out. Both the father and the stepfather were Moslems. Consequently, the millions of Moslems who are under Sharia law have to consider him a Moslem. There are no ifs and buts about that. Therefore, in the eyes of these people, he is a Moslem. If this is good or bad is debatable, but that he is a Moslem under Sharia law is not.

    2. I agree with most of what you say. The Saudis funded him at the onset when he returned to the U.S. from Indonesia on a “foreign student” loan (and I doubt it’s been repaid). Then the Muslim Brotherhood helped finance him. George Soros found him, and found him to be a perfect puppet. Soros was the leading factor for his election, but the Muslim Brotherhood wasn’t far behind.

      My biggest fear, as was touched upon in the article, is that this imposter will help instigate riots in cities and towns in late October. He will then declare a National Emergency, Martial Law, and postpone elections indefinitely. That’s when Hell will break loose, and the people with take back America. The military will not fire on citizens in most cases but will help in the insurrection/revolution. It’s coming, folks. Be armed and prepared.

  9. limbaugh and hannity and others decided to put money before country. they are all traitors and need to be widely labeled as such. they are big phonies.

  10. to anon . 33 — then limbaugh hannity and all the others have succumbed to tyranny and are living under tyranny. they have allowed themselves denial of their first amendment rights.

    1. @Johnny— then limbaugh hannity and all the others have succumbed to tyranny and are living under tyranny. they have allowed themselves denial of their first amendment rights.

      We are not in disagreement. They are just humans. They will not risk the $Ms are making as someone pointed out. They are definitely not heroes. Any one of them you mentioned, single-handedly, through their listeners, could force SCOTUS to define nbc.

      It is frustrating to hear Rush and the others talk endlessly about issues that may be important but are trivial in comparison to the eligibility. It is however obvious that the avoidance of this issue is not entirely voluntary.

      Will this stay under the rug? Or the new Congress will act, is anyone’s guess. All Congress would have to do is force SCOTUS to define nbc. That is not very radical, is it? That will not cause riots, right? Yet it is doubtful that they will do it – most of them, including the GOP, don’t give rat’s ass about the Constitution.

  11. Friday, 24 September 2010 at 10:37
    Review the events:

    Obama does not come clean during campaign trail and always attacked his semingly hostile apponents in the audience. E.g., Joe the Plumber.

    He is elected and on day one issues a Gag order on all of his history records.

    The GAG order is faulty because it only covers immediately prior to taking office and after taking office records generated by the President for the Archivist to protect.

    Hawaii records are state records and hospital records and not OBAMA records. However, a Governor, ahead of time, freezes his records on her own. (In military intelligence, a conspiracy is being hatched). Obama knows that there is a ghost in his past that disqualifies him from office (Was he a CIA Operative and his past generated from smoke an mirrors as usual, or was he a criminal, or was he a true Jihadist?) These issues are not relevant. What is relevant is the fact that his Father was a British/Kenyan Subject and his Mother from Kansas per the Law of Nations! If LAKIN is not permitted to use these facts, he is in a kangaroo court and must set the stage based on facts for appeal all the way to the Supreme Court.

    In the interim, The President has issued an Executive Order 13552 with hidden controls. For instance, in one instance a long standing “legal officer” becomes a “legal advisor”. Since Obama is the Head Judge in this case as the Commander in Chief, he has inserted undue influence on the lower Court Judge Lind simply by signing the EO. She definitely could be influenced by an OBAMA (Her big, big BOSS) advisor in her due process. I say due process because I do not believe due process will ever occur in this case.

    So, with the level of undue influence (or call it superior influence; it is Unlawful Command Influence – CINC), and printed words such as, “the Judge said she would not let LAKIN “embarrass the president”, he as several appeal routes already established to go to the Supreme Court. By the way, the unspoken words in the case sofar is that the president is already embarrassed.

    Keep in mind that Lakin’s beef is with OBAMA, not LIND, not the Pentagon, not any one else. Obama has chosen bullying methods to secure his background. The constitution clearly states that when an Ambassador or Minister (Obama as head of state is a minister) it becomes a direct Supreme Court case (similar to a State having an Issue with the Federal Government such as Arizona). Obama injected very irrational reasoning through AG Place Holder with neither ne nor holder reading the Arizona law. This irrational reasoning already demonstrated by OBAMA should be prima facie evidence (enough) that he is capable of “Unlawful Command Influence” on a courtmartial under his chain of command and through EO 13552, already began that influence the outcome with his “legal advisor”; one that has not been around for 200 years.

    I find it appalling that the Supreme Court has not already intervened under Constitutional Law and demanded a change of Court to their Jurisdiction which is the true Jurisdiction per the Constitution.

    However, we will have to watch Kagan and Sotomayor (and possibly Ginsberg) who should be ecused from the review.

    Strange how quick we can go from a country of strength to a country of imbiciles so quickly (no appology, imbiciles includes all those in Sleep Hollow Congress).

    Will LAKIN get a fair trial — NO NO NO.


    1. Thanks, Osceola, for the shedding an intelligent light on this matter for me. I have found only one website that says it has Obama’s birth certificate…..turns out to be a computer-generated document, not a copy of the original. The website says that it is proof of Obama’s birthright for office.
      I also agree wholeheartedly that Col. Lakin will not get a fair trial. I would like to add that I believe Col. Lakin is a true patriot of our great country. My hat’s off to him for taking a stand (a stand that very few are willing to take) that will have a severe effect on his and his family’s lives.

  12. to megan— rush limbaugh sean hannity glen beck bill oreilly neil boortz and others are phony armchair patriots. they are not real patriots. they are there for the money first.

  13. The question as to why Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly, and Sean Hannity will not address this trial and judge’s ruling is the one I want answered. What power and consequences are they so afraid of that they won’t go after Obama on his eligibility? Are we so afraid of some of our own black citizens that we ignore the Constitution? Then, let the country become afraid of both black and white Americans who still adhere to it!

    1. Let me help with some numbers – Beck, $10,000,000 annually, Hannity, $35,000,000 annually, Limbaugh $100,000,000 annually. These are estimates that have been thrown around since no one can say for sure but they are well in line with other entertainers and that is what they are, entertainers. Ask yourself if you would kill the golden goose if she was laying those kind of eggs. Unfortunately, $$ are more persuasive than country, freedom and liberty.

      1. I agree to a certain extent but at the moment they are all we have to give us the true news and not just what the dems want told. They don’t report on the eligibility because the saudi’s own a large chunk of fox and the big owner is mostly a liberal. The saudi’s want obama in the white house, they want islam to take over our country.

        We won’t be able to clean up the news media until we get the usurping traitor criminals out of our government, both federal and state. They won’t leave without a fight. Just look at Crist in Fla, Murkoski in AK and the other one in Delaware. Look at all the voter fraud. We ARE in for a fight.

  14. Seems the whole “SCHEME” at NWO, usurpation, ad infinitum has hit a fatal snag…INCOMPETENCE which has been met with UNRELENTING INVESTIGATION (thanks in great part to Mrs Rondeau!), reporting, networking and GROWING UNDERSTANDING Of CONSTITUTIONAL principals which have been MISTAUGHT or UNDERTAUGHT in Public schools and scoffed at by elected officials who are about to get their comeuppance!

  15. why not ask for a special three judge district court (USDC-DC) panel to hear this election eligibility related case to ensure jurisdiction of UCMJ in this constitutional matter?

  16. While I agree 100% with this article I am not so sure that elections will have any result. There will be enough of present office holders still in office who are covering now who will still be in office and continue to stonewall this issue.
    The courts both civil and military continue to try and sweep this under the rug so to speak and do nothing but cover up issue.
    I think in the end only armed rebellion will solve this issue, as they leave us no other choice. This issue will NOT STAND AT PRESENT SITUATION. IT WILL BE CORRECTED BY HOPEFULLY BALLOT BUT IF NOT BY BULLET. THEIR CHOICE!

  17. I’m not convinced it’s fear which is silencing Beck, Limbaugh, Hannity, etc. At least not fear for their physical safety and well being. If anything, their high profile, very public presence in and of itself gives them far more protection than most who have loudly and publicly challenged Obama (including the good patriots here at The Post & Email — and I thank you all for continuing to fight the good fight). Rather, I suspect either blackmail or bribes are keeping them quiet. Or it’s all part of the party-first “I’d rather let Obama win and ruin the country for four years so conservatives can take it back in 2012” and screw the little people in the process — that’ll teach ’em! No matter how you look at it, they are protecting their own selfish interests. Period.

    1. Nobody seems to realize that we cannot wait until 2012 – there will
      be no country, as we know it, left to save if we allow this Usurper, this
      Resident in Chief, to continue. Look what he and his pinko commies
      already have done in 18 months!!! If this slime can’t be removed by
      the ballot, and We The People, then it will be done by the gun & sword!

    2. I got a slightly different slant on Beck from his comments either wednesday or thursday. He was talking about the progressives development of the technique of labeling things as conspiracy theories and even starting them so they can discredit and distract. If he really doesn’t understand the 2 citizen parents part of NBC and is only focusing on birth place, he may genuinely think it is a potential planned conspiracy theory, that can be used to discredit and he doesn’t want to get discredited. I think the blackmail theories are much to speculative, because that is all they can be until there is some evidence. Sometimes simple answers are the likely ones. BTW, i am not trying to defend beck, just speculating.

      1. If Beck is even a tiny bit of the Constitution expert he pretends to be, he knows for sure that a native born citizen, (if Obama was actually one), and a natural born citizen are not the same thing.

  18. Amazingly written depth piece. Clearly a piece worth keeping and reading again as a resource. The comments above about a nuclear launch are so right. Thanks for leading the charge in bringing down a failed presidency.

  19. Just for the record, behind every bush there really is an armed American patriot ready to defend his homeland, his liberty. Behind the robes, ties and mercenaries are those who’ve worked for decades to milk every last man of his property, wealth and success such that he can never become a threat to their self appointed ruling class.
    The two are about to once againg have fate decide which will triumpf. History well recorded that it is a true observation that from time to time the tree of liberty must be fertilized with the blood of patriots and tyrants.

    I guess the phrase best suited to answer those who would steal our liberty was also spoken long ago, Molon Labe!

  20. MacPUBLIUS et al:

    If I were currently serving in our military I sure as hell would question a launch, or any, order from anyone up “Chain of Command” knowing Obama was at the top of my “Chain of Command”.

    P.S. I’d sure as hell also question Obama’s national security clearance, wouldn’t you?

    Jim Carter
    SP5 (Honorable Discharge) US Army
    Nike Hercules Anti-Aircraft Missile System Electronic Technician
    NATO Top Secret Nuclear Security Clearance (expired)
    Vietnam Era Veteran

    1. He was never cleared for for national security yet his finger is on the button! That is scary of all. His ties to Bill Ayers disqualified him for secuity clearance among other things. CIA and FBI know he is an illegal alien.

    2. RacerJim,
      Absolutely, and I have… to date over 180 grand jury presentments to sheriffs, district attorneys, judges, federal prosecutors, state attorney generals, governors, congressmen and senators; all which have been ignored or dismissed. Obama is the greatest threat to our national security in the history of our nation. Thank for your service my brother. http://epublius.us/brothers-in-arms/

  21. I think the law abiding folks incorrectly believe we are still a country based on the rule of law. It would seem from observation that we have entered the status of being a country ruled by men – not law. This is what tyranny is all about, and why the states have to re-assert their control over the lawless federal government that is no longer serving them or our country’s rule of law.

    Until we take back control of the lawless federal government, we can kiss the idea of freedom good-bye, because it just isn’t there anymore. We can only have freedom when we have a rule of law to live by.

    1. RE: “…law abiding folks incorrectly believe we are still a country based on the rule of law…”

      The US is the largest banana republic. The Ruling Class uses or ignores the law as they please. The check & balance principle is dead. The two-party system does not work. The Judicial Branch is no longer independent. The media serves the Ruling Class. The Legislative Branch is morally corrupt.

      Good by American Experiment.

  22. Everyone is missing the glaring OBVIOUS. ‘natural born’ means created by NATURAL LAW (inheritance) not legal PRIVILEGES that come from POSITIVE LAW (statutory privileges from Congress). This eliminates your mom and soil from consideration.

    ‘Citizen’ is capitalized as a proper noun because Article II is talking about a specific type of citizen. The reference is to a SOVEREIGN citizen. The Declaration of Independence clearly states that all MEN are created equal and that governments are instituted among MEN. They are not talking about the sovereign political rights of women! Women do not have sovereign political rights, only MEN have sovereign political rights. Why do you think we have a 19th amendment granting the PRIVILEGE of positive law to extend political rights to women?

    Article II requires you to inherit a sovereign political authority from a man because you do not inherit sovereign political authority from a woman or soil. This requires you to be created (all men are CREATED equal) by a citizen father in order to qualify for the office of President. Your mom and soil jurisdictions can only extend to you legal privileges, not natural political rights, therefore mom and soil are TOTALLY IRRELEVANT!!!! All that is required to insure loyalty to America is that you were born to a citizen father.

  23. Just to see what would happen I went to Beck’s new website, The Blaze, and posted this under a story about Bill Ayers being deigned “Emeritus” status at the University of Illinois:

    Posted on September 24, 2010 at 3:55am

    “I’m happy they finally noticed that maybe there was something wrong with Bill Ayers past. Now if we could just get somebody to notice Obama isn’t a natural born citizen, and therefore isn’t eligible to be president, our nation could immediately recover from the Marxist takeover that has occurred.”

    This is the lone reply to my comment:

    Vince Vega
    Posted on September 24, 2010 at 4:03am

    “Bob….really….the “not a citizen” thing is SUCH a non-starter. There’s SO much to hammer this president with….the citizen issue could go on ’till the end of time….won’t change squat…..I’m grumpy as heck ’cause he doesn’t seem to have a clue why the rest of us like America…..I‘m thinkin’ that resonates nicely!”

    At least Vince wasn’t nasty, but Beck’s “Support the Constitution” website seems to be full of people who just don’t believe it’s worth the trouble.
    “Beck’s Lemmings” would be an apt description.

    Next, I am going to post something about LTC Lakin and see what kind of response I get.

    1. Bob, I don’t even go to his website anymore. I was enamored with his “act” for a while until I saw past the curtain. It was at that point that I insulted him and called him out about his lack of “cojones” and suggested he was a slave to saudi money. I challenged him to call me if he thought he could defend his actions and I would be happy to debate his actions and my impressions. Even though I left my number for him and everyone else on the planet, I have not received that phone call and don’t expect to. To me, he is and will always be a clown who warrants nothing more than my sympathy.

  24. “In ALL criminal prosecutions,the accused SHALL enjoy the RIGHT…to have COMPULSORY PROCESS for obtaining witnesses in his favor”-6th
    Amendment,US Constitution.

  25. Obama’s questionable eligibility in not just a chain-of-command issue, it is also a nuclear surety issue. So who is really in charge of our nations nuclear strike force? How does a missile launch officer or a nuclear bomber pilot know for sure the order to strike is valid? Those orders come directly from the President via the National Command Authority. The game being played here is a VERY DANGEROUS game indeed! Can you imagine the situation bomber or missile crews could be in not just because of the questionable validity of the order to launch because of Obama’s ineligibility but also because of the hesitation to launch if it is in fact a valid launch order. LTC Lakin, a medical corp officer, recognizes the seriousness of this but a couple of worthless JAG officers masquerading as judges don’t get it? Where are the line (combat) officers in all of this? Do we not have any courage left? GOD HELP US!

      1. @MacPublius – You should also be concerned that Obama will never give a launch order in our defense because he is not trying to save and protect America – he’s trying to destroy it.

        The only clear answer seems to be for us to return to the rule of law and remove all of the lawless miscreants from our government.

      2. That pretty well separates the wheat from the chaff, Someone should ask that of JA Lind…where do you draw the line, Nuclear War, is that enough to raise eyebrows or would it be too late then…I can just see it, well we will have to have an eligibility hearing on the CINC but in the meantime, launch em. Cops minutes away when seconds count.

  26. Yes, global governance …….. with information & projections from those who have done the research into the impact of world population explosion.
    I suspect he ‘swine flu’ pandemic was a test-run, to see how quick and effective a roll-out of ‘antidote’ (aka inoculations) could be achieved to save the ‘chosen ones’ and turn the globe back to population status of say 100 years ago.

  27. Great article. I think this issue is way bigger than racial uprising. This is about global governance. Obama was brought in to complete the final items on the agenda, the ones that will sink us, cap and tax, health care, unions, goverment takeover of private industry. This is all about the money. I suspect alot of complicity amongst politicians. Another story to investigate is the real reason Trafficant went to jail. Beck ridiculed him also. Hmmm.