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by Harry Wilmott, blogging at http://giveusliberty1776.blogspot.com/search?q=Political+Correctness

(Sept. 22, 2010) — It’s time to call a spade a spade. Oh, you find this phrase offensive? Nonsense, you’ve been brainwashed to believe it’s racist. Its precise meaning is quite clear. It means to speak plainly – to describe something as it really is. It has never had anything to do with the color of one’s skin. (Check Wikipedia).

Which brings me to my point.

If we are divided in America by ethnicity, it’s by design and not circumstance. World history is replete with monstrous people. You can create your own list. I’m going to call your attention to two of the most despicable and evil men in America:   Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton – ministers of religion. The only reason they are ministers of religion is for tax purposes and as a cloak of respectability.

Now that’s something to conjure:  Sharpton and Jackson and…respectability!

We know that “honest politician” is an oxymoron – but these two take the cake. They have spent their whole lives destroying the rest of their tribe for commercial gain and their egotistical desire to be regarded as international entities but, in reality, they are anti-American – and vile.

Our poor benighted, downtrodden and disrespected black brothers are being urged by Emperor Obama to safeguard the changes he has effected which will help them to achieve all of the advantages of those who have it better than they. You know, those unworthy citizens who work and earn a living for themselves and their families. How dare they? The unfair competition is devastating. Just because they stayed in school and got an education or a skill, and by exerting willpower went out and got a job doesn’t mean that they should get all the rewards.

Now we know our black population in general loyally supports the Democratic party, as have their fathers and their grandfathers before them. Why? They have received absolutely nothing in return except to be held up as losers who need a handout to enable them to survive in this society – and the Democratic party has been ably abetted by those two unctuous paragons of evil, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. They go way beyond the attempts by our government and our media to make Americans feel guilty about speaking freely; they actively incite ethnic hatred. Dividing American citizens on the basis of ethnicity, and buttressed by the slurs about the haves and the have-nots is just grist for their mill. The tools of their trade! Name something they have done to improve the lives of anyone in this country; anyone…of any ethnic faction. Well, there are two people who have prospered for sure. They live in style, wear tailored suits, ride in limousines, dine well, maintain themselves and their families at a very high level of comfort – and all without working for a living. Oh, you say, they are ministers of religion and exert great efforts on behalf of their parishioners.

Among the black community, these haters tell you their only purpose in life is a quest for social justice. In reality, they couldn’t care less about their “brethren.” They do not want your problems to disappear; on the contrary, they want them to grow and fester, because without your anger and racial animosity, they would not continue to amass the fortunes they covet, or maintain the lifestyles they do. You, in the black community who believe them and follow them are their product. They must have you hating the white community for all manner of imagined injustices or their business dries up.

Two things we should all understand and believe in.

Shed the mantle of guilt which we have assumed over the years. There are enough options within the law to prosecute those who libel us. We don’t need self-appointed guardians of political correctness whose only goal is to inflame our ethnic differences.

Never again refer to race when addressing an American issue. Keep your individuality, but be an American first. Martin Luther King also said that “we should judge each other by our character,” but we are being exhorted by contemporary black leaders to judge each other by the color of our skin. It’s not what color we are that makes us good or bad citizens – it’s who we are as moral persons who desire the best for each other and for our country.

The only thing holding black people down are their leaders. The only thing necessary to escape their self-inflicted plight is to make the decision to rise above it. If black people continue to embrace the culture of self-pity they’ll see no improvement in their lives. Learn, work and succeed. Be proud of who you are; be an equal part of the American Dream – not a splintered faction which chooses to deliberately identify itself as African-American to indicate that they are black – and different from others. The appellation is meaningless. I’m white and I was born in South Africa. Am I not African-American as the term implies? Of course not – I’m a naturalized American and proud of it!

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  1. An excellent piece, Mr. Wilmott! Among other points, I agree that all true Americans should be just that – Americans; not hyphenated Americans. To me, when a person hyphenates his nationality, he is telling the world that he does not truly desire to be nor does he consider himself an American.

    The self-pity alluded to in the article really troubles me as it leads directly to the welfare culture. I support welfare for legitimate recipients. But for the welfare pros, I have no sympathy. In a recent email, I learned of a New Orleans resident, age 25, who died of gunshot wounds earlier this year. He left behind three daughters and six sons. At $1,500 each, that’s $13,500 a month or $162,000 per year. And that is not figuring in food stamps, free medical, free school lunches, etc. My retirement is one-fourth of that and that’s after working and saving my entire life. I’ve not verified my email. But if true, this makes one wonder what function the case worker serves or if the case worker was also getting a cut? I would say the Golden Goose was about ready to be put on life-support. But what is most troubling is the question of how many similar cases there are?

  2. Political correctness was perfected by the communists in the former USSR during the Stalin times. Using it, the government had disposed of many disloyal citizens, or enemies of the state, by either open assassination or sending people to Gulag. In the USSR, it was imposed relatively quickly as a result of armed, violent revolution. Here and in Europe, it has been introduced slowly and progressively by brainwashing the populous via the education system, from schools to colleges. To counteract it, it is not enough to win the elections – we need to change the education system. This is a very difficult task – many examples of failing, brutal communist regimes did nothing to educate our population about the essence of socialism and communism and prevent it from taking turn towards communism.

  3. Harry Wilmott’s timely views are reflected in the September issue of Whistleblower magazine, published by WorldNetDaily. The Sept. cover bears the banner “Obama and the New Racism.” The excellent articles therein include a number by black writers, such as:

    Thomas Sowell, “Race Card Fraud”

    Star Parker, “Time for a New Generation of Black Americans”

    Walter Williams, “Is Profiling Racist?”

    Erik Rush, “Understanding the New N-Word”

    Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, “Barack Obama: Black Liberation 2.0”

    Those articles make me wonder about Rev. Peterson’s statement that “Clearly this racist tyrant [Obama] must be exposed, but who will do it? Blacks won’t, in fact most are still his cheerleaders, no matter how much destruction he wreaks. White Democrats? Forget it! White Republicans? Most are too weak.” Peterson is quite right about white Dems/Repubs, but his own writing and the writings of his awakening fellow blacks are helping to expose the tyrant. And don’t forget Alan Keyes.

  4. Yes it is time to assess the tune your pied pipers play. Unions too. We who are not socialists/ communists know the progressive tune all too well. Those who organize for their own benefit while pointing fingers of guilt in every direction but the one that is proven proper by our founders are nothing more than charlatans.