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by Gino DiSimone, Independent Candidate for Nevada Governor

Gino DiSimone's platform includes strong support for the Second Amendment, demand for Obama's constitutional eligibility, and state control of U.S. Senators

(Sept. 21, 2010) — I am running for Governor of Nevada, Independent Non-Partisan, Constitutional Conservative Patriot. I serve We The People and the Constitution, and nothing more.

I would like to make a statement regarding this topic of illegal aliens. You see, by my candidacy in the gubernatorial race, the donations are indicative of the care of the people. On the topic of illegal aliens and Obama ineligibility, my data shows America does not really care that much. Sure, these issues are an annoyance, but not enough to spend a dime to stop them.

Let me tell you once again where I stand and if you really care, prove it and drop $25 in my donation bucket (www.ginoforgov.com). Here is where this one gubernatorial candidate stands and will be the spark that lights the fire (Do you really care enough to support your America?):

The State has FULL AUTHORITY over aliens. This was established by Thomas Jefferson back in 1798 and is undisputed. (with respect to AZ, the federal government has no standing or substance in law on this issue; AZ does not even have to answer the charges)

After the revolution, when the States came together, they wrote a compact called the Constitution. In this compact the States “created” the federal government and its branches to serve the “few” commonalities the States shared (States are Sovereigns). Hence, in this compact the States granted the newly “created” federal government very limited powers, and enumerated them. The States (and the people) are the Sovereigns, and to ensure it, the States included Article 5 and the 10th Amendment.

[Note: Article 5 allows the States to convene and change, kill, add, alter all general government rules/acts/laws, including all agencies of the President, all Supreme Court Justices, the Congress and can indeed terminate the President without any other process aside from the collective States brief statement of termination. Make no mistake, the States are Sovereign.]

One of the enumerated powers granted to the federal government (often called the general government) is the power to define the means and process by which aliens can become naturalized and be American citizens. That is the full and complete extent of the power granted to the federal government with respect to aliens: to define the means and process to become naturalized, and NOTHING MORE.

The States NEVER granted or enumerated any power “over” aliens to the federal government. Thomas Jefferson wrote the Resolution of 1798 to ensure this. It is a fact and a truth, though not well known. The States have FULL AUTHORITY over illegals within their borders. Period.

I know this constitutional truth, and as a result, I will act with the full authority of the Commander in Chief of the State forces and I will deport illegal aliens. Yes, there is more to say on the subject. If there is any interest, please use my campaign email:


Yes, I will deport them, and within 6months over 80% of illegals in Nevada will be deported. Within 9months there will be less than a residual of illegal aliens in Nevada. This will open jobs for American citizens much like President Eisenhower deported illegal aliens (States did not disapprove and welcomed the federal action) and opened jobs for returning war veterans. It worked then and it will work now. States have this authority. I will exercise it.

Further, on a separate note, in accordance with the Supreme Court definition of “natural born citizen,” I will require constitutional eligibility from Mr. Obama, which he cannot provide and marks him guilty of Treason.

[Note: By Supreme Court definition the father must have been a citizen at the time of his birth to be a “natural born citizen” Minor v. Happersett , 88 U.S. 162 (1875)

And United States v. Wong Kim Ark, 169 U.S. 649 (1898) ]

I will relieve him of command of the State National Guard and order them home from these illegal foreign wars. They have their new mission, to deport illegals.

America has been balking about these two items for over a year. If these items are really your concern, the Governor is your certain expeditious solution. It just takes one and others will follow. Are you part of the balking many and giving few? It is time to put your money where your mouth is. When I was growing up we would say: Put up or shut up.

I would appreciate your support. If you are indeed a constitutional patriot, please donate $25 or more at my website or by mail. More of the same will only serve to worsen the detrimental path we are headed down. I am asking for your support. Thank you.

Gino DiSimone
Candidate, Governor of Nevada 2010, Independent non-partisan,  GIN !  (Go Independent Nevada ! )

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  1. to dan— obama has also committed against the united state along with fraud and other serious crimes however i do not believe anything will happen in november unless the phillip berg rally/ march on oct 23rd at the capitol in washington forces him to resign. in order for that to happen media coverage is necessary and a crowd of about 2 million people. a civil uprising may be necessary to remove obama from office… missed the word treason in first sentence.

  2. Personally, I resent the implication that, unless I donate to your campaign, I am not a patriot American and that I don’t care about the illegal immigration issue!!
    All I read was a pompous, self-serving sales pitch. How dare you, without having so much as a hint as to what some of us, myself included, are doing to stem the flow of illegals on our southern border!
    There are far more patriotic Americans doing far more to defend our border than you, in your cozy office up there in Nevada, than you could possibly imagine. What, exactly, have YOU done other than use this forum to insult people??
    Your statement about the eligibility issue shows just how far out of touch with the American people you are. Obviously, you don’t have a clue! I could write paragraphs on that subject, but I’ll suffice to say that the average reader of the Post & Email is far more educated on this subject than you’ll ever be.
    You, sir, should hang your head in shame over what you’ve written here. You’re nothing more than your typical politician. You think We The People are stupid and that we’ll go for your five cent psychology. I feel insulted in more ways than one. I’d be downright angry if you weren’t so transparent and laughable.
    Send you $25.00?? After you’ve insulted both my intelligence and my patriotism?? Yeah sure buddy, hold your breath… the check’s in the mail.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: I believe what Mr. DiSimone is saying is that if people want to be represented by someone who can do something about illegal immigration and the Obama eligibility issue, they need to put such a person into office. A sitting governor can challenge Obama with a quo warranto or other tool to force Obama to prove he’s eligible or step down as well as order the National Guard under his control, not federal control. These actions could go a long way in restoring the U.S. Constitution as well as state sovereignty.

    1. Dear David B.,
      why dont you give me a call directly? I gave you my phone number. The point is quite simple, you must understand the full power and authority of a Governor. The Governor is the Chief Magistrate of the Land and has the “duty” to secure and protect the citizens through the US Constitution and the State Constitution. As such, the Governor is the Commander in Chief of the State militia and military in time of war. In this capacity, the Governor has DIRECT authority to require constitutional proof of eligibility of Mr. Obama (since the DNC and Congress never provided it). The Governor does not require judicial or legislative review or oversight. It is a military executive branch authority granted to the Governor within the State Constitution. Therefore, I will make direct demand to Mr. Obama on day 1 (inauguration day). There is NO WAY AROUND IT. Further, if he does not provide constitutional proof (as defined by the Supreme Court noted in the article), the Governor has FULL AUTHORITY to relieve him of command. THIS I WILL DO. So, now that you know this (which you could have gleaned from my website), what will you do to support it? Will you just let it go and continue down your path, knowing you have a GUARANTEE in front of you? What will you do? All your hoped for court proceedings have not accomplished the constitional requirement. So what will you do? That is the nature of the email. For all those that complain and do not put up $25 to support a guarantee is atrocious. Your own governor in AZ (presumed you are from there) has the power and authority, but will not exercise it. Please, understand the point. I have been told and consistently hear about the “millions” that do not believe Mr. Obama is not eligible. I have the guarantee to exercise a solution, but it will require getting elected — which is expensive. I cannot do it alone. Therefore those that care must share in the expense. You have my number. Call anytime to discuss further.

  3. Mr DiSimone – I respectfully suggest that you do not understand the eligibility issue.

    It does not matter what the polls say. This is a fundamental issue of the rule of law which goes to the very heart of the Constitution. Your position cannot be reconciled with the courageous and patriotic actions of Lt Colonel Terry Lakin, nor with the eloquent statement of LCDR Fitzpatrick, found nearby on this site.

    To quote LCDR Fitzpatrick –

    “Treason is not something that is measured by degree. Treason is treason; it is what it is. As a singular event or action, it’s acting to the overthrow of your country so that you can impose upon people a totalitarian regime so they can practice something like attainder.”

    Obama’s illegitimate presidency was made possible by numerous acts of treason, and since his fraudulent inauguration, it has brought forth numerous additional acts of treason as well as the frightening destruction of constitutional limits on the scope of the federal government.

    That the people are ignorant of the true source of their heritage of freedom is no excuse for those would serve in positions of high public trust. Those individuals must be rigorous in their obedience to the Constitution, as is explicitly required by the oath of office.

    Your statement that America “does not really care that much” about Obama’s eligibility is no different than Judge Carter saying, in his decision on Obama’s motion to dismiss in the Barnett case, that the law does not have authority to enforce the requirements of the Constitution because “69 million people voted for Obama”.

    Frankly sir, this is outrageous, as is your statement.

    1. Mr DiSimone – It has been brought to my attention that I made a serious mistake in my response to your article.

      I owe you an apology. I scanned the article quickly and read the article as dismissing the eligibility issue in order to focus on the problem of illegal aliens. In the press of time, I did not read carefully to the end of the article. If I had, I would have seen clearly that you stated your position on the eligibility issue forthrightly and in accordance with the Constitution.

      Please accept my sincere apology for misstating your position. I will join elspeth in making a contribution to your campaign.

      I honor you for the thought you have given to the problems facing this nation, and for your courage in speaking out in a way that few public figures have done.

      1. Hi David: I was a little confused about “your” first reply. I was typing a reply to
        you, but now see you corrected it. …..Dan, NY
        (I’ve been following the eligibility issue since Oct. 08)
        There is no doubt in my mind, that Obama is NOT a “natural born Citizen” (Capital “C”)
        and could never meet the requirements of Article II, section 1, clause 5.

        Ernest Huber (R) Auburn WA “commited to actually having Obama arrested if he
        won a Congress seat. Unforunately, I believe that the lack of “funds” & exposure
        was lacking.
        see: The Post & E-mail Article

        We need to SUPPORT the “Candidates” willing to expose the usurper….

      2. Thank you. I will make direct demand, without delay, for constitutional proof of eligibility. I have been open about this and found the path to accomplish it, without impediment, comes from the office of a Governor. All other paths have failed and LtC Lakin is in jeopardy. The demand will free LtC Lakin and compel congress to begin sedition and treason proceedings. It is a guaranteed path to the eligibility requirement and no court or authority can stop it. That is the power of a Constitutional Governor. I will assert this authority without delay. p.s. I know LCDR Fitzpatrick and we are very well aligned. Drop him a note with my name and ask his opinion. …do give him my best regards while you are at it.