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by JB Williams, ©2010

According to Wikipedia, the Communist Party USA is affiliated with "the U.S. labor movement generally."

(Sept. 20, 2010) — For years, we have been telling American citizens that the Communist Party USA and Socialist Party USA members joined forces in an operation known today as the Democratic Socialists of America. Instead of working outside the two party systems, they established DSAUSA to work inside the two party system.

We have documented that both the Congressional Progressive Caucus and Congressional Black Caucus are legislative apparatuses of the Democratic Socialists of America, all of which is openly documented on the DSAUSA site. The communist are not coming folks, they are already here, and they are the most effective political juggernaut in America today!

On October 2, 2010 – The Democratic Socialists of America have organized a March on DC to defend public sector labor unions for government employees paid for by your tax dollars. In other words, they are marching against every American taxpayer.

SEIU, now the nation’s largest labor union, is openly promoting the Democratic Socialist event on 10.02.10 and just wait to see which politicians show up in support.

Labor unions represent only 17% of the nation’s work force, only 9% of the nation’s population. Yet through their unified and well organized efforts, they run this country today, via their Progressive and Black Caucuses and today’s Democratic Socialist Party, the DNC.

Who represents the other 91% of the nation, the other 83% of American workers who still believe in FREE WILL and the right to work, earn, own and pass down, without the tyranny of labor union thugs and an abusive government?

There are only 22 right to work states left in America. They are the most fiscally sound and individually prosperous states in our union. The 28 forced unionization states are the most bankrupt states in our nation.

Over 60% of union employees now hold government (taxpayer funded) jobs in America. That’s because unions killed off private sector manufacturing in America and government jobs are the only kind of jobs they can get.

This is exactly what bankrupted Greece and the European Union countries and has now caused Cuba, the last standing Soviet-style communist nation on earth, to lay-off ONE MILLION state (public sector) workers in an effort to force them back into PRIVATE SECTOR employment.

Face it, folks, communism doesn’t work and eventually, neither does socialism.

At the end of the day, every fight in this country comes down to one issue – FREE WILL!

The current cabal in Washington DC is opposed to individual free will. Communists, socialists and SEIU type Democrats also oppose individual free will.

But 80% of the nation loves free will and opposes labor unions and public sector job creation. While the politically right majority remains proud of its many divisions, the left minority marches forward in lockstep and on October 2nd, they will march on DC.

Join me in standing up for FREE WILL! Don’t be fooled by politically correct terms. Communism by any other name is still communism, and it doesn’t work!

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  1. FDR forced the unions of workers as they were not benefiting from the profits of companies. Unions of government workers is an entirely different matter. The government unions are going after the earnings of the working class. The rise of government unions started in the 1970’s when the GOP got into power in the White House. Previously the company unions fought over a 25 cent raise. The GOP has a ‘hand’s off’ policy on unions letting them terrorize America.

  2. Now you know why Kagan was installed on the Supreme Court. The infestation is bigger than you think and it is holding the constitution hostage.

    Nov 2nd isn’t an election it’s a full out raid to rescue it.

  3. JB Williams is right on target here. The socialists and communists were instrumental in getting Obama elected and in pushing their darling socialized medicine down our throats. Obama was taught communism when he was young, and he has not departed from the Red Way.

  4. At the DSA link embedded in the text “On October 2, 2010”:

    “It is vital that this march succeeds. The risk of a double dip recession, bringing additional large-scale job losses, increases every day. Without additional public jobs programs and federal aid to prevent layoffs by state and local governments, we will face another major economic contraction. ”

    That doesn’t make any sense to me whatsoever. Am I just stupid or is that nonsense?