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submitted by Maj. Gen. Paul E. Vallely (Ret.)

The U.S. Bar Association supports supports the Second Amendment, private property rights, and ending illegal immigration

(Sept. 14, 2010) — The United States Patriots Union has been formed to represent the more than 70% of patriotic Americans who believe that this nation is headed in the wrong direction, who oppose the Obama administration’s policies and make up the 89% of Americans who think every member of congress should be fired.

We have come together to form a Veterans Council within The United States Patriots Union, for the purpose of unifying veterans all over the country in an organized effort to address all issues of great and ongoing concern to the veterans’ community.

We plan to address many different issues from this council looking forward, not the least of which is proper representation and defense of our men and women in uniform, those who have served with honor and distinction, and the families who have endured great sacrifices on behalf of freedom and liberty for all these many years.

Today’s statement relates specifically to the ongoing courts-martial of Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin.

September 3, 2010 – Upon receiving word that LTC Lakin would be denied any and all access to discovery and mitigating evidence needed to provide for a legitimate defense, a White Paper was prepared and released by The United States Patriots Union and The United States Bar Association, advising the Lakin defense team to immediately adjust its defense strategy in accordance with established history and law concerning Mr. Barack Obama’s constitutional authority as Commander-in-Chief. In short, to drop the search for an insignificant birth certificate and focus on the right question at hand.  A second White Paper was published last week.

We believe that there are only two potential outcomes of this courts-martial, and that both outcomes bring certain challenges. Our first priority must be to unite in defense of LTC Lakin in an effort to arrive at the best possible outcome for both Lakin and the nation.

1.     LTC Lakin is found GUILTY of wrongfully refusing orders. With this outcome we get the following precedents.

a)     Anyone, without so much as a birth certificate, can hold the office of President and Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. Military.

b)    ALL soldiers must blindly follow orders, whether or not those orders are legal.

c)     Not even a high-ranking officer has the right to challenge the lawfulness of the orders.

2.     LTC Lakin is found NOT GUILTY of wrongfully refusing orders, as Barack Obama’s illegitimacy is confirmed, in which case the following precedents have been established.

a)     Every soldier must make the same decision Lakin made, to follow or not to follow an illegal command.

b)    The military chain of command is broken at the top of the chain.

c)     Obama must be removed from office and there is no one in the normal line of succession to the Oval Office who can replace him, as they were all complicit in the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on the American people.

We believe that whether LTC Lakin is found guilty or not guilty in his courts-martial, our nation is in a full-scale national security crisis. This cannot be avoided by simply brushing the Lakin situation under the carpet as if the legitimacy of this administration and command has not been properly and repeatedly challenged.

The current Lakin defense strategy is limited to an ongoing search for a missing birth certificate that is of no real consequence, and they have been denied discovery access to any of Obama records, as well as anyone who has had access to those records. There is no defense for Lakin on this basis.

The Veterans Council of the United States Patriots Union has decided not to let LTC Lakin face these charges alone, without a proper defense. Following this statement, a 2nd White Paper concerning the Lakin courts-martial is being released. (Included below)

It is our opinion that the existing legal team representing LTC Lakin should be re-energized and reinforced immediately by a more experienced military legal team. We hope to offer the Lakin defense team additional legal talent that we believe will lead to a positive outcome for LTC Lakin, his family and our national security interests.

We are very concerned that continuing with the current defense strategy, the search for a birth certificate will likely end in the wrongful conviction of LTC Lakin, establishing a horrific and unnecessary precedent in the Courts-Martial system of the US Military, as described above. We feel obligated to do all that we can to avoid this outcome.

In an effort to support and assist the Lakin Team, The Veterans Council of the United States Patriots Union has worked to make available the best possible legal defense team capable of and willing to assist with the Lakin courts-martial defense.

We recognize that defense strategy decisions are ultimately in the hands of LTC Lakin. We hereby call upon the Lakin defense team to alter the defense strategy and to accept the assistance of additional defense counsel, which would lend its leadership to the case on behalf of LTC Lakin, the Armed Forces and the people of the United States of America.

We call upon patriots to engage and support this vital Veterans Council initiative by joining The United States Patriots Union. Veterans who wish to directly engage with and participate in The Veterans Council should apply to that division, once a member of USPU. A special defense fund may be established within the Veterans Council. The place for veterans to be heard is here, and the time is now.

It is imperative that all veterans support us now, by joining this effort within the Veterans Division of The United States Patriots Union.

Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely (Ret.) of the USPU Veterans Council can be reached at 406-249-1091 for further comment.

The Veterans Council
The United States Patriots Union, LLC
Sheridan, Wyoming

On behalf of the members of the Veterans Council:

Paul Vallely, Maj Gen (Ret), US Army

Harry Riley, Col (Ret), US Army

Carmen A. Reynolds, Lt Col (Ret), USAF

Debra A. Gunnoe, Lt Col (Ret), USAF

Greg Hollister, Lt Col (Ret), USAF

William Harker, Cmdr (Ret), USN

Bill Little, Cmdr (Ret), USN

John Johnson, 1st Lt (Ret), USAF

Luther B. Neff, Capt (Ret), USAF

Michael A. Trudell, Capt (Ret), USN

Fred Herndon, Capt (Ret), USAF

The United States Patriots Union, LLC
Sheridan, Wyoming

The Veterans Council
The United States Patriots Union, LLC
Sheridan, Wyoming

Researched and Reviewed By
The United States Bar Association

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  1. Discussion of Constitutional eligibility, the Legal Facts surrounding Obama’s Ineligibility, crimes that Obama and his family likely committed, detailed analysis of eligibility lawsuits in plain English and much more —– all found in the new book: “OBAMA – INELIGIBLE TO SERVE – LIES, CRIMES AND DEADLY AMBITION”. (Amazon, Alibris, Abebooks and other online sellers).
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  2. Harry H.

    I understand your point of view and I also agree that the tide is turning and that time is of the essence. I just don’t think that Congress or the media is going to give this the time of day until Mr. Smith proves it is a legitimate document.

    Even if he does, it will still take an act of congress to get Congress to investigate it.

    I assume that either the House or Senate Ethics Committee would be responsible for initiating any action of which both are currently controlled by Democratic leadership. It does not matter how much the Republicans kick and scream in an attempt to hold hearings or if there are a couple Democrat turncoats who join in.

    House = Zoe Lofgren, CA 16th District (San Jose & Silicon Valley)
    Senate = Barbara Boxer, CA we both know how worthless she is. Doubtful she even read Mr. Smith’s letter.

    These are two of the most liberal politicians in Congress. It is going to require the Republicans to regain control of at least the House before this is ever addressed meaning nothing is going to happen between now and January.

    As I understand it, there is a legal certification for document forensic experts so I would assume they would be held accoutable to a legal authority if they did something nefarious with the b/c or if they falsified their results. Surely there is a few out there who could be vetted and trusted with the original b/c to prove or disprove its authenticity.

    Since it is likely that this issue will not be taken up at least until January, Mr. Smith should in the meantime pursue having not one, but two experts examine the b/c and summarize their results. If funding is an issue, then he should set-up a fund raising effort on his newly launched website.

    My last, last point on this: Last September, Taitz submitted to the United States District Court for Southern California an affidavit from Lucas Smith and at least a copy of the Kenyan b/c. The b/c was not submitted as evidence but rather for the court to verify its authenticity. This went nowhere to my knowledge.

  3. Spaulding makes some good points, and I concur with most of William’s comment below (Sept. 14, 4:29 p.m.). I’m not quite sure about the Hague Convention’s authority over Obama II’s Indonesian citizenship, but I agree that in any case Obama is ineligible for his office.

    However, Spaulding is clearly incorrect when he says “There is no need for discovery” in Col. Lakin’s court-martial. All of the mere legal reasoning has already been declared irrelevant by Lakin’s hearing officer. What Lakin needs is to adopt a position that compels discovery: Obama is an alien. Then the door could be opened to a whole raft of evidence pertaining to Obama’s Kenyan birth, including the Lucas Smith birth cert.

    There is every need for discovery of the truth, and Lakin’s case could be the key to unlock the evidence of Obama’s fraud. Don’t tell me “There is no need for discovery.” The Constitution and legal scholarship should be enough, but they have not been enough.

    Col. Lakin’s legal team needs to go on offense and make it untenable for the judge to deny discovery. Meanwhile an appropriate congressional committee needs to hold open hearings and call witnesses. Don’t say it can’t happen. “Can’t” never could.

  4. Harry H. You need only read William’s reply. There is no need for discovery. While I hoped I was wrong, Dr. Lakins’s team appeared to pick a path easily avoided by any judge. Dr. Lakin’s team needed no proof since Obama provided it. Obama’s team simply knew it would be possible to bamboozle most people, and then use Alinsky’s fith rule, “ridicule is man’s most potent weapon,” to silence the rest.

    Do a little search on McCain’s eligibility issues. You’ll find that the New York Times, CBS, Huffpo, WaPo, LA Times, ,,, all knew in some detail why McCain was ineligible. There were lots of liberal “Birthers” before they decided shut down questions using Alinsky’s fifth rule, “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.” They had a team of University Law Professors prepared to challenge him; in fact they already had a very solid brief from Arizona Professor Gabriel Chin which would likely have been sufficient to tie McCain up for years had he not cut a deal with the Democrats. As it was, the ‘Ruling Class’, Republicans and Democrats, decided the Constitution wasn’t the controlling legal authority, and have covered for Obama ever since.

    What if McCain had won? Like Lucy holding the football for Charlie Brown, they would have broken their deal. McCain would have challenged Obama in anger and Hillary would be president.

    There were two law suits filed in 2008, a strong one by New Hampshire Dem Hollander and a less well formed suit by the American Independent Party. The McCain ‘deal’ resulted in SB2678, cosponsored by McCaskill and Obama, and SenRes 511 by Leahy and McCaskill in Feb and Apr 2008 respectively, backed by the Dem Senate Judiciary Committee. The Bill didn’t pass (and was unconstitutional) but the resolution was signed by every senator. The gist was to assert that because he was born of two citizen parents, McCain was a natural born citizen. SB2678, which didn’t pass pretended to address McCain’s real problem, the ‘jus soli’ requirement. McCain wasn’t born on U.S. soil. The Canal Zone was not sovereign soil in 1936, and he wasn’t even born in the Canal Zone. But the senate action shut up the liberals and the media, all of whom knew of McCain’s problem, and sympathized with his dilemma. But only an amendment, such as Barney Frank attempted in 2000, making naturalized citizens equivalent to natural born citizens, would have fixed McCain’s problem, since he was born in Colon, and was naturalized.

    How would they silence questions? Right here in the New York Times in July of 2008, referring to the Fred Hollander case challenging McCain “Daniel P. Tokaji, an election law expert at Ohio State University, agreed. “It is awfully unlikely that a federal court would say that an individual voter has standing,” he said. “It is questionable whether anyone would have standing to raise that claim. You’d have to think a federal court would look for every possible way to avoid deciding the issue.”

    The federal courts have behaved as predicted. But our military, with the responsibility for protecting our citizens, knows it is being commanded by a usurper. Officers swore an oath to the Constitution. What is being done to RINOs in the Republican party must be applied to officers who violate their oaths. General Vallely is going straight at the issue because he has the courage of his convictions. He lost a son fighting for an eligible commander in chief. My son will never fight for a man I know to be ineligible to the office. His life is worth far more than to be squandered by a petty prince’s adventure with power. This prince deserves to be in prison, along with many of his enablers.

    Forget about imagined documents and read William’s list of quotations by framers and justices. There are twenty more – at least. There is no question of Obama’s father’s citizenship. There is no question of Obama Jr’s British Allegiance at birth. He told us! Obama and his backers have the arrogance to think they can distract and confuse the public long enough solidify the reigns of power before officially rendering the Constitution a historical reference work. They are weakening our republic more than it needed to be. If all who know will teach those who don’t why our framers required a natural born citizen for president, we can stop this coup by effite Marxists and get back to jobs, freedom, capitalism, and defending them from external, rather than internal attacks.

    1. That sums it up quite nicely ,you can see how important the eligibility issue has become.I have been following this for three years now,and I can tell you, it’s nowhere near being over.People can see that he has grabbed the power switch and is pushing the button more every day,he feels the pressure and wants it stopped.”Make it go away” are his orders and his handlers are losing this battle.LTC Terry Lakin is a brave man and the love of his country should not be broken by a few “sunshine”warriors who also took an Oath to protect this nation from “enemies” foreign and or domestic.

    1. Thanks, Sam, for the tip and for your excellent article. What a pathetic commentary it is on our own weasely, midget-minded mainstream media that the truth about Obama has to be found on Pravda, of all places. Here is the comment I left at Pravda on part 1 of your article:

      “The Kenyan birth certificate for Obama that Lucas Smith procured last year has much more face validity that the Hawaiian COLB posted on the Soros shill website deceptively calling itself factcheck.org.

      It is inexcusable that America’s courts and Congress continue playing ostrich when there are many reasons to question whether America’s Commander-in-Chief is even an American citizen. He is certainly not a ‘natural born citizen’ as that term was used in the Constitution.

      Not only was Obama II’s father a foreigner, thus disqualifying #2 from the presidency, but Obama II may very well be a foreigner, too. Too many two’s for me.

      Harry H”

      1. OMG what Sam?

        No smoking gun still. Yawn. Meanwhile Obama’s presidency is beginning its end and we have … um yeah, nothing.

        I guess the courts were right, it takes elections to neutralize him.

        Is Sven’s finding about the struck out Soebarkah the real OMG? I researched it and it doesn’t seem to matter, though, I don’t think a kid can DEFINITIVELY lose his “citizenship.”

        Did Strunk get anything?

    2. Sam,

      Thanks for writing this article and getting it published. It is simply amazing to me that the major newspaper for a country that was our worst and most power enemy not so long ago is willing to publish what our LSM refuses to touch with a ten foot pole. It is as if we have reversed roles. Which quite frankly, is frightening to me.

      I posted a comment and provided a link to an interview I did with the P&E last month in regard to the investigative work I did this summer on behalf of the P&E and its generous readers and a private citizen who made a matching grant.

      There are some things I discovered that warrant additional investigation but require appropriate financial resources to pursue. If the hypothesis is true, it will irrefutably prove that not unlike O’s SSN, his COLB certificate number likely belongs to someone else.

      1. That is a very good idea. The Usurper-In-Chief and his cabal borrowed this money on their own accord since every action they take is invalid and therefore the taxpayers are off the hook. Obummer and his minions should be held personally liable for repayment of these loans.

        That should get the attention of the Chinese. They should threaten to call in their markers if Obummer does not release all of his records. I seriously doubt, though, that that would even compel him to act accordingly. It would, however, get the attention of the media and heads of state around the world. He would in effect be forced to resign or release the records.

        The only drawback is the negative effect it would have on the economy. Such action might be the tipping point for implosion.

  5. bob 1943— i put the statement in about obama forging a real long form birth certificate because some people bring that question up. i said too late for that . he did not try that in the begining. congress obama and the media can keep stonewalling but we will not quit. they are only prolonging the inevitable. i believe as does phillip berg that the pressure is mounting on the usurpur every day.

  6. I was thinking Texoma close to the same thing as you are. If the retired military rely solely on the birth certificate, they are labeled “birthers”. If they come out with the fact that the birth certificate isn’t the big issue, then the “birther” attack doesn’t work.

    The media and liberals are quick to call people birthers to disarm them, I think the military is trying to bring the real issue – eligibility- to the forefront. I don’t care WHAT their strategy is, as long as it works!!! :-)

    1. IMO there will be no “too late and a dollar short” long-form Hawaii birth certificate, expert forgers or not. If we were going to have seen Obama’s long-form Hawaii birth certificate, we would have seen it a long time age. It does not exist. If they were going to create a ”perfect” fake, something a lot easier said than done, it would have already happened.

      They are going to continue to stonewall and ignore and hope the issue goes away.

      1. It doesn’t exist. They won’t try to produce one either. Likely, they won’t need to. It seems the real problems lie in the delayed forms/affidavits as well as the US –> Indonesia and back again, which probably throw a whole bunch of legalese into question, but ultimately aren’t something that will dethrone the president.

        I think Strunk is the last hope. If you show that his mom traveled to Kenya, WOW, that’s coming close to a SMOKING GUN.

    2. The problem – the ‘birther’ label is not one of ridicule in the ranks of ordinary people now. I know lawyers and former federal officials that are ‘birthers’. They know the ‘online COLB’ is completely bogus and know there is a shell game going on. Its the ‘faithers’ who are finding themselves the isolated ones – day by day.

      Now proudly – “Ich bin ein birther!” (apologies to JFK and the people of Germany).

  7. Anyone believing that there’s only one way the SCOTUS could decide or define NBC, should read this.


    Regarding Oilbama’s statement that burning a Quran might result in a fine for breaking local ordinances against burning but nothing more, and Boehner’s statement that one has the right to burn a Quran but that doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do, this is what Breyer had to say.

    For Breyer, that right is not a foregone conclusion.

    “It will be answered over time in a series of cases which force people to think carefully. That’s the virtue of cases,” Breyer told me. “And not just cases. Cases produce briefs, briefs produce thought. Arguments are made. The judges sit back and think. And most importantly, when they decide, they have to write an opinion, and that opinion has to be based on reason. It isn’t a fake.”

    Breyer, the author of “Making Our Democracy Work,” told me it’s a “rickety system” — but it’s worked “fairly well” for a long time.

    Last thing’s first, as the Three Stooges used to say, and that is why is there a justice on the SCOTUS who believes that our form of govt is a democracy? Nevermind that almost every US citizen thinks it is, the Supreme Court Justices should know better. How can they determine if laws and rulings by lower courts are Constitutional or not if they don’t know that the US is a Republic as per the Constitution? And the Constitution makes it a Constitutional Republic? Did he never notice that the word “democracy” isn’t mentioned anywhere in the Constitution, not even once?

    Moving on, it’s obvious that the SCOTUS, which long ago moved past judging whether or not a lower court ruling or law is Constitutional, has since moved beyond “interpreting” the Constitution (which I’ve always believed to be BS, anyway, since the Founders didn’t mince words and it’s straight-forward). The SCOTUS now determines what is and isn’t lawful in the US based upon their own reasons and opinions, or, in other words, according to their own sense of judgment of what’s wrong and what’s right.

    It’s plain to see that, like those populating the legislative branch of the Federal govt, the justices on the SCOTUS are a bunch of elitists – intellectuals who’ve taken it upon themselves to decide right and wrong – or legal and illegal – for a citizenry that they believe is either stupid to know what freedoms the Constitution protects and/or too lazy and distracted to care. Judging by Breyer’s words above, he actually believes that we need and appreciate him doing that. I can only assume that the other eight justices see it the same way.

    As is the case with the legislative and executive branches, we’ve created another elitist, dictatorial monster in the SCOTUS, who has no use for the Constitution and, in fact, no longer even views it as a hindrance because it’s easily disregarded completed.

    1. I am going pessimistic on this:

      The Kenyan birth certificate is not worth the paper it is printed on until a certified document forensic expert authenticates it. Smith has not coughed one iota of evidence that he was ever in Kenya. If he really wanted to get Congress to stand up and pay attention he needed to provide an affidavit attesting to the certificate’s authenticity from the person who examined the certificate and evidence that he was in Mombasa on the specified date he obtained it. He does not even provide that level of detail in his letter; he just states he was there in February 2009. The only indication that he was allegedly at the hospital on a specified date is faint date stamp of February 19, 2009.

      This date stamp is telling and the dates on the certificate are mm/dd/yyyy. I would assume that since Kenya was a colony of the British Commonwealth at time, that the proper dating of the certificate would have been dd/mm/yyyy, not mm/dd/yyyy.

      Having traveled to the UK at least a dozen times, I am well acquainted with the date sequence order the UK uses. i checked a few of Kenyan websites and it appears that mm/dd/yyyy and and dd/mm/yyyy are now used interchangeably. I would, however, assume that since Kenya was under British rule at the time of Obummer’s birth, they likely followed the same date sequence order as in the UK. Those are the anomalies that stand out to me.

      Even if the Kenyan certificate is truly genuine, Mr. Smith probably wasted whatever he spent on notarizing and sending it to every member of Congress. Without an accompanying affidavit and certificate of authenticity from someone who is recognized as a document forensic expert, and evidence of his travels, more specifically that he was in Mombasa on February 19, 2009, the vast majority of these were probably round-filed by the aide that opened the letter and the Representative or Senator it was addressed to never even saw it.

      If the document is fake, then it completely undermines the chances that discoveries made based on real research and due dilegence will ever be taken seriously by those who have the power to act on it.

      Mr. Smith was premature in sending this to members of Congress IMHO. He did not have all of his ducks in row, so to speak. His efforts unless he comes up with the aforementioned documents and evidence of travel, are likely an exercise in futility. It will result in barely a blip in the news cycle, even on the conservative websites.

      1. If the document is fake, then it completely undermines the chances that discoveries made based on real research and due dilegence will ever be taken seriously by those who have the power to act on it.

        That’s my concern, too. On the other hand, if the majority “round-filed” it (never heard that one before), then maybe it’ll pass under the radar again without causing a blip.

      2. Concerned Citizen is putting the cart before the horse. He wants the Lucas Smith B.C. all firmly authenticated and all Smith’s “ducks in a row” before submitting the B.C. for authentication to a court or Congress. Figuratively, CC wants to put the cart in the barn before letting the horse in the door. Bad idea, and besides the deed is already done.

        No, Smith is right, only a court or Congress should get their hands on the Kenyan B.C. Did you see how easily Judge Carter was turned from an objective arbiter to an Obot? How hard do think it would be for someone like Soros to get to a supposedly independent, self-styled authenticator? Might as well turn the original over to the phony Soros shill factcheck.com and see what happens to it.

      3. In the name of spirited debate:

        1) Smith is a convicted felon so he has a dubious past, 2) he tried to sell the darn thing on eBay of all places, 3) Congress has managed to “duck” dealing with the issue so far, and 4) it has been suggested that Smith turn over the Kenyan BC to Congress and/or the courts for authentication.

        I seriously doubt that:1) either is even going to give it any consideration whatsoever and 2) even if they did it is doubtful that a liberal judge or a Democratic controlled Congress is going to select an “objective and independent” document forensic expert to authenticate the b/c. They will consult with the DoJ who will in return tell them to who use. That is the same as having Soros pull the puppet strings.

        Smith should have and easily could have had an objective independent expert examine the b/c and included a certificate of authenticity, an affidavit, and evidence that he was in Mombasa on February 19, 2010. He did nothing but send a vague notarized letter and a copy of the allegedly authentic b/c.

        This is going nowhere. He likely has already been written off as just another “crazy birther” and until he can back up his claims with some evidence that withstands the litmus test, he probably wasted $1000s trying to engage Congress. Does anyone here really think that Evil Nancy and Traitor Harry actually read his letter? I mean really, seriously?

        Smith’s only hope is there is a Republican or two out there who read the letter and who is willing to push the issue. So far no one has come forward because to them this issue is poison resulting in political suicide. They all lack the fortitude to fall on their sword to save the Constitution and will do anything to protect or save their own hide. The only person in Congress to my knowledge who has attempted to address the issue head on is Rep Nathan Deal just before he resigned to run for Governor in GA.

        Smith may very well have an authentic Kenyan b/c but he has not even come close to proving it. I just don’t believe that anyone is going to take him seriously until he does. He perhaps wasted a golden opportunity.

      4. One final point: If I recall correctly, Mr. Smith also met with a group who offered him a rather large sum of money in exchange for the Kenyan b/c. When they wanted to have the b/c examined and authenticated before paying for it, Mr. Smith backed out of the deal.

        All the more reason to question its legitimacy.

      5. Citizen Concerned says “Smith should have and easily could have had an objective independent expert examine the b/c . . . .” Smith has explained that he was willing to do so but that the time required could be months and at possibly $300 per day in fees he could not afford the undertaking. I believe it would have been a mistake to turn his original over to anyone who was unaccountable to legal authority.

        We need to focus on having Congress address eligibility instead of finding fault with Lucas Smith. Smith claims to have a “plethora” of evidence that he was in Africa in 2009, and I say put him to the test under oath in front of a congressional committee and let him defend himself in the proper forum. He does not have to show all his cards before the real game starts, especially since it is obvious that anything he says can and will be used against him.

        The whole country is aware that the political winds have shifted, and to save their own party from annihilation Democrats may finally realize that Obama is an albatross around their stupid neck. When it is in their perceived interest to do so, Democrats may join or even lead the charge to get rid of Obama. So we need to keep the pressure on Congress and not forfeit the momentum that is now in our favor.

  8. Very good news, this letter –
    While admiring Col. Lakin, and supporting his position, I had growing apprehensions (alas! confirmed by developments) that his case is not properly handled –
    By August I already read several legal opinions which doubted his current lawyer’s strategy, and all those opinions and anticipations, unfortunately, showed to be correct –

    We must support the suggested change of trajectory –
    There is no room here for ruffeled egos – the importance of this case should transcend this –
    It’s about col. Lakin’s wellbeing, and for the implicit (and enormous) consequences that the proper handling of this case would further –

    1. We must support the suggested change of trajectory

      Absolutely. Even if I think it might be wrong, that doesn’t mean I want it to be. Sometimes I’m glad that I’m wrong. This would be one of those times.

  9. The timing is perfect. With a new Republican majority in the House, there will be a viable replacement for Obama. Maybe a change in House majority is what the courts have been waiting for since, as Maj. Gen. Vallely said, there is no one in the normal line of succession to replace Obama. Also a Republican-led House would be more likely to do their job and investigate Obama’s sordid past. Once declared ineligible his Exec Order 13489 becomes invalid, and we would finally learn the truth.

    Now all we have to do is ensure a Republican majority in the House on November 2. It’s partially up to us to see that happens – please, everyone, go to work on it. And while I’m hoping for success I might as well add that a majority in the Senate would also be helpful.

  10. I agree that the birth certificate should continue to be the focus, but maybe indirectly because of the problem it presented regarding the judge. It really does not matter, though where Obama was born, for his father was a British subject which would prevent him from being a Natural born citizen. This would give Obama duo citizenship which would eliminate him as a candidate for president. Possibly this will be part of the defense. We must write all of our Senators for their support. If they receive enough requests for his justice to be served by our courts, they may speak out on this most crucial issue. Praying for justice to be served. “In God We Trust.”

    1. Yes, it is imparative that we get to the bottom of the b/c issue. While it may or may not be relevant to Lakin’s case, we simply have no idea where Obummer was born or who is identified as the father on the long form b/c or if he even has a legitimate one on file with the HDoH. For all we know he was illegitmate, and/or his father was a U.S. citizen, or if he was formally adopted by Soetoro. The long form will speak volumes. As the saying goes: “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

      I want to see the picture. I am fed up with the obfuscation, misdirection, and lies by Obummer and the miscreants (including the Republicans) who are covering his backside. Even if he has a father who was a citizen prior to his birth, the fact that he has been less than forthcoming should be grounds for dismissal. People in the private sector are fired for far less egregious misdeeds all the time.

      Is it possible that his real past is not truly reflected in “Dreams From My Father”?

      BTW, that’s my shocked face. :>0

      1. It does not make any difference as to the real parentage of Obama, because Obama Senior claimed him as a product of the marriage. In the time of our Founding Fathers, all that was necessary was for the father of record to claim he was the father in actuality, which Obama Senior did in the divorce papers. In the time of our Founding Fathers there was no way to test (such as with DNA) for paternity. If a man claimed to be the father of a son, then that was good enough for all legal purposes of identity, passing on of inheritance, land grants, and especially citizenship.

  11. Refusal to provide records, which are a legitimate request of Lakin, is an admission of guilt by obstruction, and means Obama is guilty of fraudulently holding office. Lakin has won his case and the Military Court should change the charges to removing Obama, rather than questioning Lakin. Obama has voted with his feet. The judge can twist the law all she wants….she is simply showing her lack of qualifications to even sit in that office, if she does not even know the chain of command.

  12. Seems to me that they are saying that the defense strategy of focusing only on the place of birth is limited, and that an additional defense strategy is needed, but then they don’t say what that is. Could the additional defense strategy be a focus on the undisputed fact of Obama’s foreign citizen father and Obama having been born subject to a foreign power? If so, then that would indeed be a wise strategy.

    However, they should still push for revelation of the long-form birth certificate, as it just might show a foreign birth, which would further disprove Obama’s eligibility for President.

    1. I agree completely Texoma. If the defense proceeds solely on the definition of natural born citizen and whether that means child of one citizen or two citizens, they run the risk of presenting a defense where the judge can base her ruling on some small or nebulous case, while ignoring the totality of cases that clearly state two citizen parents. Hence- LTC Lakin goes to jail anyway while the media, RINOS, and liberals give her cover. Thus, the defense should pursue the smoking gun of the birth certificate at all costs because the judge will take any loophole in older rulings- that loophole/interpretation does not exist if there is no American birth certificate- case closed. The judge may be hoping for just such a change in defense strategy. Let’s pray that God grants Lakin’s attorneys & General Vallely Solomon’s widsom.

      1. However, the problem with relying on the birth certificate is this: If required to present his long-form birth certificate, would the most powerful man on the earth, backed by billions of dollars, be unable to “produce” a piece of paper showing a Hawaiian birth?

        This is why the birth certificate can only further disprove his eligibility (should it show a foreign birth) — he is already ineligible due to the fact of his father’s foreign citizenship. And there is no document which Obama can “produce” which will ever show Obama Senior to have been a US citizen.

        Indeed, a court may use some obscure case to rule that a natural born citizen can be born in the country to just one citizen. However, the Supreme Court can rely on no fewer than 4 precent Supreme Court cases to uphold the definition of “born in the country to citizen parents (plural)”.

      2. However, the problem with relying on the birth certificate is this: If required to present his long-form birth certificate, would the most powerful man on the earth, backed by billions of dollars, be unable to “produce” a piece of paper showing a Hawaiian birth?

        Apparently so or he would already have done it. Bob1943 and I have both suggested reasons why it may be impossible or at least unfeasible and unwise to the point of blowing his cover to “produce” that piece of paper.

      3. You could be right Alex. Col. Lind did say to find another defense.

        Also regarding a comment above that there would be no one to take over if Obama is removed. I was under the impression that Congress could appoint an acting president until a new election. Another thing is that if repubs take back the house, let’s say Boehner is new Speaker. That speaker would be in line to be acting pres. We wouln’t want Piglosi as she would be arrested too.

  13. Today, 9-14-2010 the World Net Daily News has verbally stated that
    OB eligibility is questioned publicly. ( Joseph Farah). He claims he is through
    playing games over the issue. Maybe we can get together to bring this to
    a head , and the rest will take care of itself with Lt. Lakin


  14. No statutory citizen can be president, only a natural born citizen. (Article II, section 1, clause 5 US

    SCOTUS precedent: Minor v. Happersett
    “It was never doubted (that)…all children born in a country of parents who were its citizens became themselves…

    natural-born citizens”
    “…every human being born within the jurisdiction of the United States of parents not owing allegiance to any

    foreign sovereignty is, in the
    language of your Constitution itself, a natural born citizen….” . .John Bingham in the United States House on March

    9, 1866
    (Cong. Globe, 39th, 1st Sess., 1291 (1866))
    Minor also holds no statutory citizen can ever be a natural born citizen, and vice versa, and so the birth

    certificate distraction to define Barack Obama as a statutory citizen makes him decidedly INeligible.
    Also, US v. Wong Kim Ark holds that the native born (born in-country) child of an alien can never be a natural born

    citizen (as in a native-born child of US Citizens)—Obama is born of ‘an alien’ father and so no matter where he

    was born he can never be a natural born citizen, thus can never be eligible.
    Obama’s father was a British Citizen by Birth (born in Kenya Colony) and also no matter where Obama was born he was

    born a British Citizen by Descent or a British Citizen by Birth; no dual citizen can hold office of president.

    Also Obama was adopted by Lolo Soetoro before the age of 5 making him solely an Indonesian citizen by Hague Convention, since he never naturalized as a US citizen (required even if married to a US citizen to become one), this means he is still an illegal alien.


  15. I tried to join USPU, but the site appears to still be “under construction”.

    Any suggestions?

    All patriots must act soon….Time is running out!
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: I just joined and received the welcome email, so I believe it’s up and running. Certain parts of the site are still under construction.

  16. While I applaud the support for Col. Lakin, I deplore the idea that “. . . Obama’s birth place is of no consequence in the matter of his status as a ‘natural born citizen’ eligible for high Command of the US Military under Article II – Section I of the Constitution,” as the first White Paper asserts.

    What if Lakin’s defense presents Lucas Smith as a witness testifying to his personal knowledge of Obama’s birth in Kenya, supported by much other available evidence to that effect? Let Lakin boldy assert that the C-in-C is a FOREIGNER, as well as the son of a foreigner. Then Obama has to indisputably prove he is an American, at least.

    How could any judge get away with saying that having a foreigner in command of our military is not relevant to Lakin’s case? Only in a Socialist Union of Amerika could that happen. But then, maybe we are already there.

  17. This is good news. Col. Lakin’s case is of the utmost importance because it is our cause, too. How proud we can be of these veterans who are coming to Col. Lakin’s and OUR aid. We cannot sit back watching and waiting for the elections to solve our nation’s constitutional crisis. The crisis is now, and Col. Lakin’s case is now.

    But I don’t see the second White Paper referred to in the article. Where can I find it?