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by Sharon Rondeau

Congressman Jeff Flake is from Snowflake, AZ and has served in the House of Representatives since 2001

(Sept. 14, 2010) — The following email exchange occurred recently between Rep. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) and a constituent regarding the eligibility of Barack Obama to serve as president:

From:  Jeff Flake <jlflake@gmail.com>
Subject: campaign
To:  Concerned Citizen
Date:  Sunday, August 8, 2010, 6:01 PM

Sorry for not responding.  What’s on your mind?


But did the Congressman really want to know?

From:  Concerned Citizen
Subject: Re: campaign
To:  “Jeff Flake” <jlflake@gmail.com>
Date:  Sunday, August 8, 2010, 8:41 PM

I want to know when your going to uphold and defend the constitution as you swore to? You cannot not just pick and choose which parts to uphold and defend,  either its all or get out.  I must say you did respond to me once about obamas eligibility to hold office and your answer was bogus, and for that matter laughable.  Why is a military hero ( Lt Col Terry Lakin) being court martial for asking?

You told me to look on snopes and factcheck to see his birth certificate. I say its a fake and it needs to be investigated.  There are so many questions left unanswered.  Admit it obama could not get a security clearance to work in the mail room at Capitol Hill yet he is president.  Obama could have been born in the Oval Office and delivered by the Supreme Court and still not be eligible.  Now when are you going to actually look at facts and call the usurper out?   I bet if you actually looked into it you will be amazed at the evidence against him plus all the other treasonous acts he has committed he should have been taken out of the white house in handcuffs days after being sworn in.  How can you sleep at night knowing there is a usurper in the White House?  You know he is ineligible, he knows it, the whole Congress knows it,  the Supreme Court knows it and most of America knows it, and yet it is being swept under the rug.  I consider it treason sir.  What will you do if the truth finally sees the light of day?  Here is a list of documents not released by obama which should be released by a President.

Passport records, Obama kindergarten records, Punahou School records, Occidental College records, Columbia University records, Columbia thesis, Harvard Law School records, Harvard Law Review articles, University of Chicago scholarly articles, Illinois State Bar Association records, Illinois State Senate records/schedules(said to be lost), Medical records, Obama/Dunham marriage license, Obama/Dunham divorce documents, Soetoro/Dunham marriage license, Adoption records and of course the long-form Certificate of Live Birth. All financial aid records, any forgein citizenship records. I am positive I will not get a response to this.  I will not stop asking until the truth comes out either way.  I just want the truth.  What has been presented so far is not the truth.  When will you ask “The Question” on the floor?

And Rep. Flake’s reply was:

From: Jeff Flake <jlflake@gmail.com>
Subject: Re: campaign
To:  Concerned Citizen
Date: Sunday, August 8, 2010, 8:58 PM

I don’t often agree with President Obama, but he is my President.  I don’t question his legitimacy.  I just hope we can elect a Republican in 2012.


The following email was then sent by the constituent:

From:  Concerned Citizen
Subject:  Fw: Re:  campaign
To: jlflake@gmail.com
Date: Sunday, August 18, 2010, 10:30 PM

You sir will still not answer the questions. You still will not look at facts! The following is taken from a letter to Glenn Beck and I would like answers from you to the questions posted.  Thank You.

Respectfully, Concerned Citizen

p.s. I just want the truth is that too much to ask of my Congressman?

If you think this is not a worthy issue, please tell me why.

Are you aware that there is not one single piece of legally admissible evidence confirming Obama’s birth in Hawaii as he claims – not one document, not one person who witnessed the birth or had observed Obama as a newborn child in Honolulu, not one hospital claiming to have been the birthplace of the president of the United States?

Are you aware that there is no evidence that Obama actually attended Columbia University, as he claims; that no member of the Columbia graduating class to which he allegedly belongs remembers him as a classmate at Columbia University; and that all records, if any, relating to Obama’s attendance at Columbia University have been sealed?

Are you aware that the putative president of the United States is apparently using a fraudulent Social Security number, issued in the state of Connecticut at the time that Obama was a youth living in Hawaii, to a person, now deceased, who was born in 1890?

Are you aware that Obama likely never registered with Selective Service as required by law, and that in order to cover up this fact, Obama‘s representatives released a document purporting to be a copy of his Selective Service registration which is suspected of being a forgery?

Are you aware that there are several mysterious deaths which have been connected circumstantially to the 2008 presidential election, including the apparent assassination of a person who was reported to have been a key witness in an investigation into a criminal act of unauthorized access to the U.S. State Department passport files for Barack Obama?

Are you aware that, with the exception of the nomination certification sent to the State of Hawaii, the presidential candidate nomination certification letters sent to the other 49 states by the chairman of the Democratic National Committee omitted the language certifying that the candidate is qualified to serve in accordance with the requirements of the United States Constitution?

Are you aware that there are now three retired U.S. Army generals who have demanded Obama’s resignation over his lack of eligibility?

Are you aware that a decorated U.S. Army colonel is being court-martialed, abused, and physically threatened by senior Army personnel over his refusal to accept deployment orders until he can be assured that the presumed president of the United States is legitimately holding that office and possesses the actual legal authority to issue such orders?

Are you aware that a criminal complaint will be submitted this week to FBI Director Mueller demanding a full FBI investigation of Obama for 29 listed criminal acts, including Social Security fraud and usurpation of the office of president due to lack of constitutional eligibility?

Are you aware that despite numerous attempts across the country, no member of Congress will provide a substantive response to the requests for action by the millions of American citizens who are extremely concerned about the unresolved constitutional issues surrounding the 2008 presidential election and the many serious fraudulent acts which allowed it to happen? Why?

No answer from Flake was forthcoming.

From:  Concerned Citizen
Subject:  Fw: Re:  campaign
To: jlflake@gmail.com
Date: Sunday, August 22, 2010, 7:14 AM

How come I cannot get answers from my Representative?  Why is this issue a non issue with my Congressman and Senators?  Article II of the Constitution states “No person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty-five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.”

Obama has shown absolutely no proof he his a Natural Born Citizen.  You provide me no proof or answers.  MCCain had to prove his status,  why not Obama?  Because you simply refuse to answer these and other questions is why you no longer are following your Oath of Office.  This is approximately my tenth attempt to get answers from my Representative in Washington about a Constitutional issue I have,  and I am ignored.  Is that how a Congressman is supposed to treat his constituents?  I would like some answers to these very valid questions posed in the exerpt from a letter to Glenn Beck below.  Your failure to look into this Constitutional Crisis is a direct violation of your Oath of Office.  What will you say when the truth comes out?   I and millions of other American Citizens demand answers from Congress.  I demand answers from you sir.


Concerned Citizen

Then Rep. Flake finally responded:

From: Jeff Flake
Subject: President Obama
To:  Concerned Citizen
Date:  Sunday, August 22, 2010, 7:48 AM

I’m sorry we disagree on this.  While I don’t often agree with the President on the issues, I accept him as my President.  I do not question his legitimacy. If presents a hurdle that you just can’t get over in terms of supporting me, I understand.  I don’t know if my opponent feels differently.  You may want to check with him.


So the constituent said:

From:  Concerned Citizen
Subject: Re: President Obama
To:  “Jeff Flake”
Date:  Sunday, August 22, 2010, 4:25 PM

I did not ask for your stance on the issue,  I asked you to answer the questions!  Why will you not answer the questions?

Following the primary, Concerned Citizen wrote:

Well no more opponent.  Are you now going to answer my questions?

and Rep. Flake answered:

From:  Jeff Flake
Subject: Re: President Obama
To:  Concerned Citizen
Date: Wednesday, August 25, 2010 7:07 AM

I assume this is still your question: “Your my congressman and i demand answers as to why there is a Usurper in the white House and why you will do nothing about it.”

I don’t accept the premise of your question.  We don’t have a “usurper” in the White House.  President Obama is our President.  He won the 2008 election fair and square.


Following the above exchange, the constituent sent the following to Rep. Flake:

From:  Concerned Citizen
Subject: A short educational video.
To: FlakeForCongress@gmail.com, jlflake@gmail.com
Date: Saturday, September 4, 2010, 6:02 AM

Honorable, Mr. Flake

please watch and listen to this its less than 4 minutes


Then please answer these questions.
Why is this issue not resolved, why are Citizens denied the truth, why is the Constitution being ignored?

I feel these are good questions that my Congressman should be able to answer in a informative way as a Representative in Washington who has sworn a Oath to “Defend the Constitution” I am not asking for your personal opinion, I am asking how this is a non issue as it is clearly dealt with in the Constitution Article II, Section 1, which states, “No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President.”

No person has seen proof of this. Not you, not the courts, not the DNC heck not even Obama himself.

Does the Constitution matter to you Mr.Flake? It does to me.

Concerned Citizen

Having received no reply, Concerned Citizen sent another email to Congressman Flake on September 9:

Mr. Flake I will not go away. These are justified questions that you need to answer. Your my Representative and Washington and you have a duty to answer my questions. Your failure to do so means that you do not represent me. Also your failure to address the issue make you a accessory to the crimes committed against the United States

And finally, Mr. Flake replied:

This sender is DomainKeys verified
“Jeff Flake”
Add sender to Contacts
“Concerned Citizen”

Barak Obama is the President of the United States, legally elected and properly sworn in. That is my answer.

Best regards,


Concerned Citizen then said:

From: Concerned Citizen
Subject: Re:
To:  “Jeff Flake”
Date:  Friday, September 10, 2010, 6:28 PM

I beg to differ as there is absolutely no proof he is Article II eligible!  Now if the proof would be released and it shows he is a Natural Born Citizen I could accept that.  But it seems to me that a dual citizen at birth is not a Natural Born Citizen as the Constitution states as a requirement to hold that office.  So when the truth comes out that he is a usurper, America can add you to the list of traitors.

On September 20, the constituent sent the following email to Rep. Flake:

Well Mr. Flake since you refuse to answer the questions I asked in the past maybe you could answer this simple question for me.  Please define “Natural Born Citizen” as it is used in the Constitution Article II?   Surely you can answer that question.

No answer was received, so another email was sent:

Mr. Flake
I ask you again (see below)  If you cannot answer the question maybe you could refer me to someone who can.  I just seem to think that my congressman should be able to answer this question in a informative way.  Why is such a basic question being ignored?
Mr. Flake I want you to understand that this issue will not go away with me until I get answers.  Where do I go for answers?  I am told that Congress is the only place to get action and answers. That is why I am asking the questions, which are very valid questions and continue to be ignored by you, the media, the courts, and I ask why?
I cannot get answers to one single question without being called a racist, or a whacko, a birther, or extremist, or just simply ignored.  Saul Alinsky will not work on me.  Whats so difficult to get answers for perfectly valid questions about a Constitutional issue from my Congressman



Was Barack Obama “legally elected?”  What about the claims of election fraud committed by ACORN?  What about the numerous reports of foreign donations and a formal complaint filed by the RNC?  Without those overseas funds, would Obama have been elected?

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  1. I remain at once acutely angry and deeply disappointed that no one on the Hill has the guts or moral fiber to honestly and objectively explore this seminal issue. I loathe all me-first-at-all-costs establishment types, both Democrats and Republicans alike. Enemies of the Republic! Their dismissiveness is beyond incredible. It’s downright treasonous.

  2. It’s obvious they all know he’s ineligible but are not being bothered with it, so we must squeeze the vice until they are bothered or just throw them out with the trash.

  3. Yes, eligibility is a “third rail” to legislators. Beniah, above, has made the case which should always have been the only approach to forcing the courts to act. Currently, we have legislators and pundits, all talking about a return to original sources, to framers and founders, while assiduously avoiding Chief Justice Marshall, 14th Amendment John Bingham, justices Story, Kent, Wilson, Thomas Jefferson who created our first law school and established its curriculum around Vattel’s Law of Nations in 1779, and founder and president of the States United (The Continental Congress), Dr. Ramsay. Our pundits are probably responding to Alinsky’s 5th rule – “Ridicule is man’s most powerful weapon.” No pundit or legislator has the resources of our chief executive and his justice department. Lou Dobbs raised the issue of eligibility only a few times and was dismissed by CNN (though true to form, none of them will talk about the ‘real’ reason for his dismissal). The major media are the progressive’s voice, and those media now have major Saudi investment, making them suspect on all political fronts.

    The Marxists are trying to control political discussion. A public list of the legislators who disavow knowledge of the requirements for president, like a Rasmussen poll, would not just warn legislators, but would have teeth, since most legislators have become professional politicians; politics is their life, their benefits, tutiton for their children. They protect Obama because he “comes with a union label.” Public employee unions are under water and socialism may be the only way to insure their survival.

    With the exposure of the real character of Rinos, conservatives have demonstrated that the party line is becoming irrelevent. Let us make a list, backed up by quotations of the sort the “Concerned Citzen” received, and make it as public as we can. It might be kept at Post&Email, if the owners are willing. Then, every voter can chose whether a representative who fails to protect the Constitution, as each legislator has sworn to do, should be returned to office.

    There should be a simple question put to every candidate for office, federal or local. “What is our common law definition of the term natural born citizen, a requirement for being president of the U.S.?” Anyone who vacillates should be dismissed as a potential candidate, and, if a legislator, he or she should be dismissed at the end of his term. There can be no deviation from John Marshall’s declaration “a government of laws and not of men.”

    Our legislators cannot aribitrarily decide to ignore a provision of our constitution, even if it means, as it did for Georgia Congressman Nathan Deal who did asked for verification of eligibility, a personal attack from government. The White House’s response to Deal’s letter was to have investigators go through tax forms from years past, and finding a suspicious deduction having to do with his family’s auto salvage business, threaten Deal with possible ethics violations. We can, is we are doing with Christine O’Donnell, shine a spotlight on the behavior and keep that spotlight alive until the thugs are out of our government.

    We have impeached judges, including several in the supreme court. Obama, not a Consittutional president, seems not to be impeachable, but is certainly libel for election fraud. Obama has been careful not to define himself as a natural born citizen, which probably means he and his legal teams are prepared in case standing fails to completely block every challenge. Had Dr. Lakin used Beniah’s evidence, his case might have broken through to the supreme court, raising the suspicion that he may have intended to lose to discourage any potential legitimate case. Philip Berg too, seems to have intentionally misdirected, pointing at a missing birth certificate – much easier to understand than seldom used concepts from the natural law. Lakin will likely be allowed to resign, given his clean service record, and there will be no more challenges from the military. The media will claim mental problems, a balloon they have already floated by holding Lakin in a mental ward, and by supposedly incidental words
    used by the prosecution.

    Orrin Hatch, who filed an amendment to Article II Section 1 in 2003, could not remember the definition of natural born citizenship in 2008.

    Senators Kyl and DeMint, both of whom have some admirable qualities, both lied about the definition of natural born citizen in 2008.

    Congressman Barney Frank filed to amend Article II Section 1 in 2000. He should be asked about the definition of natural born citizen, a definition he understands very well.

    Senator Clair McCaskill filed Senate Bill 2678 in Feb 2008, to make foreign born children of military citizens eligible to run for president. This was the “McCain Bill” though his name was not in the title. She knew why McCain was ineligible, but wanted the ignorant public to believe that the senate had fixed McCain’s problem to silence any examination of Obama’s ineligibility.

    Every Senator signed SenRes 511 in April 2008 in which the assertion that have two citizen parents made one a natural born citizen was made. It doesn’t matter that being born on our soil is also required, they confirmed that they understood “jus sanguinis” but failed to apply their understanding to the vetting of Barack Obama.

    Perhaps we need to ask one more time, to be sure they understand the question? Perhaps they thought they were protecting the ineligible John McCain. We are a government of laws. They have chosen to ignore our laws for whatever reason and we are all paying the price. They should all be replaced.

    1. Hello Spaulding,

      I follow your posts over at Free Republic. You do an exemplary job of dismantling the eligibility nonsense posted by the many (probably professional) obnoxious 0bots. Their arguments can’t stand up to solid facts and logic (i.e., plain truth), so they end up twisting both like pretzels. When that fails, they invariably fall back on ridicule and ad hominem attacks straight out of their Alinsky bibles. They are disingenuous propagandists, plain and simple and their goal is simply to wear down and outlast their opposition so that they can sway the lazy and ignorant with their lies.

      I wish that I could join you, but alas, I have been banned over at Free Republic. You can still read my posts by searching my screen name and decide for yourself if I deserved a zotting. Why I was silenced while so many obvious 0bots roam free is beyond my understanding (maybe they are big donors, perhaps using illicit funding – who knows?).

      If you have read my posts here at The Post & Email (or elsewhere on the web) and support what I have to say, perhaps I could persuade you to send a request in to JR to reinstate me. Butterdezillion was good enough to do so (but, so far, to no effect). Once zotted, there doesn’t seem to be any appeal process at FR, but I refuse to “sneak” back in using a new screen name/web account.

      Regards, take care, and I enjoy reading your very sensible posts. — tw

  4. congressman ISSA needs to be pressured to hold a hearing on obama eligibility right now. no waiting until next year . this is not a republican or democrat matter. it involves the constitution and the rule of law.

  5. the letters e-mails and phone calls should be directed at congressman ISSA.all letters need to be sent certified requesting a return signed receipt. the demand should be for a congressional investigation and hearing on obama eligibility.this issue could be settled quick. obama constitutional eligibility needs to be his main concern right now. so come on flood him out non-stop 24 hrs. a day. force him to act.

  6. I’ve written both of my congressman in MD (democrats) with the following email, 2 days ago. Wonder if I will get a reply…

    I would like to know why NOTHING is being done about Mr. Obama’s eligibility, when the proof is right under everyones nose. The information in the following article has been out for over a year, but it looks as if we’ve finally got some real proof. Those that stand and side with Mr. Obama are harboring a criminal and are covering up the truth. Those of us that are sending out these emails to all of our Senators are keeping a log of which Senators side with the Constitution/American People and which side and continue to aid and abet Mr. Obama. I would appreciate a reply as to why no one has done a single thing about this extremely important issue.


  7. My fellow Texan David B hits the nail on the head with the comment “at least you got an answer.” I can contact Cornyn and Bailey-Hutchinson about any subject I can think of and receive some sort of an answer, EXCEPT these two topics :“high crimes and misdemeanors” and “natural born citizen”. Mention those and whats the answer? Deafening silence.

    And my Congressman [4th District Ralph Hall (R)] NEVER answers any letter about anything, and never has.
    He’s running for his 14th term, and I think his staff figures after being elected 13 times straight , why bother communicating with the Homer Simpson Constituents, don’t they always vote for him anyway?
    I’m sick of that attitude. I don’t want to vote for him again.

    So my other choices?
    The Democrat? Here in Texas the Shadow Party has a guy by the name of Matt Angle, based in D.C. secretly funding the Democratic Party. Follow the money trail for Matt Angle or any of the multitude of associations he’s a part of and it leads back to George Soros. Yeah! And the Shadow Party is after Governor Rick Perry big time this year and I am disgusted by shadow parties and shadow governments and even IF I was a democrat I won’t vote democrat.

    So there’s a 3rd choice, Pringle the Libertarian.
    But some people say the 3rd party vote is the “Big Waste”. Oh really? Like the other two aren’t even a BIGGER waste of my vote?
    The elections won’t solve that much but its a start and MAYBE one of the new ones in office will at least discuss the eligibility with some thought. And if every American who says they are fed up actually carries through Nov.2nd why can’t a 3rd party candidate win?

    Actually my money is on Florida’s Lt. Colonel Allen West (R), but they don’t let me vote in Florida so I support him from afar.
    Johnny says do not give up thats what they want you to do!
    I agree. Therefore we must not give up!

  8. Who in DC has the authority to arrest Obama for treason and other crimes?
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: I’m told that it’s the Commandant of the Army in the District of Columbia.


      District of Columbia Official Code

      Division IV. Criminal Law and Procedure and Prisoners.

      Title 23. Criminal Procedure

      Chapter 5. Warrants and Arrests

      Subchapter V. Arrest Without Warrant

      Section § 23-582

      Arrests without warrant by other persons.

      (b) A private person may arrest another —

      (1) who he has probable cause to believe is committing in his presence —

      (A) a felony; or

      (B) an offense enumerated in section 23-581(a)(2);


      (2) in aid of a law enforcement officer or special policeman, or other person authorized by law to make an arrest.

      (c) Any person making an arrest pursuant to this section shall deliver the person arrested to a law enforcement officer without unreasonable delay.

  9. I sent the flake a scathing rebuke but it went to Jonathan Flake a school teacher in Arizona. The real Flake, a spineless jellyfish did not get my e-mail.
    He is a typical two faced spineless politician who should be replaced next time you have an opportunity.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: I apologize for that, as I had copied Rep. Flake’s email address improperly in a couple of places. It doesn’t copy and paste correctly from email into the website’s interface, unfortunately.

  10. every senator and congressman in washington needs to be told and constantly reminded that the obama eligibility issue is not going away. they can pay now or pay later. we are not going to let them get away with perpetrating this fraud on us.

  11. I tried to contact Flake using the e-mail address given in the article. This is the reply I received:


    I’m sorry but it seems you may have the wrong email address. My name is Jonathan Flake and I am a teacher at a high school in Mesa, Arizona.

    I have a hard time believing that the email transactions shown below using jflake@gmail.com actually took place because that is my email address and I have no record of those emails.


    Jonathan Flake
    401 Lab Advisor
    Sequoia Secondary School

  12. kbb right on— that is exactly what i have been and keep saying. words and letters are not going to get us any where. the politicians will just keep giving us the run around. that should be obvious to all by now. a massive descent on the congress and white house is going to be required to get action.

  13. I have studied this before the election. I was against the birthers because it was irrelevant and gave the democraps leverage. The Article II argument should have been the only argument. But since the election we have an even stronger case of voter fraud. Obama and Pelosi forged the DNC and is part of the record. This is very triable. Fraud and treason is what we need to prove now. Here are my points.

    1. Eligibility is a weak case at best.

    2. Voter fraud and lying is usurpation and treason. Stronger case.

    3. If what this site hopes to prove, ineligibility, than BO cannot be impeached. You have to have a legal POTUS to impeach.

    4. Getting BO out of office is not as important as undoing the damage since he was illegally instated.

    5. If the voter fraud can hold up, than everything BO has done will be invalidated. We can start over.

    To cast the country into a fire pit of usurpation over an argument of ineligibility will never fly. But the voter fraud is black and white. It is there for the asking. Here is the court case to view. Exhibit 6 and 7 are the most telling. If impeached everything he has done will stand. Treason will undo it.


    1. I completely disagree with this:

      “1. Eligibility is a weak case at best.”

      There is a mountain of evidence that Obama is ineligible, and no proof that he is eligible.

      True, it’s not easy to do anything useful with the evidence, but there is no way I am going to just blow off the biggest fraud/charade in American history, which is not ony Obama’s obvious ineligibility, but also, “who is Barack Hussein Obama”?

      Absolutely nothing can happen in American from the revealing of the truth about Obama that would make me want the truth to remain concealed.

  14. Hell, at least you got a reply. I can’t count the times I’ve written to Sens. Hutchison and Cornyn and Congressman John Carter (Tx dist 31) and all I get is ignored. This 111th Congress is the most totally corrupt in the history of our country. All 535 of them are accessories to Treason and complicit to the usurpation of the presidency.
    All three branches of our government are corrupt to their very cores. Each has failed We The People miserably.
    No one in all of government will address the issue of Obama’s eligibility. We’ve also been sold out by the media. Glenn Beck included. Why people continue listening to his rhetoric is beyond me. He sold his soul (as well as his integrity) last December. Didn’t anyone other than myself notice his sudden turn-around? It was as though someone threw a switch. Beck went from exposing the corrupt, Marxist czars to vouching for Obama’s ficticious Hawaiian birth.
    The bottom line is that we’re not going to get any answers about Obama’s eligibility unless we demand them en masse. Many people to date have had excellent opportunities to do so, but they’ve all lacked the courage.
    Who can we actually trust these days? Sarah Palin? I think not. While she talks a good game, what does she turn around and do?? Campaigns for John (Obama lite) McCain! They’re ALL members of the ‘good ol boy’ network and their only concern is their own political survival. If ANY of them truly cared about this country or We The People, this Marxist usurper would have been in chains long ago.
    Don’t shut up… get louder!! They can’t continue ignoring us or just blowing us off forever. We have to demand the truth and we have to demand it en masse!!

    1. David, you indeed know what is going on. Philip Berg has a rally scheduled for Washington, DC for birthers to present their birth certificates in hand for the Usurper to take a hint on October 23rd of this year. I wonder if Fox News or the rest of the mainstream media will report on it, like they so sadly have on the ordeal of a great American patriot, Lt. Col. Lakin. Glenn Beck is the worst kind of traitor, and hopefully the pied piper’s followers will discover this soon.

      West Virginia’s Senator Rockefeller is another Fake. I wrote him about Obama’s birth credentials and got the typical runaround. Like you say, all the Congress was in on the Obama scam (because of the question of McCain’s eligibility and Obama’s dark skin); so most will have to be thrown out of office before an investigation of Obama will even begin.

      Here is a copy of my emails late last year concerning the question of Obama’s birth with Senator Rockefeller:

      From: senator@rockefeller.senate.gov
      To: larrybrianradka@hotmail.com
      Subject: Letter from Senator Jay Rockefeller
      Date: Wed, 18 Nov 2009 16:54:53 -0500

      Dear Larry,

      Thank you for contacting me with your concerns about President Obama’s Constitutional eligibility to serve as President. I always appreciate a chance to hear from a fellow West Virginian.

      Since the election there have been people who have questioned whether Barak Obama is eligible to serve as President on grounds that perhaps he is not a natural born citizen. However officials in the state of Hawaii, where President Obama was born, have clarified repeatedly the President’s birth certificate is genuine. Several lawsuits seeking to enjoin the Electoral College from proceeding or prevent President Obama from being sworn in, all of these cases were either dismissed or the court ruled in favor of the President. The Supreme Court has rejected appeals of these cases.

      The 111th Congress sat in a joint session on January 8th to count and certify the votes cast by the Electoral College. No member of Congress objected to certifying Barak Obama as our 44th President.

      While I appreciate your concerns, I am confident that President Obama has met all the constitutional requirements for the Presidency.

      Thank you again for sharing your thoughts. I appreciate the opportunity to discuss this matter. As always, I wish you the best.

      With Warm Regards,

      Jay Rockefeller

      My email response:

      RE: Letter from Senator Jay Rockefeller‏
      From: Larry Radka (larrybrianradka@hotmail.com)
      Sent: Wed 11/18/09 8:33 PM
      To: senator@rockefeller.senate.gov

      Senator Rockefeller:

      Thank you for your response.

      I understand the chairman of the Electoral College did not follow protocol and failed to ask for any objections to Barack’s eligibility to be President, and not one representative in the 111th Congress appears to have had the guts to challenge his qualifications. American voters will remember this in the upcoming elections, if Barack is not cast out of office and locked up before then.

      Senator Rockefeller, surely you are smart enough not to take some bureaucrat’s word in Democrat Hawaii saying he has a legitimate birth certificate, but who produces none?

      When I applied for Social Security, I had to produce a valid birth certificate? Just about anyone else would have to produce a birth certificate to assume an official position in government or anywhere else of any importance.

      Why doesn’t the president have to do so before assuming office?

      Why did Congress investigate McCain’s birth credentials but not Obama’s? Surely you must smell a rat.

      Has the FBI made a careful background check on Barack, like it did when I joined the Army Security Agency? Have you checked with the FBI on its results, if it even bothered to check the background of a person assuming the most important position in the world?

      Why has Barack Obama (AKA Barry Soetoro) supposedly spent around a million and half dollars now in the courts to keep from producing a valid birth certificate? He is certainly hiding something, and I like millions of other Americans suspect it’s that he is indeed ineligible to be holding the Office of President of the United States according to its Constitution.

      These are but a few logical suspicions and unanswered questions among many more. But in case you are not well informed on the matter of his ineligibility, I suggest you start with reading my Web page at http://einhornpress.com/ParkersburgWestVirginiaTaxDayTeaParty.aspx like a multitude of others and continue your research in more depth from there.


      Larry Brian Radka

      P.S. If you have followed the numerous court challenges concerning this issue of Barack Obama (AKA Barry Soetoro), you’ll find that the birth certificate is hardly the only matter that would preclude his eligibility to be sitting now in the United State President’s chair. Judging from the results so far, it looks like all the ruling U.S. court judges so far are protecting the biggest usurping scam in history for fear of losing their bread and butter.

      However, Senator Rockefeller, if you won’t do anything about the situation, the American voters will when the truth comes out, and a lot of U. S. senators, representatives, and judges are going to have hell to pay when it does. And the truth will eventually prevail!

    2. I personally feel it’s unfair to blame Palin for staying away from the birther issue, and we need to leave her alone about it. She gets more than her fair share of flak from others about everything under the sun. I believe when the time is right, she will work on it. She’s trying to hold on to / get credibility, and the last thing she needs RIGHT NOW (maybe in the future when she’s stronger) is to jump into the birther movement. “They” call her a wacko now. I personally want to see her remain standing, so she can be useful in 99% of all the other crap that needs to be worked on. If she talks “birther” now, no one will listen to her on all of the other great ideas she has to talk about, much less listen about her considerable accomplishments. Let someone who is stronger in the eyes of all voters take on the birther issue right now. Leave Sarah alone so she can gain some strength without having to fight this issue, as well as all the other stuff that’s thrown at her.

  15. Article II, Section 1, Clause 5: No person except a natural-born citizen …shall be eligible to the office of President.

    The issue of whether or not Obama is “eligible to the office of President” depends upon whether or not he is an Article II “natural born citizen” of the United States.

    The phrase “natural born citizen” “must be interpreted in the light of the common law, the principles and history of which were familiarly known to the framers of the Constitution”.

    United States v. Wong Kim Ark., 18 S. Ct. 456, 169 U.S. 649 (U.S. 03/28/1898)


    [16] The Constitution nowhere defines the meaning of these words [“citizen of the United States,” and “natural-born citizen of the United States”], either by way of inclusion or of exclusion, except in so far as this is done by the affirmative declaration that “all persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States.” In this, as in other respects, it [The Constitution] must be interpreted in the light of the common law, the principles and history of which were familiarly known to the framers of the Constitution. Minor v. Happersett, 21 Wall. 162 [At common law, with the nomenclature of which the framers of the Constitution were familiar, it was never doubted that all children born in a country of parents who were its citizens became themselves, upon their birth, citizens also. These were natives or natural-born citizens, as distinguished from aliens or foreigners. Minor v. Happersett, 88 U.S. 21 Wall. 162 (1874]; Ex parte Wilson, 114 U.S. 417, 422; Boyd v. United States, 116 U.S. 616, 624, 625; Smith v. Alabama, 124 U.S. 465. The language of the Constitution, as has been well said, could not be understood without reference to the common law. 1 Kent Com. 336; Bradley, J., in Moore v. United States, 91 U.S. 270, 274.

    The “common law, the principles and history of which were familiarly known to the framers of the Constitution” was plainly expressed by the Supreme Court of the United States in the dissenting opinion of Scott v. Sandford, which quoted Vattel, and explicitly stated, “The natives or natural-born citizens are those born in the country of parents who are citizens…”

    Scott v. Sandford, 60 U.S. 393 (U.S. 01/02/1856)


    [418] …The natives or natural-born citizens are those born in the country of parents who are citizens…

    Furthermore, the Supreme Court of the United States in 1814 relied upon Vattel’s “Law of Nations” as the authority on citizenship issues, and stated in The Venus, “The natives, or indigenes [natural-born citizens], are those born in the country, of parents who are citizens.”

    The Venus, 12 U.S. (8 Cranch) 253, 1814

    “Vattel, …is more explicit and more satisfactory on it [CITIZENSHIP ISSUES] than any other whose work has fallen into my hands, [Vattel] says, ‘…The natives, or indigenes [natural-born citizens], are those born in the country, of parents who are citizens.’ ”

    Vattel’s Law of Nations: § 212. Citizens and natives

    …The natives, or natural-born citizens, are those born in the country, of parents who are citizens.

    Finally, the Supreme Court of the United States, in Minor v. Happersett, confirmed the definition of a “natural born citizen” as “children born in a country of parents who were its citizens”.

    Minor v. Happersett, 88 U.S. 21 Wall. 162 (1874)

    “ ‘No person except a natural-born citizen …shall be eligible to the office of President’… The Constitution does not in words say who shall be natural-born citizens. Resort must be had elsewhere to ascertain that. At common law, with the nomenclature of which the framers of the Constitution were familiar, it was never doubted that all children born in a country of parents who were its citizens became themselves, upon their birth, citizens also. These were natives or natural-born citizens, as distinguished from aliens or foreigners.”

    Simply put, Article II “natural born citizens” are those citizens who are “born in the country, of parents who are citizens.”

    Hence, Obama is not an Article II “natural born citizen” of the United States, even if he was born in Hawaii, as his father was a “foreigner”…

    To reiterate, Obama’s father was not a citizen of the United States.

    Therefore, Obama is not an Article II “natural born citizen” of the United States.

    Thus, Obama is not “eligible to the office of President”.

  16. flake needs to be asked if he believes majority vote trumps over the rule of law. he is just another phony and coward. all these traitors must get exposed.

  17. John 10:1-2, 10
    I tell you the truth, the man [USURPER] who does not enter the sheep pen
    CONSTITUTION], but climbs in by some other way [FRAUD], is a thief and a
    robber. The man who enters by the gate [ARTICLE II NATURAL-BORN CITIZENSHIP
    – BORN IN THE COUNTRY, OF PARENTS WHO ARE CITIZENS] is the shepherd of his
    sheep [WE THE PEOPLE]. The thief [BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA] comes only to steal

    Matthew 7:15
    Watch out for false prophets [USURPERS & THOSE WHO SUPPORT USURPERS]. They
    come to you in sheep’s clothing [CONGRESSMAN JEFF FLAKE] but
    inwardly they are ferocious wolves [WHO COME ONLY TO STEAL AND KILL AND

  18. Rep. Flake’s refusal to answer your questions and to provide a rational explanation for his position on the Obama eligibility issue is outrageous and unacceptable.

    He serves on the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, along with Chairman Darrell Issa (CA-49) and my congressman Rep. Brian Bilbray (CA-50). How would these congressman feel about an official witness in one of their hearings who steadfastly refused to provide substantive answers to the questions being asked? Wouldn’t they be furious?

    You bet they would! Perhaps the recalcitrant witness would even be charged with contempt of congress. Perhaps Rep. Flake should be charged with “Contempt of the Constitution”, as well as “Contempt of the People”.

    I see from his bio that he is member of the Mormon Faith. I wonder if he is as dismissive of his religious obligations as he is contemptuous of his oath of office to support and defend the Constitution of the United States, and his responsibility to properly represent the people of his district.

    This behavior is arrogant, insulting, and contemptuous of the citizens he represents.

    Congressmen Flake and Bilbray should be sanctioned for their shameful dereliction of duty, and are to be pitied for their cowardice. They do not deserve the positions of high trust to which they have been elected by the people.

  19. Reading that made me even more angry at the worthless Congressional slugs. Flake is frrom Arizona, which makes his refusal to look at or for the truth about Obama’s ineligibility even worse.

    He must have been threatened in some way, or he believes Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals have been played so well by the Obots that he will lose the election is he discusses the subject…at all.

    He is a coward and has disregarded his oath to the Constitution. He is also an example of how things will change in Congress if and when the Republicans take over…it won’t.

  20. kenneth– do not give up. that is what congress and the media and obama hope we do. we need to continue to put pressure on this congress. we cannot rely on the next congress either. anyway they wont be there until january 2010. a lot of time to waste. we need to flood them with letters phone calls and e- mails 24 hours a day. then we need to assemble in large masses and march on them with a physical presence and stay there until they do their job.

  21. Jeff Flake is tragically typical of the ostrich-politicians who seem intellectually incapable of seriously engaging the legitimate questions of their constituents. It’s just head in the sand, head in the sand, head in the sand. Ugh.

    But it’s hard to believe anyone smart enough to get a driver’s license is as dense as these politicians seem to be. They are either incredibly stupid or cowardly or treasonous themselves. Maybe all three. Sweep out the trash and the flakes on Nov. 2. Shame on Arizona Republicans for giving us John McPain and Jeff Flake, who are truly two of a kind.

  22. Wow – Congressman Flake is certainly appropriately named!! Like most of the rest of the Oligarchy he feels he is “above” us little people.

    Got news for you Flake!!! The Concerned Citizen you tried to shut up is completely correct. Get this ***** out of MY White House!

  23. I have given up on contacting Federal congress on this issue.
    We will not get any action from anyone of them, waste of time.
    Hope after election there is a different attitude in congress but doubt it as many of the traitors will be reelected.
    The only hope left is third party or revolution period.
    If the congress and courts will not uphold the constitution then all need to be replaced by ANY MEANS NEEDED TO RIGHT THIS WRONG!
    The old saying ballot or bullet is going to be in play before this is over and they have a choice to which we will use. Status quo will not stand!

    1. Third party is the kiss of death. It just serves to water down the conservative vote. I say “revolution”. All it would take is for another rally like the 8/28 rally….except this time, all those hundreds of thousands of people would storm the Congress and WH, haul Imam Obama (and whoever else was standing nearby) out of the Oval Office and demand a trial. Strength in numbers.