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Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) was formerly a CEO of an electronics company and is reportedly the "richest" member of Congress

Dear Editor:  The following letter was sent to Congressman Darrell Issa of California’s 49th District:

September 4, 2010

Honorable Darrell Issa

Dear Mr. Issa,

This is not a form letter. It is specifically for you — from a resident of Duncan Hunter’s district.

John F. Kennedy said, “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

In 1946, Congress made peaceful revolution impossible. Congress lied to the American People. In doing so, the People’s primary weapon against government corruption, mismanagement, and tyranny (such as we are enduring right now) was stolen from us. When the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure called runaway Grand Juries ‘obsolete’, the Constitution was altered without technically changing it. The Congress just lied. And ever since then, the third branch of government, members of the Judiciary, has refused to accept and, more importantly, to take action on any Grand Jury Presentments.

Please refer to this online url for an expanded description of the problem: http://americangrandjury.org/history_power.html

Unless you live in a cocoon, you are aware of the turmoil surrounding the President’s eligibility, the fact that his father and he are British and thus, ineligible, the numerous lawsuits, and the nearly equally numerous dismissals by the courts. The citizens of this country have the necessary standing and have been sufficiently harmed by this President’s socialist policies to bring suit in any court in the land. obama has been found guilty of Treason a number of times but each indictment is simply ignored by the courts. Each time it happens, it is a violation of the U.S. Constitution. This is a request for your help.

You have stated that you intend to conduct investigations following the mid-term elections. You, as a member on the Committee on the Judiciary, can only do so much. However, if I could convince you to focus on investigating and correcting the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure to restore We The People’s fifth Amendment right to present grievances in the form of Grand Jury Presentments to prosecutors AND HAVE ACTION TAKEN ON THEM, you could exponentially multiply the number of people backing you up as well as performing their own corruption probes.

We The People want for our Congressmen to succeed. What better way of helping you and your fellow Congress Members do your jobs than having citizens from every state actively assisting you in succeeding? What better way could you find to make our form of representative government truly represent citizens than to allow them to effectively assist their fellow citizens in making this a better country?

As a retiree and an active Tea Party member, I can tell you that things need to get turned around real soon. In online forums, I see rumblings about peacefully and non-violently shutting down the government. Neither I nor you can make any guarantee that such a movement will remain peaceful or for how long. So I beg of you: Act Soon!! Help return our rights to us!

Thank you,
Michael Menke

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  1. i have also mailed letter to my local senator asking about are consititutional rights however i found out quickly that the senator lacks courage, his blindfold and ear muffs went on quickly..and i bet he lined up behind all the other senators..

  2. Giving the people back their power is unconscionable to the government especially the robed wonders. They have finally got the people under control and you would ask them to hand it back? Hah! Fat chance even Issa will answer that straight. The moment these men put a tie on and boast any title they behave as lords over their little piece of the public pie. Their entire lifes ambition is money and the power it will buy. Ask any kid headded to college why he/ she is going. The answer is never to learn but to be able to earn. Success has been defined in terms of cash not furthering the investment our founders made. That liberty tree has been pruned and hacked to near death. The PTB are eyeballing it for cord wood.

  3. There are many good men and women that will support the constitution.
    Problem is none are in office.
    The constitution will be extinct if we do not do something about the judges we have in office. Elect anyone we want nothing will change while the judges are ruling against the constitution instead of upholding it.
    All politicians of both parties are talking the talk about upholding the constitution but will not walk the walk. This is evident by the fact very few judges have ever been impeached (only one that i remember in my lifetime and I am 67 years old. If congress keeps refusing to honor (sorry word honor should not be used in same sentence as congress) then we the people will be forced to take action ourselves even if we have to use second amendment rights. As far as following the law they are not following it, illegal immigrants are exempt so why should we keep being lawabiding while the constitution is ripped to shreds???????

    1. You are absolutely correct. I am 51 and see the course as plain as day. I also know you can go down in age to men in their thirties and find the same. I only find a few younger who actually know anything about history, politics or can even tell you what the constitution is for. About half are really concerned enough to have begun to prepare for the worst. The other half think everything will work out and just go on as if nothing can happen. I wonder if that is how the Germans behaved before they got snookered or the Russians or the Chinese or the Cubans?

  4. The enactment in 1946 of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure has greatly decreased the power of federal grand juries. While widely thought of as a gift to defense attorneys at the time, the codification of grand jury practice into Rule 6 of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure has largely confined the grand jury to its present state of impotence and has done little to protect defendants from the modern “runaway” federal government.

    Present federal grand jury practice, which forbids grand jurors from issuing presentments without consent of a federal prosecutor, is unconstitutional and violative of the historical principles on which the creation of the grand jury was premised.


    For God and Country

  5. Not sure there are any good conservative men left standing in the halls of congress. They all seem afraid to defend the constitution these days. The fact that Congressman Issa needs a letter to remind him of his constitutional responsibilities towards this nation confirms the awful truth of the question posed, “are there and good men left?” This is evidenced by the fact that the bootstraps that forged this nation have all become cumber buns. Those conservative men already in elected positions are far too silent these days!
    The women seem to be carrying the load of the Constitution, while the men sit and wait!