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by Neil Turner

Glenn Beck's "Restoring Honor" rally took place on August 28, 2010 in Washington, DC. Attendance figures range from 87,000 to 500,000.

(Sept. 6, 2010) — Something was missing at the Glenn Beck “Restoring Honor” rally at the Lincoln Memorial on 28 August, 2010.  What was it?

The honoring of Lt. Col. Terry Lakin, who is pledging his life and his sacred honor to restore the honor of our God-ordained Constitution.

Beck pointed out most succinctly that our Constitution was:

1.    God-ordained and Bible-based;

2.    Our military have fought for hundreds of years to Honor that document – the Supreme Law of the Land.

Sarah Palin pointed out most succinctly the role of our military in upholding and defending that Constitution that we all are counting on to restore our freedoms;

Hundreds of pastors, rabbis, and religious leaders pointed out most succinctly that we must all turn to God to restore the honor of that God-ordained document – the Constitution of the United States.

Again, what was missing?

Not one of these “Restoring Honor” leaders was willing to honor the patriotic efforts of Lt. Col Terry Lakin, who has honored his oath to the Constitution – to not obey any illegal orders by a known-by-all to be an illegal Commander-in-Chief – until he (Obama) either proves his eligibility, or removes himself from the chain of command from which emanates any and all orders to our honorable military.  (NOTE: Since Lt. Col. Lakin is the defendant in this case, not the plaintiff as in all previous questions of eligibility, it is up to the “prosecution” to prove that the orders he is accused of disobeying are in fact “lawful” [i.e., from a lawful Commander in Chief]).  If the “prosecution” (the CINC) cannot prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Obama is the legal and lawful CINC, then Lt. Col. Lakin must be found ‘Not Guilty’, and the illegal CINC must be removed.

This week, Sept. 9-12, Dr. Kate Vandemoer has organized a “Usurpathon” campaign, which involves a trip to Washington, D.C. with other patriots to deliver a letter to Congress demanding that the eligibility question be resolved.  You can read all about it in this Post & Email interview here.

On the first day, Monday, September 6, Dr. James David Manning will be joining them at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial (that Mr. Beck spoke so eloquently about) to bless the campaign, and to bring some of his own ideas on what must be done to restore the Honor to our Military and the Constitution.  You can hear them in advance here. (Restoring Honor To Terry Lakin)

On Tuesday, September 7, they will begin at 11:30 a.m. at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center to rally in support of Lt. Col. Terry Lakin, who is doing so much work to restore honor to our Constitution.

In conclusion, we can only hope (and give the benefit of the doubt) that Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin and those hundreds of clergy-members will soon honor their commitments to Restoring Honor to our Military, our Constitution, and our Sovereign Nation – and that they are simply waiting for the right moment to demand proof of eligibility of the Usurper of the Office of President and Commander-in-Chief of our honorable Military.

Your prayers – and proactive demands – will help ensure the restoration of that honor.

I will say it as succinctly as I can. That moment is NOW!

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  1. Beck may have noticed how long it took for The Regime to remove Lou Dobbs. Does he have skeletons in his closets, a recovering alcoholic? We know from Percy Sutton, who was proud of the fact, that Alwaleed bin Talal, the largest shareholder of News Corp, whiich owns Fox, funded Barack beginning with his Occidental days. Panther founder, Don Warden/Kalid al Mansour, has been bin Talal’s Wahhabi recruiter for thirty five years, and boasts that he ‘met’ Obama while Barry was at Occidental. Could they bankrupt Beck and ruin his future as a broadcaster?

    Beck (though I haven’t seen many of his shows) features founders and framers as our history opens up to him, but avoids John Marshall, John Jay, Dr. Ramsay, Joseph Story, James Kent, James Wilson. That can’t be an accident. He avoids our first law school, created by Jefferson from divinity curriculum at Wiliam and Mary. He avoids mention of ‘natural law’, probably knowing that the nation’s most popular source for natural law was Vattel’s Law of Nations.

    What could a U.S. Attorney like the slimeball Fitzgerald who lied throughout the prosecution of Scooter Libby, knowing Libby was innocent because the ‘leaker’, Richard Armitage, Bush enemy and assistant to Colin Powell, confessed, do to Beck? Fitz manufactured a crime which cost Libby millions, and would have put him in prison, but for the commutation of his sentence by a disappointing G.W.Bush (who should have pardoned him). Would Obama’s people use thuggery on Beck? You bet. And the prosecution would proceed until Obama is out of office or longer, and until Beck is bankrupt from the legal fees while our taxes are used to fund prosecutors’ lavish lifestyles.

    Obama is a confidence man whose backers understand the persuasion of power. Politics is big business. Until we overcome the ignorance of the populace (the legislature, judiciary and military all know) Alinsky’s fifth rule – “ridicule is man’s most potent weapon” – will prevail. But our supreme court history and the written recored will remain. We will either relegate the Constitution an historical artifact, or dismantle every contract signed by the usurper, and perhaps prosecute the many involved in the conspiracy to cover his ineligibility.

    Courts Martial Defense for LTC Terrence Lakin.
    We find foundational flaws in Col. Lind’s decision,
    which Lakin’s defense team must seize upon in order to
    alter the current course of this trial.

    Researched and Prepared By:
    J.B. Williams and Timothy Harrington
    The United States Patriots Union, LLC

    Researched and Reviewed By:
    The United States Bar Association

    — OR HERE —

  3. Go to the bottom of the page on Glenn’s new website http://www.theblaze.com/ and look for the “Have a Tip” link.
    Everybody needs to bombard him with the Natural Born Citizen issue! I sent him a dozen seperate “tips” and links to various websites (i.e. Post & E-Mail, Mario Appuzo, Lt. Col. Lakin, etc.) and they removed the “Tip” link for a while! Now it’s back so let’s let him have it again!

    For God and Country

    1. Excellent idea! I went there and left a “tip”. Put the address in your favorites and go there several times a day. Send him eligibility related information several times a day….it’s actually fun.

  4. Yup! On this issue, Beck, an otherwise great American, has clearly displayed a level of hypocrisy I could never have imagined. Though a vociferous and tenacious proponent of our founders’ honor and principles, he is simply not walking the walk. The enormity of this flaw cannot and should not be easily ignored or otherwise dismissed. At some point, he and his ilk will be called on this, and their explanation best be a good one, failing which his respectability and credibility among his fans will surely plummet. Can’t imagine how one’s fear of reprisal from antagonists or possible embarrassment alone could so easily persuade Beck and his compatriot talking heads to remain silent on such a seminal issue, but that is clearly the case. For sure, Glenn’s not the knight in shining armor so many of us would like him to be. Despite his real contributions, he’s been a shattering disappointment to those of us who properly expected more of him–like personal honor and courage.

  5. Ya, God forbid someone might call you a “birther!” Oh, the shame! Beck and the others have restored no honor to anyone or anything as long as they remain silent while Lakin is being denied his constitutional right to defend himself against his accusers.

    Enter the name Lakin into Foxnews.com’s search window and you get nada, nothing, zilch since April. It is a disgrace indeed. Is this communist Russia?

  6. Neil, Glenn Beck sometimes does a wonderful job of explaining the Constitution, but he fails miserably when it comes to Article II, Section I. In an interview with his old friend KHOW’s Peter Boyles, he made it clear that he is not a “birther” and that this particular section doesn’t interest him. I think the Usurper’s cronies have gotten to him, and he, like Rush Limbaugh, is scared for his life and/or his family members’ lives. For more on how the mainstream talk show hosts avoid the honorable Terry Lakin—the greatest American patriot standing up for the Constitution today—check out my http://einhornpress.com/ObamasBirth.aspx page, which will explain in more detail what I am saying. You’ll also find pictorial links to both Dr. Manning’s videos and certain articles in The Post & Email at the bottom of almost every page on both my http://einhornpress.com/ and http://ancientskyscraper.com/ sites. It’s the least I can do for Lt. Col. Lakin, a brave man who few in America can equal.

  7. Can you imagine the size of the crowd if birthers were welcomed? I think these people are foolish for not embracing such numbers. I think we should push the dual citizenship issue. That has already been admitted by Obama. It is something they can no longer deny. The BC is just part of it and gets us shut down.

  8. yes, it is sad, that a prominent voice in America cannot, will not, or chose not to cover the main issue facing our Republic, a legitimate president.

    I haven’t watched FOX for almost a year because of their blatant refusal to cover the topic of barry soetero as putative president. It is worthless time spent to hear periphery issues rather than the main issue. The main thing,
    is to keep the main thing, the MAIN thing. In essence, if barry soetero (liar-in-chief) cannot substantiate his claim to office what do you have?

    A fraudulent occupation of the highest office of political power in the world. It is coming very soon that the exposure of fraud in election, in occupation, in appointments, in executive orders, in deployments (this is huge in itself), in laws signed, all will be nullified and by law the czars will be fired, the judges appointed will be nullified, the bills past expiated from the record, the actual numerical sequence of 44th President will revert to this number since it never took place, the executive orders will be erased (he never was THE executive to sign the orders, barry soetero will be banished from record of the office of POTUS. However, his record of deceit, shame, fraud, and continuous lies will be remembered for ever. The complicit CONgress, staff, election committees, agencies (CIA, NSA, FBI, etc.) and the rest of the alphabet group of covert operations we get little info about will be charged with misprison of felony. By whom will these levels of power structure be indicted? It will unfold shortly. More than barry’s puppet masters at work can fulfill the needed action to return the country to sound Constitutional values. His tele-prompting days are near the end. The truth is coming out in buckets. Once dumped out for the world to see, it’s clear, the man is a fake from the start. His words are lies. The premise of his script is soooo out of tune with the backbone of this country it’s pathetic. A loser. A liar. An impostor. His arrest his imminent.

  9. Whoever is running the tea parties won’t allow the question either, If someone shows up with (that question) on a sign, they’re apprehended or ushered into a free speech zone away from the crowd.

    1. I went to a tea party in my State and carried (and passed around extra) signs about Obama’s ineligibility (non-nbC) and no one stopped or harassed me. This rally was at the State Capitol and was very roughly about a thousand people. It also was very grass roots and was a little over a year ago. Maybe the GOP has co-opted the more recent and bigger rallies?

  10. I listen and watch FOX News just about exclusively, and it’s funny that I seem to hear more about the eligibility issue coming from the other left wing stations than I do from FOX! Seems like FOX has put extra effort into NOT reporting anything than those stations that think we’re just whacko! So much for “fair and balanced”. If you were to listen/watch FOX you would never know than was an eligibility problem.

    For God and Country

    1. Yep, the Fox talking heads have been silenced on the eligibility issue unless it is to mock or ridicule the birthers, of which I am proudly one.

      I seldom watch Fox anymore…..seems like a waste of time.

  11. “handle” now changing from Bob to “Bob1939”, for future clarification. Back to the story at hand… there sure is something missing, and in particular the honoring of Lt. Col. Terry Lakin, MD, as well as many other such Patriots, but, something else that is NOT missing is the unbelievable, blatant arrogance-ignorance of 100% of all Democrats, and 49.9 % of all other incumbent politicians. Just where are their brains??? This is worse than Nero playing the fiddle while Rome was burning; here we have a proof positive of a known usurper to the POTUS, who is a play acting, make believe, born in Kenya fool, who is literally acting for-and-on-behalf-of the worst terrorist-enemies of our Country, that one could imagine. This play-actor is flying around on Air Force One like it is his personally owned private jet, going to parties, non-stop holidays, golfing, raising illegal funds, supporting ACORN, Unions, Mosques, having fun while intentionally, and purposefully destroying the Once Greatest, God Revering Nation in World history – and ALL WHILE USING OUR HARD EARNED TAX DOLLARS. You think Hitler was bad, look at the destruction this guy has already done, never mind what else he has set in place for our future. WAKE UP AMERICA or DESERVE YOUR UGLY FATE. Here Lucas Smith has extremely credible evidence, and the SCOTUS is “avoiding this topic” to quote one of these so-called judges ???. The press is likewise more than worthless, including the once great Fox News, who today features stories on Pelicans moved to AZ, rumors of possible Royal wedding and pedophiles in California on Halloween, INSTEAD of what’s really happening in America due to usurpation of our rights, play-acting, make-believe potus, the real Kenya BC which is now out there “thanks to Lucas Smith, and all the Big Breaking News seen every day on The Post Email, available to everyone, even including the laziest of MSM reporters? I just cannot believe what I’m seeing folks, and that which we continue to tolerate. Is our Military saying that they have no fight, or moral fortitude left in them for their own Country??? especially seeing as how the vote of all our over-seas Active Duty Service-people is coming back too late or not at all ??? It does not take a very intelligent person to see where this is going if we continue to let our Country to be RULED by a pathological- lying, foreigner, with VERY evil intentions in mind.

  12. Dr. Kate is a real patriot I wish her great success. She is really showing America what the beginning of the resistance is and must be based on and that it is now time that it must be taken to a new level and launched underway and she is brave and bold enough to lead it. On the other hand, it was my sentiment exactly about Beck-alot of hot air-and a gigantic wasted opportunity. He feasts on his fame-like an addict, while he steadfastly refuses to discuss and fails to venture into any issues which he believes may interupt or threaten his income stream. Beck is a complete sellout and a waste of time. Hey Glenn-its the Constitution Stupid! Oh and by the way-Born a Brit-Not Legit!

  13. Beck can’t honor Lakin because to do so would be to acknowledge the eligibility issue that he made clear months ago doesn’t exist (in his world). Besides, it was about the same time that he made Oilbama’s eligibility clear (in his world) that Beck made it clear that Lakin, because he’s a birther, is an extreme-rightwing loon existing at the fringes along with the rest of us birthers, here in this margin, toes hanging over the edge, so far to the right that we’ve circled back and are now melding with radical, extreme leftists who moved so far left that they circled back to meet us. Beck doesn’t honor loony birthers, not even Lakin.

    The rest of them, including Palin, know that to question Oilbama’s ineligibility equals career suicide followed by assassination of character by the lamestream media. Oilbama’s eligibility to serve as POTUS is one thing that no one should ever “question with boldness.”