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by Ron Ewart, ©2010

How do we fight "Hurricane Obama"?

(Sept. 2, 2010) — As Hurricane Earl positions itself to crash into the East Coast of America, once again we are faced with the awesome power of a hurricane.  This new hurricane comes on the heels of the 5th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina that flooded 80% of New Orleans and killed over 1,800 people.

Atlantic hurricanes, like Earl and Katrina, are formed off of the northwest coast of Africa in atmospheric depressions and are driven by the tropical westerlies towards Central and North America.  The engine for the hurricanes is the heat of the ocean, which rises upward quickly in the newly-forming tropical depression.  As the heat rises ever faster within the center of the hurricane, it creates massive friction between water and air molecules in the up and down currents within the hurricane.  Winds rotate counter clockwise around low pressure areas, tropical depressions and hurricanes.  The heat and friction increases the counter clockwise rotation until winds as high as 180 miles an hour can occur in the eye wall of the hurricane.  These hurricanes contain massive amounts of water vapor and can drop 10 to 20 inches of rain in a 24-hour period with ease.  The damage to property and lives occurs from high wind speeds and wide-spread flooding.  People are wise to flee its wrath.

Hurricanes are created by large differences in atmospheric pressure and the heat of the ocean.  The lower the pressure and the higher the heat, the stronger the hurricane.  Similar conditions can occur in governments in their relation with the people they govern.  If they apply too much pressure on the people with rigid enforcement of ever-tightening laws, regulations and restrictions, the heat rises and fuels unrest, discontent, frustration and anger within the general population.  The greater the pressure, the higher the heat.  If the government favors one segment of the population and penalizes another, resentment grows between the two segments.  With the resentment comes growing friction between the different factions.   With growing friction comes vitriolic exchanges.  Vitriolic exchanges can rise to the level of violence.

A different kind of hurricane, that has the potential of destroying America, along with its freedom, liberty and sovereignty, has been brewing in the halls of government and the seats of national and international financial power for at least the last 100 years, while the general population seemed oblivious to the ever-growing storm clouds on the horizon.  President Wilson and some very influential bankers and industrialists began the seeds of this political hurricane with the formation of the Federal Reserve and the implementation of the Internal Revenue Service.  It was all about who controlled the currency and the increasing power to tax in order to fund unconstitutional legislation for the sole purpose of buying votes.

Wilson believed that the U. S. Constitution was deeply flawed and saw a vision of a one-world where America would be merged into that world through a world government body that he helped to form ….. the League of Nations.   The League of Nations failed miserably.  Wilson was a tyrant by any definition and had people thrown in jail for daring to speak out against World War I ….. a war that Wilson campaigned against before his election and within one month after his inauguration, threw America headlong into that war.

Wilson began the long, slow march away from the founding principles of America and initiated a steadily growing political hurricane that would eventually erupt into a nation-destroying monster in the year of our Lord 2008 when Barack Hussein Obama ascended to the throne of the White House, in the eye of the hurricane, Washington DC.

But Wilson wasn’t the only culprit in adding fuel and energy to the political hurricane.  FDR did more to pull the pins out from under the foundation of liberty than virtually any President before him.  He issued over 3,600 executive orders during his three terms as President.  The average for all previous presidents was 300 to 500 executive orders per term and many Presidents issued executive orders well below 300.   He convinced a desperate population that he was their savior and that whatever he did, constitutional or not, was for the good of the people.  He increased the power of the executive branch of government well beyond the vision of the Founding Fathers.  He turned the Separation of Powers Doctrine on its head.  He bullied the legislature and the judiciary and even threatened to pack the U. S. Supreme Court to 13 members.  The winds circling the eye of the political hurricane began to gain real speed under the extended reign of FDR.

Things quieted down for awhile until Lyndon Baines Johnson assumed command of America, after the unexpected assassination of John F. Kennedy.  Johnson started to lower the pressure and increase the heat of our political hurricane with the implementation of the Great Society, in which he employed the ever-failed philosophy of Karl Marx by “taking from those with the greatest capability and transferring it to those with the greatest need” ….. socialism by any other name.  Johnson was favoring the non-producing segment of society, at the expense of the producing segment.  The friction and heat mounted and once again, wind speeds in the eye of the political hurricane began to pick up more speed.

Then another fast-talking, glib con man, William “I did not have sex with that woman” Clinton, took over the seat of power from a previous president who made a promise about “read my lips, no new taxes” and then promptly broke his promise.  Clinton, a consummate progressive, turned over the formation of a national health care initiative to his wife Hillary “There is a vast Right Wing Conspiracy” Clinton.  In secret, behind closed doors, she and her willing accomplices set about to craft a national health care plan that so infuriated the general population, the Republicans, in a political sweep, took over the U. S. House and the Senate in 1994.  “Bill” saw the error of his ways and moved back to the center, which gained him a 2nd term.  The winds in the eye wall of our political hurricane continued to increase.

Then, against almost insurmountable odds, Barack Hussein Obama beat out the Clintons and conned enough of the naive electorate with the largest load of bull and no-substance generalities since the beginning of our fledgling Republic, to putatively win the Presidency in 2008 with un-definable HOPE and CHANGE.  Many of us knew who this man was, knew who his associates were, knew what his agenda was and knew exactly what he was going to do once he took office.  We were not surprised when he embarked on the nationalization of American banks and industry and set about to destroy American capitalism.  We were not surprised when he came down soft on illegal immigration (more votes).  We were not surprised with his radical environmental man-caused global warming and cap and trade initiatives.  We were not surprised that he moved rapidly to increase executive power, in the true spirit of FDR.  We were not surprised when allegations of racism against conservatives escalated throughout the land, allegations fomented by the left.  We were not surprised that he criticized America when in foreign lands, because his criticism reflected what he really thought and believed about America.

Oh, he had willing accomplices all right.  Most of the press was in his camp.  The House and the Senate had sufficient majorities to move the “Messiah’s” agenda along.  And move they did, in spite of overwhelming opposition by a significant majority of the American people to that agenda.

But as he increased the pressure on the American people, the heat began to rise in our political hurricane.  Resentment grew between the segments of society Obama was rewarding and those who get to pay the bill through increasing taxes.  Anger at the out-of-control spending that Obama and his minions were inflicting on the American economy, sent waves of fear through the populace.  The cry, “we  will never be able to pay the debt” ripples across America.  Frustration with rising taxes and thus increasing prices, raised that anger even more.    They were and are furious over special treatment being granted to illegal aliens.  Special treatment paid for on the backs of hard-working, producing and legal Americans.

Freedom groups were forming in every corner of the country.  Radio talk show hosts were elevating freedom warnings to severe.  A well-known talk show host held a peaceful rally in Washington DC to restore our honor and our spirituality, where over half a million people descended on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and the Capitol Mall to hear the voices of faith, hope and charity, along with the call for the return to honor, integrity and honesty.  This was an unprecedented event and reflected the true character of the American people, who were becoming fed up with the  Obama putative presidency and his socialist agenda.

The left shuddered at the realization that patriot America was being re-born again and they lashed out in fear with attacks of hate, racism, bigotry and even insanity.  The talk show host was out of his mind of course and out of touch with reality.  More on the left told their audiences that conservatives and Republicans hated blacks and Latinos.  Race warfare has become the strategy of the left to pit one class of Americans against another class.  The strategy of divide and conquer.

The eye-wall winds of our political hurricane started reaching Category 5 conditions and continue to increase every day Obama is in office and the Democrats hold majorities in the Congress.  As in 1994, a mid-term Republican sweep is a high probability.

The power of this ever-growing political hurricane has the energy to either restore America or destroy her.  American patriots can either peacefully win back the hearts and minds of those who have lost their way into the abyss of socialism, or vote out of office those who led us into that abyss, or take up arms and restore America through violent means.  The choice we make on how to channel the energy and forces of this political hurricane that threatens to unleash her massive power on our nation, will determine the fate of America and whether freedom, liberty and sovereignty can long endure.


Ron Ewart is the President of the National Association of Rural Landowners.

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