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by Lance DeVries

Dr. Sigmund Freud, a neurologist and psychiatrist, wrote one paper on the subject of "narcissism," a topic to which Wikipedia directly links from the term "entitlement"

(Sept. 2, 2010) — I’ll be the first to admit that I would never have voted for Obama in a million years, but not for any other reason than his ideology. Anybody who has an ounce of honesty in his blood can’t deny he’s a big government type of guy, but now that he’s been elected, that’s not what really disturbs me. What has me disturbed is his lack of honesty….that’s right, he’s a liar! Let’s not even talk about the comment made by Joe Wilson during the State of the Union address regarding health care, which, by the way, turned out to be quite accurate! Let’s just talk about some of his campaign promises!

We all understand that most campaign promises are really just a “wish-list” because passing legislation depends on Congress. Nobody will condemn Obama for not fulfilling those promises that require the consent of Congress, like closing down Guantanamo Bay, etc., but let’s just talk about the things that were in his complete control, like promising to post all legislation on the Internet so that We the People can read it first.  He didn’t. He promised we could watch the health care debate on C-SPAN, and it didn’t happen. He promised that he wouldn’t hire any lobbyists, and he did! He was going to reduce earmarks; he didn’t, and he promised that my taxes (I make less than $250,000 a year) wouldn’t go up one thin dime, and they have! So where’s his honesty? If he can’t even fulfill the simple promises that were completely within his control, then how can we believe anything?

I don’t think We the People have any real faith in the honesty of our politicians whether they’re Republicans or Democrats. We basically vote for the party or person which most resembles our own political views and hope for the best. But to hold the office of President mandates nothing less than virtue. I once read “In a nation of limited government, religion is the greatest source of the virtue and moral character required for self-rule,” but where does Obama’s virtue lie? We all know about his 20 years with Reverend Wright, or his cancellation of the National Day of Prayer. Or how about the removal of, or covering-up of any religious reference to God when he spoke at Georgetown University? Some think he’s a Muslim, some think he’s Christian, but the bottom line is nobody knows anything for sure except that he would rather play golf on Sundays instead of going to church! Mr. Obama has no center; he’s an empty man focused on his own existence because he doesn’t know where he’s going, morally or spiritually, which leads me to my final thoughts, which I’m sure will raise some ire:

First of all, I ain’t just some white-racist-cracker. I was born and raised in northern New Jersey in an ethnically-diverse neighborhood during the 50s, 60s and 70s. I went through the race riots of the 60s. I’m second generation Italian and fully understand what a prejudice is. I’ve been called “wop,” “guinea,” “dago,” “greaseball” and much more.  Being a Vietnam-era veteran, I’ve been labeled a “baby-killer” as well, so don’t be pulling the phony race card on me!

So……this is where I’m headed and this is without a doubt the biggest disappointment I have in Obama, as should many others:  Mr. Obama, as our first black (putative) president, is in the perfect position to fulfill the “Dream.” Instead of showing us all how many vacations he can take, how many rounds of golf he can play, and instead of Michelle showing up at a food bank in $600 designer sneakers, how about putting on that leadership hat and preaching a little personal responsibility to those who are living off of entitlements? How about encouraging kids to stay in school so that they can find a good job with a good wage, or if they fathered a child, how about sticking around to be a parent to that child and get a job to support that new-found family rather than walking away, only to impregnate some other young girl. Obama should be using his bully pulpit. He should be beating THAT drum day and night. Why is it that blacks seem to be the only ethnic group unable to pick themselves up and out of poverty? I’ve known immigrants who came to this country not even able to speak English who have become very self-sufficient citizens.  Some even became small business owners. They didn’t look for a handout, only a hand up, and they found the Dream! So in my humble opinion, Obama will be a failure not only as a leader to our country, but to the people who need his guidance and help the most. But then again, most of us understand what it’s all about! It’s not about changing people’s lives or building a person’s character, self-confidence and esteem; it’s about votes! As long as he dangles that entitlement carrot in front of their nose, they’ll blindly follow it right to the ballot box and into the corners of hell! When there are more people receiving entitlements than there are funding them, he will have killed the goose that lays the golden egg! He will have killed America!

So there it is, the Truth! If it hurts, too bad. Face it; we’ve elected the Nowhere Man! He doesn’t know where he’s going, where he’s headed, or even how to get there! He can’t lead his people to the Promised Land because he has never lived there himself. He’s a charlatan, a phony. He just might be one of those minorities living off the entitlements paid for by those of us who pay the bills!

And as far as the birth certificate goes…………..forget it! In God’s eyes this man has yet to be born.

For God and Country

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  1. There is an incredible deep Anger and great feelings of hopelessness about millions of Americans…How could the Phony get in the White House? And how can we get Him out NOW, not in 2012? From a Biblical stand point I have always believed he is the man of Lawlessness that is talked about in the Bible…He will bring great destruction to America and the world…He is the Anti-Christ! Mark my words and watch him closely.
    He pretended to be a Christian so he could get in the White House and now that he is there, he only has real relations with the Muslim world. He is clearly against Israel and America…There will be an attempt on His life…most will think he is dead but he will come back to life only to do greater harm to us all. Read the New Testament and you will see the truth.
    As a Muslim you can LIE as long as it advances the Muslim agenda. Obama’s Father is the Father of Lies…the Devil Himself! All who lie are of the EVIL ONE! The Devil’s Son is in the White House!

  2. Certainly Lance DeVries is right that Obama is a charlatan and a phony, but I fear the imposter does have a center: the radical leftist/socialist/communist agenda that aims for a world in which national sovereignty is replaced by supra-national totalitarian government controlled by an all-powerful elite. He is all too purposeful in his service to that elite.

    As to the Wizard of Ozbama’s birth certificate, if the genuine article is not in Kenya, then the logical conclusion would be that Soetero/Obama is TWETAP: The Worst Extra-Terrestrial American President. No wonder the poor alien can’t produce what almost every other person on the planet can.

  3. It’s on! Citizen Wells just called Glenn “just love each other” Beck out on his website. CW double dog dared LoveMuffinGlenn to look into obama’s eligibility.

    1. Not a chance Beck will do anything…OK, maybe he will point at the online COLB and the two newspaper birth reports and say, “see, it’s over, Obama is a natural born citizen”.

      Either Beck has been threatened, or he is one of the most gullible human beings on earth.

      1. I would say, Glenn has chosen his battles. I know, maybe not in all details, but he knows that the guy is not eligible. Yet, because Murdoch has said “not this battle”, he skips it. His battle is to fortify and encourage others to take on the eligibility issue and other battles.

        But remember how far we’ve gotten in 18 months: from where Obama is a demi-god worth the Nobel Prize for just being, to the point where he is toxic to his own party.

        We need to keep at it. Again and again.

        I think O’Reilly “saw the light” Saturday. Watch his rhetoric harden in the next few weeks. After the elections, the tune will change. Many will be more comfortable to speak. Look for the opportunists and the turncoats to take on the issue.

        Remember what just 6 months ago tea partiers were called in public. Who would dare doing it now? Soon, it will be the turn of the Birthers to be given respect, because we have the truth on our side.

      2. I believe Beck is building a foundation to bring out the truth. All of this will have to be brought before the House and Senate in impeachment. The People elected Obama the People will have to remove him. AND
        Yes, OBAMA LIES like a fourth grader that forgot his homework, bold faced to the teacher and in front of his giggling friends.