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by 1Dragon, blogging at Socialism is not the Answer

(Aug. 31, 2010) — You know, if Mr. Obama was as smart as he thinks he is, he would understand that the People question who he is and what he is because of what he is hiding. No President in history has ever sealed all of the files pertaining to his past.

Your religion has been in the news before and it continues today and with good reason. Your grandfather was a Muslim, your father was a Muslim, your stepfather was Muslim and you were registered a Muslim when you went to school in Indonesia. You went on your trip through the Middle East apologizing for America being a success. You have repeatedly tried to rewrite history by telling America that Muslims played a part in America’s past. As I have stated before, I don’t remember any Muslims traveling with Columbus, coming over on the Mayflower or signing the Constitution.

Now if this were the early 1940′s and your last name was Shultz or Yamato, even more people would question you.

I’m sure that all Muslims are not terrorists, but when the World Trade Center was destroyed, there was dancing in the streets throughout the Muslim world. This is one reason why people don’t like Muslims.

You might also understand that there in a difference between a long-form birth certificate and a COLB, and since the one you posted has been proven to be a fake, it’s understandable why people think you are a fake.

None of this is George Bush’s fault, but you would understand this too if you spent more time doing your job and not going on vacation all the time. Millions of Americans are out of work and you just finished your tenth vacation in less than two years. And what the hell is wrong with Camp David? You could go there and still play golf, shoot hoops and ride a bike.

But you are not as smart as you think you are, and the people are tired of your lies and of your spending money that we don’t have.

Of the People, by the People, and for the People:  remember that, Mr. Obama? Well, maybe you should, because you, Congress and the Senate work for us and this is our Country, this is America and God willing, the People will show you and your Marxist Administration come November. So you might want to stay in town that day and stay off the golf course.

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  1. TRUST? The Republicans in our state office are the nastiest, evilist group of greedy puppets i have ever witnessed. So. You still trust them? That’s where all the anger should be focused. Focus on the backstabbing, lying, money hungry rats in state office. They have spit on our constitutional rights more than once.

  2. Obama’s complaining about the Arizona law to the U.N. will make him as much of a laughing stock to the rest of the world as he is here. They already see him a weak leader. If he cannot control, lead, negotiate, defend or even be civil or fair to one little state in this nation trying to protect itself…….what does that make him in the eyes of real statesmen, who is now the opressor, and what do our global enemies think he will do if they attack this country? Will he merely tell on them to the U.N.?, the worthless, corrupt organization which has always been as incompetent and ineffective at protecting human rights? Yeah, that will scare them.

    1. Absolutely. What a bad move, another bad move, on Obama’s part. They all know he is a fake and to have him complain to them about us! How ironic. Obama just doesn’t get it. Just because Soros told him it was okay to be president doesn’t make it so.

  3. While obama struggles to claim he is a Christian, I wonder if anybody can provide the name of the last President, let alone any Christian, who bowed to some heathen saudi king?

    If islam is a peaceful religion and if not all muslims are terrorists, why are there none or so pitifully few muslims standing with those of other religions to stop sharia and the prophets’ stated goal of an islamic takeover (caliphate) of the world? It seems to me that islam is not much different than alcoholism: There are the alcoholics and then there are those who are the alcoholics’ enablers — those who enable alcoholics to continue to drink. Or blow up stuff, as the case may be.

  4. The truth of obama’s religion(islam)/politics(marxist)/mental state(compulsive liar-ego maniac)/citizenship (illegal alien) is simple and obvious. The truth will come out.

  5. ” but when the World Trade Center was destroyed, there was dancing in the streets throughout the Muslim world. This is one reason why people don’t like Muslims.”

    Rest assured that they do not like us either, for many reasons, most directly
    related to their religion and religeous beliefs expressed over many, many centuries.
    Since we were not here for most of those many centuries, their dislike, or more precisely their hatred is directed at all who do not agree with them.
    Totally racist and intolerant viewpoints, which the lefties amongst us do not
    seem to grasp, or pretend not to. Useless/useful idiots.

    1. Unfortunately we have legal voters that don’t think at all, and prefer to vote for the most popular candidate, hoping to pick a winner they can brag about having help elect.

      Sad to say, just the fact as is, most of those I work with are female and more interested in American Idol than
      American politics. I tried to warn them but the crazed Dems and useless media would have none of that.
      These voters were swooning over this criminal goon and the promise of free health care. Many have turned against him, his cronies and handlers, and hopefully many more will turn during the next several election cycles.

  6. This is great stuff:

    Dr. Manning about Obama wearing his BC on his forehead.

    He said, when You open that alleged vault with that alleged BC make sure You call Dr. Orly Taitz and Wiley Drake and Dr. Alan Keyes to witness it. Then I will wear Your BC on my forehead for a year, haha!