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by Miki Booth

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. gave his "I Have a Dream" speech on August 28, 1963 in Washington, DC

(Aug. 30, 2010) — When Barack Hussein Obama spoke from his “bully pulpit” and proclaimed that America was not a Christian nation, he stirred the ire of a country and provoked its citizens yet again with a lie so outrageous as to be beyond belief.

At the end of the “Restoring Honor” rally in Washington on Saturday, many attendees left a little disappointed that they werenʼt told, where do we go from here? What was accomplished? Whatʼs the next step? When reading all the newspaper accounts of the event, people were further disillusioned with the negative reporting of the liberal media.

To many, the event itself was its own reward, and their faith in a good and loving God strengthened or restored. However, mostly we were there to show solidarity of a citizenry outraged at the destructive practices of a tyrannical government.

The “sleeping giant” is still in a coma despite reports that the TEA party movement has become a force to be reckoned with. Obama and his communist czars are perplexed as well with this phenomenon of a rag-tag collection of modern- day revolutionaries instilled with the spirit of our countryʼs founders ready to bear arms to protect life, property and our very liberties.

The “sleeping giant” is being deliberately prodded on a daily basis with outrageous actions by Obama and his “puppet masters” to get the giant to snap and create chaos and crisis to implement police and military action. No doubt Obama “got out of Dodge” to the safety of Marthaʼs Vineyard to watch a potential playing out of the plan they so persistently lay out with provocations. All the elements were there: mass numbers of white racists on one side and black militant marchers led by a race-baiting preacher on the other. If that wasnʼt enough to start a crisis they could pounce upon, they stirred the pot by adding illegal alien pardons, back-door amnesty and reporting charges of human rights violations to the United Nations. And maybe for good measure allowing the Mexican government to put its soldiers on American soil to protect their illegal citizens from hate crimes in a New York borough.

Try as they might, nothing happened, and now their heads are spinning wondering what went wrong. They donʼt get it now and they never will. This isn’t about anger at a black president. This is about Americans with honor in their hearts and a fierce desire to live our lives as free people. Glenn Beck provided the time and place for Americans to reaffirm their relationship with God, strengthen family ties and do what is right for America, and that is to take our country back from an out-of-control government that never errs of the side of decency.

There will be a million stories that come out of the Restoring Honor event, and unfortunately the liberally-biased ones will be most prominent. Two days later I still havenʼt found one that tells the story I saw,  so Iʼm writing it myself. I watched the rally from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial looking at the back of the jumbo-trons and stage rigging along with thousands of others. From our vantage point we could see the crowd stretching all the way to the Washington Monument. Although unable to see or hear the program, we were happy to be there and share a spirit of patriotism for our country and pride of knowing we are carrying the baton of liberty passed to us by our founding fathers as we prepare to pass it for our posterity.

The media has chosen to bill the Sharpton rally as the more significant of the two events aimed at honoring Dr. Martin Luther King but fails to convey what their message was, so here I am compelled to describe what I saw. And that was a group of angry blacks and a few whites screaming, “Justice now! Justice now!” while we stood scratching our collective heads and asking, “Justice for what?!” Their marchers assembled on a street behind police solo-bikes and amassed an estimated 200 or so protesters. They blocked access to people leaving the Beck rally, and even though they shouted ugly epithets, no one took the bait. We politely walked through their ranks saying no more than, “Excuse me” or “Can I get through?”

There was the incident where paramedics were working on a person prostrate on the ground surrounded by crowds unable to disperse because of barricades or more people when a mounted policeman angrily rode his horse into the crowd yelling, “Make a hole! Make a hole!” It was evident to those witnessing this that the cop was not happy to be there. Was he having a bad day and taking it out on his horse by kicking him and jerking the bit around in his mouth or just being among people he didn’t like? His actions were entirely unnecessary and worthy of discipline. He wasn’t even needed – the paramedics were already there.

Other stories relate disappointments such as that it got boring or that Beck didn’t deliver. They were expecting a miracle or a revelation that Obamaʼs hidden records have been revealed and impeachment processes have begun or LTC Lakin was a surprise guest on the agenda and we could all unite in support and move forward with a cohesive plan to fight his court-martial and get discovery of documents for his defense. None of these things happened, and although Beck continues to gather followers, he continually loses those of us who recognize how he falls pathetically short of having the courage to bring up the question of eligibility.

As I stood on the steps of the memorial and looked out over the hundreds of thousands of people, I witnessed something extraordinary. I wasn’t quick enough to capture it on my camera but itʼs etched indelibly in my mindʼs eye, a v-formation of geese flying long and low over the reflecting pool from the stage toward the Washington Monument. Not a miracle by a long shot but a symbol of hope and direction.

The miracle happened but it was so subtle as to go almost unnoticed by most. I saw it, though, and thatʼs why I had to write my story. Glenn Beckʼs rally exposed Obamaʼs most outrageous lie. A million people came together and proved we are a Christian nation.


Miki Booth is Founder of the Route 66 TEA Party, FairTax Community Coordinator, Patriotic Resistance OK Dist. 2 Coordinator, and District Leader for GOOOH as well as a former Candidate U.S. Congress.  She was recently featured in an article at WorldNetDaily.

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  1. I won’t be speaking at Phil Berg’s rally in Oct. but I will continue to hand out flyers to the event. The more people that become aware of BO/BS’s phony COLB the better because no one knows who will make the the move that topples the house of cards and BO comes crashing down. Mr. Berg did call me back and we spoke this morning. He has issues with Orly Taitz as I’m sure she has with him. I cannot and will not choose a side. I’m doing my own thing and since I’m not a lawyer all I have to go by is what’s in my heart and soul and that is to expose BO/BS, the evil muslim who is bent on destroying our country.

  2. I am not a Beck fan but he has made everyone revisit the history of this country. No matter what he says I am not sure people will follow blindly. The tea party movement is somewhat fragmented. There are lots of all kinds out there and they call themselves tea party specifically for the tax issue but I would bet all of them are involved in all types of other venues. So it is a mistake for mainstream media to classify them. It doesnt fit and it wont work. They will listen to all the infighting and name calling but it wont affect the way they think.

  3. I did see the V formation of the geese fly over! It was awesomely orchestrated and perfectly timed. It can be seen on Beck’s website-there is a video of it!

    Great article, Miki, and so true.

  4. I have faith in WE THE PEOPLE. SCOTUS cannot remove OBAMA, but we can if we show up and vote. The legacy press is scared silly, they know what’s coming.

    1. If the Supreme Court rules to have the Kerchner et al v. Obama et al case heard on merit and the court hearing the case declares Obama to be ineligible under the laws of the land then the court has the ability to issue a ruling to Congress declaring that fact and requiring that Congress remove him and have the VP serve until a new President can be installed. Check your copy of the Constitution.

      Those moves are clearly within the Constitutional purview of the Judicial Branch; after all they are the overseers of the application of our Constitutional law – are they not???

  5. You were not alone. I saw this comment at American Thinker:

    Posted by: SaraB
    Aug 30, 11:36 AM
    I was there with my 13-year-old-son. It was a weekend we will remember forever. When I asked my son what his favorite part of the rally was he said it was listening to Dr. King who clearly inspired him with her “I too have a dream” speech. We met some amazing people…a retired policeman who road his motorcycle the entire way from Los Angeles and a Viet Nam vet who we stood with during the event and we were able to give an official and emotional “welcome home.” There were kindnesses shown by complete strangers who uplifted us all. The flyover by a perfect formation of geese at the start of the rally signaled God’s blessing on the day. As someone commented on another blog…”We could see November from the Washington Monument.”

  6. Beware of Beck!
    In my opinion he is controlled opposition, put there to get the people and lead them nowhere.
    This was my impression at his TV show ca. 6 months before 9/12 last year.
    He got everybody behind him and then said “see You in 6 months” What was that all about?
    He is there to take the steam out of the grassroots Tea Party movement.
    The real grassroots TP is what the establishment is afraid of, and Beck is part of the establishment.

    I know there are lots of Beck fans out there, be very very careful, please.

    1. I can never fully support someone who talks and talks of the importance of the Constitution, ask that we “question with boldness”. and then refuses to act on the biggest fraud in American history, Obama’s obvious ineligibility to be president.

      Something ain’t right.

      1. Ditto that.

        Something indeed ain’t right that Beck et al have refused to call Obama’s bluff…especially given Obama’s latest ‘birther’ mocking obfuscation, “I can’t wear my birth certificate on my forehead.”

      2. Well done, Miki. This woman has worked harder than anyone I know to show he is not legally entitled to be president. She is a shining light who encourages all of us. She is a Constitutional Conservative who feels WE, THE PEOPLE deserve the Constitution given us by our forefathers. I am so proud of you, Miki. Your courage and determination will help in this enormous victory.

      3. Well, yes this infuriates me as well. But Rush doesn’t talk about it. Mark Levin completely dismisses the idea when someone brings up the issue, calling them nut jobs (not a true quote, but similar). Hannity doesn’t mention it on the radio either. This is the corporation controlling the conversation. The subject of eligibility is off the table. However, I have heard limited talk about this on Sirius Patriot talk shows, especially Rusty Humphries, but possibly others.

  7. What occurred was real social power. Honoring the human race wounded and in need by giving, coming together and embracing that ideal as God’s children is but one virtue of many we must espouse. We see far too much of the opposite and must not focus on it but strive to be better, always. That is the path to salvation and the path to victory. It is the moral high ground which has been claimed and from which all legitimate endeavors begin. Neither Obama or any of his shrewdest schemers and followers can stake a claim to that field which GB plainly assembled honorable people upon in observance of naught but the wonder of peace and tranquility bestowed upon those who follow God’s plan.

    One can see the difference over at CFP where two videos provide the evidence. One blessed, the other, well, it rhymes with.