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by Sharon Rondeau

Janice Okubo, Communications Director for the Hawaii Department of Health

(Aug. 28, 2010) — On Tuesday, August 3, the Hawaii Department of Health disclosed what it said were the three most recent email requests “related to President Obama’s birth certificate” to Mark Niesse, Associated Press writer, whose August 7 article accurately quoted The Post & Email’s response to his query.  His initial contact of August 3, 2010 reads:

I am a reporter for The Associated Press in Honolulu writing because I want to contact Sharon Rondeau for an article about Barack Obama’s birth certificate. The article is about a new state law allowing the Department of Health to ignore repeated requests for Obama’s birth certificate.
Please call me at 808-536-5510, or e-mail me at mniesse@ap.org.
Thank you.
–Mark Niesse, AP-Honolulu

Name: Mark Niesse
Email: mniesse@ap.org
Phone: 808-536-5510
Company: Associated Press Website:

and our response was:

Hello, Mr. Niesse, as the editor of the paper, I do not give interviews.  I am aware of the “Vexatious Requester” law, and no one here is requesting Obama’s birth certificate, since it is obvious that he doesn’t possess a valid one.
Thank you for your interest in The Post & Email, Inc.

Sharon Rondeau
The Post & Email, Inc.

Also on August 3, the following email exchange occurred between Janice Okubo, Communications Director for the Hawaii Department of Health, and Mark Niesse:

From Janice Okubo
Sent: Tuesday, August 03, 2010 8:59 AM
To: ‘Niesse, Mark’
Subject: RE:  Vexatious Requestors

Hi Mark,

Below are the three latest requests related to President Obama’s birth certificate.  The email addresses have been redacted.  We know these requests are looking for the President’s vital records information because no one else ever requests index data.  Index data is defined at http://hawaii.gov/health/vital-records/obama.html and its purpose was to help people confirm their birth records are at the department before they pay to order their own records.

These recent requests will involve the department printing 300-400 pages of first and last names and gender and several hours of a staff person’s time (for one year of index data).  We have already confirmed on our website that President Obama’s name is included in our index data.  Please call me if you have further questions.



Evidently Ms. Okubo and Mr. Niesse are on a first-name basis.

The three most recent examples of requests which the Department of Health sent to Mr. Niesse are as follows:

From: Sharon Rondeau
Sent: Monday, August 02, 2010 4:09 PM
To: hdohinfo

Thank you for your last response.  I understand that the Birth Index is available one year at a time.  You had quoted me a price of $553.25 for the Birth Index for 1961-64.  What would the fee be for just one year?

Thank you.

Sharon Rondeau

——————–Original Message——————
From:  Redacted
Sent:  Thursday, July 29, 2010 10:58 AM
To:  hdohinfo
Subject:  *****SPAM***** Question about Order

This mail is probably spam.  The original message has been attached along with this report, so you can recognize or block similar unwanted mail in future.

Content preview:  Aloha, I will be sending a money order for $98.75 so that I can receive the computer printed pages of the 1961 birth index data.  I was wondering if I could have a friend pick up those pages from the HDOH office at the end of next week, provided that I get the money order to you by Monday morning.  […]

What then followed were some codes and text which seemed to indicate that the message contained HTML and was therefore filtered.

The Post & Email has spoken with the sender of the above message, whose purpose was not to send spam but rather, to make arrangements to pay for one year of index data to be made available by the Hawaii Department of Health.  The sender also informed The Post & Email that after sending the money order, it was returned by the Department of Health, even though a letter had been included as to purpose of the money and the specific request.

The third and last “request” which the Department of Health supplied to Mr. Niesse is as follows:

From: Sharon Rondeau
Sent: Wednesday, July 14, 2010 5:19 AM
To: hdohinfo
Subject: RE:  UIPA request

Thank you very much for your response to my UIPA request of May 28, 2010.  I have two questions:

1.  What is the date of the birth index data for the years 1960-64?  Has it been generated recently in print form, or would it be generated based upon my request and payment?

2.  Is the requested birth index data available for public inspection and copying at the Hawaii Department of Health at 1250 Punchbowl Street?

Thank you again.

Sharon Rondeau

RESEARCHER had mentioned the format of the 1960-64 birth index in his August 21, 2010 report to us.

The above communication shows that someone was told that he or she could receive one year of index data, while The Post & Email was told it could not.

While the Department of Health claimed that it had redacted email addresses, it is unknown how Mr. Niesse obtained the email address “editor@thepostemail.com” to contact this requester.  The other requester has told The Post & Email that he or she never provided a last name, yet was contacted by Mr. Niesse on a private Facebook page.  The Hawaii Department of Health has given out personal contact information that is protected by their own UIPA law, which reads:

(1) Government records which, if disclosed, would constitute a clearly unwarranted invasion of personal privacy;

The “protections” from which Obama benefits by having his records hidden apparently do not apply to anyone else.

Did Janice Okubo “check out” the people submitting requests and questions as they did Ms. Kathleen Gotto?

None of the above-referenced emails were “requests,” so the Department of Health misrepresented them to Mark Niesse.  They were not repeat requests and therefore did not qualify under the new Hawaii law as “vexatious.”  Janice Okubo reportedly stated to Mr. Niesse that the Health Department is receiving “about two or three e-mails now seek verification of Obama’s birth each week, compared to between 10 and 20 weekly requests earlier this year.”

If Okubo had to go back to July 14 from August 3 to find the three most recent “requests” which were not requests at all, then she misrepresented the actual number of requests for anything which the department has been receiving.

The Post & Email wishes to correct Ms. Janice Okubo, Communications Director at the Hawaii Department of Health.  We are not seeking Obama’s birth records.  We are gathering information which is proving that the Hawaii Department of Health has lied, obfuscated the truth, broken Hawaii law and stonewalled legitimate requests for information for unknown reasons.  It took them five months to answer one requester, and even then, their “answer” was not a true response.

The information we have amassed proves that they do not answer within the required ten-working-day time frame; they do not provide helpful, clear answers to questions; they make assumptions about requests they receive, and they do not tell the truth.  Why else would one person be informed that the birth index is available in one-year increments and another told that it is not?

Neither Mark Niesse nor the Department of Health has answered our request for a response as to the contradictory statements they have made about the General Birth Index.

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  1. Citizen seeking the truth:

    Since HI feels your past requests are vexatous, which is pure nonesense, how can there not be someone who reads this site that lives in HI, and can just go down and look at the public Index Data, HI says is completely permissable? That would eliminate all of the emails that seem to be the trigger of irritation that is causing them to threat the vexation law. Please, would some loyal citizen who lives in HI go to their office and personally look through the Index Data files from 1-1-61 thru at least 1-1-62? None of us can rely on any specific alleged DOB based on all the lies to date. At least such a person can then report back to your personally as to what they viewed during the year 1961, and you can then see if paying over $500 for a copy is worth while. If no loyal citizen lives in HI, but is going there soon, they can do the same thing. Better to eyeball the Index in person first than to order 5 years of it, when it may contain nothing of value. As for alleged vexations, they invited you in one of their last emails to send them $500+ the proper docs to get the 5 years, so to then turn around shortly thereafter and say you are vexatious for asking if you can just pay for one year is absolutely absurd. All readers need to keep in mind that even if his BC ever surfaced, and is verified as legitimate from HI, under the Constitution, he flat is not eligible to be POTUS. See Leo Donofrio’s excellant analysis. My very best to you, and God bless your ongoing efforts to get to the truth.

  2. Texoma, what is your theory? Do you have one?

    Do you think, apart from him being born a dual citizen and thus ineligible to be POTUS, that he is likely ineligible given the more accepted definition (however corrupt it is) of NBC?

  3. Give HI officials one last chance, show them this video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6V77e6NfeBU

    Then assure them they will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Note that Dr Fukino has made a claim that Obama is eligible without any proof or legal authority or even any other authority other than her personal opinion. That opinion has become the crux of a usurpation and as such she will eventually be brought to testify in a court where her opinion must be backed up with proof. She will have in her possession the knowledge that John Jay, George Washington and Emerich Vattel grasped the meaning of Natural Born Citizen which she officially disagrees with. Her office requires due diligence which as an educated person under oath to serve faithfully demands she posses documentation contrary to those founders cited and Vattel. Lacking that document she is individually acting against the intent of the Constitution. I am certain a full and fair prosecution will end with the Dr discovering what those who can not conform to the law do, in confinement.

    1. We can keep saying this until we’re blue in the face, but until a lower court wants to hear it, it doesn’t matter. As of now, only the mid term elections matter. Then the next presidential one. Sadly, the Supreme Court doesn’t even HAVE to take cases.

      Of course I think you are correct, but the point debated should be HOW WE get them to define NBC.

      1. I disagree. We keep saying this until a groundswell of Americans makes it such that the media, the courts, and the politicians cannot ignore the public, and have to acknowledge the natural law definition of “natural born Citizen”. We must continue to defend the Constitution (the highest law of the land) against this grievous violation, and not just be content with voting Obama out. The consequence for a politician breaking a law must be the appropriate punishment for breaking the law, and not just being defeated at the polls. Politicians are not above the law, else we would be a nation of men and not of laws. The appropriate consequence for Obama, for having violated Article II Section 1 Clause 5 is immediate removal from office and the nullification of all of his legislation, orders, and appointments.

  4. They are Obnoxious Obfuscators….and you might want to study the Hawaii government regulations on public employees and elected officials involving themselves in politics while on state salaries. I doubt this is allowed what they are doing.


    Right-on kittycat! He makes it sound like EVERYBODY has already seen it! I think that’s an Alinsky Rule!


    That’s from Drudge….

    so do we feel sorry for him yet? haahaa…

    1. I’d like to see him spend 5 minutes with his “birth certificate” plastered to his forehead. Just long enough for a forensic document examiner to have a good look at it.

      Were they even asking him about his birth certificate? I thought it was about the fact that so many people don’t believe he’s Christian. It would have been nice if the “reporter” had simply asked him to show his birth certificate. Or asked him to say something like, “I accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.” Or ask him to have a bite of a delicious pulled pork sandwich, during daylight hours, before the end of Ramadan.

      Ooooh. I really bugs him, doesn’t it, when somebody, anybody, questions what he says instead of believing the evidence of their own eyes? After all, what right do we mere mortals have to think for ourselves?

      Keep up the good work, everybody!

  7. Here is more evidence of an Obama Thailand connection. The Thai handshake is merely one hand held palm up and the other palm pressed on top with no wrapping of the fingers. Not something for a first timer to pull off with grace. Thus in this photo Obama does the Thai PM ‘with grace’.
    The Story:

    The Hawaii misfits claim Obama has a Negro father and a white mother. This photo shows Asian eyes with no eyelashes typical of that race.

  8. Did anyone see Polland’s recent youtube post saying:

    TheDrRJP — New information has come to light that Barack Obama is not his real name, that his father was not Obama Sr, that his mother was not Ann Dunham, and that every photo taken of him with his parents or grandparents, or other students, or by himself at Punahou, Columbia, and Occidental were fabricated! Just like his birth certificate.”

    This guy just keeps getting weirder and weirder. Remember when I said there was no explanation for the claim that Okubo was the “provider” of the blank slate COLB for the fraudulent copy? Well, there wasn’t, it was something he is supposedly saving for his book.

    It is certainly possible this is the wackiest conspiracy theory of all time. However, this is devolving from fraud, to cover up, to plain/straight CONSPIRACY of epic proportions.

    Anyone else having a hard time buying it?

    1. Dr. Polland talks about this in the P&E interview back in July, I think it was. It’s pretty good. I don’t know why I didn’t get to read it all when it first came out back then.

      1. go to youtube and then search “theDrRJP”

        that’s his site

        scroll down and see the comments he posts, near the other subscribers to his page as well as other friends’


        He doesn’t. I remember these things, even with a super long interview (very well done by Sharon, as usual, btw). He says that there is maybe some evidence about North African birth or father from there blah blah blah fuzzy wuzzy was a bear

        the only reason i seem flippant is because i don’t think you should throw out HUGE claims when you can’t back them up with anything at that time; it just makes you look super reactive and lacking credibility (which may not be the case re: his other analyses


    2. Joseph: Take a look at the many photos of Obama at various websites, including the DNC website. There are OBVIOUSLY MANY photoshopped photos out there. Most especially, any taken in Kenya.

      Even amateurs can see that his head has been plastered on another body. Perhaps his own body, but why change the head? http://obamascrapbook.com/24.htm

  9. Proof Obama was born in Thailand as a Buddhist circa 1951 not 1961 that Hawaii claims. This photo shows a Thai age 50 (Obama claims age 49) who looks much younger than Obama.
    The Story:

    The Hawaii criminals turned the 2008 election to Obama pure and simple and that is the story.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: These links, however, do not prove that Obama was born in Thailand.

  10. They prove it was a mistake to make Hawaii a state after Obama was born in Thailand as a Buddhist circa 1951 not August 4, 1961. Their little world of lies. In this case they deserve prison terms for the tampering with the 2008 Presidential election. Photo analysis shows Obama is 10 years older than Hawaii claims making the Obama Story a Hawaii fairytale.

  11. “vexatious obfuscator”, indeed (lrv the phrase – and it certainly applies but it may not be nearly descriptive enough).

    As Dr. Ron Pollard has clearly shown in his series of videos about the eligibility issue, there are a number of folks in the state of HI government circles who have clearly committed felony criminal document fraud. I believe that eventually this will be bourne out in a criminal trial and should be VERY interesting.

    Perhaps we’ll then need to claim that they are “vexatious testifiers” – aka hostile witnesses.

  12. I’ve felt all along that requesting the index data associated with certificate number 151 1961 010641 would be a request for someone else’s information other than Obama as it’s pretty clear that number does not belong to him. Such a request could NOT fall under their vexatious request law UNLESS they are claiming the number actually belongs to him. Second, I’ve felt we should be requesting all OTHER index data associated with Obama’s records as Chiyome Fukino is AUTHORIZED to do under 338-18(d). In this part of the statute, the default data is name, gender and type of event, but the director may release ‘other data’ at his or her discretion and there’s no limitation on what data cannot be released. Since his alleged COLB is part of the so-called public record, they have no reason NOT to release all other data since it’s already public, and such a request is permissible by law. What the rest of the law doesn’t allow is the release of certified copies of records, but index data is specifically intended for public exposure. It’s time for Obama to get exposed.