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by Sher Zieve, ©2010

Is Obama setting the stage for another Ottoman Empire in the U.S.?

(Aug. 16, 2010) — As The Obama and his ObamaCourts ratchet up their fight against the US States and We-the-People, the beasts in the White House (aka Obama & Co) continue their fight against America and all humans.  In his latest anti-US comments, Obama first supports the Islamist Victory Mosque (and probable terrorist training center), then slightly alters it when the hue and cry from We-the-People becomes too loud for his Marxist minions.  Then, The Obama changes his stance–once again–and returns to his original support.  When Islam wishes to claim dominance over a people, it builds an elaborate mosque to its god, Allah.  In his article “Ground Zero Mosque Represents Conquest for Islamic Jihadists,” Justin Quinn correctly writes:  “As far back as the Ottoman Empire, Islamic rulers made a habit of converting Christian churches, monasteries and chapels into mosques” and “the proponents of the Ground Zero mosque won’t tell you that the erection of mosques traditionally symbolizes victory over the enemies of Islam.”  Note:  Obama won’t tell you that, either.

Because of Obama’s continually shifting positions, there is no telling where he stands on anything–except that from his actions we know he’s against the USA, its Constitution and We-the-People.  On that we can firmly rely.  Also, please remember that Islam has little to do with “religion” as generally understood.  Islam is first and foremost a governmental/political system of regional and, ultimately, world domination (Caliphate) that also presents a convenient Islam-supporting religion called Muslim or Moslem.  It is not–as some would falsely have us believe–‘another form of worshiping the God of Abraham’.  Note:  The God of Abraham is worshiped solely by Jews and Christians, the two classes of humans that Islam hates the most.

On The Obama’s pro-illegal immigration and open southern border stance, it has now been confirmed that the Mexican drug cartels are entering the USA from Mexico freely–as are Hezbollah and other Islamist terrorists.  Yet, The Obama and his willing and collaborating DOJ head Eric Holder are now engaged in suing Arizona and soon every other US State that disagrees with them as they attempt to enact their own anti-illegal immigration laws because Obama & Co refuse to do so.  Instead, Dictator and Usurper Obama and his DOJ are illegally siding with Mexico and Central and South American States against Arizona!  This is simply an additional High Treason (siding with a foreign government against the United States of America)  being enacted against our country by The Obama–the consummate illegal alien.  And still no elected official will bring this charge to the forefront of the American public forum.

As long as he can continue to get away with the destruction of the USA, there is no stopping Obama-the-destroyer.  And, thus far, no one is doing so.  Instead, the Marxist Democrats consistently side with Pelosi and Obama on said destruction.  These Democrats and their RINO buddies must be removed from Congress for We-the-People to return to our rightful place of power and control over our own country and our own lives.  Then, after we have (God-willing) removed his power base by voting in those who believe in our Republic and Constitution, we must turn out the Obama from any power position in OUR country and return him to his rightful country, whether it is Kenya or Indonesia.  Either We-the-People survive or Obama and his Marxists do.  It really is that simple.

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  1. You’re 110% on the money about Islam being a political system intent on world domination and using the Muslim/Moslem semi-dogma that has as its genesis a pagan, barbaric culture picked up on by a hate-monger murderer and whose adherents still worship a black rock hidden from view inside a ridiculous building. Even the symbol of the crescent stems from paganism and their “prophet” cut his spurs there.

    Obama is Islamist to the core (in addition to being a communist) and that is why his appellation “CIC” merely stands for Chief IslamoCommunist.

    1. In fact, Sher, Sharia law is the complete antithesis and repudiation of the United States Constitution and should not be allowed to be practiced within our borders as it merely amounts to sedition.

      Its practitioners/agitators should be jailed or deported to some country that allows Sharia law; here it is merely pagan mumbo-jumbo and sedition.

  2. As Sher Zieve said in closing: “Either We-the-People survive or Obama and his Marxists do. It really is that simple.” It is indeed really that simple. If not via military coup then via civil war, the survival of “We the people…” is really that simple.

  3. I submit that Islam is really NOT a religion at all, but
    a radical political ideology, with the Koran a mere
    playbook as in Hilter’s Mein Kampf and Mao’s
    Little Red Book.
    I.E. plans for world domination.

  4. Yes, Islam is an aggressive ideology masquerading as a religion that worships The Black Stone in the Kaaba, located in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. It is to that black rock that Muslims bow five times a day. And their goal is to convince or force everyone else to submit to their mind-numbing idolatry. Islam is a criminal religion, not the “great religion” that our fake president so admires.

    Correction for njre: it is 72 virgins, not 27, that are promised to jihadist terrorists who arrive in paradise after killing non-Muslims. Only mind-controlled numbskulls could believe it, and they do believe it. What rubbish Obama’s “great religion” is.

  5. Just return him to his rightful country? You are too kind! He should be thrown in jail and so tortured day and night he wants to die to get to his 27 vir****, only we won’t let him. That is the only just way to repay him for the way he has tortured us day and night!

  6. Sher Zieve, I applaud your words, for they are both fair and true and it always lifts my spirits to taste the truth. But they are only words and words do not satisfy my hunger for justice and righteous action. With each passing day I feel that We the People are being slowly starved of our Constitutional birthright. Yet what can we really do?

    I voted today. I have gone to my local tea party rallies. I opine to the web. I give what I can to The Post & Email. I plaster my car with signs and messages because we must speak out and feed our neighbors and fellow citizens who also hunger for truth. I have even met with Stephen Pidgeon to ask his advice on certain possible legal action. But the Islamo-Marxist usurper still occupies the People’s House and still carries on his plan of destruction unabated. What more can we as individuals do?

    I have followed with interest the theory of the blogger known as Butterdezillion that an unholy, evil alliance of Soros and Islam have used threat of contrived financial meltdown to coerce the otherwise loyal members of SCOTUS and many in Congress into their seemingly perplexing silent and passive acceptance of Obama and his enablers. Was this “financial terrorism” the reason for then President Bush’s uncharacteristic pre-election, bail-out TARP fund panic? Butterdezillion thinks so. (Remember, we were told that if we didn’t pass TARP, we would see the complete destruction of the financial foundation of our Western way of life.)

    This theory stands up to Occam’s Razor and passes the smell test as well as any I have yet to hear. Clearly most of Congress and SCOTUS can’t help but already know with certainty that Obama is a non-natural-born-Citizen fraud, then what other plausible explanation can there be for their near totally avoidance of this issue? Yes, stupidity, cowardice and even malevolence go to some, but surely not to all.

    The more I think about it, the more I come to believe that our salvation (if any) will be coming through citizen grass-root actions at the State rather than the federal level. Thank goodness for Jan Brewer and other like-minded brave souls. Personally, in order to live free, I’d rather live in post financial melt-down poverty (or not live at all) than submit to the tyranny of a capricious all-powerful Marxist regime and/or dhimnitude under the shackles of shariah law.

    We suffer under what is approaching tyranny because the federal government has usurped powers far beyond that which the Constitution enumerates. I look to see one or more sovereign States call the federal government’s bluff by asserting their rightful independence up to (but fully within) the boundaries set forth by the Constitution. For example, Arizona could simply declare the federal court’s decision striking down most of Arizona State immigration law as constitutionally overreaching and therefore null and void. This could and should be done in State court under full due process of law.

    Arizona would then ignore the illegal federal mandates. This would put the federal government in the position of having to use deadly force to get their way and I doubt that they would have the nerve because many of the other States and a large portion of the people would then rise up in solidarity against the feds. Obama would have to willing to risk civil war and, although he is probably sociopathic enough to callously cause the deaths of hundreds or thousands of “his countrymen” that he seems to despise so much, I think he is too much of a weakling and a coward to risk it.

    We the People should call his bluff wherever and whenever we can. And we have to be willing to risk hardship to do it. Of course, once enough of those who truly love America have been elected this November we must press them hard to legally disarm Soros’s weapons of mass financial destruction. As Patten said, “The object of war is not to die for your country but to make the other bastard die for his.”

    I am not suggesting giving up efforts through the federal court system to expose the naked fraud of the most destructive and anti-American putative President ever. I just think that it is important to recognize that the “fix may be in” too firmly at the federal level at this point (although there is always the chance that certain individuals in positions of power will wake up and being willing to risk career and perhaps their very lives in order to defend our wonderful American experiment).

    By all means we must continue the probative attacks on all fronts because who knows where the bulwarks of evil will crumble, but we must seek to apply the most effort where it is most likely to do the most good. And for most of us, that may very well be within our individual States.

    Of course, for others, such as Mrs. Rondeau of The Post & Email, that will entail keeping up the important work of spreading the pro American, pro Freedom “buzz” because people need to know that they are not alone and that their individual actions are not yet meaningless. There is still time to win back America.

    And finally, Sher Zieve, about Obama’s beloved Islam, I believe it is fundamentally different from all other major religions in that it was born of evil, rather than now merely tragically temporarily misguided. By our present-day Western standards, its prophet Muhammad was a ruthless, evil child molester who founded an ungodly cult that condones and encourages deceit and murder to further its goal of tyrannical submission of all peoples to Islam. It is rotten at its core and beyond reformation or redemption, IMO. (Where are all the moderates to convince me otherwise?)

    Of course, our American value of religious freedom demands that we give the followers of Islam the right to their theological beliefs, but at the same time we should openly acknowledge it as the dangerous cult that it currently is and treat it with deliberate ongoing close scrutiny as a known subversive organization. In particular, its finances should continually be under the microscope. Constant vigilance.

    PS: My current rotation of signs for my car read: “Deport Ground-zero-bama!” and “I can see November from my house.”