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by Sharon Rondeau

Rocky Joe Houston is being sued in civil court by the mother of one of those killed on May 11, 2006 in a violent shootout

(Aug. 13, 2010) — Mr. Rocky Joe Houston has issued a total of seven subpoenas to witnesses whom he claims have information which will be favorable to him in a civil suit to commence on September 3, 2010.

The Post & Email previously reported on Mr. Houston’s ordeal with the Roane County Sheriff’s Department, subsequent incarceration and exposure of malfeasance within the Roane County judicial system, including a judge and district attorney who had failed to take the oath of office before serving, after which a judge had revoked Houston’s bond on August 7, 2009. That decision sent him back to jail for another nine months after his having been incarcerated for more than two years.

Rocky Joe Houston was found “not guilty” on most of the counts against him with a hung jury on the remaining charges.  His brother, Clifford Leon Houston, was acquitted of all charges.  Both men were tried on three separate occasions for murder against a Roane County Sheriff and his ride-along in an incident which occurred at the home of Clifford Leon Houston on May 11, 2006.

Houston stated that if Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen, Judge Kenneth Irvine, Judge James B. Scott, and Atty. James F. Logan, who have been subpoenaed to appear at his trial fail to comply, Houston intends to petition that they be jailed.  Out-of-state residents have 20 days in which to respond to the subpoenas.  All subpoenas were sent by certified mail, return receipt requested, with the last two being issued on Wednesday, August 11, 2010.  Houston claims that Irvine had failed to take the oath of office prior to acting as judge during one of the trials.

Judge James B. Scott provided testimony for Houston’s murder trial last year.

Houston stated that the prosecution had previously withheld information in his criminal case which could have assisted him to prove his innocence.

Quoting from Black’s Law Dictionary, Mr. Houston said, “I have issued subpoenas ‘duces tecum,‘ which commands the subpoenaed party to produce documents favorable to my defense.  I know my constitutional rights, and I will exercise them.”  He also stated that “Black’s Law Dictionary is the best thing any citizen can buy.”

The last subpoena to be issued today was to Roane County, TN Grand Jury Foreman Charles C. Snow, who has been serving in that capacity for more than 23 years in violation of Tennessee State Code.


Editor’s Note: In a conversation with Mr. Rocky Joe Houston on Aug. 17, 2010, Mr. Houston confirmed that a subpoena has been sent by certified mail to Attorney General of the United States Eric Holder.  Attorney  James F. Logan, mentioned above, has filed a motion to withdraw from representing Mr. Houston’s brother, Clifford Leon Houston.  Tennessee Supreme Court Justice Janice M. Holder has been issued a subpoena, but Mr. Houston reported that the post office employee handling the letter refused to put a date on it.  Tennessee Supreme Court Justice Camella A. Clark received her subpoena on August 12.

Update, August 21, 2010: The document below is the Oath of Office taken by Judge David G. Hayes which Mr. Houston says is “six months too late”:

Oath of Office for Judge David G. Hayes with missing time stamp, numerous misspellings, and according to Mr. Houston, administered six months after the fact

Houston said, “The oath is the hinges to the door.”

Houston stated that Judge Hayes was called out of retirement to preside over his case and began serving on February 18, 2009, but that his oath of office was not administered until August 20, 2009 after his brother, Clifford Leon Houston, requested to see it.  Houston claims that Judge Hayes is “letting lawyers out of contracts” for the sake of “kickbacks.” He also maintains that the order for him to preside over the case was actually given by Roane County Judge Eugene Eblen, not Tennessee Supreme Court Chief Justice Janice M. Holder, and that Holder’s signature was forged on the order appointing Judge Hayes to the bench for his trial.  As stated above, Holder has been subpoenaed to appear as a witness in the upcoming civil trial on September 3, 2010.

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  1. Naturally I wish Mr. Houston the best. Trying to bring down the big boys’ corruption is going to be a huge task with everyone covering for everyone else. Walt Fitzpatrick is trying to do the same in Monroe Co. These are very brave men indeed. We need millions more just like them.