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by Charles F. Kerchner

Sen. John McCain is running for re-election in Arizona. Should he be re-elected?

(Aug. 12, 2010) — Senator McCain, your Democratic/Progressive/Socialist opponents questioned your “natural born Citizenship” status in the 2008 election. The question I ask is, why didn’t you question Obama’s “natural born Citizen” status? That is the obvious response in a political battle. Especially with all the talk about Obama’s mysterious early life narrative back then and that continues to this day … but now as a roar as his phony life story is revealed more and more every day. Or John, did you make a deal with the devil in the Senate cloak room to get the weaselly worded SR 511 passed for you by Senator Leahy (and backed by Obama himself on your behalf) in return for you keeping quiet about Obama during the campaign and not asking anything about Obama’s “natural born Citizenship” flaws, and all his hidden and sealed early life records. You and your control of the RNC allowed Obama a total pass on that. Why? The deal you made with the Democratic/Progressive Caucus leadership and the DNC Party stinks to high heaven. Is this an example of your reaching across the aisle to work with the Democrats/Progressives!?

You sold out for personal protection and hiding of your own natural born citizenship questions and flaws. You made a deal to protect Obama. You would not even mention Obama’s middle name or his questionable background in the campaign. You chewed out anyone who did. You sold out to the DEMs and Progressive Caucus to get SR 511 passed for you to make your natural born Citizenship questions by the DEM operatives “problems” go away. Instead of both of you candidates taking both your stories openly to the American people in the various debates and laying it all out to them and explaining it to them in the primary debates, you both chose to hide it and silence it and try to bury it. If you both were so cock-sure of your “natural born Citizenship” status, why didn’t both of your debate this issue before We the People in the primaries!?

John, you sold out the country and the U.S. Constitution, specifically Article II, Section 1, Clause 5 (the Presidential eligibility clause) and have allowed a true “domestic enemy” to sit in the Oval Office as a result.

No person born of a foreign national, non-Citizen, non-immigrant, non-permanent resident to the USA, such as Obama was, can ever be considered to be a “natural born Citizen” of the USA. Read the preeminent legal treatise of the founding era by Emer de Vattel, “The Law of Nations or Principles of Natural Law”, Vol.1, Chapter 19, Section 212. The founders and framers did. They used that legal book to help write the founding documents. A “natural born Citizen” is one born in the country to two Citizen parents! Such a person is naturally, per natural law, a “natural born Citizen” of the country and no man-made law, amendment, court decision, spin machine in the media, or Senate resolution is required to explain it or clarify that person’s natural law Citizenship status. But you see, John, you made a Faustian pact with the devil. And for the first time in history the two major political parties both jointly put up Presidential candidates who did not meet that natural law definition. The fix was in for 2008 to usurper and ignore the Constitution as to whom is eligible to serve in that singularly most powerful office in our nation. And John, you helped put the fix in for your own personal political power and goals. You helped make the deal! And you continue to help with the cover up!

Read this essay of mine for more on the Fix Was In for the 2008 Presidential Election:

John, you betrayed your Oath. You abandoned the wisdom of our forefathers and the founders of this nation for your own personal political gain and quest for power. You dishonored your prior honorable service to this nation. You are no longer a hero in this country to my eyes and in the eyes of many who know this truth about what you did in 2008. Will you try to redeem yourself? Will you truly finally at this stage in your life put Country First? Will you stand up now for the Constitution and your Oath and help correct the wrong you helped perpetrate in 2008, even at great personal pain to yourself and your legacy? Or will you let a fellow commissioned officer, LTC Lakin, who served his country bravely and with honor in Afghanistan, be court martialed and be destroyed by the corrupt politicos in Washington DC and their followers in the Pentagon leadership … for LTC Lakin standing up for his oath … while you remain silent as to what you know about the 2008 election and Obama? Will you continue to allow Obama to corrupt every institution in the nation to protect his phony life as a con-man and a grifter as to who he really is. We will see John. We the People, history and God will be your final Judge.

CDR Charles Kerchner (Ret)
Pennsylvania USA
Lead Plaintiff, Kerchner v Obama & Congress

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  1. Vote Democrat against McCain. Nothing to lose.Better a Democrat liar than a RINO liar. You’ll never be rid of this deceiver if he is not given the boot now.

  2. Controversial as this remark may seem,Palin and McCain are in the SAME cabal as Obama,both Bushes,both Clintons,Carter,Pelosi,et al.

  3. I campaigned for John McCain to be elected POTUS in 2008.
    I realized too late that McCain gave Obama a free pass on the ineligibility issue, because of McCain’s own ineligibility. McCain put himself first. He put Country second. He has destroyed his previous legacy in pursuit of his personal ambition to be President.
    McCain is not fit to clean Lt Col Lakin’s boots. McCain is a gutless traitor. He deserves to fail in his attempt to be re-elected as Senator for Arizona and I hope that he loses as a direct result of his failure to call out Obama on Obama’s Constitutional ineligibility to be President.

  4. John McCain should stand up for America & Expose “OBAMA” about his not being a “Natural born Citizen” Even though I did vote for McCain in the 2008 Election , I would not vote for McCain Now !!

  5. I served under one of McCain’s roomates at Hanoi Hilton whose name I won’t mention. He made it fairly high up in the Navy, but boy, Vietnam messed up his mind. I think probably some of the same things happened to McCain.

    Most of the events of the 2008 election are like a nightmare.

  6. Contact McCain’s campaign office-contact the office of JD Hayworth. McCain must be held accountable. He must be forced to come clean before the primary.
    Great article, Commander.
    By the way, Lakin has two hearings scheduled for 9-3 and 9-14 at 11:00 at Ft. Meade, Maryland and the trial on 10/13-15 at 9:00 am. Maybe supporters will show up!

  7. McCain is a loser even if he wins another term. Why? Because of betrayal. His alleged heroic stand in VN is a bygone. His stint in DC has changed him. The corruption has skewed his discernment. He no longer represents the people. Although the numbers look very favorable for him over Hayworth the results will be as if you voted for the rhino progressive party. He is a disgrace to the uniform. A past hero, now, a present traitor. He took physical torture but can’t take the fiscal pleasure. Barry soetero has slaughtered his (McCain’s) image. The fraudulent occupier of the oval office has silenced the voice of compromised Vietnam hero to a lap dog.

    The deception rolls on. No backbone in DC Congress. Cowards nearly everyone. The best we can do is vote for Pedro (as in the Napoleon Dynamite satire). The corruption in DC is so bad Mexico government looks holy, comparatively.

  8. Excellent and truthful challenge to Senator McPain, who should be defeated in the AZ primary election on August 24. McPain betrayed and continues to betray the country for personal gain and could be considered a co-conspirator in the great 2008 election fraud. Out with his crooked-talking, self-seeking deceit.

  9. Mr. Kechner, that was great. Of course I expect nothing from McCain, but maybe I will be pleasantly surprised.

    I am with you on this all the way and appreciate your work, along with Mario Apuzzo………and of course the efforts of Sharon Rondeau.

  10. Charles, well said. As I asked Margaret Hemmenway, should you get a pertinent response please warn us. At this point in time it will shock many of us too great if a politician actually responds to the demand that they explain their willing violation of the constitution. Thank you on behalf of all worthy Americans and every foreign nation that relies on the constant rule of law.

  11. You would think that a man who gave so much to his Country would never have abandoned his oath to protect and defend the Constitution? It’s quite clear now that the people we elect to defend our Freedoms are the last ones we can trust to do so. It’s obvious that if “We the People” want to preserve our American way of life for our children and grandchildren, it’s solely up to us to save it, and there’s not much time left!