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by Linda Santucci

How many "tea partiers" are there?

(Aug. 12, 2010) – PJTV Launches New Program, Reveals Latest Tea Party Survey

It found that 54 percent of respondents support the Tea Party movement and 48 percent would vote for its candidate. Interestingly, as much as 31 percent of those who describe themselves as Democrats said they identify with the movement’s goals….

PJTV has also announced the launch of its newest project called The Minority Report, which seeks to give voice to opinions of minority conservatives….—which will feature panels and individual guest appearances by various minority leaders—will fill the void by covering issues that mainstream media fails to address.”ADNFCR-1961-ID-19920690-ADNFCR


Once I began writing this morning as a result of receiving the PJTV newsletter, my thoughts about where we’ve come as The People today–I realize that I’m most gratified to see, especially in my personal interactions with friends at Facebook, that they are people who are interested in what’s happening in America today because of a graded loss of Constitutional protections ipso facto, and worse, the increasing loss of Constitutional considerations in the making of legislation and executive policy affecting our lives, our finances, our future freedoms.  In this Election 2010, we are primarily Americans, all of us.  We are mostly not going to the polls at this time to vote “a Party ticket.” As never before, today we are one major voting bloc crossing all political lines and “obligations.”  This is more pervasive, also, than the great mid-term Election 1994 when the Republicans won the Congress after a very long period of Democrat control.  We are voting AMERICAN in 2010, as the PJTV article elucidates more simply than here!

The new program of PJTV online focuses on bringing out an understanding about the very many minority groups–who are MOST Conservative in terms of upholding our U.S. Constitution! I also get the regular newsletter from Americano, illustrating that the LEGAL Mexican Americans in our country are staunch Conservatives against illegal incursions into America.  These American immigrants came to America legally, and learned about our Constitution and how it Protects Citizens against the tyranny of “the few” in elite government jobs–from the local police up to the president of the United States.  On Fox News, there are many African-Americans who are the staunchest Conservatives of all, speaking out in debates on issues of Congressional legislation.  Because of our U.S. Constitution, where it takes BOTH houses to pass a new law, the Cap and Trade Bill, for example, is virtually dead in the Senate (supposed to represent issues of The States of the Union) even though the House passed Cap and Trade (supposed to represent the balance of The People).  However, we must watch that Cap and Trade isn’t simply being held up by Majority Leader Harry Reid–just IN CASE, this Midterm Election 2010, doesn’t swing the Conservative balance back to “Republicans or Democrats/Independents willing to vote strictly on Constitutional Reasoning.”

For decades sadly, Americans did not realize that “Compromise” in Congress (both houses…) was like an inchworm setting the stage for today’s socialist threat from government take-over of control over the Private Business Sector, and over control of the Private Lives of Americans.  The so-called “bleeding heart” sentiments expressed is realized today as a manipulative technique for justification in the challenge over many decades of Constitutional issues, such as the most obvious and most recent three failed attempts at so-called “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” even under the PREVIOUS Republican leadership of Congress in both the Senate and House.  Representing the Great State of Arizona, John McCain with other Republicans and Democrats, made one of his most serious mistakes as a U.S. Senator, when he joined with the Progressives who are intent on legalizing “illegals” by rewarding their illegal violations of our federal Immigration Law with amnesty with a path to citizenship.  This includes the new hatred breed with a publicly expressed political intent to take back American soil under their political control, if not in reality for Mexico specifically.  This is well documented.

Conservatives in Arizona wondered whether McCain and other Republicans were really ignorant of the uniquely American principles embedded within our Constitution, or whether they simply did not understand the nature of “Compromise” in lawmaking.  In upholding, defending, protecting and preserving our Constitution under their oaths of office, they were wrong to Compromise all Americans, and America–by sacrificing the relevant protections of the already existing American citizens.  They effectively allowed the unconstitutional provisions in the proposed legislation to go to a vote a total of three different times simply because they “made a deal” with the controlling Party, and were loyal to the “other side” in promising their votes.  They voted for the Bills, no matter what the Democrat leadership also added secretly in the form of “Manager’s Amendments” in the final moments before the final vote.  Loyal, honorable Americans do not sell out pieces of the Constitution in order to get something else they want in legislation.  They had no right Constitutionally to simply give freedom to non-residents who illegally entered, worked and lived in the United States–especially if they are of the nature to harbor resentment and hatred for the American way of life under Constitutional law.

Permitting violations of the principles of equal opportunity for all who wish to live and work in America, in order to become citizens is un-American, because the seed of the path to citizenship is a bad seed.  True legal immigrants are proud that they became properly rewarded with citizenship after demonstrating that they understand the history of our freedom heritage, our U.S. Constitution; they are devoted to protecting Constitutional freedoms, and they promise they also will uphold and defend the Constitution for all citizen Americans who are living and supporting themselves, as well.  It is indeed considered a privilege, not a right, for a legal immigrant who is bestowed with the great American citizen naturalization.

The Tea Party Survey by PJTV indicates very clearly that the Tea Parties include significant numbers of Republicans, Democrats, and Independents.  We knew from the beginning that no longer is Political Party a single measure of any candidate for public office.  Tea Parties cross all Party lines and focus on: Constitutional Conservative Candidates of ANY Political Party.  It is the mandate of grassroots America today, to determine which candidates on their primary and general election ballots have the greatest potential of UPHOLDING, defending and protecting the U.S. Constitution, in the making of legislation. That is the Oath that every elected official takes in order to enter office–and for Progressives, as defined so well historically by Glenn Beck of Fox News, it’s not been the reality for a very long time in our halls of government, at all levels….

If any candidate has not already demonstrated in some significant way that he/she is a Constitutional Conservative beyond the words of empty rhetoric, no matter what is “promised”, grassroots citizens will not vote for the individual–and the Tea Party movement intends to VOTE OUT all Progressives, because “Progressive” has been found today to be a code word for one devoted to the slowly inch-worming through legislation and executive policies toward a left-wing extremist intent on eventual totalitarianism a long, ongoing process that’s been effective by socialists since the 1930s in America.

Social issues are no longer a defining significance for the vast spread of grassroots voters, once now that Americans across the political spectrum realize in a way never before, that our U.S. Constitution has been eroded in terms of the application through enforcement of these most important set of laws that were designed for the protection OF the individual from government tyranny or control over choices we can make in freedom throughout our lives, and our children’s lives….  Social issues are protected by the Constitution, but as the prime example of the 1965 Civil Rights Legislation demonstrates, some issues take a very long time from the grassroots–before pressure on Congress gets results necessary in order to elucidate much more specifically the Constitutional laws, in a way that realigns the American culture through acceptance of personal choices that are not also injurious to other citizens.  Choices made for one’s life are made under Constitutional protection, as a personal freedom by every citizen.  The point is this:  As we lose Constitutional protections even virtually by UNConstitutional Laws that may not be challenged, especially over a period of time–we lose the best protection over all our lives regardless whether we’d like to see new laws elucidating clearly the standing of all citizens in making free personal choices in their lives, regardless of race, nation of origin, gender, religious beliefs or other personal beliefs, etc.

So now is the time when Americans are realizing that while our eyes have been on specific issues personal to us in one way or another as a segment of voters, the bottom-line foundations we’ve been standing on have been eroded without our notice through non-enforcement and through new “reform” legislation replacing and erasing good solid Constitutional provisions, until one day, as we know now, the intent will turn our American foundations into a complete earthquake where the few in power will have every tool at their will, in order to Change America from the nature of our Constitutional Democratic Republic, into a totalitarian, dictatorial nation enslaving the multitudes, and further under an also manipulated New World Order.  I personally believe that the true New Era will come naturally, and that if we could be an eagle flying over our land, seeing from high above the entire landscape of our journey today–we would perhaps realize that we are actually already in the throes of a necessary stage in the process:  it’s called chaos.  Out of a chaos where our most basic liberties are forced under personal examination, by virtue of dealing with every issue important to us on a personal level that is happening in government–we realize the greater, deeper significance of the higher laws, Constitutionally, and divine that our founding philosophers put together in a way we call sheer genius.

On realizing and cherishing these things, our nation is ready to move forward and eliminate the outmoded practices taking us away from our roots under God’s good graces.  From there, our nation and the world’s free countries also will be able to help usher in the true, natural New Era of peace and understanding.  Until then, peace and understanding cannot be as good as in our hearts we know it could be if we make it happen. The first step is being in the daily practice of watching our government and being informed and involved as The People were intended from the grassroots upward.  This is were we are today, ready and most willing to realign America by realigning the kind of Americans we vote into office to “do our work” to preserve all Constitutional freedoms for America’s future.

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