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by Gino DiSimone, Independent Candidate for Governor of Nevada

Gino DiSimone, Independent Candidate for Nevada Governor, has pledged to immediately challenge Obama on his constitutional eligibility once taking office

(Aug. 12, 2010) — I would very much like to be the next governor of Nevada so that I can restore constitutional governance and challenge Barack Hussein Obama on his constitutional eligibility to hold office. Our great state can experience an economic revival if constitutional principles are implemented immediately, which is nothing less than our people deserve. Nevadans and all Americans also deserve to know if the person occupying the White House is qualified to serve, and as a sitting governor, I will challenge him immediately upon taking office.

Only candidates who can show $50,000 or more in contributions AND are showing 10% or more in “deemed credible” polls. All information must be at the news station by Aug 19.  I contacted Rasmussen and Mason-Dixon requesting my name and independent non-partisan be mentioned exactly the same as other candidates.  We are about halfway to the $50,000 mark and still show leadership in the NevadaPAC online poll!

So, what you can do is have a very short article showing my need and call to everyone across America to donate, $5, $10, $20, $50, $100 or more. If anyone wants Obama to be challenged, the immediate way to do it is by a Governor and I have been outspoken all campaign long. By virtue of the online poll, I am absolutely credible and legitimate.  It is time for America to step up to the plate.

I may have to pay for a poll to be conducted, which is what we anticipate. I am calling on all those who have complained about Obama, who have asked for action, to step up and put a few bucks in the donation basket. A Governor can fight this and I cannot understand why AZ Gov. Brewer avoids the solution like the plague!

This is my need. I must raise about $30,000 within a week or so.  This will be very easy if the masses of people who actually do the complaining about Obama would actually put $10 in the donation basket.

Also, I am offering a pure one-ounce silver commemorative coin as a gift to the special donors who donate $65. If I win, I will require eligibility of Obama, directly as Commander-in-Chief of a sovereign state and I will relieve him of command of my State National Guard.  Guess what the value of those commemorative coins will do after that?

Below is the letter from 8 News NOW detailing the debate in which I need to participate to bring the eligibility issue to the fore:

July 19, 2010

Eugene “Gino” Disimone
17810 Thunder River Dr.
Reno, NV  89508

Dear Mr. Disimone,

8 New NOW, The Las Vegas Review-Journal, and VegasPBS are joining forces to ensure Southern Nevadans have the opportunity to learn about candidates, encourage participation in the electoral process and follow the outcomes.

In partnership with the Andre Agassi Foundation for Education, one of our first shared projects is a debate amount the candidates for Governor, focusing on education, one of the most critical issues facing our state.

The event will be held August 29th at 6pm at the Andre Agassi College Preparatory Academy and will be broadcast Live in Las Vegas on KLAS Channel 8 and Vegas PBS Channel 10; in Reno on KTVN Channel 2 and KNPB, Channel 5.  It will also be streamed Live on the Review-Journal’s website.  All candidates who meet the criteria below are invited to attend.  Please contact me at your earlier convenience to provide the necessary documentation and confirm your attendance.


Ron Comings

Selection Criteria
Candidates will be selected using pre-established objective criteria, which the sponsors believe best demonstrates appropriate levels of public support and credibility for eligible candidates.

1) Candidates must demonstrate evidence of a campaign by having a minimum of $50,000 in receipts to candidate’s campaign committee.

2) Candidates must have achieved at least one of the following:

    • Candidate received a minimum of 10% of the vote in the June 2010 primary election
    • Candidate received 10% of the support in a poll, deemed credible by sponsors and completed before August 19th, 2010.
    • Candidate has received a minimum of 10% of the vote in prior elections for the same or comparable office.

3) Documentation must be submitted to Ron Comings at 8 New NOW, 3228 Channel 8 Drive, Las Vegas, NV  89109 or rcomings@8newsnow.com before August 20th, 2010.

Editor’s Note: The Post & Email has covered Mr. DiSimone’s candidacy here, here, here and here.  Mr. DiSimone wishes to thank everyone who donated when this article was first released.  With your continued support, he will participate in the televised debate on the 29th.  Please visit his website here.

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