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by Sharon Rondeau

(Aug. 12, 2010) — Due to past technical difficulties, The Post & Email changed has had to change web hosting services recently.  However, because the previous host was not cooperative in closing the account in a timely fashion, the site was down for several hours last night and we lost two days’ worth of material, including all comments relating to published articles.

This morning I have been able to restore most of what was lost, although several hours of research relating to an article on the FOIA documents released to Mr. Kenneth Allen was lost and will have to be rewritten.  Therefore, the anticipated release of that article today will be delayed by at least two days.

You may have noticed that our website specialist has made every article printer-friendly and able to be posted immediately to Facebook, Twitter, Digg and Stumbleupon.  Please use these new tools to disseminate our information.  With the new capabilities and change in server, however, we have a $600 bill to pay as well as around-the-clock work to restore the lost material and keep up with already-scheduled work and new leads coming in.

Many thanks to all of you who donated recently and signed up to give $1.00/month to support our efforts.

I had hoped to set up an area for interactive links to other news organizations as well as make other additions to the site, but those will now have to wait.  What we can really use right now is anyone with research or writing skills who would like to help us grow.  We provide compensation and training to anyone wishing to write solid news articles. With more writers, we can cover more breaking news.

As always, citizen editorials are always welcome as long as they adhere to our submission policy here.

I am happy to report that our readership has nearly doubled in the last four months thanks to your support.


Editor’s Note: As a parenthetical, off-topic note, I was at a post office recently and two people in front of me were applying for U.S. passports.  I distinctly heard the clerk tell them that they needed to show their birth certificates, and then she said, “The long form, not the short form.”  Perhaps America is catching on.

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  1. Hadn’t logged in for a couple of days, so I missed the downtime and, instead, am here just in time to learn of the new features. Timing is everything.

    I’m excited to see the share on Facebook tool and you can bet I’ll be putting it to use.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Thanks, Auntie.

  2. Thanks-I noticed that my post on the McCain article was lost, but others who followed had the same sentiment-McCain you sold us out buddy-and the Constitution and your Oath of Office-you are unworthy of being called a hero and certainly unworthy of even licking the boots of LTC Lakin. One last thing you could do to man-up would be to demand Obama establish his eligibility-and provide his birth records and all other relevant records. Stand up for LTC Lakin testify to what you know-admit your failure. Too bad that JD Hayworth has about as much spine as you John-he is also too cowardly to call you out on your breach of your Oath of Office-maybe he would have a better chance of winning if he did.