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by Margaret Calhoun Hemenway

John McCain ran for president in 2000 and 2008, but was he eligible?  Why didn't he question Obama's eligibility?(Aug. 12, 2010) — The following, open letter to Senator McCain was written by Margaret Calhoun Hemenway. Her concern is the grave damage being done to the US military due to Mr. Obama’s refusal to demonstrate his eligibility status.

Dear John McCain,

During the 2008 presidential campaign, the media (the original “birthers”) hounded you about your “natural born” status- a law professor in Arizona even made the outrageous assertion, completely unjustified, that you were not “natural born” because of your birth in Panama.  As a result, you released your original birth certificate.  The controversy grew so heated that your Senate colleagues held a hearing and passed a unanimous, albeit non-binding resolution proclaiming you were “natural born” and therefore eligible to run for President.  Senator Obama and Senator Clinton even co-sponsored this resolution.  The Senate resolution was conspicuously silent on Senator Obama’s “natural born” status.

Unfortunately, you never asked your rival to produce his original birth certificate– even though a roiling controversy still surrounds his birthplace- with no hospital in Hawaii willing to claim to be his place of birth- and recently, a senior elections clerk offered to testify in court that everyone in his office knew, presumably to include his supervisor Glenn Takahashi, that there was no hospital birth record for Obama.  This elections official was serving during the 2008 election in Hawaii with access to databases.  Three prominent Kenyans have declared Obama was born in Kenya, contrary to his official birth narrative– including his paternal step-grandmother, Sarah Obama, Ambassador Peter Ogego (on WRIF radio in November 2008) and recently, in March, Cabinet Minister James Orengo- on the floor of the Kenyan Parliament.

Army Lieutenant Colonel Terrence Lakin is being court-martialed for asking Obama to produce an original birth certificate- consistent with the oath he swore as an officer- of loyalty to the U.S. Constitution.  His deployment orders to Afghanistan required him to produce his birth certificate- yet the man who controls America’s nuclear arsenal, with command over ALL the US Armed Forces refuses to submit his for public scrutiny.  Truthfully, the citizenship status of the President of the United States- remains undetermined. You are ranking on the Senate Armed Services Committee with oversight over the Department of Defense- it is incumbent upon you to raise your voice- to ask Obama to release his birth records and to avert this court-martial and the ruination of a fine officer’s career- a man who has served 18 years, was selected for promotion to Colonel- and who has deployed multiple times, including to combat zones, in service to his country.

You are seen by many as a hero for your tragic capture and torture in Vietnam- even today, our soldiers trained on “duty to disobey” because of Nuremberg and My Lai. LTC Lakin is upholding this positive duty to affirm the legality of his orders.  If we do not resolve this controversy now, you might expect that soldiers who were part of Obama’s surge, who will come home missing arms and legs, and like others before them who served in uniform, will undoubtedly file lawsuits in other courtrooms, asking judges if they have standing.   This will rip apart the Armed Forces- it is causing dissension already among our people and emotions are escalating.  This unanswered question- was Obama born in Hawaii- or Kenya- must be dealt with now.  There is a shadow over this Presidency which could be ended immediately if Obama directs his lawyers to release his original birth record, just as you did in 2008.  We learned from the Nixon Administration the huge and painful cost of a cover-up; this cover-up extends directly to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Very truly yours,

Margaret Hemenway

Margaret Calhoun Hemenway is a 15-year veteran of Capitol Hill and a former White House appointee, serving at both DoD and NASA. Currently, she is the unofficial spokesperson for Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin, now being court martialed for refusing to obey orders pending assurance that Obama is legally serving as Commander-in-Chief, consistent with Article II, Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution.

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  1. That McCain is NOT an NBC because “he was born in Panama” is NOT an “Outrageous assertion” that is “Completely unjustified”. Fact is that, that “Law Professor in Arizona” is absolutely on point. McCain was born in Colon,Panama. The major Panamanian cities of Colon and Panama City were EXCLUDED BY TREATY from the Parameters of the Panama Canal Zone. Colon,Panama was NOT US Soil. BTW, American Bases in foreign nations are NOT US Soil.

  2. Like Obama, McCain is NOT eligible to be President either. The 2008 Presidential election was a fraudulent farce. McCain was born in Colon,Panama. Colon,Panama and Panama City,Panama while physically within the parameters of the Panama Canal Zone, five miles north and five miles south of the Panama Canal, were specifically EXCLUDED from it’s parameters BY TREATY. Bases in foreign nations are NOT considered US Soil. McCain,if anything, is NOT a “Natural-Born Citizen”. Any American citizenship that he may have is statutory and does NOT meet the NBC Standard. McCain has Jus Sanquinis but LACKS Jus Soli.

  3. As a former Naval officer and child of a career military officer I know many persons born overseas to military and diplomatic personnel. They are ALL considered natural born citizens if they are born on a US military installation, have TWO parents that are US citizens and or serving in that nation under military or diplomatic orders. McCain’s father was stationed in Panama and therefore is natural born.

    Obama’s father was a British subject. Kenya was formerly called Mombasa and was a British territory at the time of Obama’s birth. British passport records show that BHO traveled with his mother and father from Mombassa on British passports to the US in 1961. To have a British passport, makes him a British Citizen and not eligible to be POTUS.

    Mrs. Obama remarried Barry Sotoro, an Indonesian national and BHO was adopted by Mr. Sotoro and given the name Barry Sotoro and enrolled in a Muslim school in Jakarta. Under Indonesian law, BHO became Barry Sotoro and a citizen of Indonesia. Additionally, he also became a Muslim.

    BHO ( Barry Sotoro) upon returning to Hawaii as a teenager had the legal right for his mother to renounce his Indonesian Citizenship and re-claim his American Citizenship if eligible but she did not do so. There are no records of Barry Sotoro ever legally changing his name back to BHO, therefore he is a fraud. On records that have been discovered, three separate SS# have been used.

    He is not entitled to be POTUS or a US Senator since he ran under a false name and if not naturalized not able to hold any office.

    1. Jim, You are NOT correct. US Military bases in a foreign nation are NOT US Soil. Children born to American Parents on a US Base in a foreign nation are NOT “considered natural born citizens”. The requirement is strict. One MUST BE born IN the United States IN ADDITION TO having being born of Parents who are BOTH Americans. McCain is a “Citizen”. He is NOT.however, a “Natural Born Citizen”. No person “born overseas” even to Two American Parents,in the military or not, is an NBC. There are no exceptions to the standard that MUST be met in order to be an NBC.

  4. If McCain had better lawyers, they would have advised him of the citation in Emmerich de Vattels’ “The Law of Nations or the Principles of Natural Law” which indicated that one born in the Armies of the State was considered to have been natural born. The logic seems to be that when in the military, an individual (in this case the father) was an extension of the country via orders from the Commander in Chief and would not be subject to the jurisdiction of the foreign country. This would have provided McCain a good chance that a Court would have agreed and he would have been eligible. As a result, he could have told his lawyers not to challenge the lawsuit and offer the Vattel “Armies of the State” defense.

    Would he have been taking a chance? Sure., but he also may have gotten the Supreme Court to comprehensively define NBC as born to 2 Citizen parents either in the U.S or outside the U.S. if under military orders to be there.

    1. We already have established Supreme Court Precedents that have affirmed that an NBC is one born IN a Country of Parents who are citizens themselves. Under current American law. Persons born abroad, even to members of the “Armies of the State” and even if on a US Base, do NOT meet the Jus Soli element required to be an NBC. Military bases in foreign nations are NOT US Soil.

  5. If two married American parents give birth to a child while in China, does that make the baby Chinese?

    Do they really think we were all going around thinking that John McCain was Panamanian?

    John McCain betrayed his Country, in real time, in living color. He continues to do so every single day of his life.

    bogus potus in not a full-blooded American ~ and that half is caucasian, whether he admits it or not. He has stolen the honor and title of the First true African American President, whomever he or she might be.

    Thief. Liar. Charlatan.

    1. “If two married American parents give birth to a child while in China, does that make the baby Chinese?”

      This is a very catchy phrase. Brief, but complete. This might be a key phrase for any 14th amendment clarification effort. My only chnage would be shorten it a tad to;

      “If American parents give birth to a child in China, does that make the baby Chinese?”

    2. Those two American Parents who had a child in China have a Dual American and Chinese citizen child. Pregnant Americans should NOT go to China if they don’t want that to happen. There are requirements that must be met to confer US Citizenship on said child regarding prior residence of the Parents in the USA and the amount of time said parents have been American citizens. For example, if Obama, who father was a Kenyan, WAS born in Kenya, Obama’s mother Stanley would have had to prove that she was old enough and that she spent at least FIVE years after the age of 14 as an American Citizen in order to confer “naturalized” citizenship on Junior. The parents of the child born in China would have to do likewise. Persons born abroad, even to TWO AMERICAN parents are NOT considered “Natural-Born Citizens” of the USA. They are,however, Citizens IF the above referenced naturalization steps are taken.

  6. You can contact McCain here, since he probably does not read this site:

    And re: Ms. Hemenway’s comment about questions concerning McCain being a NBC as “outrageous”, it should be noted that that issue has never been adjudicated. The Congress simply passed a non-binding resolution to provide cover for uncontested obama. There was quite a legal discussion on Leo Donofrio’s blog re: McCain and where he was born. Seems there are questions whether he was born on a U.S. military base in Panama or on Panamanian soil in a Panamanian hospital. Regardless, it is obama’s non-NBC status that is the question, not the smokescreen erected with McCain’s issue.

  7. Truthfully, in my opinion, I do not know why McCain’s citizenship was even questioned. Both of his parents were American citizens and were only in Panama in the service of our country. Since his parents were both citizens, it isn’t likely that he would have been raised contrary to their beliefs in this country. His heroic actions during Vietnam prove that love of country & military was instilled in him as well. What happened to him after this, I’m not sure, but I still feel that, in his heart, he loves his country and has a respect for those in the military. That’s just my opinion.

    The reason ‘natural born’ is so important is because one should NOT have any allegiances to any other country. I don’t think McCain has an allegiance to Panama simply because he was physically born there.

    On the other hand, Obama seems to have an allegiance to several countries, and America ISN’T one of them. Plus, even if he was born in HI, his father was not an American citizen, which could give this usurper president an allegiance to his father’s country of Kenya, or stepfather’s country of Indonesia, and not America. From Obama’s actions in what he is doing to this country, it’s obvious that the love of America was NOT instilled into him by his parents as it was in McCain case. How could it be? His father lived here only a short time, and his mother lived abroad most of her adult years. Obama has been surrounded by communists and radicals his entire life. Maybe he blames America for that, who knows, but one thing is certain…..he has an agenda to destroy this country and the only way he could do it was to get into the white house by fraud. What really concerns me are those who helped him accomplish this. They are the true traitors to this country.

  8. Even Hillary could come to our aid, but both Hillary and McCain are in on the deal. Proof:
    Text of S. Res. 511 [110th]: A resolution recognizing that John Sidney McCain, III, is a natural born citizen

    Mrs. MCCASKILL (for herself, Mr. LEAHY, Mr. OBAMA, Mr. COBURN, Mrs. CLINTON, and Mr. WEBB) submitted the following resolution; which was referred to the Committee on the Judiciary

    Whereas previous presidential candidates were born outside of the United States of America and were understood to be eligible to be President; and
    Whereas John Sidney McCain, III, was born to American citizens on an American military base in the Panama Canal Zone in 1936: Now, therefore, be it
    Resolved, That John Sidney McCain, III, is a `natural born Citizen’ under Article II, Section 1, of the Constitution of the United States.


    The Senate had to make a resolution that McCain was natural born not because of his Parents, but because of his “place” of birth. Bo on the other hand has 2 problems, His non American parent and his alleged non American place of birth.

    1. John McCain was not even born ‘on an American military base in the Panama Canal Zone’, as stated in Senate Resolution 511. McCain was born in Colon Hospital, Colon. This was not on the American military base. Furthermore, Colon, although surrounded by the American administered ‘Panama Canal Zone’, was not a part of it. Colon was an ‘enclave’. The whole of Colon, including Colon Hospital, where McCain was born, was part of THE REPUBLIC OF PANAMA at the time of McCain’s birth in 1936.
      Mrs. MCCASKILL (for herself, Mr. LEAHY, Mr. OBAMA, Mr. COBURN, Mrs. CLINTON, and Mr. WEBB) and of course, John McCain himself are ALL LIARS.

  9. McCain knew from the start that neither he nor Obama were eligible to be POTUS. There will be no answer to this letter because McCain has been in full collusion with the defrauding of America from the get go. He was a patriot and a hero at one time but something apparently persuaded him to sell his loyalties – and it is We the People who are paying the price.

  10. Margaret Calhoun Hemenway states in her letter to John McCain. “There is a shadow over this Presidency which could be ended immediately if Obama directs his lawyers to release his original birth record”.
    Even if an ‘original birth record’ is produced at this late stage, that would not end the shadow over this non-Presidency. Mr Obama is not eligible to be President, because, even if he was born in The White House, he would still not qualify as a ‘natural born Citizen’, as required by Article II, Section 1, clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution. This is because his alleged Father, Barack Obama I, was not a citizen of The United States of America at the time of ‘junior’s’ birth. There is overwhelming legal precedent to this meaning of The Constitution.
    Even if you dismiss all of the above, there remains the question of whether Mr Obama, whilst aged 18 years or above, applied for a British, Kenyan or Indonesian passport or, in any other way, undermined the implicit requirement of Article II, Section 1, clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution that The Commander in Chief must have sole allegiance to the USA.
    Even if you ignore all of the above, there still remains the obfuscation and cover-up, by Obama, of his records. For example, did Barack Obama II, rely on American tax dollars to pay for his College tuition on the basis that he was a foreign student.
    I think the American people have an absolute right to have ALL of the above issues, dealt with – fully and properly and with full transparency.
    Mr Obama evidently and arrogantly believes that he is above the law.

  11. Senator McCain:

    I implore you, millions of us implore you to take action today. Ltc Col. Lakin does not deserve a court martial. He is a brave soul. He is protecting his troops by asking Obama to prove his eligibilty. I don’t have to tell you that if our troops obey an order given by Obama and they become POW’s, they will not be protected under the Geneva convention. So-Senator McCain, how many men are you going to help if they become POW’s? Only you can answer that question.

    This issue is not going to go away. We will never give up our Constitution.

    You must remove the usurper in the White House.

  12. THE CORPORATE COMPANY HAD A DEAL…. you should know by now …the wooly been pulled over thee eyes…….are you ..if you were john mccain admit you were complicit… besides the senators 17th amendment approved of john mccain..natural born status as being born in COLON panama city….as being a territory of the UNITED STATES.. PER edict 511… FAILED TO VETT obama however…..

  13. Quote:

    “During the 2008 presidential campaign, the media (the original “birthers”) hounded you about your “natural born” status- a law professor in Arizona even made the outrageous assertion, completely unjustified, that you were not “natural born” because of your birth in Panama.”

    Question: Is that an outrageous assertion?

    What about those who are born in another country to two American citizens…are they always “natural born citizens?

  14. Great, common-sense, logical letter Margaret Calhoun Hemenway. It screams for an answer, which is long over-due. Obviously Senator McCain … IT IS YOUR MOVE NOW, to immediately get to the bottom of this, and to demand answers, for all of America. I just don’t know where your loyalties are these days; from some of the bizarre moves I’ve seen you make in the past Senator; but there is absolutely nothing more important for you to work on – for America, THAN THIS. To ignore Ms. Hemenway’s letter would only prove what I already suspect about you, and that is not complimentary at all. PLEASE PROVE ME WRONG, and lets get obama to release ALL his records, or immediately cause him to be arrested. That’s how you can truly save face, while you actually do help save America – get it???