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Maj. Gen. Carla G. Hawley-Bowland oversees Army medical treatment throughout the northeastern region of the U.S. and works out of Washington, DC

(Aug. 12, 2010) — LTC LAKIN has been threatened by the prosecutor in his court martial with physical violence. The American Patriot Foundation URGENTLY requests you call, email and fax his commanding general tomorrow starting 9:00 am eastern time, and say “DON’T TASE LTC LAKIN. Stop Brodsky’s misconduct.”

Major General Carla Hawley-Bowland’s phone number is (202) 782-1104; fax is (202) 782-0940, and her email is carla.hawleybowland@us.army.mil
The afternoon before the hearing, LTC Steven Brodsky told LTC Lakin’s counsel that Lakin must report hours before the hearing to his duty post at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in order for him to be “transported under escort” to make sure he showed up at the arraignment “to avoid embarrassing his unit.”  Brodsky rejected all pleas from Lakin’s counsel that this was not merely highly unusual and that an enlisted man facing similar charges would not suffer such indignity, but that there was zero chance that Lakin would not attend a hearing when he had, quite literally “invited [his] own court martial.”

Brodsky told Lakin’s counsel that an Army Colonel had been detailed to be Lakin’s escort and that he, Brodsky, would not reconsider.  However, Brodsky is a judge advocate, and as such his job is to prosecute LTC Lakin.  He has no role -or at least should have no role-in deciding the manner in which Lakin relates to his commanders, and vice versa.

However, the following day, outside the courtroom, Brodsky went far beyond interference with Lakin’s commanders.  While Lakin was waiting near the courtroom, Brodsky and COL Melanie Craig (Lakin’s “escort”) stood around the corner in the main hallway and in voices easily audible to LTC Lakin, spoke about the need to prevent Lakin after the hearing from speaking to the media, “signing autographs or kissing babies.”  Brodsky then said to Craig “just taser him and throw him in the van.”

Lakin says of the incident: “LTC Brodsky meant for me to hear those words, no question.  When COL Craig returned to where I was, she said to me ‘you probably heard all that, didn’t you?’  I replied it would have been hard not to.  After the hearing, my lawyers asked COL Craig for permission for me to speak to the press, since both CNN and NBC had sent camera crews, but she rudely refused, and she ordered me back into her vehicle to be transported back to Walter Reed.”  Lakin concluded his remarks today with: “DON’T TASE ME ‘BRO’!”

At the brief arraignment, the Court set dates for motion hearings on September 3rd and 14th at 11:00 a.m., and for the trial to be held from October 13-15, 2010 starting each day at 9:00 a.m.  LTC Brodsky has stated that these hearings will be held at Ft. Meade, Maryland.

MG Hawley-Bowland commands all of Lakin’s superiors, and should have prevented them from being improperly influenced by the prosecuting attorney who is NOT in the Walter Reed chain of command.  She can, and should, order that Lakin not be singled out for persecution and that his rights to speak to the media, and even to “kiss babies,” to paraphrase LTC Brodsky, should not be infringed.   She should be told, frankly, “DON’T TASE HIM, ‘BRO’!”

It should be noted that the Military Judge in Lakin’s case has no authority over Lakin’s supervisors, and that therefore the Judge is NOT the one Lakin’s supporters should contact. Rather, supporters are asked to only contact MG Hawley-Bowland, because it is she who not only has the power to command Lakin’s company commander and others not to permit the prosecutor to interfere, but who SHOULD do so.

The American Patriot Foundation, a non-profit group incorporated in 2003 to foster appreciation and respect for the U.S. Constitution, which has established a fund for Lakin’s legal defense to LTC Lakin. Further details are available on the Foundation’s website, www.safeguardourconstitution.com


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    1. This Country’s Founding fathers [ The people that wrote the Constitution ] Also demanded that the President of the United States of America was to be a ” Natural born Citizen ” The U.S. Supreme Court circa late 1700’s Early 1800’s defined in legal terms the definition of such ” A Child born on U.S. Soil to Parents not owing foreign allegiance to any other Country ” , Even If you were born in Hawaii “OBAMA” you still would not qualify , because of your Dad !!!

    2. I called and spoke to Chief of Staff Jeffery Zottola. He guaranteed Lt. Col. Lakin is in no danger, is not getting threatened, and that he has all his rights under the Army codes and laws and will be heard.

      Then I asked Mr. Zottola about his own Oath. He said his Oath is valid only during active duty.

      Then I explained to Mr. Zottola the difference between a 14th Amendment CITIZEN and an Article II NATURAL BORN CITIZEN.

      Mr. Zottola then asked, “Is this pertaining to LTC Lakin?” I answered, “Not only him, but also to you and your Oath” and then thanked God for LTC for standing up for the American People.

    3. Are the members of Congress zombies or can they look into this matter. McCain says we do not torture. Somebody needs to help LTC Lakin.

      1. Julie,

        They are zombies, at least mine are, (Arkansas), and I have seen little to nothing that would make me think they are not all zombies.

        I still send e-mails and make calls about Obama’s ineligibility, and they have stopped sending me the reply that says, “his COLB is on the Internet”, now they just don’t mention anything related to Obama’s ineligibility. If I discuss something other than ineligibilty in the same e-mail, I will get a reply on the other thing, but silence on ineligibility.

        I asked them to look up “misprision of treason” of which they are guilty.

        They are hopeless zombies.

    4. My email to the General:

      I have been watching the cases of both LCol. Lakin and LCDR Fitzpatrick now for some time.

      I am a retired Navy pilot and did 20 years, after service as an Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) doing many fraud investigations.

      Back in my service time I also acted as defense council, prosecutor and a Summary Court Officer.

      Col. Lakin has been denied many rights under the Constitution but more importantly, under the UCMJ. Under Article 32 of the UCMJ the investigator is required to “inquire as to the truth of the matter.” Obviously, that has not been done. Every piece of evidence I have reviewed indicates that Obama is NOT a “natural born” citizen as required by and defined under the Constitution.

      Every other document that I have been able to review is/are, in all probability, a forgery. Also, the fact that Obama has multiple Social Security numbers indicates that we don’t really know who this person is.

      We retirees, and many active military, are watching this case very closely. What has happened already is an extreme travesty of justice.

    5. It may be painful, but perhaps next time Lt. Col. Lakin should call their bluff. Imagine them tazing a decorated American hero, live on CNN and NBC, just for exercising his right to free speech.

      It wasn’t only Lakin’s rights that were violated–the press were there to exercise their Constitutional rights, too. Freedom of the press. Freedom of speech. This is what we are at risk of losing. Soon and forever, if the rest of the country, including the up-to-now complicit mainstream media, doesn’t wake up to reality. Soon.

    6. Why doesn’t the military want LTC Lakin talking to the press? This looks an awful lot like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Hugo Chavez silencing their dissenters. What has America become? I don’t recognize it anymore.

      CNN and NBC had camera crews there, but the military didn’t want this trial to hit the main stream media. They didn’t want LTC Lakin to bring up the eligibility issue on national TV.

      What’s next for this country? Will we be seeing opponents of Obama marching in the streets followed by a crackdown by the military? Who are the “Mullahs” standing behind the Obama (Ahmadinejad) front man? We have become Iran.

      I’ve seen all I need to see. With thugs like LTC Brodsky in the military, the corruption of our government is complete. Who will come to save America?

    7. the chain of command is broken, why is the lt. colonel listening to this putz’s , if it were me i would be in hiding with my own body guards to protect me until this issue is resolved in court

      where is the LTC, still confined??

    8. The Milgram paradigm , blind obedience to authority in action. This behavior, as a display of allegience, also led to the abuse at Abu Ghraib. Actually, the reason only younger people are inducted into the armed forces is because they are open to that paradighm. Who else would not stop and think before they acted or place their own life in danger on the whim of a person like this Brodsky ?

    9. Washington, D.C., August 12, 2010. The Army doctor who is being court martialled for refusing to obey orders, including a deployment order for his second tour of duty in Afghanistan, was formally arraigned last Friday at the first hearing in the Court Martial process. However, the lead prosecutor overstepped his bounds and injected himself improperly into LTC Terrence Lakin’s chain of command.

      Because of this, the American Patriot Foundation has asked supporters of LTC Lakin to

      contact his commanding General, MG Carla Hawley-Bowland via (202) 782-1104, fax (202) 782-0940,

      and email: carla.hawleybowland@us.army.mil This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
      , and ask her to insure that LTC Brodsky cease interfering in her chain of command. You should do this after 9a eastern on Friday, Aug 12, 2010.

      Please let us know when you’ve taken this step by completing a simple form.
      Click here to confirm: .


    10. The federal government is corrupt, and if we are to believe what we see and read, so is the military brass. Our rule of constitutional law seems dead, having been taken over (usurped) by tyranny of the elite.

      The states have the authority and the power to constrain and control this bloated and corrupt federal government and to protect its own citizens, but do they have the will? Will LTC Lakin’s home state of Colorado come to his aid?


    11. Perhaps ‘We The People’ should tazer Congress and The Judiciary, until they do their duty to uphold The Constitution.
      Brodsky, by inciting the use of tazer against Lt Col Lakin, was threatening all of us. The Constitution is our safeguard against tyranny and ‘We The People’ are standing with Lt Col Lakin in his heroic campaign to force the criminal cabal in Washington to uphold OUR Constitution.
      If Brodsky is not removed as Prosecutor, then we will know that this whole process is a sham.

    12. The military is brainwashed into believing a commander in chief to be the most omnipotent. The military has also become significantly politicized and has no desire to protect heroes like Col. Lakin. Conformity, obedience, and dependence is what our ranks have become.

      The hypocrisy of clowns like Hannity, et al who promote “freedom concerts” and rant about “support our troops” surely seems most hypocritical since the true heroes are fighting actual enemies from within.

      1. American,

        Thanks for the comment about Hannity’s so-called “freedom concerts”, they ring hollow in view of what is being done to the freedom of LTC Lakin……..and all of America.

    13. My email:

      Dear MGen Hawley-Bowland,

      Just when I thought the politics could not get any worse for LTC Lakin, now comes this LTC Brodsky who is attempting to humiliate, harass, and threaten him with physical harm. I feel like I have stepped behind the looking glass and entered a world completely different from the one I grew up in. Ma’am, I spent most of my 32-year civilian career working for DoD and never in my wildest dreams would I have expected to see such unprofessional, thuggish behavior as is now being exhibited by this runaway prosecutor, who has apparently already decreed LTC Lakin guilty as charged, trial be damned.

      Brodsky told Lakin’s escort, Col Craig, “just taser him and throw him in the van.” What??!! That prosecutor should be removed from Lakin’s case immediately. How many ways can you say “prosecutorial misconduct?” I am just stunned that a supposed professional military judge advocate would stoop to such threatening and abusive behavior with a defendant.

      General, if you are unaware of the massive support that LTC Lakin has, your staff has done you a grave disservice. There are countless Americans all across this country who are convinced that Barack Obama is, has been, and ever will be ineligible to serve as our President and Commander-in-Chief. Obama’s father was an African, not an American, and our Constitution mandates that only a natural born Citizen; i.e., the child of TWO U.S. citizens, is eligible for the office. The drafters of our Constitution (which Lakin and all military personnel and yes, federal civilian employees as well, took an oath to support and defend) knew the dangers of divided loyalty and allegiance associated with a person who was not a natural born Citizen. LTC Lakin is doing what he swore to do–support and defend our Constitution, and he has America behind him.

      Having been around the military for most of my 32 years’ service, I know that you have to be a woman of intelligence, as well as tough to have not just survived, but to have excelled in your military service to attain the rank of Major General. Quite possibly, this case will define your career because it was conducted on your watch. All LTC Lakin wants, and all we citizens behind him want, is a fair trial where he is afforded the opportunity to defend himself. That requires appropriate discovery. As long as he is afforded justice by the military court, he and the rest of this country can accept the evidence provided through discovery. We can survive the results of discovery, but we will not survive as a nation of laws if he is not afforded the right to defend himself. To withhold justice from this military doctor would be unconscionable and unforgivable.

      So, ma’am, do you have the moral courage to do the right thing by ensuring defendant Lakin is treated with all courtesy and is free from abusive prosecutorial misconduct? And do you have the respect for and allegiance to our Constitution and all laws emanating from it to ensure LTC Lakin is allowed discovery to defend himself? Do you?


    14. Brodsky then said to Craig “just taser him and throw him in the van.” We the people are watching every word, every move made in this court martial. Just by Brodsky’s words, he has already disgraced the entire U.S. Military. If the U.S. Military support this kind of thought, then there is something very wrong from the top, down.

    15. Slapinsky again! That is all barry’s admin understands. This liar-in-chief will sell his Lt.Col down the tubes for the sake of protecting his fraud. This is despicable. An alleged commander-in-chief that WILL NOT confirm his legal status to ordain war orders for deployment to a foreign soil is a FRAUD.

      Who can in their official status would NOT confirm their eligibility to give such order as commander? What in the world is going on? The conveyance of an order is based on legitimate authority NOT supposed authority.

      Arrest this impostor immediately. Pla-leaszzzzzzzzze use common sense. This empty suit of a teleprompter reader is a deceitful usurper. Why can’t the CONgress see this? Where are the military leaders that swore the same vow of upholding the Constitution against enemies foreign & DOMESTIC?

    16. If someone with access to military personel records can get ahold of Major General Carla Hawley-Bowland’s cell or direct phone number we could get good results. We pay General Hawley-Bowland’s salary!