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by 1Dragon, blogging at http://socialismisnottheanswer.wordpress.com/2010/08/03/god-save-the-republic/

(Aug. 3, 2010) — The Founding Fathers must be rolling over in their graves. The Obama regime and his Liberal/Marxist/Socialist partners in crime have taken over the government and are doing whatever they want. The mainstream media has been running cover for them and the Republicans are just sitting back watching the Constitution and the Country be destroyed. Now there are a few Republicans that may get a cheap shot in once in a while, but that is it.

Our current government has continued to go against the will of the People and has even stated that they can do pretty much whatever they want.  This is Tyranny, plain and simple. So where are our so-called representatives? I don’t know about yours, but mine is either asleep in his office or worried about what he is going to have for lunch.

Every member of the House and Senate who has sworn an Oath to the Constitution should be up in arms over all of this, and it would be so simple. Mr. Obama is an illegal USURPER, and not because of where he was born but the issue of who his father was:  A Kenyan national, and that alone makes Obama unconstitutional.

Anyone who remains silent on this is basically a Traitor. Now you can call me a Birther if you want; I’ll accept the title. But it also makes me a Patriot, and I would rather be either or both than a traitor.

I don’t need a bunch of dictator wanna-bes telling me I have to buy health care or what food I have to eat or what kind of car I should drive, because I am an American. Not an African-American or Asian-American or an Italian-American; I am an American, and this is my Country. I don’t want it changed into some failed European country or an annex of some Middle Eastern country with Shariah Law, and I definitely don’t need a closet Muslim in the Oval Office with his radical ideas destroying the Country I love.

God Bless America and God Save the Republic.

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  1. Excellent, short article which sums it up prefectly. We are suffering from tyranny. And if you remain quiet you are a traitor. And every politician that does not speak out truthfully is a traitor.

  2. You forgot to mention the government tells us:
    How much water pressure we need in our homes,
    How many gallons we must use to flush our toilets,
    What kind of light bulbs to use.
    What we can eat
    What our kid’s can eat
    What kind of car we should drive
    How much energy we can use
    Where we can smoke….on and on!
    We’ve already lost our Freedom!

    P.S. And the light bulbs are so filled with toxic mercury that they can’t even be manufactured in the U.S…. but we have to use them anyway! How’s that for creating jobs?

    1. Have you ever read the clean-up and disposal process for broken mercury-filled lightbulbs? If you drop one and it breaks, you dang near need to evacuate all living creatures and call in a hazmat crew. All of that trouble over a broken light bulb.

  3. Our Supreme Court needs to take a lesson from the tiny REPUBLIC of Honduras and order the Joint Chiefs of Staff to arrest and remove the miserable usurper from his office and place him in the stockade along with all of his czars and other criminal office holders. Remember how the White House was screaming that when the Honduran Military removed their Communist President by order of their Supreme Court, that it was a Coup? It was no such thing. It was well within the power of their Supreme Court according to their Constitution, which they READ and acted upon when the Republic of Honduras was threatened from within. Our gutless Supreme Court needs to act now, otherwise we may be lost forever.

    1. You’re right on all counts. I’ll only add that the lamestream perpetuated the lie that what the Hondurans had done in removing the communist president as a coup. The reality is that they removed president had decided and stated publicly that he was going to remain president for a second term, which is counter to the Honduran Constitution. So, basically, they thwarted a coup by removing the would-be dictator who, fortunately for Honduras, had announced his plans before he had the people and power in place to protect him from being ousted. (He’s another typical narcissist, I suspect, always so sure of themselves and their other-worldly powers.)

      1. I think my brain got ahead of my fingers while typing these sentences. They should read:

        I’ll only add that the lamestream perpetuated the lie that what the Hondurans had done in removing the communist president was a coup. The reality is that they removed a sitting president who had decided and stated publicly that he was going to remain president for a second term, which is counter to the Honduran Constitution.

  4. It doesn’t actually have to be only a “person” who acts to force Obama to prove his eligibility.

    The State of Arizona has a truly wonderful (and historic) opportunity to do so by filing in the Supreme Court a case of original jurisdiction (most likely under Rule 17) relating to their SB 1070 and insisting that SCOTUS puts forth a ruling – a mandate – that Obama prove his Presidential eligibility to the Court since he has not so far done so and is required to do so according to the Constitution.

    Presidential power cannot vest in him unless he is legally eligible to hold the office and, if not, all he has done is null and void – including the childish acts against Arizona.

    Let’s hope that AZ perks up its ears and takes up the challenge otherwise they will be enmeshed in the same sort of Judiciary that so far has sided with Obama and protected him and his acts.

    It’s truly time to be “Raising Arizona” for real. Have at it Governor Brewer!!

  5. Where is the one person (with credibility in the eyes of the mass media) who will state openly that Obama must prove his eligibility. LTC Lakin is about as close as possible-but at this point he is totally shut out from any coverage. He did get on Anderson Cooper but the interview was so totally botched by his civilian counsel (who was essentially unprepared to be mistreated) that ACs message got out-not Lakins. We’re still waiting for the spokesperson-so far while the GOP feigns concern over Constitutional issues-the fact remains that they will not dare venture into the most important one of all-they fail to realize or are too cowardly to act as the fact is that when Obama is shown to be ineligible-which is an undeniable fact as he admits to being a “dual citizen” everybody!-all the issues of his policies vanish-poof.