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by drkate, ©2010

The U.S. Constitution was created by the states, which were set up as separate republics. The Founders feared an overbearing federal government.

(Aug. 1, 2010) — For the first time in its history, the United States government has knowingly allowed a constitutionally-ineligible individual to break into and occupy the White House.  All the branches of government have been involved, along with the media: the legislative branch by failing to do its constitutional duty; the judicial branch by thwarting any attempt to have the facts heard; the Executive branch by using taxpayer funds and the color of authority to defend the usurpation.

The media, in collaboration with private unelected officials and elected officials, have ensured a blackout of news and information on this most fundamental matter to the American public. The State governments also obliged the usurpation with a collective failure to ensure the integrity of the 2008 election.  In 2008, all Americans were disenfranchised as a result of this dereliction of duty, in certain cases with malice aforethought.

The natural born citizen clause of Article II, Section 1, Clause 5 was written with the national security interests of the United States as its focus.  In order to ensure that the President and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces was loyal ONLY to the United States, the natural born citizen clause requires  the President to be born on United States soil, to two citizen parents; have 14 years residency in the United States, and be 35 years of age.  Mr. Obama fails the threshold test of being born to two U.S. citizen parents, as his father was a British National and Kenyan.

America in distress

The violation of this particular clause of the Constitution, above all others, arguably is the most serious ever in United States history, for it has allowed the invasion of the White House and our armed forces by a foreign power.  This should alarm every American. Nothing the federal government does at this point has authority of law inasmuch as its titular head is illegally occupying the White House.  We are extremely vulnerable to attack, blackmail, and extortion as a result of this egregious dereliction of duty. Congress’ duty to investigate the usurpation, and to have prevented it, is not a ministerial duty, it is an obligation. An on-going one.  They all know, and now cannot evade their responsibility.

The Ninth and Tenth Amendments to the Constitution reserve to the states and the people powers not enumerated to the government; and the Declaration of Independence requires that to be true to liberty, forms of government in contradiction to it must be altered or abolished.  If the current federal government will not protect the states and the people, it is our duty to create a federal government that can.

Americans across the country are uniting September 7-9 to draw attention to the constitutional crisis we are in because of the illegal, and treasonous, usurpation of the Presidency.

The Mission in September

Faced with this stark reality, many patriots have called for specific action in Washington, and across the Nation, to alert the public to:

  • The fundamental ineligibility of Barack Obama for the Presidency,
  • The heroes in the military who are upholding their oath to protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic;
  • The massive evidence of ineligibility, election fraud, and media complicity
  • The responsibility of the Congress, Judiciary, and the Executive in allowing this usurpation and their obligation to investigate and take action to safeguard the United States immediately
  • The danger that America faces with an ineligible Commander in Chief
  • What we want Congress, the Executive and Judiciary to do

Specific Events (tentative):

  • Monday, September 6, 8:30 pm.  Candlelight vigil and opening ceremony  TBA
  • Tuesday, Sept. 7, 11:30 am. Walter Reed Memorial Hospital.  Honoring Constitutional heroes
  • Wednesday, Sept. 8, 8:30 am.  Capitol Steps; House and Senate Office Buildings. Specific meetings with Republicans; public script and literature hand out, signage at key office buildings
  • Thursday, Sept. 9, 8:30 am.  Justice Department demonstration; White House, Supreme Court

We also intend to honor the heroes amongst us, including Reverend Manning and the Constitutional attorneys and clients who have brought forth action to remove the usurper.

We intend to convey our seriousness through our signage, discussions, literature, behavior, and singularity of message.  And this is an on-going, rolling, velvet revolution.  We encourage all Patriotic Americans to demonstrate their concern with similar actions across the country.

For more information, please see:

Please see drkatesview for regular updates on the project.

If you would like to participate in the planning, the event itself, similar state actions, or other ideas, please drop me an email at drkatesview@gmail.com


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  1. I am planning to be there, and hope to see lots of Postnemailers also. You can usually tell what someone really cares about by what they actually do. Let’s get to it.

    Do you happen to remember the book or movie “Escape from Sobibor”? In it, the inmates of a death camp are hoping that the allies will rescue them. A group of Russian prisoners are added to the camp, and explain to the inmates that they will not be rescued by action from the outside…any rescuing will have to occur from their own actions by themselves. That is the situation we are in, and we might as well face it. It is altogether up to us, We the People.


  3. It seems it’s gonna take a bunch of “nobodies” to create a new Gov’t that will protect and serve the used-to-be great USA. Those with power have done nothing……. I am done waiting for the “elected” to do their job…we have addressed them with our legitimate grievances only to be ignored. All three branches of gov’t have been addressed and the results are the same. Make no mistake: the November elections will bear no fruit.

    It’s NOW time—many have drawn lines in the sand, so to speak, and we must continue to do so. I refuse to continue relationships with those who refuse to wake up…..revolution starts in your neighborhood, today! Do you know who will stand? Find out..

  4. These slick lawyers from Chicago have bullied our Representatives with law suits and no one has the guts to stand up and challenge them. It is a disgrace to see these inept politicians being cowards while our Armed Forces are being forced into war with their hands tied. (Rules of engagement) And still no one steps up. Like when a General spoke out, what happened? He got silenced and retired. It is really a sick situation we are faced with and you’re right, who’s going to be a HERO?

  5. Um………his name wasn’t always Barack Obama. Make sure you ask for the right birth certificate. If someone provides a certificate for one Barack Husein Obama, it’s fake automatically because he wasn’t born with that name.
    He will be under either Barry Obama or Barry Soetoro. Better figure out who you are looking for before ordering a document that wouldn’t exist anywhere.
    At least if they provide a certificate for Barack Husein Obama you can prove open fraud.

  6. The fact is-and it appears to becoming clearer-is that at the basis of our Nation’s problem is the illegality of its leadership. There can be no moral authority-by anyone in office-Dem or GOP or Indy-to lead until they acknowledge the corruption which has infested our Government and actually address this issue-out in the open. Until the eligibility issue gains the light of day-preferably by an elected official who finds the courage and moral clarity-to say in public-that this question must be answered definitively -our Nation cannot heal and cannot move forward. We must focus our energies because discussion about the failures of the policies of the Government at this point are only distractions and symptoms of the real illness. The Government is rotten at its core-and it cannot heal until we demand that the issue be resolved.

    1. I’m not sure it’s merited to use terms like “courage” and “moral clarity” in the same breath with our “elected officials”. Other terms come more readily to mind.

      But your observations are surely correct that the Government is rotten at it core and it may be that demanding the issue be resolved might not “hack it”. After all, WE are the ones who put ourselves in this position over many generations and I’ve no doubt it will be up to us to get us out of the fix we’re now in. A good start would be insisting that the man who has never shown himself to be eligible to hold the office he now occupies now do so with abundant documentation in a court of law.

      If he cannot, then the course is pretty clear I think. And there is an over-abundance of evidence that says he is NOT eligible and none, really, that says otherwise that has not been shown to be frraudulent.

      1. It would not matter if he has a valid Birth Certificate.. in fact,
        it is best for all concerned if he does not.

        This person is destroying the country, thumbing his
        nose at legalities, i.e. the chairmanship of the U.N.
        How brazen is that?????

        He flagrantly defies all laws, all rules, all of the
        documents from our Founding Fathers.

        And he gets away with it… that is truly the
        icing on the cake.

        No man in his office, in the past, would have
        lived long enough to despoil those documents.
        He would have been run out of office on a
        rail, tarred and feathered.

        Can you imagine Eisenhower, Truman,
        Roosevelt, defying the laws? And lasting?

        Bottom line.. if he is a natural born citizen,
        and therefore, eligible, then he needs
        to be impeached pronto.

        Dr. Kate has a great idea, but I want to add
        that Dr. Orly Taitz is doing everything in her
        power to oust this monster and she is thwarted
        by corrupt judges at every turn.. even the Supreme
        Court clerks have put their paws into the mix
        and are censoring her documents so that they
        aren’t even put on the docket and the SCOTUS
        judges are, ostensibly, unaware of her

        Now this is corruption epitomized. If SCOTUS
        is being stonewalled, nothing can be heard
        until those clerks are removed and imprisoned.

    2. There are no elected officials with courage and moral clarity! Where have you been? We have to be the ones to stand up! It’s been way past time. I’m tired and completely fed up with the talking and rhetoric. Everything is broken and it’s up to us to save the country.

  7. The answer is….NOBODY! There is not a living soul here in America willing to take that necessary step forward that will bring an end to all this federal anti-Constitutional childish and I repeat “childish” nonsense! All the people who whine and cry about Obama being illegal only whine and cry! When it comes to taking the necessary Constitutional action required like a Class Action Petition for the Redress of Grievances to bring the necessary justice to America, no one is home! It’s as if everyone who is concerned about this violation of the U.S. Constitution, is just standing around in a group, talking about it, looking down shufflling their feet and as they shuffle their feet they are actually waiting for someone with the courage that will step forward to do that right thing! Their waiting for someone else to do it because they maybe don’t have the time! They have tickets for tonight’s basketball game or the latest stupid Lindsay Lohan movie, you know…those real important things! But in reality, they all shuffle their feet waiting, and waiting, and waiting for that someone to step forward when it is all along that they all should be stepping forward at they same time in cadence. And all in the meantime “time” is running out! The clock is ticking! And NOTHING GETS DONE! They’re there, still waiting!
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Dr. Kate has an idea: http://www.thepostemail.com/2010/08/01/a-constitutional-crisis/