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by Sharon Rondeau

Madisonville is the center of Monroe County and where Lt. Cmdr. Walter Fitzpatrick, III was arrested on April 1, 2010 for attempting to make a citizen's arrest of Sheriff Bill Bivins and the grand jury foreman, who has occupied his position for more than 20 years in violation of Tennessee State Code

(Jul. 29, 2010) — The Christian News Wire is reporting that Monroe County, TN Sheriff Bill Bivins has “had over 29 formal criminal charges brought against him by citizens. One charge [sic] for a falsified police report where under his direction as a city police chief he implied the Federal Bureau of Investigation was responsible for the abduction, torture and attempted murder of a local Christian missionary.”

Bill Bivins is running again for sheriff.  The “Qualifications for Elected Offices in Tennessee” states that criminals may not run for office.  Reportedly, Bivins has not been convicted for any of the charges leveled against him because other public officials have “covered it up.”

The Post & Email has spoken to the Christian missionary who was tortured and almost murdered in a murder-for-hire plot in Monroe County, TN four years ago.  He and others are currently distributing the above-referenced article throughout the county in advance of the August 5 primary election to inform voters of the circumstances surrounding Bivins and other corruption.  He has reported that he has been threatened with jail and physical harm if he does not cease and desist his distribution of the article.

According to this witness, the corruption in Monroe County has been reported to the U.S. Congress, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the reaction of the FBI was that “the corruption was too extensive to prosecute.”  He said that people have been living in “fear and intimidation” for decades.

The primary elections in Monroe County will be held August 5.  The Post & Email has been told that citizens are so terrified for their lives that they have been voting for the same party year after year, which is why the county government has a stranglehold on the grand jury, local law enforcement, and the citizens.

In a letter to Randy White, the Republican candidate running against incumbent Democrat Bill Bivins for Sheriff of Monroe County, TN, Walter Fitzpatrick writes:

Dear Mr. White:

I need to be placed in contact with a law enforcement official who’s decent and who’s in a position to place Monroe County Tennessee Sheriff Bill Bivens under arrest. State law enforcement officers or federal or both.

I placed Bill Bivens under Citizen’ Arrest on 1 April 2010 holding enough information then to effect the arrest. I hold more information this day.

I’m targeted and harassed. The most recent episode occurred yesterday afternoon outside the Monroe County Jail in Madisonville. Captain Pat Wilson and and Chief Jailer, Captain Trent Prock the perpetrators. Both men descended upon me in civilian clothes and threatened my arrest for an innocent act (Wilson verbally five times). Wilson put hands on me, pushed me around. Both men were provoking intending to incite my arrest.

I attempted a welfare, health and comfort visit with Mr. Scott Morgan presently and illegally held at the Monroe County jail facility. Mr. Scott Morgan holds information that goes to incriminating Bivens and supports Bivens arrest.

Officials from the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department are visibly frenzied. The MCSD is a crime syndicate that’s a smaller part of a larger crime syndicate. Perceived exposure has Sheriff’s officials in a panic.

You and I met Saturday evening. I’ve made contact in various separate writings.

Fair winds, following seas,
/s/Walt Fitzpatrick


“When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.” — Thomas Jefferson

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  1. I’m having a hard time here. How can this county not kick this corrupt SOB out of office! Do it and then go after him,prosecute him and anyone else to the fullest extent of the law. Stand up and fight,like Patrick Henry says! Run them back into the hole they crawled out of. Then stomp on them like the cockroaches they are.

  2. I’m shocked at the amount of people unwilling to stand up to the corruption in their county and stand with LtCmdr Fitzpatrick who has put it all on the line for them, the county, and for this country. I agree with David B above. If they won’t stand now, then they deserve to live in fear. However, LtCmdr Fitzpatrick does not deserve their apathy and indifference to what’s going on. He deserves their support. They could be the next to be targeted and who will stand for them at that time? Nobody, because they were too cowardly to stand when it might have made a difference.

  3. So things are starting to happen in MC. Intimidation is the least of the worries in MC as murder has been employed as a reminder of just how dangerous thugs can be. These people are on the wrong side of the jail cell and the good people of TN better get to the voting booth before they lose that right entirely.

  4. It’s up to the citizens of Madisonville and Monroe County to stand up to this totally corrupt political scene. If they’re too afraid to vote these crooks out of office, they deserve to live in fear. Every incumbent in Monroe County and the city of Madisonville needs to go, just as every incumbent in this 111th Congress needs to go.